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									                                         SAMPLE LETTER OF INTENT
        (Note: the following is a model letter of intent with good content and correct formatting; do not copy it!)

TO:          (core advisor’s name)

FROM:        (your name)

RE:          Letter of Intent – Senior Project

DATE:        September 17, 2008

Dear (core advisor):

I love riding my bicycle. Despite the inevitable scraped elbows and fat lips which came from the early falls I
took, I learned how to ride when I was four and have been cycling ever since. The freedom of transportation it
afforded me in my junior high years gave way to the thrill of speeding downhill I developed in high school. In
college, I learned the deep, meditative enjoyment of long distance riding and touring. Today, I use my bicycle
as an alternative means of transportation for my commute to and from work. Without a bike, I would be like a
lock without a key, frustrated in my efforts to open the door and let my energy out.

For my senior project, I want to start a bike club at Windsor High School. Part of the club would involve
teaching students the basic elements of at-home bike repair. We could also share our favorite tricks, go on
rides, and learn about the best local places to ride. A club like this would bring people together who might not
have any reason to hang out in the first place; this would, in a small but significant way, serve to make our
school more of a community for students. It would also be fun, and that’s something I can’t get enough of.

My mentor will be Stefan Klakovich. Besides being a big fan of cycling, Mr. Klakovich is also an experienced
bike mechanic. He has been working on his own bicycles for over 10 years and knows how to repair any part of
a bicycle. He has toured extensively in the western United States, where knowledge of bike repair is a must. He
is also a very calm and reassuring person, and I know that he would have the patience to teach me everything I
need to know. My core advisor will be Mr. Leslie, who will see to it that I meet all of the requirements for the
Senior Project. I am looking forward to getting started!


(your signature)


core advisor


Each Senior Project student should choose a mentor who has some level of expertise with the student’s project
topic. Please see the written description (below) of the student’s topic to ensure that the mentor has
appropriate experience in that field.

Mentors will primarily be responsible for guiding the physical product/fieldwork phase of this graduation
requirement. This portion of the Senior Project requires each student to complete at least forty (40) hours
working on a hands-on activity directly related to her/his chosen topic. While mentors are not required to be
present for all forty (40) hours, they should be readily available to advise the student, answer questions, offer
guidance, and check on the progress of the project. Upon completion of the project, mentors will be asked to
write a brief letter describing their relevant background, verifying the student’s work, and commenting upon
the student’s efforts.

Mentors should also be willing to share their knowledge, ideas, and opinions for the student’s
reflective/analytical paper. Students may, at the discretion of their core teachers, be required to interview their
mentors. Mentors may also, with their consent and at the request of the student, help by reading preliminary
drafts of the paper and offering suggestions and feedback.

The role of the mentor in the Senior Project process is invaluable. While it is neither overly time-consuming
nor arduous, the mentor’s involvement does help each student push his/her education well beyond the walls of
WHS. Each mentor contributes to helping our graduates become more thoughtful and involved members of
the Windsor community. We appreciate your essential involvement in our program!

Student’s Name ___________________________               Core Advisor’s Name________________________________

Project Topic__________________________________________________________________________________

What Expertise the Mentor has & how it relates to the


   I am willing to serve as a mentor for this student. I have experience with his/her chosen topic, and I understand the
    definition of the role of mentor as it is outlined above.

(please print)
Mentor’s name ________________________________________________________________________________

Complete address ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone # _____________________________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Mentor signature ___________________________________________ Date _____________________________

   Please check here if you are interested in being an evaluator for the Senior Presentations in April 2009.

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