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									Squeezing Class Into A Tight Bathroom: Space-Saving Home Improvement Tips

One of the traditional nicknames for the bathroom is "the small room," and in some examples the nickname is
particularly apt! Bathrooms will often present you with your biggest challenges in home improvement due to the
limited space you usually have to work with. Before you start thinking about sacrificing a closet, though, you
should check out the suggestions below. There are ways to make a bathroom feel more spacious without knocking
down walls.

The most obvious way to reclaim some valuable bathroom floor space is by replacing a bathtub with a shower.
This might not be feasible for every bathroom, though - or for every owner. There are still ways to reduce the
amount of real estate your tub occupies, though. If your tub is built into a wall alcove, there may well be
considerable extra space to be gained by pulling the tub and its framework out. You can replace the built-in
tub with a free-standing one; this not only saves space but also looks classier.

If there are no issues preventing you from replacing a tub with a shower, there's still plenty that you can do
to minimize the amount of space the shower takes up. For starters, you can use the smallest shower available
to you. If you have the money to avoid using a one-piece fiberglass shower, you can still make a small shower
seem quite luxurious. One of the best ways to do this is by making a wall-to-wall shower out of one end of the
bathroom. Use glossy tile throughout the shower alcove and separate it from the rest of the room with frosted
glass. This can make even a relatively narrow shower feel spacious.

You can make space-saving replacements with your other major bathroom fixtures, too. Consider using a
wall-hung tankless toilet instead of a free-standing one. Don't worry about these kinds of commodes being
institutional; a quick look through a plumbing catalog will show you that there are a number of compact
wall-mounted toilets that are quite classy. When it comes to your sink, consider either a wall-hung unit or a
free-standing one. Both options are big space-savers when compared to sinks mounted in countertops.

Mirrors, as you probably know, can make any space larger. You can install full-width mirrors over your sink,
or even full-height ones (one of the advantages of a free-standing sink). Some people aren't comfortable with
so many reflections in the bathroom, though; don't build yourself a bathroom you don't like in your quest to
maximize space. Similarly, you can remove any partition walls that separate your sink from your toilet - if
you're comfortable with the level of intimacy and openness this will produce.

These are just a few of the ways you can add space to a constrained bathroom. Making your bathroom feel more
wide-open is equal parts ingenuity and psychology. If you devote a little attention to the process, you can
create a bathroom that really feels much larger than its basic dimensions would suggest. Short of actually
expanding the room, there are few better ways to make your bathroom a more pleasant place to be.

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