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									             Moving Up the Value Chain:
Transitioning From a Cost Center to a Profit Center
                                     R Ramkumar
4 generations of offshore outsourcing

       3rd Generation                 4th Generation
      Onsite/Offshore                  Partnership
                                   Seamless Integration

    High-Complexity Systems        High-Complexity Systems
      Low Business Impact            High Business Impact

       1st Generation                     2nd Generation
        Onsite Staff                   Offshore Production

   Low Complexity Systems              Low-Complexity Systems
     Low Business Impact                High Business Impact

                              Impact                            2
Parallels in technical communication

       3rd Generation
      Onsite/Offshore                  4th Generation
      Onsite/Offshore                   Partnership
                                    Seamless Integration
                                  Extending Traditional Domains
                                        of Documentation
    High-Complexity Systems
   Synergistic Documentation         High-Complexity Systems
                                     Usability Engineering, e-
      Low Business Impact
 [Developmental Documentation]         High Business Impact
                                  learning, Content Management

       1st Generation
           Staffing                    Offshore Production
                                          2nd Generation
        Onsite Staff                   Offshore Production
                                   Extensional Documentation
   Low Complexity Systems           Low-Complexity Systems
   Resource Augmentation at
     Low Business Impact           Exploratory Documentation
     Customer Locations               High Business Impact
                                    [System Documentation]

                              Impact                              3
                      Potential bottlenecks
                                       To what extent do these guys know
                                        the subject? Do they really know what
                                        we are doing?
                                       If these guys botch up, would I not
Credibility                Efficacy
  Issue                     Issue       botch up the relationship and lose a
                                        $20 million customer for a 200K or
                                        500K business opportunity?
              Inhibitors               Would we want to see ourselves as a
                                        documentation, e-learning, content
                                        studio or a design kitchen as opposed
 Branding              Marketing        to be seen as a high-end business-
  Issue                 Issue           technology consulting shop?
                                       How do I sell and to whom do I sell?
                                        CIO, Project Manager, Training
                                        Manager, Quality Manager?

   How did we go about it (sales and marketing)
 Identified potential accounts where our solutions could be
 sold (product oriented customers, developmental work,
 slouching accounts with target run-rate mismatch, steady
 accounts where the impact would be minimal even if we
 botch up)
 Got good marketing collateral and did a global roadshow
 Embedded sleek flash-based presentations that could be
 installed as dynamic screen savers on the desktops of folks
 Struck alliances and partnerships with leading e-learning and
 content management shops
 Included this component as a part of all proposals

  How did we go about it (people and processes)
 Identified a heterogeneous team, picked up experts from
 across worthy organizations
 Made the documentation process mandatory for run-off-the-
 mill projects: played the consulting partner role
 Built our own dedicated technical team; resourcing from the
 common pool had issues of dedicated support and
 availability: ran like a dedicated company
     • Sustained capabilities in products (Vignette, Interwoven, Documentum, etc.),
       platforms (LMS and LCMS such as Docent, Saba, Centra, Placeware, Evolution,
       and Web city) standards and processes (AICC, SCORM, ADA)

 Corporate
     Good revenue streams, higher gross margins and net income; tapped
      under-penetrated or subcontracted segments of business
     Brought in newer customers to Cognizant, of which about 4 are
      Fortune 500 for whom we are doing a good amount of business-
      technology consulting, high-end technology consulting, application
      development and application management work
     Provided end-to-end solutions to customers with adequate innovation
      (hard-copy documentation transitioned into interactive tutorials or e-
      learning material)
     Gained very high visibility for work products resulting in high customer
      satisfaction scores

 Individual
      Seen as more than mainstream and not support
      Participation in all organizational strategies and a part of the senior
      Working on bleeding-edge areas
      Good onsite opportunities: Realization of onsite opportunities in
       anywhere between 6 and 12 months of joining. Folks who have been
       with us for more than two years have been onsite on at least three
      Higher compensation and benefits
      Improved pride and commitment

        Thank You

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