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Quantity                DESCRIPTION             Quantity                   DESCRIPTION                       Quantity                 DESCRIPTION
            LITERATURE - General                               LITERATURE - Job Profiles                                  LITERATURE - Binders
           Green Sustainable Brochure                      Alsan RS - Flatiron Building NY                              SBS Roofing Binder
           Corporate - Soprema Group                       Alsan RS - Bellevue Hospital NY                              Liquid Binder
           35 years SBS Tech                               Alsan RS - 170 East 77th ST NY                               Waterproofing Binder
                                                           Alsan RS - JP Morgan Chase NY
           Solar                                           Alsan RS - Fashion Institute NY
           Brochure 4 page                                 Alsan RS - Yale School of Nursing CT                               Pocket Guides
           Expanded 8 page brochure                        Alsan Flashing - Prudential Tower MA                         Roofing
           A Perfect Pair - Professional Roof              Elastophene - Plano East High - TX                           ALSAN RS Pocket Guide
                                                           Paris Hotel / Casino - NV                                    ALSAN Liquid Installation Pocket Guide
           Roofing                                         Soprafix - Ohio State Stadium - OH
           SopraStar                                       Mall Of Georgia - GA
           SopraStar Beats competition                     Alsan - Ind. War Memorial - IN                                 Presentation Folders
           Soprafix                                        Hard Rock Hotel - FL                                         Two Pocket Folder
           Soprafix E                                      Frankford High School - PA                                   Two Pocket Liquid Folder
           Unilay                                          Waterproofing - The Collier Center - AZ
           Color Chart                                     Solar - NJ
           Sopraboard                                      Sopranature - 909 Walnut - Kansas City
           Aquadere Primer                                 Sopranature - Walters Reed
                                                           Soprafix - US Treasury - DC
                                                           Soprafix - San Francisco Airport - CA
           Waterproofing                                   SA & Soprafix - Garibaldi Square - IL
           Colphene H                                      Soprafix - Volunteers Of America - OH
           Colphene BSW F                                  Waterproofing - Safeway Foods - CA
           Plaza Paver Accessories                         Avonworth High School - PA
           Sopranature                                     Musser Elementary - PA
           Flam 180                                        Frankford High School - PA
           Anti-Rock                                       TriFix - Tiara Towers - FL
           Underlayment & Self-Adhered                     Colphene - Braun Music Center - CA
           Self-Adhered catalog                            TriFix - St. Lucie County Northport Middle - FL
           Colphene ICF                                    TriFix - St. Lucie Windmill Point - FL
           Sopraseal Stick 1100T                           Creel Elementary - FL
           Colphene 3000                                   TriFix - Technology Building - FL
           Sopravap'r                                      TriFix - St. Lucie County Marisopa Elem - FL
           Elastocol Stick WB Primer                       Soprafix - Palm Bay Chevrolet - FL
                                                           Soprafix - Silverdale Baptist Church - FL
                                                           Soprafix - Lockmar Elementary - FL
                                                           Soprafix- Mcnair Middle - FL
           Liquids                                         Soprafix - St. Lucie Admin Bldg - FL
           ALSAN RS Brochure                               James Madison Middle - FL
           R NOVA Plus Brochure                            Radison Twin Towers - FL
           ALSAN FLEX Brochure                             Soprafix - Versailles Post Office - KY
           ALSAN Flashing Brochure                         Eastern Kentucky University - KY
           ALSAN Finish Brochure                           West Hill Elementary - PA
           Trafik HP Brochure                              Colvent - Crowne Plaza - GA
           Waterproofing Insert                            Ski Bank - PA
           Trafficable Insert                              Soprafix - Chemfab - NH
           Parking Insert                                  Lovejoy Middle School - GA
           Balcony Insert                                  Ohio National Guard - OH
           Cool Roof Insert                                Gateway High School - FL
           Flashing Insert                                 Soprafix - Sparrow Hospital - MI
           Recovery Insert                                 Mercer County Career Center - PA
           Overburden Insert                               San Marco Apartments - OH
           Grease Protection Insert                        Chrysler St. Louis - MO
           Alsan RS Sample Board                           Sopranature - Weyerhauser - WA
                                                           Sopranature - Weyerhauser - WA
           HV III "Green" Insulation Adhesive



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