Guidance for Placement Planning meetings � Parent and Child by O58YLH


									Guidance for Placement Planning meetings – Parent and Child Placements
                                            Appendix 4

             Placement plan standards & additional information required
A brief outline of the evidence suggesting that the child is suffering or likely to suffer
significant harm. .
The areas of concerns as identified in the Letter Before Proceedings or the Core
Assessment (for cases that are not, when referred and the required changes which will
need to be achieved in the day to day care of the child by the parent.

A timetable for the duration of the placement.
Legal status of the child and parent (Appendix 6)

An outline of how the assessment and the intensive support programme will take place,
including frequency and locations of sessions.
The dates on which meetings will be held to review the assessment and intervention
programme and the date for the final report. These meetings should include all
members of the original pre-proceedings meeting (if this has been held) whenever
possible. Consideration will be given to scheduling such meetings to fit in with any other
review meetings held in respect of the child, e.g. Child Protection Case Conferences,
Looked After Child Reviews and Family Group Conferences.
The likely eventualities that will prompt the early termination of the placement and a
contingency plan should this be necessary, including whether the child can remain in
How should the parent raise any issues or concerns about the placement

Financial responsibilities of parent towards child and self
Specific details of the communication channels between the foster carer, the parents
and the assessment facilitator. This will include details of the use of interpreters and
other appropriate methods of communication when necessary. Who will share foster
carer’s observations with the parents, and with the assessment team
How transition to independence will be supported if placement and assessment is
successful (e.g. housing needs)
Expectation of the parent including specific responsibilities for the child, both day and
night time
Agreement regarding any time off that the parent can have from responsibilities of

caring for child, or to attend other assessment/health appointments

Agreement regarding unsupervised time for the parent and child outside the home
Contact that the parent may have with others with, and without child

Whether any further placements can be made in the foster home while the assessment
is taking place
If placement is successful what should happen regarding any unspent maintenance
allowance paid to carer, at the end of placement? (Appendix 5)
How foster carers commitments can be covered and whether approved relief or respite
carer can be used
Expectation of the foster carer including teaching and level of supervision of the parent
Expectations of foster carer regarding recording (Appendix 4)
The supervision arrangements for the foster carer while the Parenting Capacity
Assessment is taking place
How should carer raise any concerns about parent’s behaviour or their care of the child
The requirements for observation of the parent/child interaction by the foster carer
Meetings that will take place involving the foster carer i.e. LAC reviews, meetings to
review parenting capacity assessment and intervention and mid way meeting.
A confidentiality statement for the foster carer including details of whom the information
will be shared with

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