Length of Day Elapsed Time Graph Lesson Plan by pudG15


									        EBPS Technology-Integrated Unit Template

                                                                              Date           7/07

School Name                  Gordon W. Mitchell Middle School

Unit Overview
Title                        Elapsed Time

Focus Question
How can I figure out how much time passes from the beginning of an activity until the end?
Lesson Summary
Students will determine elapsed time using hours and minutes.
Subject Area(s) (Click boxes of targeted subject areas.)

   Math                         Reading                     Other:
   Science                      Social Studies              Other:
   Writing                      Library and Information Literacy
Grade Level
   Kindergarten                 Grade 1                     Grade 2
   Grade 3                      Grade 4                     Grade 5
   Grade 6
MA Curriculum Frameworks Standards:
4.M.3 Identify time to the minute on analog and digital clocks using a.m. and p.m. Compute elapsed
time using a clock (e.g., hours and minutes since…) and using a calendar (e.g., days since…).

MA Technology Standards:
1.1 Develop basic skills for using hardware and applications (e.g., open/close a
file, navigate using scroll bars, arrow keys, special keys, and mouse).
1.2 Use correct terminology for basic components of a computer system (e.g.,
monitor, keyboard, disk, printer, mouse), and develop understanding of their
basic functions.
1.7 Collaborate with classmates to use teacher-selected Web sites.
2.4 Develop understanding of how the computer is a tool for learning.

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to compute elapsed time using hours and minutes
Unit Scope and Sequence
Scott Foresman Addison Wesley Math: Time
Student Assessment
Observation, classroom activities, worksheets, homework, Scott Foresman Addison Wesley Math end
of unit test
        EBPS Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Unit Implementation
Instructional Strategies                     Grouping Options                Scaffolds
Day 1                                        Whole group presentation        Individual manipulative
Students read time on digital and analog     using smartboard in lab         clocks, teaching assistant
clocks to the minute using am and pm.                                        support
Present, discuss, and demonstrate the
first two topics of Math 5 (Introduction,
Review of Reading Clocks).
Vocabulary included: analog, digital, am,
pm, clockwise, counterclockwise.
Assessment: Math 5 Activity Sheet

Day 2                                        Whole group presentation        Using individual
Students calculate elapsed time to the       using smartboard in lab         manipulative clocks, small
hour, half hour, and quarter hour.                                           groups can practice
Review Telling Time with Math 5 Topic 6 -    Students can break into         showing and telling times
Consolidation Activity.                      small groups for support or     with small group support.
Teacher models calculating elapsed time      enrichment activities using
with Interactive Clock Face.                 lesson activities or Optional
Teacher continues to model calculating       Extensions below.
elapsed time with Demonstration Clocks.
Students can record responses on the E-
Lab Recording Sheet.
Assessment: Elapsed Time Practice

Day 3                                        Whole group presentation
Students calculate elapsed time to the       using smartboard in lab
Demonstrate finding elapsed time with        Students can break into
Interactivate: Elapsed Time.                 small groups for support or
Students calculate elapsed time at the       enrichment activities using
Analog Clock Time Difference site.           lesson activities or Optional
Elapsed Time Word Problems                   Extensions below.
Homework: My TV Guide
Day 4
Homework review
End of unit assessment
Accommodation Options
ELL / IP Students                        Support as needed
Management/Organization Tips
Three one hour lab sessions
Approximate Time Needed (Example: 45 minutes, 4 hours, 1 year, etc.)
Four one hour lessons
Prerequisite Skills
       EBPS Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Materials and Resources Required for Unit
http://learnalberta.ca/content/me5l/html/math5.html?goLesson=15&launch=true Telling time
http://www.edu4kids.com/index.php?TB=30&page=13 Analog Clock Time Difference
http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/math4/d/elapsedtime4p.cfm Find the Elapsed Time
http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/math4/d/elapsed4p.cfm Elapsed Time Practice
http://teachersfirst.com/getsource.cfm?id=6339 Harcourt Elapsed Time Clocks
http://teachersfirst.com/getsource.cfm?id=7444 Saxon Math – Tell the Elapsed Time
Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed.)
   Computer(s)                            VCR                          Projection System
   Printer                                Video Camera                 SmartBoard
   Digital Camera                         Scanner                      Video Conferencing
   Television                             DVD                          Other (specify)
Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)
   Microsoft Word                         DreamWeaver                  KidPix
   Microsoft Excel                       Microsoft Internet            Inspiration
   Microsoft PowerPoint                   Timeliner                    PhotoShop
   Publisher                             Digital Reference             Other (specify)
Optional Extensions                    EdHelper Elapsed Time Logic Situations
                                       Saxon Math Elapsed Time

Shodor Interactive Elapsed Time; http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities
       EBPS Technology-Integrated Unit Template
E-Lab Elapsed Time http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/elab2002/grade_3/018.html

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