Brian Thompson is the Plato Lab Manager at Spanish Springs High School by zgCNc9


									                            Brian Thompson
                     PLATO (CBI) Teacher of the Year

       Brian Thompson has been selected as one of two PLATO/CBI
(Computer Based Instruction) Teachers of the Year. He was selected
because of his dedication to his
students and his willingness to
train and support other CBI
teachers in the WCSD.
       Brian is the PLATO Lab
Manager and CBI instructor at
Spanish Springs High School
and coaches baseball at SSHS.
Brian has been teaching for 15
years, the last 8 years at SSHS.
Brian facilitates PLATO
inservice training classes for
district teachers and is the
Summer School PLATO
       For the past 5 years,
Brian has worked on CBI
curriculum teams, creating 42
standards based courses for
                                  From left to right, Amber, Brian, and Samantha
use at the middle and high
school levels. This year Brian and two colleagues created the first online
PLATO Training Course available through ANGEL Learning, allowing
teachers to access training 24/7.
       Brian earned his Bachelors Degree from Montana State University
in Film and Television Productions. He earned his Masters of Secondary
Education Degree from Northern Arizona University. He is certified to
teach Alternative Education, Physical Science and Media Productions.
       Brian works as a cameraman for televised sporting events and
worked in the films “Always” and “Singles”. In his free time, he enjoys
spending time with his family and has 5 year old twin daughters.

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