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					The Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship just got
two favorites added to it.

While there was no clear favorite before, the addition of Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler
adds two young guys who are fully capable of winning the contract and cashing it in.

These two wrestlers will play a major role in WWE's future. Their skills continue to
improve with experience.

Which one, though, would make the better World Heavyweight Champion?

Dolph Ziggler
The Show Off is ready right now to be put into a main-event role. He's recently been
given world title shots and delivered exceptional matches each time.

His matches are often one of the best of the pay-per-view and with the world title around
his waist, he’d have more opportunities to shine against top talent.

He is fluid in the ring and has a varied enough style to work with whoever WWE throws
at him.

A modern melding of Curt Hennig’s ring prowess and Shawn Michaels’ flair for
spectacle, Ziggler would create a major buzz as champion.

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The often-elusive "it" factor that scouts and bookers look for is throbbing in Ziggler's
every pore. He is a blue-chip talent that is destined for multiple major title reigns.

Cody Rhodes
Few wrestlers have a feel for the sport that Cody Rhodes has. He is a natural in the
ring and a better overall athlete than his legendary father.

Though his character is currently at a (forgive the pun) crossroads, Rhodes is better on
the mic than ZIggler. He can play smug as well as Ziggler, but is also versatile enough
to delve into darker territory.

If Ziggler is the second coming of the Heartbreak Kid, Rhodes may just be the
successor to Jake Roberts.

The difference between the two newest additions to the Money in the Bank Ladder
Match right now is that Rhodes has not had matches with as much scrutiny as Ziggler.
In theory, Rhodes can thrive in main-event matches, but he hasn't been asked to do so

He has less experience with bigger names like CM Punk and Sheamus than ZIggler

His potential is sky-high, but there's no guarantee he'll achieve it.

Dolph Ziggler would make the better World Heavyweight Champion now, while Rhodes
may be a better overall champion in the near future.

Ziggler is the safe choice—the sure thing. Rhodes may have a greater ceiling, but
WWE will have to be patient to see if he can reach it.

If either of these men end up winning at Money in the Bank 2012, it'll be exciting for
fans. They both represent the future, the rising youth movement, the opportunity to see
new blood in the limelight.
Should WWE decide to have Ziggler pull down the MITB briefcase, most fans will be
pumped. It is more of an obvious choice, though, and going with Rhodes is a more
risky, more surprising and more thrilling op

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