Interactive White Boards by Z14asa

 - I tried a few a these out, they are
basically interactive things your students could do on the “white board” - An article with 13 reasons to use a
SmartBoard. - reasons why to
use the SmartBoard in the classroom with lesson ideas for each subject - a resource list of using
whiteboards in the classroom, mostly articles with the rationale behind the use
tml - elementary classroom ideas and lessons --- to the left there is a navigation bar
of links for secondary, high school lesson plans, research, daily uses in the classroom
,etc. Very good site!  - an all
encompassing .pdf file on why use Interactive white boards in the classrooms,
including lesson ideas and technical issues, has links to several companies that make
the whiteboard… from the UK - articles
and ideas on using the whiteboard in the classroom
20sites – lesson plans for high school teachers for using Smartboards in the class - a good list of links to interactive
websites and other Smartboard technology resources…. 
20Templates – lessons and templates (like clocks, grids, etc) to use for all grades and
subjects… very cool! - games in powerpoint like Jeopardy,
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Good templates for interactive play in the

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