Iowa Code � 13C by RqNj93


									Are there requirements for an Iowa nonprofit that wants to fundraise outside of

Many states, under state solicitation laws, require that the nonprofit organization register
with the state before participating in fundraising within the state. In order to assist
nonprofit organizations in this registration process the National Association of State
Charities Officials and the National Association of Attorneys General have created the
Unified Registration Statement (URS). The URS “represents an effort to consolidate the
information and data requirements of all states that require registration of nonprofit
organizations performing charitable solicitations within their jurisdictions.” See The
Unified Registration Statement website available at: .

A copy of the multistate fundraising registration form is available at This registration form is updated
regularly and therefore The Unified Registration Statement website, should be checked to ensure the most recent form is

For additional background on fundraising registration required of nonprofit organizations
see the following:
    - Mandatory Charity Registration Form article available at
    - Current -Controversies: Out-of-State Solicitation and Regulation available at
        This webpage has links to many other related works on this topic.

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