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									                                 Important Phone Numbers
Note: Your immediate upline is your first contact when you have questions or concerns,
and second, is your Manager. For questions about specific orders, call Customer Service.

Your Upline Manager: Ann Marie Viveros
Cell: 559-389-9727


If I am unavailable and you need a question answered that you cannot find an answer to, call
Denice Welch 559-978-0200 or our DIVISION manager, Kaisa 559-904-7141

Customer Service
    (800) 959-3324 press #3
    Open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. CT
    Have the order number & hostess information ready for help with a specific order. Be
      sure to ALWAYS ask WHO you are speaking to and write his/her name down!!!

Marketing Materials:                                         Jewelry Displays:                                                                                                                             

Business Cards: You can also order your business cards through lia sophia – lia sophia is a registered trademark and our
logo line store is the only one authorized to use the trademark and tagline of, “share the love of jewelry”.

   Frequently Asked Questions When Getting Started
1. Now that I have booked my starter show-what do I do now?
A: First you need to make a list of 100 people you know…even if it is only first name basis or
the lady at the post office. This list will help you to know who to contact for shows and/or
recruits. When that is done-you are required to have 5 shows in 4 weeks after your starter
show…this is corporate policy. This will also catapult your business into success right away.
Try to call people from 5 different areas of your life (school, friends, church, husband’s friend’s
wives-etc) this will get your business to grow out in different directions.
     You are also required to be at every team meeting possible. We do realize that important
        things come up-but do your best to make each one. This is where we get training and
        ideas to help out our businesses. I will give you a schedule of my monthly meetings and
        anything else you will need to know. Do not book shows on the night of the meetings-
        it’s only once/ month.
     We also need to call or email report at the end of every fiscal month. All you need to do
        is let me know how many shows you have scheduled for the upcoming month that you
        have guest lists for (we have learned, if you don’t have a guest list, you don’t have a
        show…please get those guests lists BEFORE you close the show)-and how many new
        start shows you have scheduled. This is something I have to get from everyone on my
        team and then send it up to my upline. I need this information by the last fiscal Friday
        by 12 NOON each month.

2. What do I need to have ready at my starter show? I don’t even know what I am doing..
A: You will need to have all 5 shows scheduled and with guest lists in hand before we can
submit your starter show or order your starter kit. Remember, a show is not a show until you
have the guest list. DO NOT CLOSE shows until you have ALL GUEST LISTS in hand!
    Do not worry about your start show-I will be there to do the show and you can observe
       and mingle with your guests. This will make it easier for you and give you one more
       chance to see a show before you are off and running.
    I also require that you shadow 3 shows of mine or someone in my group. This will get
       you in front of a few people to give you ideas on how you want to do your show. It is
       good to get different ideas…everyone is different. You want to make this your own.

3. When do I get my kit? How long does it take to get my ID number?
A: You will receive your kit about 7 business days after we order it. You will be getting an
email from Lia Sophia that will let you know your temporary ID number. If you do not get this
information, call your up line Manager.
     As soon as you get your kit and temporary ID number, we recommend that you get on the
       website right away and check it out. There is a Lia Sophia University page you can go on
       and it will help you in every area of the business from making phone calls, what to have
       in your office, how to book shows and how to order. It covers every base. Check it out!!!
     The only thing you cannot do with your temporary advisor number is order anything.
       You will be able to order once your start show has been submitted and you have received
       your permanent advisor number. If you need to order anything before this time, i.e.
       supplies, retired jewelry, etc. call your upline for any needed supplies.
     Same with your kit, you will receive paperwork as well as reading material. Check
       through it and a lot of your questions will probably be answered. If you do have any
       unanswered questions, call your manager.
4. Do I have to pay full price for all of my jewelry I want to use for my display?
A: NO! You will have many opportunities to purchase your jewelry at special prices; this will
truly help you build your display of jewelry. You may also purchase ONE of any piece at 70%
off when you receive your permanent advisor number, this is to help you build your display of
     Another great bonus Lia Sophia provides for us is the Excellent Beginnings program.
            o Here is a chart that will hopefully help you:

The Excellent Beginnings Program
Our Excellent Beginnings Program has been created to help you enjoy generous rewards for
getting off to a fast and profitable start! Setting your goals is an important step in establishing
your business to succeed. The Excellent Beginnings Program, which starts the week after your
Starter Show is received by the Home Office, will help point you in the right direction. You can
also earn free jewelry along the way to help you build your business. Through personal sales and
recruiting, you can earn hundreds of dollars worth of FREE jewelry in your first 15 weeks in
business. And it all begins by setting a goal for a certain number of Shows each week.

Earn up to $600 in FREE jewelry your first 15 weeks in business.

You’re excited about your business and you’ll want to start sharing this fabulous opportunity
with others... and enjoy even greater rewards. For EACH Qualified* New Advisor you recruit in
your first 15 weeks, you’ll earn a $300 jewelry certificate.

Follow this simple plan to setting your Excellent Beginnings goals during your first 15-weeks.
Keep in mind, if you miss a sales level, you can STILL receive free jewelry at the next level by
meeting that level’s sales requirement.

*Note: -In all lia sophia incentive programs, a Qualified New Advisor sells $1,500 or more in
recognition sales in their first five weeks of business.
This is just one more way Lia Sophia helps us to build strong businesses and understands our
needs as we are just starting out. This is just such an AWESOME company!!

5. What other rewards do we get?
A: You have the opportunity to earn and win many different items. Please check the website for
the trips and the big items. Ask your manager to explain them as well. Each month Lia Sophia
has an incentive for all of the Advisors to reach for. It depends on the month. Please check out
the Facets page on your website once you get your ID number. It is located under “Resources”.
Here is a list of different incentives to set your goals for:

      Facets, our monthly newsletter, recognizes top performers for personal recruiting and
       sales, group recruiting and sales for Units, Divisions, Regions and Zones as well as
       standings for National Conference. This information is also featured online in the Advisor
      Quarterly Recruiting Award
       an award for each of your Qualified New Advisors each fiscal quarter as follows(after
       Excellent Beginnings):

      Each Qualified New Advisor in a quarter* earns $100 jewelry certificate.
      Three Qualified New Advisors in a quarter* whose total combined sales are $7,500 or
       more earns you a choice of several different awards such as a $750 jewelry certificate,
       IPOD, jewelry cases, etc. Each quarter is a little different, so watch in your Facets for the
       next quarter’s prizes!
**Those choosing either the lia sophia jewelry certificate will have their prizes shipped
DIRECTLY to them within 30 days of the deadline listed on the redemption form. All Quarterly
Recruiting Program winners are published online in the Advisor Advantage. **

5. How many shows am I expected to do?
A: This is your business - you control it.
    Go through your calendar and cross of all personal commitments you have and any other
      night you are busy. Then you can figure out what days you have open and you can choose
      what days you want to book shows. Please try to keep control of your calendar so you do
      not get too busy and overwhelmed.
    It is your decision how busy you want to be. If you are not busy enough-contact your
      Manager and have them help give you ideas on how to book shows, make calls or even
      use games at your show to help fill up your calendar!!
    The website also has booking games under the printables section.
    We have always been taught-do 8-12 shows/month and recruit 1-2 new advisors/ month
      and you will make 6 figures in 3 years. So, what do you have to lose???

6: What do I need to start from a business perspective?
A: It is recommended to open a separate account from any personal ones you may have.
    You will need a debit or credit card to use for each show, as all monies paid to you via
        cash or check will have to be put on your credit or debit card. If you choose to have a
        credit card, get a card that allows you to earn points for free plane tickets or money back
        from purchases.
    When you are adding in all of your shows, pay off your card right away and you will
        have no extra charges and you will earn free stuff. You may also use a debit card and
        your monthly statements from your bank will be your receipt you can use to help out with
        your taxes.
      Set up your office with the typical things. A computer, printer, a copier is nice but not
       necessary, file box/drawer. Have pens, paper, WHITE OUT, and other office supplies.
       Ask your manager how she has her office set up. It is best to duplicate what they are
       doing because they are probably copying their manager and this keeps things uniform and
       easier to help you to help the people you sponsor. When everyone is the same, it is easy
       to go to anyone in your up line for help.
      Just be willing to learn and follow what we teach you-if you do-you will succeed.
       Everyone I have trained that has done what I teach makes this business work. You are
       responsible for your business, but know that I am always available. Please email or call
       me with any questions you may have…at any time.
      I want you to contact me because I have found out that if I keep calling to see how you
       are doing, people take that as me being pushy. I just want to keep in touch-especially that
       first month. I need to know if you are struggling or things are going great…I want to be
       there every step of the way. So please do not think you are bothering me-I expect you to
      Keep this fun, easy and simple. The bottom line is you need bookings to have shows and
       you need recruits to build the business….so if you just keep doing that, the rest will fall
       into place.

                 Booking lia sophia girls’ night outs!
You’re excited and eager to get going! But you have to do the sometimes difficult – MOST
IMPORTANT – work first:

                            SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST 6 SHOWS!

This is absolutely crucial to your success! I cannot understate how important a strong start in
this business is. All of your future Shows will branch off of these first 6 Shows. If you do not
have 6 Shows on your calendar, stop reading this packet and get them scheduled! Then
come back and prepare for them. These six shows (your starter show counts as one) need to be
held in 4 weeks of your starter show.
     Once your first of 3 Shows is submitted (including your Starter Show) and $1500 in
        recognition sales, within your first 5 weeks, you are officially a “Qualified Advisor”.
        Everyone on our team becomes qualified.
     When you reach your first $1500, you will receive your first $200 jewelry gift certificate!
        New Advisors who have 6 Shows in their first month usually earn ALL THREE of their
        Excellent Beginnings certificates in their first month! That’s $600 in free jewelry in your
        first month! This kind of reward is just what you need to fuel your excitement for your
        new business AND start to build up your display!

We all know that bookings are the bread and butter of our business, as in, we need them to
continue working! But they are not always easy to get. Here are just a few tips. You may have
heard of these, you may have even tried some. If they didn’t work for you once, don’t be afraid
to try again!

      Once again, it is so important you start creating a list of every woman you know – even
       if you don’t know their names – like the “blond lady at the post office”! Besides the
       obvious family and friends, think about people you haven’t seen in a long time, people
       you see regularly in public places, people you see wearing jewelry, people who have
       money, etc. You want to build your new business, and there’s nothing wrong with asking
       people to help you get started. Always use incentives if you are having trouble getting
       your 5 shows booked. You can use bonus items, certificates or retired jewelry to get then
       to book.
       Above all else, know the hostess benefits inside and out! Be excited and get into the right
       frame of mind! Yes, you are asking for favors in the beginning - but you are also offering
       people an INCREDIBLE amount of beautiful jewelry for FREE and at very reduced
       Hostess prices! If you aren’t excited about our Hostess benefits yet, spend some time
       getting familiar with them – because we absolutely spoil our Hostesses! Tap into this
       excitement when you tell people about lia sophia, and when you’re asking people to host
       a Show. Excitement is contagious!!
      Don’t forget to mention the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, and the fact that YOU
       will make this SO easy for them by taking care of the postcards as well as the reminder
       phone calls if they want you to! These 2 things will ensure a successful show.
       Ask everyone at your show if they would be interested in having their own show and
       earning free jewelry! DO NOT pre-judge.
      Stack the hostess (or better yet, stack a guest!) Glue-stick lia sophia boxes together and
       tie with pretty ribbon to represent each benefit. 5 boxes for 20%, 4 boxes for bonus items,
       2 boxes for half-off items, 2 boxes for half-off items at shows booked from hers, 5 more
       boxes for the extra 20%.
      Coach your hostess to help get bookings at the show. Make sure you tell her about the
       additional 20% in free jewelry for $15 she’ll receive if she gets at least 2 bookings and
       10 orders! Tell her to make that her goal!
      Stop in the middle of taking orders while everyone is still there and tally what you have
       in orders so far, including outside orders. Then announce to everyone at the show, "OK,
       so far Mary has $$$ in sales. So far she is going to receive $$$ in free jewelry! But if she
       has at least 2 bookings, she will receive $$$ in free jewelry!!! Sharing the excitement and
       the difference in free product with bookings as compared to no bookings makes all the
       difference in the world! It also gets new hostesses excited for their show because they see
       how easy it really is to go on a shopping spree.
      Roll the Dice game. Have each guest roll 3 die at one time and add up the total of all 3
       die. Tell them to write it on the corner of their Wish List and during the “booking” part
       of your show presentation, tell them they can get anything up to $100 for the # they
       rolled. You will have to pay the difference up to $15. It works!

      One Minute Sale: Tell everyone you are going to have a sale BUT they only have ONE
       MINUTE to take advantage of the sale! Have everyone pull out their lowest card (you
       can do this immediately after explaining the Hostess Benefits!) Once they pull out their
       lowest card tell them you are going to start your timer. (Get them really excited!) Then
       start your timer and tell them anyone who books a show within the next minute can get
       anything in the catalog up to $100 for the number of their LOWEST card. You will have
       to pay the difference up to $15. It works!
      Don’t leave a show without a booking! If it’s towards the end of a show and you don’t
       have a booking yet, offer $100 in extra credit to the first person that books a show with
       you. Any extra free credit will cost you 30%. But it is money that you don’t put out up
       front; it comes right out of your paycheck. If you get even one booking from the new
       show, it’s worth it to keep your business going!
      Referrals! Ask each guest to complete the referral section of the Wish List for $5 off
       their order. You MUST call the referrals for this to work for you!!

DO NOT give up! Keep trying until you find something that works for you! You will find it!
Believe in yourself and you can do it!

                            Booking Ideas Galore:
       In order to make this business work, you MUST do booking games at every show!

   1. Send a catalog to a co-worker that has moved.
   2. Send a catalog to your Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Etc. Reps or Exchange Shows.
   3. Post a catalog in the teachers lounge at your child's school.
   4. Post a catalog in the employee lunch room.
   5. Hold an Open House
   6. Have a booth at a school fair
   7. Advertise in your Alumni newsletter and or local newspaper
   8. Give a Catalog to the receptionist at your doctor's or dentist's office
   9. Include a wrap or flyer with your bill payments.
   10. Call past Hostesses
   11. Put current catalog or wrap in your neighbors door. Include a 10% off coupon.
   12. Ask friends to have a Show
   13. Advertise in your church bulletin
   14. Take a recipe to every potluck. (That has something to do with your business)
   15. Host an office party or brunch.
   16. Host a Show before or during a PTA meeting.
   17. Mail out samples, catalogs, and a wish list
   18. Host your own Show. Could even be a fund raiser for your favorite charity.
   19. Get a list from welcome wagon.
   20. Set up a display at a craft fair
   21. Participate in a school fund raiser
   22. Have your husband or significant other promote the products at work.
   23. Have you and your family members wear at shirt or sweatshirt promoting your product.
   24. Hold a Christmas shopping Show for men.
   25. Offer a Christmas wish list to your guest and then call the gift giver.
   26. Set up a display at a mall.
   27. Put an “ask me” button on your purse or coat.
28. Ask past Hostesses at Shows to talk about their free products.
29. Hold an opportunity night.
30. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose.
31. Mention Hostess half price gifts and other benefits at least three times per Show.
32. Hold up higher price products and mention half price products to encourage bookings.
33. Mention how much your average Hostess gets in products.
34. At the beginning of your Show mention the Hostess goal.
35. Share upcoming specials at Shows and during phone calls.
36. Tell your Hostess how much she saved by having a Show.
37. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan Shows.
38. Encourage Hostesses to rebook a Show in 6-9 months. (For the new catalog!)
39. Hold a Hostess Appreciation party or a Mystery Hostess Party
40. Encourage relatives to book a Show.
41. Call your realtor with suggestions for new home packages.
42. Offer to do a class for your local grocery store.
43. Use your website to send Newsletters and use the Marketing templates.
44. Encourage your Hostesses and guests to refer potential Hostesses to you.
45. Offer a bridal registry.
46. Promote the bridal Shows.
47. Describe and highlight the Hostess plan during Shows.
48. Be friendly and enthusiastic.
49. Follow through on every booking lead.
50. Use open ended questions, especially when dealing with bookings.
51. Use your products and samples at home, office, camping, parties, etc..
52. Read sales, self improvement, and positive thinking books.
53. Put together a Holiday Boutique
54. Dream and imagine the possibilities
55. Set goals and review them constantly, post them where you can see them.
56. Ask friends to help you get started or reach a certain goal.
57. Use Hostess flyers.
58. Use postcards and or newsletters to continue to spark interest.
59. Follow up phone calls to particularly interested guests. No means “No, not right now”
60. Have the Hostess tell why she decided to have a Show.
61. Give products as gifts or donations. Be sure to include your business card and a catalog.
62. Don't be shy talking about your products or business.
63. Smile when talking on the phone.
64. Review orders from the past Shows--who have bought frequently, etc.
65. Be prepared to answer questions about your work.
66. Write down names of people who owe you a favor and then follow up.
67. Call the most familiar people first.
68. Call potential Hostesses who postponed or never booked.
69. Spend time EVERY day working on some aspect of your business.
70. Be willing to share the business opportunity.
71. Call anyone who has said maybe or sometime.
72. Contact schools.
73. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses. (Gym,etc)
74. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone.
75. Keep a list of special requests and let those guests know when that product is on sale.
76. Suggest hosting a Show to do Christmas shopping with out leaving home.
   77. Offer a bonus for Hostesses who book on days or months you need and extra Show.
   78. Give extra service/time to good customers-they will be repeat Hostesses and potential
   79. Carry a note pad to jot down names as you think of them.
   80. Let guests keep a catalog or sales brochure to keep on hand or pass around work.
   81. Love what you do! Smile!
   82. ASK, ASK, ASK!

                      What can you offer a Hostess?
Thank-you Gift (or Hostess Gift): When someone schedules a Home Show, lia sophia lets
them choose any one item at the special Hostess Bonus price. Anything under $100 costs only
$15 plus tax. For items over $100, refer to the catalog for the Hostess Bonus price. You will
need to collect payment for this item at the show that she books from and order it at least 2
weeks before the Show so you can give it to your Hostess at her Show. This is a wonderful offer,
PLUS it gets your future Hostess to INVEST in her Show and keep the date!
    If you don’t have your Advisor I.D. number yet, ask me or your Upline to order your
       Thank-you Gifts (TYG’s) for you, so you will have them in time for your first shows.

Gift Certificates:

There are two types of certificates:

   1. Customer gifts (CUST GIFT) – type 707 – You pay $1.50 per $5 increment (30% of the
      certificate amount). Can be used for either customers or Hostesses. Maximum amount:
      $10. Enter online in the Gift Certificate section on a Customer order page.
   2. Hostess extra credit – You may award your Hostess extra credit in addition to the credit
      she earns for her show sales. When you enter a show online, the computer will
      automatically calculate the earned Hostess credit. To give her more credit, just type in a
      different amount in the Hostess Credit box then scroll to the bottom of the screen and
      click ‘continue’. You will automatically be charged 30% of the additional amount given.
      For example: If the computer has calculated that your Hostess’s credit is $200, and you
      have promised her an additional $60 in credit, you will type $260 in the Hostess Credits
      given box.

   Here are some examples of optional incentives you could use:
    Offer your Hostess $25 credit if she returns her Guest List to you (with at least 30 guests)
      within 3 business days of getting the Hostess Packet.
    Ask your Hostess to include $10 with her Guest List, to cover the cost of stamps, and I
      will rebate the $10 back to her in jewelry credit at her Show.
    Hostess $5 credit for every paid outside order she collects before her Show.
    Hostess $25 credit if she gets a scheduled booking before her Show.
    If a Hostess gets 2 or more bookings but does not reach 10 orders to earn 40%, I will
      sometimes give her extra credit for the bookings (usually $25 total). This way, she is still
      rewarded for having Shows booked off hers.

Retired Jewelry – Once you have your Advisor I.D., you can enter the Advisor Advantage
section of the website, and you may order supplies from lia sophia. Under “Supplies,” you may
order collections of retired jewelry called “Collectible Sets.” You get a random grab-bag of items
from past catalogs, which you can put in a treasure chest and give away as gifts. When someone
schedules a Show, I let her pick a piece from my treasure chest. You can only order two of each
set per supply order.

           7291 Collectible Set (10-piece)                                   35.00
                Promote your business with an assorted collection of first
                quality past season styles. 10-piece set

          7292    Kiam Collectible Set (5-piece)                             38.00
                  These are higher priced items good to use as incentives.

                               Book or Catalog Shows
I highly recommend that you discourage book shows. In order for our hostesses to get the 40%
for having 10 orders and 2 bookings, they must be 2 HOME PARTIES, not book shows. Book
shows are an end to your business. They don’t produce more bookings; bookings are the life of
our business. Because the jewelry looks so much different in person than it does in the catalog,
book shows rarely do well. If someone calls you out of the blue and wants to pass a catalog
around and collect orders, no problem, but don’t encourage this and do not give your hostess
credit for a book party. In the front page of the catalog, under the hostess benefits, it says,
“hostess may receive 40% of her show sales in jewelry with 10 orders and TWO DATED
bookings…….” A book show is NOT a dated booking.

                               Sending out Invitations
You should get the Guest List from your hostess within 3-5 days from the party she booked at
IMPORTANT: Do NOT close the party until you have received every guest list!
A hostess can do their guest lists a few ways:
     Traditional “snail mail” hostess stickers
     Enter her guest list on-line using the Hostess Connection
     Send her an email with a label template attached.
 Two weeks before the scheduled show, you should mail the postcard invitations. If you aren’t
able to mail them at least 10 days before the show, you should consider rescheduling it.
     At the same time I send the postcards, I send a letter or email to my hostess to let her
        know her invitations have been sent, and to give her extra incentives for outside orders
        and pre scheduled bookings. I also let her know that it in imperative to call all her guests
        because my invitations should not be the first time her guests hear about the party. I also
        tell my hostess that if she has one booking for me when I get to her house (before her
        guests arrive), she gets a free hostess bonus item (up to $100).
     Another way to get “pre-bookings” (a booking before the show) is to put a “SURPRISE”!
        clause on the invitation. I say something like “Surprise Ann! If you call me to schedule
        your own girls night before Ann’s party on the 17th, I will give Ann a surprise shopping
        spree on Friday night! And…you get any piece under $100 for free, too! Call me by the
        16th…this special is only for the 1st person to call!”

    I send E-vites in addition to invitation by mail. I will NOT send out E-vitations ONLY
       for their invite. I want names/addresses so that they get a personal invite in the mail.
          Statistics have shown, that people are more inclined to responding to a personal invitation
          vs an e-vite that they can simply hit ‘delete’
         Go to Advisor Advantage then to Business Assistant (under YOUR BUSINESS) to enter
          your hostesses name and show information and then she will be able to send out e-vites
          AS A REMINDER through this tool OR you can send E-vites for them!

Getting a guest list on-line
     Many people would rather “type” their addresses then hand writing them these days. Our
        advisor advantage has an awesome feature for addresses collecting! NOTE: YOU
        obtaining a web-site.
     You should schedule your show in your “Business Assistant” (Your Business-Your
        Business Assistant)
            o Click on the “Book a Show” icon along the top
            o Enter in your hostess’ information, show date, time, etc.
            o Click “Continue”
            o A screen will then appear that has all your hostess’ information along the left-
                hand side. This will also tell you the tax rate, if shipping is taxed, etc. It also
                gives you a Hostess Connection password. This is the password your hostess will
                need to enter her guest list on-line.
     To enter a guest list on-line instruct your Hostess to:
            o Go to your web-site and click on “Hostess Connection”
            o Type in the password and her show information will pop up
            o Click on the icon that says “ My Guest List”
            o Click on the icon that says “Add Guests”
     After the guest list has been entered, you can access it by going back to your show
        assistant in Advisor Advantage and clicking on the “Guest List” tab across the top
        AFTER you have that particular hostess’ information up
            o You will then have the option to print the guest list on labels. Just feed them into
                your computer and your job is complete!
NOTE: If a hostess wants to use “Hostess Connection” I email her directions immediately when
I get home so she can start on it right away. Here is what I send her:


It was so nice to meet you Saturday night! I am really looking forward to your own girls night out on Thursday, July 30th, at
6:30 PM!!

Here is what you do for the invite list:

         Go to my web-site:
         Click on "Hostess Connection" along the top
         Enter your password:
         Click on "My guest List" along the top banner
         Click on "Add Guests" and start adding your guests!

That's it! Pretty simple and easy, eh?! Please remember to put at least 30 names on there, and if you need/want some extras to
hand out, I will mail you some extras about two weeks prior to your girls night out! Please let me know when you're completed
your on-line guest list. Have a wonderful Day!

Sincerely, Advisor

                                Hostess Coaching
    **You will want to communicate with your hostess a couple times before her show.**

The few minutes you are meeting your new hostess at the show is VERY important:
Be sure to go over her Hostess Packet with her before she leaves!
    Get her excited about her show, the jewelry, and the incredible hostess benefits! Make
       sure she understands how to collect outside orders (add $3.80 shipping before or after
       figuring sales tax… sales tax is always the rate where the order is being shipped to)
    Make sure she knows how important the guest list is and that you need it back in 3
       business days in order for that night’s Hostess to get credit for her booking.
As soon as you get home or the next day order her Booking Gift AND send her the Hostess
Connection link or email so she can begin working on her Guest List.
    Send her a friendly Guest List Reminder Email if you have not received her Guest List in
       2 days.
Send her an email, letter or phone call when you send her invites out!
    Give her any extra incentives for having pre-bookings, pre-orders, etc.
    If your hostess is excited, she will spread this excitement to her guests. She will, through
       word of mouth, become ADVERTISING for you!
    Encourage her to call all her guests to invite them – and consider the postcards only a
       “reminder” of the show. Sometimes the small postcards get lost in the mail – you can tell
       her this so she will know it’s important to actually talk to her guests.
Call your hostess a day or two before her show:
    Tell her when you will arrive, what type of table you’ll need, what the format of the
       presentation will be (if she hasn’t been to a show), etc.
    Get any directions you may need
    Get a guest count so you know about how many catalogs, etc. you will need to bring
    IMPORTANT: Make sure to remind her to CALL each and every one to remind them of
       her party! This increases show attendance!
    Remember, your hostess is extremely important to your business! Without her, you’d have
       no business. Appreciate and get to know her, and it will be a great experience for both of
Co-hostess situation:
     When you have 2 people co-hosting a HOME SHOW, they each get to pick a thank you
        gift when the show is booked if they EACH provide you with a Guest List. Then when
        you close the show, they split all the hostess benefits anyway they choose.
     The hostesses could also decide to put their shows into two different shows so they can
        each pick the ½ price and hostess bonus items at full strength. But they must have a
        minimum of a $500 show. Be sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages to your

                      What To Bring to your Show

      Catalogs
           o 15 unless the hostess says she is expecting more
      Wish Lists
           o Make sure people are filling these out!!
      Customer Selection forms
           o Fill out your information on the top before to save time
           o No, we do not have to send in the green copy to lia sophia!
      Hostess Goal Sheet
      Hostess Closing Sheet
      Monthly Gems Flyer
      Clipboard/calculator/pens
           o Don’t buy expensive pens because women have a tendency to walk off with them!
      Flyer(s) for the monthly special
           o Make sure you know which special to use depending on the fiscal month!
      Hostess Packets – at least 5
      Opportunity Folders (recruit info) – at least 5
      Jewelry & Display
           o Trays, mirror, cloths, ring sizer
      Business Cards
      Theme Binder
      Fashion Focus
      Cash to make change
      Your calendar
           o Cross off the days you don’t want to schedule a party before!!
           o Calendar (use blank planning calendar – lia sophia univ. #1102)
      Lap Boards(optional)
           o Everything is in one place, and they have a writing surface. Many people just put
               a wish list inside the catalog and hand them out to each guest.
      BOOKING GAME – Very very important!

                 What do I put in a Hostess Packet?
A hostess packet is a packet that each hostess receives when she books a show. In your hostess
packet you should include:
    Catalogs (minimum of 2)
    A guest list (In the event she will be emailing you her the Guest List, be sure to send her
       the link to the Hostess Connection or email her the template ASAP)
      A self addressed, stamped envelope (Always have these along with Guest Lists just in
       case she chooses to send it by mail not every Hostess prefers to email)
      Outside Order forms
      Hostess Info Packet Flyer (
      Recruiting Flyer (
      Your Business Card
      Anything else you think is important!
       *(I will be emailing you the additional documents I include in my Opportunity Packets)

            What do I put in an Opportunity Packet?
An opportunity packet is something you hand out to someone who is interested in lia sophia:
    Live the Dream brochure
    Business card
    Starter Kit Flyer
    Recruiting Flyer
    Management Brochure
    FRANK
    Anything else you think might be useful!
      *(I will be emailing you the additional documents I include in my Opportunity Packets)
 **Follow up with your potential new advisor to answer any questions he or she may have
                   within 24 hours of giving them the opportunity packet!

                         What Do I Do at my Show?
                                 (one example of a show presentation)

                          Oh baby….it’s in the bag!
Setting Up
     Ask the Guests to take a seat with their purses (or with the catalog)
     Introduce yourself and thank the hostess
     Explain the rules
     I will call out a letter – look in your purse for something that begins with that letter (or an
       item in the book that begins with that letter). I’ll award (insert number) of
       cards/tickets/etc. for each letter. I will also give extra cards for originality, etc.
Play the Game!
     L = lia sophia
           o Lia sophia, formally known as Lady Remington, has been in business for over 30
               years. The name “lia sophia” is from Tory Kiam (the president’s) daughters.
               Based in Bensonville, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago
     G=Guarantee
           o At lia sophia, customer satisfaction is our number one priority! To ensure that we
               always exceed your expectations, we offer a full 100% Lifetime Replacement
               Guarantee on every piece of jewelry. YOU MUST SAVE THE WHITE
               RECEIPT, THOUGH!
                     Money back only if you send your items back within 45 days of purchase
                     After 120 days, you must pay $5/item to send back to the company –
                      however, lia sophia sends you back a $5 gift certificate to make up for that
                      $5 fee, so you are out nothing!
                  Can send back ANYTHING for ANY REASON – broke, don’t like
                      anymore, etc.
    C= Customer Save Plan
         o Purchase 2 items at regular price and then you can purchase your third, most
             expensive item at half-price!
    M=Monthly Special
         o Every month lia sophia also gives you a monthly special. This month it
             is…………………. **Demonstrate someone using the customer save plan with
             the monthly special**
    A=Actual size and adjustable
         o All jewelry in the catalog is shown actual size. Most pieces are also adjustable.
             (show example of a piece of jewelry on a photo in the catalog)
    V=Versatile!
         o Show necklace as a belt or bracelet, mixing two necklaces together, etc. Show the
             8 different ways to wear a long necklace, a toggle clasp, etc. Explain how they
             can get it ½ off or better yet, as a Booking Item!!!
    R=Reversible
         o Some of our pieces are reversible like the Trish necklace. (Show Trish with a
             slide and also on a cord/rope to show versatility)
    S=Stars
         o Show magazines that feature lia Sophia jewelry of copies of news-worthy articles
             found on advisor advantage
    T=Terrific Hostess Plan
         o STACK A GUEST! (Either with empty boxes of letting her pick pieces from
             your display!)
                  THIS IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         o Explain why the hostess wants at least 2 bookings!!!
         o Give additional benefits if you have any
    O=Opportunity
         o Lia sophia offers women the opportunity to do so many things – share why YOU
             started lia sophia, feel free to use my story, too. Flexible hours, free jewelry,
             trips, etc. – and you’re making an average of $70/hour!
    Q=Questions!
**The winner can be whoever has the most cards, whoever has a specific card, etc.**

                Checking out your Guests & Hostess
      Stay close to the jewelry and answer questions as the guests shop.
      Set up a mini-checkout station somewhere with your business supplies.
      When a guest brings her completed Wish List to you, look it over well. If she only has
       one or two items on her list, remind her of the special, and try to help her get more for her
       money. You might suggest matching pieces for the things she is getting. The POWER of

      Ask her if she’d like to schedule a Show. Remind her that she can pick any item up to
       $100 for the number on her card if you’re playing the card game – just for scheduling a
       Show! Have your day planner on hand so you can suggest dates and write in Shows.
            o If she’d like to host a Show, have your guest pick out her Thank-you Gift and pay
               for it right away as well as pick a date. Do not let her go with out a date picked-
               just pencil one in and then have her call and confirm it.
      As you write out people’s orders, you might want to casually ask what they do for a
       living. This can be a nice time to talk one-on-one about the lia sophia business. Offer an
       Opportunity Folder to anyone who’s remotely interested, and offer to take them out for
       coffee to talk more.
      If the person is using a gift certificate, it can ONLY be used on their regular-priced items.
       Make sure to clearly mark this on the receipt, so you’ll remember to input the certificate
       online. Remind them that this does not count towards her friends show, so if she would
       like to get something else, she can.
      If the guest pays with cash or check, make sure you write on the receipt how she paid.
       Include the check number. If they use a credit card, you need their phone, address, card
       number and expiration date.
      Give each guest the yellow copy of the receipt. Remind them that they will HAVE to
       keep the white receipt it is their official receipt from lia sophia which will come with
       their jewelry. With out it, they can not return or exchange.
      Make sure to leave a sheet with your hostess of where she stands in her sales, how much
       she is getting, and a visual of what she gets for ½ price, hostess bonus, etc.
            o Schedule a time to close and stick to that date/time!

                           The ABC’s of Ordering
Online Ordering web classes (live or taped) are available on Advisor Advantage and are highly
Hostess Information
    Log on to and enter Advisor Advantage, located in the upper-right
      hand corner of the page.
    Click on “your business” and then click on “ordering.” Select “Show Order/Starter
      Show” if you’re entering a Show (at least $250 sales prior to sales tax and shipping) and
      click the blue arrow. If you entering a Starter Show please check with your upline for
    Enter your hostess address information. When you type in her zip code, you will need to
      click on the blue square to the right, and choose the city/county she lives in so the
      appropriate sales tax will be charged. You will need to do this every time you enter a zip
    Shipping info is automatically set to “Ship to Hostess” and “UPS Ground.” Only change
      if needed.
    Don’t worry about Hostess Credit Info yet. You need to enter all customer orders
      BEFORE entering Hostess items and extra credits.
    Scroll down to bottom – click “Continue.”

Customer Information
    The next page is the Order Listing, which shows the Hostess as Customer 01. Now you
      can enter your customer orders. Click on “New customer.”
    Enter the customer’s personal information. You MUST have a phone number and
      mailing address for those who are using a credit/debit card. Always get that information
      anyway because if you have a question on an order, you want to be able to contact her (or
      contact her for future parties, open houses, etc.).
    Enter the customer’s item information. (HINT: Use the TAB key for quick entry). Type
      quantity, tab; choose Regular or Half price (HINT: you can hit “R” for Regular and “H”
      for half), tab; enter 3-digit style number. If it’s a ring, tab; and enter a size. If the size is
      2-9, you must add a “0” in front of it. After entering all items, click “update” and verify
      the items are correct. (HINT: if it’s a toe ring, you must enter size 02).
    If entering gift certificates for customers, scroll down to Customer Certificate Info and
      enter it there. If it’s a certificate from you, the certificate number is “cust gift” / type is
      707 / amount up to $25 in increments of $5 (remember, you get charged $1.50 per $5.00
      certificate – taken out of your commission check). If it’s a certificate from lia sophia, the
      certificate number will be a 10-digit number, the type will be a 3-digit number, and the
      amount will be on the certificate.
          o NOTE: Gift certificates can ONLY be used on regular priced items. For
               example, if someone has a $50.00 gift certificate and she gets 2 pair of earrings
               for $24/pair (total of $48.00 in regular priced items) and then a ½ price necklace
               for $15, she could NOT use the leftover $2.00 to pay for part of the $15 she owes
               for the necklace.
    If the customer is paying by credit card, click “new payment” and put in card info. The
      payment due appears automatically but you are able to change it if necessary by clicking
      right in the box that has the amount due (for example, if the person booked a show and
      needs to pay for their Thank-you Gift or if she is paying for another person’s order ).
    If you forgot to write down the type, they are as follows:
          o Visa – starts with a “4”
          o Mastercard – starts with a “5”
          o Discover – starts with a “6”
    The lia sophia site is completely secure. I’ve put in hundreds of thousands of dollars in
      orders and NEVER had a problem.
    Click “Continue”
    You’ll be back to the Order Listing. Click “new customer” on the bottom of the page and
      put customer orders in one by one.
    I recommend updating each order and checking it against the handwritten Customer
      Selection Tickets. Sometimes customers give you wrong item numbers, so double check
      the descriptions.
Hostess Order
    The easiest way to close a show is to have the hostess on the phone with you (I never
      meet with a hostess in person to close her show – not necessary) so you can enter
      everything right then and there and give her a total for her jewelry!
    When you have all customer orders in, click the “Hostess” tab located at the top. You’re
      ready to enter the Hostess selections! My advice is to start with her HALF-PRICE items
      because these count toward the show sales and increase her credit by either 20% or 40%.

      Look at the “Hostess Credit Information” box located right above where you are entering
       her items. Choose either 20% or 40% (40% ONLY if the hostess has 10+ orders and 2
       bookings and you have the guest lists in hand!!!). Make sure you click “Hostess paying”
       or you’ll be charged the $15 for the jump up to 40%. Notice the computer gives you a
       calculated credit amount.
    Now you can put in the Hostess’s Regular (free) and Bonus items. Regular-priced items
       will come up as free on the Summary page. Get everything entered in and double-check
       they are the correct items and sizes.
    Under Hostess Payments Info, enter her credit card just as you did customers. Sometimes
       the Hostess pays for some of her guests’ orders, and they will pay her back. If this is the
       case, you can adjust the amount that goes on the Hostess’s credit card. You can always
       check the Payments tab to see everyone’s totals.
    When all the Hostess information has been entered, click the “Summary” tab. You can
       then tell her how her order was figured – such as any overage on the free items, ½ price
       items, hostess bonus items, tax, etc.
Closing the Show
    Verify all orders against the written receipts. Check totals to make sure all gift certificates
       and credit cards were entered. When all is OK, click on the “Payments” tab. You are
       going to pay the remainder of the balance (to cover orders paid with cash or check). Click
       “new payment.”
    For “Payment Info for” select “Advisor” in the drop down menu; your advisor info will
       automatically fill in, except for credit card. You need to enter that. Verify the amount
       due, which will go on your card. Click “continue.”
    Click “Summary” again. You’ll want to either save this on your computer or print it out
       for your records (I copy and paste into a Word document and save by the hostess’ name
       so that I am not wasting paper and ink) before sending the order. At the top of the
       summary page it says “Summary View” and has “condensed” in the box. Click on the
       black drop-down arrow and click “Detail” so you can see exactly what each customer is
    As long as the order balance due is “0,” you can now submit the Show – the submit
       button is at the bottom of the “Order summary page”. Once you submit the Show
       order, you will NOT be able to make any changes even if you call home office so
       make sure you have double checked everything!!!!!
    IF you get a message that says a credit card is unauthorized, it means that there’s a
       problem with that person’s credit card (not enough balance left to pay her total, security
       reasons, etc.). You’ll need to call her and get a different card or form of payment before
       you can enter the show.
    Let your Hostess know she will be receiving the package with everyone’s order,
       including her order, by UPS in about 7-10 days.
       You can email her the shipment confirmation so she can track the package. Tell her she
       will need to sort through everyone’s jewelry, and to be sure to include the receipt inside
       the bag.

                             Other types of Orders
**Simply go to Ordering (Your Business-Ordering) and select the type of order you want from
the dropdown menu.**

      Sample – Regular orders are for samples of jewelry at 70% off. You may order only one
       of each item in the catalog.
      Sample – Hostess only orders are for the Hostess-only items that are sometimes offered
       by lia sophia. You buy them at the Hostess prices.
      Supply orders are pretty basic – just realize that the number 7 is already on the screen, so
       you only need to enter the last three digits of the item numbers. Enter your credit card
       info the same way as Show orders. You’ll need to refer to a printout of the supplies. It
       does change, so check lia sophia university for the latest updates!
      Direct Sales orders are where you order your Hostess “Thank You” gifts. Enter quantity,
       select Bonus, and enter the item number. You can purchase two “Thank-You” gifts at a
       time. This is NOT to add jewelry to your display…it is a “thank-you” to those who
       book shows with us. DO NOT abuse this privilege because you could get the privilege
       revoked for everyone or lose your advisorship with lia sophia.
           o You can also place a single purchase for a customer under Direct Sale. You
               can have the order delivered directly to the customer or to yourself. Shipping is
               still only $3.80.
      Privilege Purchase orders –Two months before the new catalog comes out, LS offers us
       an incentive to be able to purchase any or all of the new items at 77% off. This is a one
       time deal and we can only purchase one of each new item…but it is a heck of a deal…so
       be watching for this incentive.

               I get a 1099…what do I do for taxes?!
**Please note these are only suggestions. I am not a CPA nor have any tax authority.**

Save all receipts!
      You can claim many expenses related to the business – the $6 charge per Show and the
        cost of any gift certificates you gave people just to name a few!
      I keep receipts for lia sophia Supplies, any jewelry samples I bought, office supplies,
        food at open houses/Shows, etc.
      What I do is keep all receipts in a 12-month file, and I will go through and categorize
        them before bringing them to an accountant.
      In addition, any lia sophia jewelry you bought before you were an advisor can be claimed
        because you use it for your business.
It’s very important to keep track of business miles – anytime you drive to a Show, to the store
to buy things for your business, the bank, post office, meetings, etc. Write down your miles on a
small pocket calendar that you keep in your vehicle, or use another recordkeeping method that
works for you.

As a lia sophia Advisor, you are an Independent Contractor. lia sophia issues your commission
checks and provides profit statements, but you are not an employee of lia sophia. Lia sophia does
not take income taxes out of your checks, so you will need to pay taxes annually (or more often,
depending on how much you make).

You do not need a business license or a tax I.D. number. Simply keep track of expenses,
earnings, and business miles, and take this information to an accountant at tax time. See an
accountant for more details on this.

                       What is a Qualified Recruit?
In order to be considered a Qualified Recruit, you need to:
     Have a minimum of THREE Shows and $1500 in Recognizable sales – counting your
         starter Show – in your FIRST FIVE WEEKS.
     This will also get you your first $200 in FREE jewelry in the Excellent Beginnings
     If you DO NOT meet the qualifications in the first 5 weeks, you are not, and never will
         be, considered a “Qualified” Advisor. Once you hit the 3 Shows, and $1500 mark, you
         will be considered an “Active” Advisor.
What does this mean?
     It means a lot. You need a MINIMUM of 4 (We recommend 5-6) Qualified recruits in
         order to promote up to Unit Manager. So, if you have 4-5 recruits and 2 are NOT
         Qualified, we would not advise you to go Unit until you had 1-2 more Qualified recruits.
     When awards are given at Success Camp, Rallies, or Conference, all figures for unit
         sales, etc., are figured from your qualified recruits. It can make a big difference in how
         fast you build your business to the next level.
     Starting out with 6 Shows in her first 3-5 weeks will set her business up to continue on a
         consistent basis. If she has only 2 her first month, it is hard to stay focused and excited
         and to keep getting more bookings and recruits because she isn’t active. I do realize not
         everyone wants to do 4-8 Shows per month and they DO NOT have to – that is the beauty
         of this business. But if they do have 5-6 Shows right away, they can then take the new
         bookings and recruits and put those into their schedules the way they want to and have
         complete control over the number of Shows they have per month. But let me tell you, it
         is more fun being booked out solid (even if you only want to do 2-4 Shows/month) than
         not having any and feeling like you are scrambling or not succeeding.
Once you become a unit Manager, all of your recruits and their teams will then be transferred to
your Unit. You will be paid the 10% override on your WHOLE group – even those you do not
personally sponsor – until one of your Advisors promotes to Unit. Then she takes her whole
team to her unit and you then get paid 5% on her whole unit and continue to make 10% on the
rest of your unit. Your personal unit is called your Central – anyone who promotes to Unit is
NOT considered part of your central.

I am so excited you decided to join the Lia Sophia team…you won’t regret it. This is the most
exciting thing that I have ever done. Just know that this is a life changing opportunity and you
can offer it to anyone. This business has helped so many people I know get out of bad jobs, get
out of debt, get a new washing machine or just extra $ to get ahead. With the way the economy
is today-EVERYONE needs lia sophia!!! So go out and share it with everyone you know!!! I
wish you great success in your new business!!


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