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         UID SUMMIT
        Ft. Belvoir, VA
      November 17, 2004        Presented by:
                               Mr. Benjamin B. Morgan, RN
                               HQDA G-4 (DALO – SMI)
                               (Voice) 703-692-9577
                               (Fax) 703-695-6173
              Delivering Materiel Readiness

          •      Concept of Operations
          •      Life Cycle Managers/Depots
          •      Contractor Single Process Initiatives (SPI)
          •      AIS Integration
          •      Challenges

                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,       2                           7/4/2012
                       CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS
          Spiral Development Process:
          • Include UID policy in                                            •   Issue support plans and prioritized
             overarching Army Regulation                                         marking schedule
             (AR) on Automatic Identification                                •   Require suppliers to mark items
             Technology (AIT)                                                    prior to delivery; mark legacy items
          • Develop scenarios describing                                         as rapidly as possible
             how UID will be used                                            •   Identify and institutionalize metrics
             operationally                                                       and performance measures for
          • Identify target business                                             UID
             processes, e.g., UID supports                                   •   Work with other Services, defense
             serial number tracking (SNT)                                        agencies, and industry to resolve
          • Identify stakeholder                                                 common issues and evaluate
             responsibilities (all classes of                                    success
             supply, all Army communities)                                   •   UID part of program reviews
          • Training                                                         •   Maintain outreach program

                                                           - THINGS ARMY NEEDS TO DO -
                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,         3                                 7/4/2012
                    LIFE CYCLE MANAGERS/DEPOTS
          •     Lifecycle management                                         •   Technical data packages will
                processes will be primary                                        ensure future buys or repair
                beneficiaries of UID                                             contracts contain marking and
          •     Only approved activities will                                    reporting requirements – as
                mark legacy items                                                appropriate
          •     Capturing the movement of an                                 •   Optimizing benefits of UID
                individual UID through its                                       requires a multi-functional
                lifecycle has potential to                                       approach
                quantify system performance                                  •   UID supports replacement of
          •     Design activities define marking                                 some contact memory buttons
                requirements.                                                    (CMB) applications with data
                                                                                 matrix markings
                                                                             •   UID pilots are underway in Army

                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,         4                               7/4/2012
                       INITIATIVES (SPI)
          •     Commercial outreach program                                       – Joint operations require
                during transition period is critical                                 “Best Value Analysis” to
                to success                                                           standardize marking
                 – Outreach program helps                                            methods
                    suppliers align internal                                 •   Army will assist Defense
                    corporate and business unit                                  Contract Management Agency
                    policies and pricing to                                      (DCMA) with development of
                    accommodate UID                                              guidelines related to mark
                 – Suppliers starting to                                         quality and permanency
                    recognize UID provides                                   •   Army helped develop National
                    business efficiencies and                                    Defense Industrial Association
                    competitive advantage                                        (NDIA) training syllabus
                 – Major costs are non-                                      •   Army participates on the Joint
                    recurring engineering work,                                  Aeronautical Commanders’
                    software changes, and                                        Group (JACG) UID Working
                    technology investment – not                                  Group
                    part marking

                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,         5                              7/4/2012
                     AUTOMATED INFORMATION
                     SYSTEM (AIS) INTEGRATION
      •      System-wide benefits of UID                                     •   UID requirements will be
             depend on information exchange                                      included in Army’s Enterprise
             through AIS; connecting Army                                        Resource Planning (ERP)
             logisticians is top priority                                        software baseline capability
      •      Future systems will incorporate                                 •   The sharing of UID data
             UID data and support evolving                                       between Services requires
             policies and Joint system                                           standardized business
             integration                                                         practices, data syntax, and
      •      Current Army Standard Army                                          format
             Management Information                                          •   UID enables the link between
             Systems (STAMIS):                                                   the product and install dates,
               – Cease operation once ERP                                        removal dates, and decisions to
                 solution fully fielded                                          repair or replace broken items
               – OSD requires return on                                      •   UID requirements are included
                 investment (ROI) for system                                     in Army Working Capital Fund
                 upgrades over $1M                                               (AWCF) POM FY06 – FY11
               – ROI validation difficult before
                 legacy system shutdown

                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,        6                                7/4/2012
          •     Life Cycle Management                                        •   UID requirements and “Best
                Commands (LCMC) and                                              Business Practices” must be
                Program Executive Offices                                        incorporated into the Single Army
                (PEO) must act in concert to                                     Logistics Enterprise (SALE)
                promote data interoperability and                            •   UID may affect contract price and
                equipment standardization                                        schedule
          •     Need consistent approach for                                 •   Current and future Army networks
                marking items whose cost cycles                                  must be scaled to accommodate
                above and below $5K UID                                          pervasive use of UID
                                                                             •   Major challenge is to define best
          •     Packaging requirements –                                         use of UID data to support
                including passive RFID - need                                    transformation of Army logistics
                more definition                                                  processes - marking items is not
          •     Potential for uneven                                             enough
                implementation across Army
                communities and Joint arena

                                                                             Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,         7                             7/4/2012

       Delivering Materiel Readiness
                                                    G4 Strategy Map
            Core Competencies                                     Sustain the Force

            Enduring and                                 Soldier                        Unit                 Equipment
            Essential Capabilities                      Readiness                     Readiness              Readiness

               Processes                                                     Modernize
                                                                         Supply Chain

            Learning & Growth                                       Military/DA Civilian
                                                                   Development Program

            Resources                                              People, Dollars, Infrastructure,
                                                 Installations, Institutions(I3), Materials, Supplies and Time

                                                                                      Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,                  9                            7/4/2012
                                                      “CONNECT” OUR LOGISTICIANS
               Army FOCUS                                      Agile, Assured, 24 / 7 Data Capability into the
                                                               Plug / Un-plug as Required
                                                               Enable “Sense and Respond” Logistics
                   SPEED                                       Include Log, Per, Med & Eng
                     &                                                       (Operational Sustainment)
                                                      MODERNIZE THEATER DISTRIBUTION
                                                               Single Proponent
                                                               Enable Control With 100% Visibility
                                                               Single Doctrine, Force Structure & Training

CRITICAL TO SUCCESS                                  IMPROVE FORCE RECEPTION
                                                               APOD / SPOD; Distribution; Life Support
 Our Commitment                                               Strategic Connectivity - Theater Log C2 Node
 Joint Integration                                            Embedded Sustainment Capability
 Policy Modernization                                         Life Support – Division in 5 Days
 Refined Doctrine
 New Force Structure                                 INTEGRATE THE SUPPLY CHAIN
 Standards and                                                Single Proponent
Discipline                                                     Eliminate Stovepipe Suboptimization
                                                                                Delivering Materiel Readiness
B. B. Morgan/DALO-SMI (703-692-9577), DSN 222-9577,          10                          7/4/2012

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