Kempton Woods Homeowner�s Association by RqNj93


									             Kempton Woods III Homeowner’s Association
                                11622 169th Street Court East
                                                                         Puyallup, WA 98374

Name Owner or tenant                                                      4 July 2012
Street Address
City, Zip

Dear Homeowner/Resident
Non-compliance with the Kempton Woods Homeowner’s III Association CC&R’s has been
noted at your residence. Specifically:

A construction project appears to have been completed on your property, without the prior
submission of an application to the ACC Committee for approval. Namely the construction of
You are referred to the CC&R’s Article 14. for information on all relevant requirements.
A penalty of $        will be charged to your account for failure to submit an application, and
a fine of $       per day will be imposed, if an application is not received within the time
limit stated below.

We respectfully request that you submit the required application within 10 days of this
notification. Failure to do so may result in additional actions by the ACC Committee. We
thank you for your prompt attention to this notice.

If you do not have a copy of the CC&Rs, please either contact your title company for a copy;
a facsimile copy is available on the website above; or contact the Board and purchase a

You may submit to the ACC Committee in writing, an objection or request for extended time
to comply with the CC&Rs. All requests will be considered and decisions of the Committee
will be based on criteria set forth in the CC&Rs. If you wish to address this matter in
person, please call the number below to arrange a meeting.


ACC. Committee
Kempton Woods III Homeowner’s Association

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