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					Employment Offer Letter Instructions

The following instructions will help you understand the terms of your sample employment offer letter. The numbers
below correspond to numbers in the offer letter. Please review the entire document before starting the step-by-step
process. Items in red are for your information; each should be deleted from the final letter. Send an electronic copy of
the completed template to employment@gcsu.edu . Approval or suggested changes will be conveyed within 24 hours. If
you have not heard back in 24 hours, please feel free to check on the status. The approved offer letter should be printed
out on GCSU letterhead and submitted to candidates when notified by the Office of Human Resources.

    1.     Double click on tab to select employee status.
    2.     Double click on the tab to select employment classification.
    3.     Insert the new employee’s job title. Refer to approved job classification title.

    4.     Insert the department name.

    5.     Insert the effective date of hire. This is typically the day the employee will actually begin work. Hire date
           should be at least 2 weeks from the verbal offer acceptance. Bi-weekly employees hire date must be on a
           Monday to ensure new employee is set up in system prior to payroll processing. Monthly employees hire date
           must be on a Monday or the 1st of the month. Payroll has strict deadlines for processing employees. Be sure to
           review the HR/Payroll processing calendar for specific deadlines. Please note: Casual labor and Temporary
           hire date should be at least 1 week from the acceptance. Contact HR @ employment@gcsu.edu if department
           need to start individual as soon as possible.

    6.     Select if the employee with be paid on an hourly or monthly basis. Describe the payment schedule (i.e.
           biweekly for hourly employees, last day of each month for exempt level positions, etc.). This should reflect
           the existing payroll schedule.

    7.     Insert the new employee’s hourly or monthly salary.

    8.     Double click on tab to select employee status. (if applicable)

    9.     Insert termination date or last of employment.

    10.    Information in this section is required for all new hires. This information is required based on Board of
           Regents policy. The Office of Human Resources will notify department if required for rehire or internal
           transfer employee.

    11.    If required for position, information in this section is required. If not applicable to position, delete text.

    12.    Insert relocation amount.

    13.    Information in this section is required for all new hires. Based on position status, include the paragraph that is
           applicable to the position. If not applicable, delete text.

    14.    Information in this section is required for all hires. For employees that are not required to complete
           Background Request and Security Questionnaire form, delete this statement: In addition, please sign and
           return the State Security Questionnaire and Loyalty Oath form, and the Background Request Form.

    15.    Insert department.

    16.    The date to return should be at least 3 days from the verbal offer. It is important that offer letter is signed and
           all forms are complete, signed and submitted to HR before the start of employment. Information on these
           forms will initiate investigation screenings, create email accounts, etc. prior to hire date.
                                                                         Enter Department Information Here

July 4, 2012

[Recipient Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear[Recipient Name]:

I am pleased to offer you the double click to select one¹ double click to select one² position of [insert
position title] ³ in the department of [insert department name] 4 at Georgia College & State University.
Your employment will be effective [insert date here]5 with a beginning [hourly/monthly]6 salary of
[insert exact number here] 7.
Include this statement for all temporary and limited term positions. Your double click to select one8
position will end on [insert date here]. 9

                                            TERMS OF OFFER
        Below are required for all new hires as condition of employment. The Office of Human
        Resources will determine if required for rehires, internal transfers, etc. 10
       BACKGROUND CHECK: This offer of employment is contingent upon completion of a
        background investigation including criminal background check demonstrating your eligibility for
        employment with GCSU, as determined by GCSU in its sole discretion, confirmation of
        credentials and, employment history reflected in your application materials. Employment at the
        GCSU is subject to verification of an applicant’s identity and eligibility for employment as
        required by law. This offer is contingent upon verification of your employment eligibility under
        the terms of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 as amended. You are asked to
        complete an I-9 by your third business day of employment.

       SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRE & LOYALTY OATH: The Security Questionnaire must be
        completed by all persons employed for thirty or more days. The Loyalty Oath must be completed
        as required by the laws of the State of Georgia. Security Questionnaire and Loyalty Oath shall not
        be completed by existing employee being transferred, reassigned, reclassified or promoted into

       Georgia is an at-will employment state. All appointments are subject to University System of Georgia,
        Board of Regents policy. Board of Regents policy includes a probationary period of six months from
        date of hire for all full time, professional and staff employees.

        Below are Optional- If applicable to the position/appointment, you must include in the offer
        letter as a condition of employment. 11
       INTERNAL TRANSFER (shift of an employee from one position to another of the same
        classification or to one with comparable skills and in the same general pay range in the same
        institution): In accordance with Board of Regents policy regarding internal transfer within the
        university, you shall continue all benefits uninterrupted and will not restart the provisional period.

       TEMPORARY POSITION (non-benefits eligible employees working 40 hours per week or 1040
        hours per year): In accordance with Board of Regents policy regarding temporary positions within
        the university, you shall be employed for a period no longer than six (6) calendar months. If your
        department chooses to extend your employment past the initial six (6) month temporary
        employment period, they must first seek written approval from the Office of Human Resources.
        The Office of Human Resources will review the extension request and will determine if the
        position should continue for another six (6) months. Just for your information, further continuation
        of this position past twelve (12) months requires a thirty-day break in service.

       CASUAL LABOR/TEMPORARY OCCASIONAL (non-benefits eligible employees working less
        than 40 hours per week on an as needed basis or 1039 hours or less per year): In accordance with
        Board of Regents policy regarding temporary occasional positions within the university, your
        position is not benefits eligible. Your position can not exceed 1039 working hours over the course
        of a year.

       REGULAR – LIMITED TERM: In accordance with Board of Regents policy regarding limited
        term positions within the university, you shall be employed in a limited term position not to exceed
        three (3) years. Regular – limited term positions with a work commitment of half-time or greater
        are benefits eligible.

        documented expenses of up to $[insert amount here] 12 to help defray the cost of your personal
        move and relocation. To be eligible for this reimbursement, you must execute a Relocation and
        Moving Expense Agreement, a copy of which is included in this letter. Please be aware that there
        may be tax implications related to the receipt of relocation expenses. For more information on this
        please contact your tax advisor or visit the IRS website located at http://www.irs.gov

       INTRASYSTEM RECRUITMENT STATEMENT (must be included in offer letter for senior
        administrators currently employed at any other unit of the University System of Georgia): As an
        employee of the GCSU, you may accept this position for the indicated start date dependent upon
        your fulfillment of contractual obligations with your current employer. You will also be subject to
        a six-month provisional period as outlined in Board of Regents policy.

       CREDIT CHECK: This position is subject to a credit check due to this position requiring
        acquisition of a P-Card and/or handle cash, credit or other sensitive information.

       DRUG SCREENING (DOT regulated, Post certified, High risk, DHR drivers): In accordance with
        State policy regarding drug screenings, this position is subject to pre-employment and random
        drug testing for evidence of use of illegal drugs.

       FACULTY STATUS (For a list of positions with faculty status, contact the Office of Human
        Resources): In accordance with BOR policy, this position will carry faculty status. Faculty status
        shall have all the responsibilities and privileges of faculty membership to speak and vote at any
        University Faculty Meeting.

       GRANT FUNDED: This position is grant- funded. Continued funding is subject to grant renewal.
        Document grant stipulations; such as grant end date, etc.

       ADDITIONAL TERMS OF OFFER: (list other terms as applicable to this position)

Benefits Eligible: Include below for benefits eligible positions.
Georgia College & State University has a comprehensive benefits package offering a variety of choices to meet
your individual needs. Once you complete a successful background investigation and the attached Security &
Loyalty Oath Questionnaire forms signed and returned, the Office of Human Resources will email you your
Welcome Kit and link to Pre-Orientation. If the email address provided on your employment application not
suitable, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (478) 445-5596 or hr@gcsu.edu with a suitable
email address.

Non-benefits eligible: Include below for temporary and casual labor positions.
Once you complete a successful background investigation and the attached Security & Loyalty Oath
Questionnaire forms signed and returned, the Office of Human Resources will email you your Welcome Kit
and link to Pre-Orientation. If the email address provided on your employment application not suitable, please
contact the Office of Human Resources at (478) 445-5596 or hr@gcsu.edu with a suitable email address.

BELOW IS REQUIRED FOR ALL HIRES. Remove statement for rehire and internal transfer
employees that are not required to complete Background Request Form and Security Questionnaire. 14
We are delighted that you have accepted the position in the [insert department] 15. Please indicate your
acceptance of this offer by signing below and returning it to me in the enclosed envelope by [insert return
date]16. In addition, please sign and return the State Security Questionnaire and Loyalty Oath form, and
the Background Request Form. A copy of this letter has been included for your own records.


[Your Name]

Enclosure(s):    Copy of this letter
                 If not applicable below, delete text and forms.
                 Security Questionnaire
                 Background Consent Form
                 Relocation and Moving Expense Agreement

I herby accept the position as described in the above letter.

__________________________________________                  ____________
Signature                                                   Date
                                            State of Georgia
                                              BACKGROUND REQUEST FORM

I, _____________________________________________am giving Database Systems permission to perform a consumer report
(to include, but not limited to, credit, MVR, or criminal background check) on my past history, now, and on future dates or an
investigation consumer report may be made and forwarded to The State of Georgia. I understand that by signing this release does not in
any way constitute automatic employment with The State of Georgia. All questions must be filled out completely and accurately.
Incomplete or inaccurate information may lead to rejection of your application for a background search. Information found to be false
can also lead to rejection of your application.

Applicant Name: __________________________________________________________________
                            (First)              (Middle)         (Last)         (Maiden)

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

 City: ________________________________State:________________Zip:___________________
 Please list your current county of residence. If you have not lived in your current county for the past seven years, also, list the other
 county (s) you have lived in during the last seven years along with your current one. Please be advised, there will be additional fees
 incurred if more than one county listed

 1) Current County:_____________State______2) Previous County_____________State _______

 Drivers License #:__________________________________________State: _________________

 Social Security Number: ___________________________________________________________

 Date of Birth:________________________________Race:________________                    Sex: M /      F

 Please complete for education verification below:
 Highest Degree completed: ______________ Name of Institution: ________________________________
 City: ________________________________State:________________Zip:___________________

 Applicant’s Signature______________________________________________________________
                              Employer section below: Please select service(s) needed for this applicant:
   Positions of trust- State and Federal Criminal Search (7+ years)
    State Criminal Search (7 years) Please list States:______, ______, _____, _____
    County Criminal Search (7 years) List Counties___________/_____________
    *National Criminal record search (*note: does not pick up all counties in each state)
    Federal Criminal search (7 years)       Social Security Trace          Sexual Predator Search
    MVR-Driver Record –List State(s)______           Credit Report             Address History
    Employment verification          Education Verification          Citizenship Right to work
    Professional Licensure or Certification           Personal and Professional References
 REQUESTOR INFORMATION: Please fill-out this form in its entirety. Form will not be processed unless all fields are
 completed. A cover sheet is not needed when faxing this form. Please double-check to ensure that every line is COMPLETED
 by you and the applicant and that it is LEGIBLE before sending.

 Requestor’s Name: Crystal Hurt                                               Date:
 State Agency:Georgia College & State University
 Address:231 W. Hancock Street CBX 28                      City: Milledgeville State: GA    Zip:31061
 Phone Number: 478/445-5596                                         Fax # or Email: 478/445-0491 or employment@gcsu.edu

 Billing Account:      Non Grant        Grant       Purchasing Card              Billing Account # (if applicable):
                                                 Board of Regents
                                            University System of Georgia

                                               Georgia College
                                          SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRE

NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES: The Sedition and Subversive Activities Act of 1953 (Ga. Laws, 1953), as amended, requires each
employee to complete and sign, prior to his/her employment by the State of Georgia, a questionnaire which is designed to
establish that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that he/she is a subversive person. A subversive person is defined as one
who commits acts, advocates, or teaches the overthrow of the government of the United States or government of the State of
Georgia by force or violence or who is a knowing member of a subversive organization.

INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare in original only. Fill in all items. If more space is needed for any item, or explanation, continue under
Item 5. Please type or print in ink.

1. Name                                                                                   Social Security No.

Other Names Used: (Maiden name, names by former marriages, former names changed legally or otherwise: Aliases, nicknames,
etc. Specify which, and show dates used.)

2. Address
              Street and No.                      City                           State               County               Phone No.

3. Are you now or have you been within the last ten (10) years a member of any organization which to your knowledge at the
time of membership advocates or has as one of its objectives, the overthrow of the government of the United States or the
government of the State of Georgia by force or violence?       Yes       No If “Yes,” state the name of the organization and
your past and present membership status including any offices held therein.

NOTE: If the answer to Question 3 is “yes” and the employing authority deems further inquiry is necessary, you will be
notified of such
          determination. No action adverse to your application will be taken because of an affirmative answer until after such an
          inquiry, with notice to you and an opportunity for you to present evidence, and only if the results of such inquiry bring
          your application within the prohibition within the Sedition and Subversive Activities Act of 1953, as amended.

4. (A)    Have you ever been convicted or are any charges now pending against you by Federal, State, or other law-enforcement
          authorities, for any violation of any federal law, state law, county or municipal law, regulation, or ordinance? (Do not
          include anything that happened before your sixteenth birthday. Do not include minor traffic violations for which a fine
          of $35.00 or less was imposed. All other convictions must be included even if they were pardoned.)
              Yes         No

          (B) If the answer to 4 (A) is “yes,” state the reason convicted, the date convicted, and the place where convicted.

         REASON CONVICTED                        DATE                             PLACE WHERE CONVICTED

5. SPACE FOR CONTINUING ANSWERS OR EXPLANATIONS: (Show item numbers to which answers or explanations
apply. Attach a separate sheet if more space is needed.)

NOTE: Before signing this form, check all answers and explanations to see that you have answered all questions fully and
correctly. This form is to be executed under oath subject to the penalties of false swearing as prescribed in Code Section 16-11-
14 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

                                                AFFIDAVIT OF VERIFICATION

State of                                  County

Personally appeared before the undersigned attesting officer, duly authorized to administer oaths, ( Print your Name)
who, after being sworn, deposes and says and declares under penalties of false swearing that he or she is the person who executed
the foregoing instrument; that he or she has read and completed the same and knows and understands the contents thereof; that
the matters stated therein and the answers and information furnished by him or her in the foregoing questionnaire, including any
attachments thereto, are true and correct.

                                                                               (Signature of Employee)
This                   day of                            ,
                                           Month                    Year

                          Notary Public

County of                                      My commission expires                           day of                              ,

(Affix seal)


INSTRUCTIONS TO UNIT: If this questionnaire is executed by applicant, insert “APPL” in the space for date of appointment,
and show date of application. If this questionnaire is executed by an individual who has been offered employment or who is
already employed, provide the information requested.

      DATE OF                         TITLE OF POSITION                UNIT AND DEPARTMENT                      DUTY STATION
                                                                                                           University System

                                                   Board of Regents
                                              University System of Georgia
                                                  LOYALTY OATH

STATE OF                                                              COUNTY OF

I, (Print your Name)                                                          , a citizen of
                                                                                                                 State / Country
and being an employee of the University System of Georgia and the recipient of public funds for services rendered as such
employee, do hereby solemnly swear and affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of
the State of Georgia.

This                         day of                  ,
                                             Month           Year                                         Signature of Employee
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year above set out.

                         Notary Public

(Affix Seal)

                                   Employee Relocation Agreement

In consideration of reimbursement to me of relocation expenses up to $1,000.00, I agree to the

1. To remain employed on a regular full-time basis at Georgia College for at least one year
from the date that I begin work at the University; or,

2.    If I discontinue GC employment before the obligated one year of service, I will refund to
the University the gross amount of moving and relocation reimbursements, i.e., actual payments
received by me and any payments to third parties on my behalf, plus all taxes deducted that relate
to those payments. The amount to be repaid will be prorated on a monthly basis such that for
each full month during which I remain in the employ of the University, the amount to be repaid
will be reduced by one-twelfth (1/12) of the gross reimbursement.

3.   In order to obtain reimbursement of up to $1,000.00 following my relocation to GC, I will
provide a statement of moving and relocation expenses with receipts and/or invoices attached.

I further understand that repayment may be waived if GC employment is terminated for reasons
beyond my control and if such waiver is acceptable to the University.

________________________________                            ___________________
Signature                                                   Date

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