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					                                 Contact Info

Name              : Norhashimi B Kassim
Address           : No. 22, Jalan Fatwa Empat U2/46D
                    Mayang Sutera, Taman TTDI Jaya
                    40150 Shah Alam
                    Selangor Darul Ehsan
Mobile No.        : 019-23332879
House No.         : 016-2366176
IC No             : 650824-01-5067
Email             :

                                 Personal Particulars

Age               : 46
Date of Birth     : 24th August 1965
Nationality       : Malaysia
Gender            : Male
Marital Status    : Married
Health            : Excellent

                                 Highest Qualification

Education Level   : Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc (Elect Eng)
University        : 1.    The George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA
                          (Graduated in May 1987 with CGPA: 3.229)

                   2.    Graduate Member Registered with BEM

                   3.    Qualified ISO 9001: 2000 Auditor

                   4.    Level 1, Certified Thermographer

                                     Current Employment

Company Name                  : Noval Technology Sdn Bhd (NTSB)
Position Title                : Managing Director/Share Holders
Specialization                : M&E Projects And Facility Management
Industry                      : M&E Services
Duration                      : June 2005 – Present

NTSB is the M&E Company registered with PKK under Class 2, Ministry of Finance (MOF) under
Facility Management sub heads and other government/semi government agencies. My main task
among others:

   1. Responsible for the overall performance of the company including overlooking the overall
      daily operation and administrative activities.

   2. Perform the duties and exercise the power which the Board Members may from time to
      time assign to me in connection with the business of the company.

   3. Responsible for the preparation and submission of the yearly Business Plan of the company
      including short term and long term business strategies.

   4. Responsible for the project implementation to ensure all projects complete on time, within
      budget and comply with specifications.

   5. Responsible for the overall financial performance of the company including cash flow and
      securing financial instrument to be utilised during project implementation.

   6. Responsible for the overall business and marketing plan as well as the human resource
      planning of the company.

       Key Achievements

   1. NTSB is currently undertaking maintenance works which formed part of Facility
      Management requirements on all M&E services at approximately 7,500 units’
      condominiums/apartment/flats in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan since 2007. It is
      definitely an achievement that I feel proud off in view of our humble beginning when we
      started in 2005 without any contract in hand.

   2. The scope of M&E services for item 1 above cover the schedule maintenance, corrective
      maintenance, conditions monitoring and call centre which formed part of the Computerised
      Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for lifts, fire fighting system, cold water and
      sanitary, electrical infrastructure, standby generator sets and lighting system.

Company Name                   : Beta Strategy Sdn Bhd
Position Title                 : General Manager, M&E and ICT Divisions
Specialization                 : Project Management Consultant
Industry                       : Construction
Duration                       : Jan 2001 – May 2005

Beta Strategy Sdn Bhd (BSSB) is the Project Management Consultant (PMC) appointed by U-Wood
Holdings Bhd (currently known as TRI PLC Bhd), to undertake the construction of the new UiTM’s
campus at Bandar Baru Puncak Alam, by way of design and build contract:

   1. Responsible for the overall planning, design and negotiation of all M&E and Information and
      Communication Technology (ICT) matters during tendering stage of the project.

   2. Lead the Turnkey Contractor team during preparation of tender document, tender
      clarification with the Government and other Central Agencies.

   3. Actively involved in identifying strategies and most effective approach during negotiation
      with client and governments’ central agencies

   4. Responsible during value engineering exercise in order to meet the government’s budget.

   5. Lead the Turnkey Contractor team during planning on the packaging of the respective scope
      of works to be contracted out for the M&E services.

       Key Achievements

    1. Lead the M&E and ICT team to submit a complete tender proposal within12 weeks with 3
       different M&E Consultant teams for a contract estimated around RM 400 millions

    2. Successfully awarded with almost 88% from the submitted price for the M&E and ICT

    3. Lead the team to reduce cost by almost 28% through value engineering and packaging

Company Name                    : Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan Berhad (PLUS)
Duration                        : Jan 1994 – Nov 1999
Position Title                  : Senior Manager, Electrical & Electronic (Operations) Department
                                : (Jan 1996 – Nov 1999)
Specialisation                  : M&E Operations
Industry                        : Concessionaire

I was promoted to lead the newly created Electrical & Electronic Operations Department which was
under the Operations Division of PLUS Bhd. The scope of work includes:

    1. Responsible for the overall management and operation of the department comprises of
       technical staff at Head Office, Regions and Sections.

    2. Responsible for the formulation, plan, implement and review of the M&E maintenance
       policies for all electrical, electronics, telecommunication and mechanical equipment along
       the North-South Expressway (NSE) in line with the requirement as stipulated in the
       concessionaire agreement with the Government.

    3.    The scope of works cover the integrated toll system, voice and data management, standby
         generator sets, high mast and street lighting, traffic lights, air conditioning system, fire
         fighting, cold water and sanitary plumbing along the NSE at main line, toll plazas, lay bys,
         rest and service area (RSA), section and region offices.

    4. Responsible for the preparation of business plans, budget plan, budget implementation,
       budget review and staff performance for the department.

         Key Achievements

    1. PLUS Bhd’s team member for the 1996 Prime Minister’s Award for the best private company
       in service industry also and appointed as a Steering Committee Member during their
       successfully awarded with the ISO 9002 : 1994, Quality Management System certification in

    2. Responsible for the successful implementation of Total Plan Maintenance concept (TPM)
       and Just In Time (JIT) spare part management system for the whole PLUS Bhd.

    3. Successfully implemented the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for the department,
       contractors and suppliers by introducing key parameters such as equipment uptime,
       turnaround time for equipment breakdown and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for
       critical equipment.

Position Title                   : Region Engineer South and Central
                                  (Jan 1994 – Dec 1995)

Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    1. Plan, implement and monitor the effectiveness of maintenance works carry out by the sub-
       contractor including conducted periodical site inspection with sub-contractor and section

    2. Lead a group of engineers and technical executives at region and section to implement PLUS’
       maintenance policy.

    3. Compile and analyze the overall equipment to come up with the yearly performance index
       for benchmarking purposes.

    4. Lead the technical team to evaluate and review the system effectiveness during the testing
       for the following toll collection system.

        a. Card Touch n Go
        b. PLUS Tag developed by Mitsui Corporation
        c. SMART Tag which was developed by Teras Technology Sdn Bhd

    5. Appointed as the Project Manager for the installation of Street Lighting Works from Subang
       Toll Plaza to Jalan Duta Toll Plaza using the bucket buried transformer system.

Company Name                     : Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM), Shah Alam (currently known as
Duration                         : Jan 1990 – Dec 1993
Position Title                   : Development Officer/Electrical Engineer
                                   Development and Maintenance Division
                                 : (Jan 1991 – Dec 1993)

The Development Department acts as a project manager to undertake all physical development of
ITM. The department is also acts as the liaison officer with the Government Central Energy such as
Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Economic Planning Unit (EPU). Among
the duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    1. Responsible for the preparation of project brief. The project brief describes the general
       space requirements by end users, circulation areas, project cost and project schedule. (The
       project cost and building finishes has to be within the guide line prepared by the Standard
       and Cost Committee of EPU).

    2. Responsible to coordinate with other disciplines on reviewing consultant preliminary and
       details design, project cost and project schedule.

    3. Liaise with Central Agencies for budget approval and appointment of consultants.

    4. Responsible for pre-tender and post tender activities such as preparation of tender
       documents, working closely with Treasury office during tender period and preparation of
       tender report.

    5. Responsible for the overall project progress by attending site meeting, progress claims,
       variations, local authorities and prepare management report for ITM’s management.

    6. Responsible for all post contract activities such as defects, variation claims, Certificate of
       Fitness (CF) and closing of accounts.

    7. Responsible to review design on electrical requirements for all project undertaken by the
       department through conventional method or design and builds.

Position Title                   : Lecturer at Electrical (Power) Department
                                   School of Engineering
                                   (Jan 1990 – Dec 1990)

Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    1. Lectured of the following subjects for Pre-Diploma, Diploma and Advanced Diploma

         a.   Introduction To Electrical Machine
         b.   Electrical Design And Installation
         c.   Basic Electronic
         d.   Engineering and Society

    2. Appointed to represent department on preparation of yearly academic time table for
        students, internal and external lecturers from 1990 to 1992.

    3. Appointed as a student advisor for 28 Part 1 students. The score of works includes
        counselling and carry out academic appraisal on student performance.

    4. Member of ITM’s Research and Consultancy Centre (RCC) – the in house consultancy unit of
       ITM and acted as the electrical engineer for the following projects:

         a. Proposed Seri Bayu Beach Resorts of Pulau Pangkor for Perak’s SEDC
         b. Proposed Bangunan ROTU for ITM Shah Alam
Training and Courses Attended

Listed below are some of the training and courses attended during the course of working

Courses and Training Attended in Malaysia

                TITLE                                           ORGANIZER
     1. Introduction Course For New Lecturer                    Training Unit of ITM
     2. Outward Bound Program                                   Outward Bound School, Lumut,
     3. Data Networking Workshop                                Isolectra Malaysia
     4. Performance Management Workshop Part                    Renong Training School
     5. Effective Delegation And Coaching                       Renong Training School
     6. Performance Management Workshop Part                    Renong Training School
     7. Creating Competitive Advantage                          Renong Training School
     8. Effective Administration of Construction                Institute of Professional
        Contract                                                Advancement
     9. Electrical System in Building Services                  Institute of Professional
     10. KOBETSU KAIZEN AND JISHU HOZEN                         MAMPU
     11. Management Report Writing Skills                       Management Development
                                                                Division, Renong Berhad
     12. Managing Change                                        Management Development
                                                                Division, Renong Berhad
     13. Leadership Assessment                                  Management Development
                                                                Division, Renong Berhad
     14. Accounting Is EZY                                      Renong Training School
     15. Creative And Rational Decision Making                  Renong Training School
     16. Strategic And Change Management                        Renong Training School
     17. Interaction Management Program                         PLUS Training Unit
     18. ISO 9002 Internal Quality Auditing                     PLUS Training Unit
     19. Lead Assessor Training Program                         QMI Quest Sdn Bhd
     20. Level 1 Thermographer                                  Total Solution System Integrator
                                                                Sdn Bhd

Overseas Training, Seminars and Technical Visits

                       TITLE                                        ORGANIZER
     1. GEA Toll Equipment Maintenance                   GEA Granobe, Lyon, France
     2. Factory Training On Cast Resin Transformer       ABB Dusseldorf, Germany
     3. Training On Maintenance Of Bucket Burried        Augier SA, Lyon, France
     4. IBBTA Annual Meeting & Exhibition                International Of Bridge, Tunnel And
                                                         Turnpike, Colorado, USA
     5. Training On Electrical Maintenance Services      ABB Totem, Bangkok, Thailand

     6. QMAX 100x Maintenance Training                   QMAX (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

List of Papers Presented

      Title                                   Organizer                     Date
   1. The Economics Cost of                   Ninth Meeting                 12-14 Nov’ 1991
      Power Outages to                        of the ASEAN
      Domestics, Commercial                   Working Groups
      And Industrial Area                     & Engineering Singapore

   2. The Ten Habits of Effective             SAP Urusharta Sdn Bhd         14 September 2005


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