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Why PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair?
•   The Challenge…
    The wish to organize an unconventional real estate event which can make a difference and can
    rejuvenate the real estate market which is strongly being affected by the current crisis.

•   The solution…
    Getting together the most powerful real estate developers, agents and partners from the
    banking environment, the creation of well fortified bonds of cooperation, aggressive advertising
    of the events and the respect towards the public are the main pillars on which the organization
    concept of Project expo Real Estate Fair lean on.

•   The result…
    2009 is both the year when PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair appeared and the year when its
    celebrates the 5th edition. In the existing economic environment, we manage to produce a
    successful event which manage to grow significantly from one edition to another, based on its
    substantial results.
    This is the only real estate event who made a difference regarding the sales in the first part of
    the last year.
                 PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair
        16-18 of July 2010, Children’s Palace, Bucharest

    What will happen?
-   first “low cost” real estate fair from Romania, with 3 days of special events
-   hosted by the Children’s Palace in Bucharest
-   the press conference that will open the event will generate many media appearances
-   presence of a large number of visitors during the three days of fair
-   various real estate offers brought by the most famous developers in the market
    Who will attend?
-   over 6.000 visitors
-   over 40 exhibitors
-   numerous representatives of the press
     Why they will attend - benefits?
-   visitors: direct contact with the best offers on the real estate market
    PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair is famous for the impressive mix of offers.
-   exhibitors: visibility acquired in a large scale event, presence at this anniversary edition
    will attract strong interest from media, large audience because of the powerful
    advertisement of the event, accelerate sales for the exhibitors
    Number of visitors per edition
     The impressive number of visitors is a powerful differentiator that is
recommending PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair on this profile events market .
    18000                             16000
    12000                                       10000
    10000                   9000
     8000     7000                                                   7000
     6000                                                                      4500
            first edition   second     third    fourth fifth edition sixth     seventh
                            edition   edition   edition              edition   edition
                                 An overview at
                PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair in 2009

•   Testimonials:
    “We participate in Project Expo from the first edition. So far we are very happy
    and we always return with pleasure. Project Expo is really a quality event! "

                                                          George Miclea
                                                          Atlantic Construct
       “Project Expo always presents products adapted to the requests of the
    market: there was a special edition for the young people who needed a house,
    another special edition dedicated to the governmental program "Prima Casa" ...
    Project Expo is helping us to understand the market and give us the chance to
    know what our costumers need. ”
                                                           Eugenia Cosinschi
        PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair
             5 editions in 2010

We will prepare a series of special events built on a renewed concept, but which will
be held by the same pillars that have guaranteed the success of previous editions:
consistent and strong promotion of the event and the presence of a very large
number of visitors Thus, after opening the spring real estate season with PROJECT
EXPO anniversary event, the next editions will be held at the Children's Palace in
Bucharest in the period:

- PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair, 16-18 iulie 2010 edition
- PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair, Autumn Edition - 3 – 5 of September 2010
- PROJECT EXPO Real Estate Fair , 19 – 21 of November 2010 edition
                         In the end….

•   For information / questions, booking and personalized offers please contact us:

                     Zero Point Consulting
                     Cosmin Radu – 0729560777

                     Project Events
                     Sorin Sararu - 0731789995

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