Research Paper Outline for Biology 2201 � Molecular and Cellular

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					Contract Form – Senior Research/Internship Course

        These courses will oversee an independent study research project or internship
experience by students relevant to their area of study. The student must submit this formal
request (Contract Form) signed by the student’s research project mentor/supervisor and
their academic advisor. It is preferable that the student have a research project or internship
planned and this form signed prior to enrollment in these courses. The form must be signed
and submitted to the course instructor of record in order to continue to be enrolled in these
courses. If it is not, then the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course by
the instructor. The 4902 course can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credits, and can be repeated (as
4903) once.

         Name              _______________________                        Student ID         ____________
         Address           _______________________                        Phone              ____________
                           _______________________                                           ____________
                           _______________________                        e-mail             ____________

         Major                       _______________________
         Academic Advisor            _______________________ printed name
                                     _______________________ signature
                                     (signature required for admission to course)

         _____ 4902 or 4903 – Senior Research/Internship

         Semester to be enrolled              _____              Course section & CRN ___________
         Credits to registered                ______             Instructor _____________________

                 If more than 1 credit hour is to be earned by student, answer in the spaces
         below and provide a supporting letter from the host site for the research or

Description of Research Project or Internship:

Name and Contact Information of Mentor/Supervisor for Internship/Research -

         Name __________________________ Signature__________________

         Address     ______________________________________________________
         E-mail            _____________________

A separate letter or e-mail will be sent to the mentor/supervisor of the research project or internship
requesting verification of successful efforts by the student.

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