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									           New Approaches for Teaching General Chemistry 2

                            Organizer: Lee

                          Session Time:
                      Monday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                            Room Sch 240
  Time                             Title                 Presenter
9:25 AM                        Introduction              Annie Lee
                    Innovations with an Innovative
9:30 AM               Textbook: Worksheets and       Jonathan Mitschele
                         Computer Modeling
                      General Chemistry- Where
9:55 AM             does it come from? Where is it    James Wheeler
                        Challenges, joys, and
                      concerns: field-testing the
10:20 AM                                               Glenn Keldsen
                     General Chemistry Textbook
                     Project at a regional campus
 Break                          10 minutes
                       Using student-centered
10:55 AM            teaching methods in the large       Ellen Verdel
                              lecture class
                    Developing General Chemistry
11:20 AM             Laboratories for use with the       Annie Lee
                    ACS General Chemistry Text.

                      Incorporating Instrumental
11:45 AM              Methods of Analysis into the    James Chapman
                     General Chemistry Curriculum
         Effective Teaching and Learning for College Chemistry Instructors 2

                                   Organizer: Pienta

                                   Session Time:
                               Monday 9:25 am-12:20 pm

                                     Room Sch 230
  Time                            Title                         Presenter
9:25 AM                       Introduction                     Norb Pienta
9:30 AM         An introduction to small group learning       Melanie Cooper
                Using the Science Writing Heuristic to
9:55 AM         Enhance Guided-Inquiry in the General           Brian Hand
                     Chemistry Laboratory Course
10:20 AM       Inquiry and The Learning Cycle Approach       Michael Abraham
 Break                         10 minutes
                Effects of inquiry instruction on student
10:55 AM             learning in technology-based              Karen Meade
                 undergraduate chemistry laboratories
                The New Quant Project: Learning–cycle
11:20 AM                                                       Bob Eierman
                     Units in Quantitative Analysis
               Teaching chemistry using guided learning
11:45 AM                                                        Barry Farris
                  in the physical science laboratory
           Forensic Science Courses and Programs 2

                      Organizer: Kremer

                       Session Time:
                   Monday 9:25am-12:20am

                      Room Sch 150/154

 Time                        Title                      Presenter
9:25 AM                     Introduction                 Kremer
                    A team teaching model for
9:30 AM          teaching Forensic Science to           Tod Treat
                        nonscience majors
                  Integrating Forensic Science
10:10 AM           into a Chemistry Course for         Julie Millard
                  Integrating Forensic Science
9:50 AM         into a Chemistry Laboratory for         Lisa Miller
 Break                       10 minutes
                     An introductory Forensic
10:40 AM        Chemistry course at Kennesaw      Huggins Z. Msimanga
                          State University
11:00 AM        New forensic chemistry course          Ray Gross
                 Using books from the popular
                 press to enhance a Forensic
11:20 AM                                             Rob Thompson
                      Science course for
                     Forensic science: An
11:40 AM          multidisciplinary course for       Lawrence Kaplan
                 teaching science and critical
              Exploring the Molecular Vision

           Organizer: John Clevenger Jerry Bell
                Presider: John Clevenger

                    Session time:
                Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                   Room Sch 260/262

 Time                       Title                      Presenter
                  Introduction: Exploring
9:25 AM                                             John Clevenger
                      Molecular Vision
               Who are the practitioners of
                                              Morton Hoffman Respondent:
9:35 AM        chemistry, and what are their
                                                    Barbara Sawrey
                     educational needs
              How is the content of chemistry
                                                  Maureen Scharberg
10:05 AM        education being changed at
                                              Respondent: Richard Jones
              What are the new frontiers and
                                               David Malik Respondent:
10:35 AM       interfaces of chemistry that
                                                    Thomas Smith
                impact upon our discipline
                  What is the irreducible
              minimum of chemistry content,
                                              Joseph Heppert Respondent:
11:05 AM        experiences and skills that
                                                   William Robinson
               students need to be effective
              Exploring the Molecular Vision:
11:35 AM      What did we learn and what is        Alan W. Elzerman
12:05 PM           General Discussion
     Student-Centered Learning Throughout the Curriculum 1

                        Organizer: Moog

                       Session Time:
                   Monday 9:25 am-12:20am

                         Room Sch 220

 Time                         Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM                    Introduction                 Moog
                   Creating your own Guided
9:30 AM                                                Grushow
                         Inquiry Activities
                  An Uncommon Evaluation of
                  POGIL Based Upon Theories
9:55 AM                                                 Bunce
                  of Innovation Readiness and
                        Planned Behavior
                      Guided Inquiry in the
                 Classroom: Assessing student
10:20 AM                                              Bressette
                 performance and student self-
                 assessment of learning gains.

                    Learning environments in
                  college chemistry classrooms
10:45 AM                                                Gilmer
                   using a constructivist-based
 Break                     10 minutes
                   Student-centered learning in
11:20 AM              the organic chemistry            Creegan
                  Student-centered learning in
11:45 AM             the organic laboratory:           Harmon
                 Learning to think like a chemist

                  POGIL for organic chemistry:
12:10 PM                                               Eberlein
                   A MID menagerie, part 2
Delivering Course Content via the Web: Options, Opportunities, Challenges (T) (Th)

                                Organizer: Collins

                                 Session Time
                             Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                Room Sch 250/252
         Time                             Title                  Presenter
       9:25 AM                        Introduction                Collins
                              On-line organic structure
       9:30 AM               generation and computer-              Penn
                              grading: Student results
                             a computer game to teach
       9:50 AM                                                   Chimeno
                               inorganic nomenclature
                           Targeted interactive software
                          for teaching quantum concepts
      10:10 AM                                                     Garik
                                 in multiple education
        Break                          10 minutes
                           Four web-based methods for
                           delivering dynamic interactive
      10:40 AM                  materials for teaching            Hanson
                           thermodynamics and kinetics
                            at the first-year college level
                           Enhancing on-campus GOB
      11:00 AM                chemistry with online               Freilich
                            Hybridizing Your General
      11:20 AM             Chemistry Course Using the             Collins
                            Static and Dynamic WEB
      11:40 AM             content in interactive online          Belford
                             learning environments
Implementations from the MID Project: Materials and Methods for Chemistry Reform 1

                                 Organizer: Lewis

                                 Session Time:
                             Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                   Room Sch 299
         Time                            Title                  Presenter
                           Introduction to the MID Project
        9:25 AM             with brief description of each        Lewis
        9:35 AM              Active Learning Experience           Lewis
                           What do research findings say
       10:20 AM                                                   Lewis
                           about teaching and learning?
         Break                        10 minutes
                            Multi-initiative integration in
       11:10 AM              general chemistry at the             Bauer
                           University of New Hampshire
                                   Peer Review to
                            ChemConnections and the
       11:30 AM            general chemistry curriculum          Rickert
                             at the University of New
                                 Survey instrument
                             development for a multi-
       11:50 AM                                                  Langdon
                                initiative curriculum
               K-16 Collaborations 1

                 Organizer: Gilmer

                 Session Time:
             Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                   Room Benton
  Time                     Title                      Presenter
9:25 AM                Introduction                  Penny Gilmer
             Using InterChemNet to promote
9:30 AM    university/high school collaboration     Barbara Stewart
                       in chemistry
            Inquiry Chemistry for Teachers in
9:55 AM                                              Martin Brock
              Appalachia: The AMSP model
           University of Oregon GK12 science
10:20 AM                                           Catherine Hayden
              education outreach program
 Break                  10 minutes
             Co-teaching in an urban district:
10:55 AM    Classroom teachers and graduate       Janet Bond-Robinson
             Dynamic partnerships: Making a
            difference in chemistry education
              via an NSF GK-12 partnership
11:20 AM                                          Raymond Trautman
           between the San Francisco Unified
            School District and San Francisco
                     State University
                The CUNY GK-12 Fellows
           program: Doctoral science students
11:45 AM   working with teachers of advanced         Victor Strozak
             placement science in an urban
Assessing Laboratory and Problem Solving Skills Using Laboratory Practicals 1 (H)

                               Organizer: Reeves

                                Session Time
                            Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                 Room Sch 175
         Time                            Title                  Presenter
       9:25 AM                      Introduction               Bette Bridges
                          The laboratory practical exam
       9:30 AM                                                 David A. Katz
                                 and its applications
                             Using laboratory practical
       9:55 AM            exams to improve laboratory           Mary O'Brien
                            Assessing problem solving
      10:20 AM           skills in General Chemistry with      Jimmy Reeves
                               Laboratory Practicals
        Break                        10 minutes
                          Design and implementation of
                         laboratory practical exams in a
      10:55 AM                                                 Deborah Exton
                            large, multi-section general
                                  chemistry course
                              The use of a laboratory
                            practical as a final exam to
      11:20 AM                assess students' critical     Cynthia T. Sanderson
                           thinking skills and laboratory
                             Evaluating learning using
      11:45 AM              organic laboratory practical       Connie Pitman
               Women in Chemistry Education 1

           Organizer: Jodye Selco Cathy Middlecamp
                  Presider: Cathy Middlecamp

                       Session Time:
                   Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                        Room Sch 275

  Time                           Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction               Middlecamp
                   Grade school to graduate
                 school: What we are doing in
9:30 AM                                              Judith Iriarte-Gross
                Middle Tennessee to promote
                         women in science
                    Gender and the physical
9:55 AM                                              Gwen D'Arcangelis
                   sciences in the triple helix
                Teaching women and science:
10:20 AM           bridging the past and the        Geoff Rayner-Canham
 Break                        10 minutes
                Analysis of the doctoral training
                 of faculty members at the top
10:55 AM                                              Cecilia Marzabadi
                      fifty ranked chemistry
                  Graduate training and early
11:20 AM          career choices of chemistry          Janine Buckner
                 “Radium Girls” - Women and
11:45 AM                                              Margaret Phillips
                    the chemistry of radium
           Visualization in Chemistry 1 (H)

              Organizer: Franceschetti

                 Session Time
             Monday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                   Room Sch 179
  Time                   Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM              Introduction             Don Franceschetti
               Chemthink: Helping our
9:30 AM     students see what we see. (25     Charles Sprandel
            ChemSense: Expressive tools
            to support the development of
9:55 AM      representational practice and     Patricia Schank
            chemical understanding in the
                  classroom (25 min)

            Evaluating the use of Physical
              and Computer Modeling in
10:20 AM                                       Michael Patrick
            Undergraduate Chemistry and
             Biological Education(25 min)
 Break                 10 minutes
           Beyond Computers: Visualizing
10:55 AM   the Abstract the Old Fashioned      Arlyne Sarquis
                     Way (25 min)
                Molecular orbitals made
              friendly: no math, no group
11:20 AM                                        John Verkade
            theory, and no group therapy!
                     Part 1 (25 min)
                Molecular orbitals made
              friendly: no math, no group
11:45 AM                                        John Verkade
            theory, and no group therapy!
                     Part 2 (25 min)
      George Hague Memorial Ap/IB Chemistry Symposium 1 (H) (D)

                         Organizer: Gendreau

                           Session Time:
                       Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                            Room Gil 1002
     Time                         Title                  Presenter
   9:25 AM                    Introduction               Gendreau
                           AP Chemistry Test
9:30 - 10:45 AM                                         John Gelder
                       Development Committee
    Break                      10 minutes
                    Thirty years of concrete hooks--
  10:55 AM           Ideas for presenting chemical      Bruce Smith
  11:20 AM           Inquiry labs in the AP program     Sandra Kelly

                       Portfolio of guided inquiry
                     activities to address National
  11:45 AM                                             Les McSparrin
                     Science Education Standards
                    related to the Quantum Theory
                    Just what are students learning
  12:10 PM
                                in lab?                Douglas Ragan
     Managing Large General Chemistry Laboratory Programs

                       Organizer: Brown

                      Session Times:
                   Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                         Room Sch 208
  Time                        Title                    Presenter
9:25 AM                   Introduction                  Brown
                   The laboratory program of
                   SFSU's new lower division
9:30 AM          chemistry curriculum: Design,         Trautman
                   methods, challenges and
                     Cooperative Learning
9:50 AM                                               Rich Bauer
10:10 AM             Teaching Assistants              BJ Yablinski
                     Teaching Assistants
10:30 AM                                            Michelle Douskey
 Break                     10 minutes
11:00 AM          Rubrics as a lab grading tool       Amy Lindsay
11:20 AM           Report Writing Discussion             TBA
                 Unconventional approaches to
11:40 AM                                                 Vining
                      General Chemistry

12:00 PM         Cooperative learning in inquiry-     Steve Brown
                  based laboratory programs
           Fostering Critical Thinking in Chemistry (H)

                      Organizer: Pushkin
                    Presider: David Pushkin

                        Session Time:
                    Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                          Room Sch 167

  Time                           Title                     Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction                 Dave Pushkin
                 Critical Thinking and Problem
                 Solving -- The theory behind
9:30 AM                                                   Dave Pushkin
                 flexible thinking and skills
                 Fostering Critical Thinking in
                 Chemical Education within the
9:55 AM          LOCS*-to-HOCS* Paradigm                    Uri Zoller
                 Shift: What Does/Should it
                 Using online experiments to
                 promote conceptual
                 understanding and reasoning
10:20 AM                                                  Baohui Zhang
                 about chemistry: Comparison
                 of different instructional
 Break                        10 minutes
                 Linking critical thinking skills to
10:55 AM                                                  David Cartrette
                 problem solving ability
                 Concept mapping in general
11:20 AM         chemistry: A tool for critical             Matt Miller
                 Preparing pre- and in-service
                 teachers to teach critical
11:45 AM         thinking in a computerized                 Judy Dori
                 chemistry laboratory
            Textbook Issues and Errors

                Organizer: Sanger

                 Session Time:
             Monday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                   Room Sch 204
  Time                  Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM            Introduction              Michael J. Sanger
              Solubility Rules: Three           Bob Blake
9:30 AM      suggestions for improved
           Technical errors in Middle and     David J. Wilson
9:50 AM      High School science texts

                Textbook analysis of         Michael J. Sanger
            electrochemistry errors: Ten
10:10 AM
           years later, where are we now?

 Break               10 minutes
            What keeps the atoms in a         Guy Ashkenazi
10:40 AM
           molecule an angstrom apart?
11:00 AM         Significant Figures         Rudolph Kluiber
           SI for chemists: the good, the    Robert Freeman
11:20 AM
                  bad, and the ugly
           SI for chemists: the good, the    Robert Freeman
11:40 AM   bad, and the ugly. Part II: the
     General Papers: Chemistry Lab and Lecture Innovations

                       Organizer: Pribyl
                     Presider: Keith Anliker

                      Session Times:
                   Monday 9:25am-12:20pm

                         Room Sch 171

  Time                          Title                  Presenter
9:25 AM                     Introduction              Keith Anliker
                   A model for a non-inquiry-       Roberto Gregorius
9:30 AM          based, but non-cookbook-style
                        Laboratory Manual
                    Simulating the electronic       Micheal Columbia
                 notebook in general chemistry
                     courses: An inexpensive
9:55 AM                system for digital data
                  acquisitions and transmission
                 based on a handheld computer
                 Computer instrumentation and       Paul Charlesworth
                  visualization in an interactive
                      studio environment – A
10:20 AM
                    preliminary report on NSF
                        Proposal #0127025

 Break                     10 minutes
                    Second chance exams in             Keith Anliker
10:55 AM          introductory chemistry: Why
                            and how
                 Dynamic systems modeling in        William F. Coleman
                 Chemistry and Environmental
                 Science: Oscillating reactions
11:20 AM         and predator-prey interactions
                 are more closely related than
                         you might think

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