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									Texas Department of
Freedom From Smoking Program (FFS)

•   Introduced in 1981 (30 years)
•   Focus on behavior and lifestyle changes
•   Anyone can stop smoking, staying quit is the
    difficult part.
•   Group interaction is a critical part of the
•   Relapse
•   Medically sound (“Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: Clinical
    practice guideline” by US Dept of HHS)
Three-Link Chain of Addiction

Session 1 “Thinking About Quitting”
(Week 1)
Three-link chain of addition
Pros and cons of quitting
Discuss triggers and coping skills
Using medication to help you quit
                                     Assignment: Pack Tracks

Session 2 “On the Road to Freedom”
(Week 2)
Learning not to smoke: Self Management
Stress Management
Touch base on the track pack assignment
Discuss nicotine dependency
Cover specific information on medications to quit
Session 3                “Wanting to Quit”
(Week 3)
Review pack track assignment
Make a quit plan
Building social support: The Buddy System
Identify high-risk situations to prepare for relapse

Session 4                     “Quit Day”
(Week 4)
Panel of ex-smokers
Quitting Ceremony
Contract and Reward (2 days)
Calendar Scorecard
Recovery Symptoms
Overcoming slips and avoiding relapse
Session 5             “Winning Strategies”
(Week 4)
48-Hour Report: Recovery symptoms
Psychological Recovery: Grief Process
Coping strategies
What to do if you slip
Refining your quit plan
Stress Management
                              Activity: Relaxation Exercise

Session 6                 “The New You”
(Week 5)
Progress Review
Lifestyles changes to stay quit
Goal setting for weight management
Tips for staying smoke-free
Ways to stay smoke-free in social settings
Session 7                             “Staying Off”
(Week 6)
Physical activity for a fit life
Assertive communication
Changing your self-image
Plan a celebration

Session 8                             “Celebration”
(Week 7)
Change is worth celebrating !!!
Reflect on the experience
Reinforce relapse prevention
Strategies for managing thoughts

                                   Lets celebrate your new lifestyle !!!
Worksite Smoking Cessation Program
How to get started …

               Facilitator Training
              Information Session
                Required Material
              7 week Commitment
Benefits of a Smoking
Cessation Program in
   the Workplace

   Tammy Calderon, (512)486-5353
   TX Department of Transportation

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