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									                                                                   First International Symposium on Marine Propulsors
                                                                                smp’09, Trondheim, Norway, June 2009

                            smp’09 Symposium Publications Format

                                           Kourosh Koushan1, Sverre Steen2

                      Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK), Trondheim, Norway
        Department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway

ABSTRACT                                                          the instructions given in this template (not necessarily the
Preparing a manuscript for delivery in Acrobat pdf format.        template itself).
Manuscripts must be prepared in English and must consist          The Symposium Proceedings will be prepared from the
of: title, full names of all authors, affiliation(s), abstract,   pdf documents you submit. There will be no opportunity
keywords, text, reference, tables and figures. The                for corrections after submission. The responsibility for the
manuscript generally should not exceed eight pages. The           appearance of his/her paper remains to the Authors. Note
complete manuscript including figures and tables should           that the proceedings will be printed in black&white. Thus,
be supplied by e-mail to the Secretariat of smp’09                make sure that the pdf you submit only contains graphs A name of an author             and illustrations that are clear also when printed in
to which all correspondence are to be forwarded must be           black&white.
shown clearly therein along with complete address, and e-
                                                                  The Authors are responsible for obtaining security
mail address.
                                                                  approval for publication from employers or authorities
The abstract should not exceed 200 words and be                   where necessary.
informative of the purpose, methods, results, and
conclusions.                                                      3.1 Normal or Body Text
                                                                  Please use a 10-point Times Roman font and 12-point line
Keywords                                                          spacing. The line spacing uses “exactly”. Please use 4-
Up to five keywords should follow the abstract.                   point paragraph spacing after each paragraph, i.e. select
1 INTRODUCTION                                                    Paragraph in the Format menu, and change the setting for
The smp’09 Proceedings and symposium Summary are                  Spacing After to 4 pt.
the records of the symposium; we hope to give the books           3.2 Title and Authors
a single, high-quality appearance. To do this, we ask that        The title (Arial 14-point bold), authors' names (Times
authors follow some simple guidelines. In essence, we ask         Roman 11-point bold) and affiliations (Times Roman 9-
you to make your manuscript look exactly like this                point, 9-point line space) run across the full width of the
document. The easiest way to do this is simply to use one         page – one column 17.0 cm wide. See the example at the
of the provided template files and replace the content with       top of this page for six names with different addresses.
your own material.                                                We recommend the following affiliations, Name of the
2 PAGE SIZE AND COLUMNS                                           institute, City, State/Province, Country, do not add street
Manuscript should be prepared on one side of A4 paper             names, P.O. Box numbers or zip codes to the affiliations.
with two columns. All material on each page should fit            3.3 Abstract and Keywords
within a rectangle of 17.0 cm x 25.0 cm, centered on A4           Every submission should begin with an abstract of about
page, with a 0.5 cm space between two 8.25 cm columns.            200 words, followed by a set of keywords. The abstract
The margin settings are: Top: 2.0 cm; Bottom: 2.7 cm;             and keywords should be placed in the left column of the
Left: 2.0 cm; Right: 2.0 cm.                                      first page. The abstract should be a concise statement of
3 TYPESET TEXT                                                    the problem, approach, findings, and conclusions of the
Submit your paper in pdf format. Make sure that the               work described.
security settings in the pdf allow printing and changing of       3.5 Subsequent Pages
the document. The possibility for changing is solely for          For pages other than the first page, start at the top of the
the purpose of adding page numbers. You might use any             page, and continue in double-column format. The two
word processing or typesetting program to prepare the             columns on the last page should be of equal length.
pdf. The symposium provides Latex and Microsoft Word
templates for your convenience. If there is doubt, follow
3.6 Notes                                                       4.1.1 Subsubsections
These should be avoided. Insert the information in the          The heading for subsubsections should be in Arial 9-point
text. In tables the following reference marks should be         italic with initial letters capitalized.
used: *, **, etc. and the actual footnotes are set directly
                                                                5 FIGURES/TABLES AND CAPTIONS
underneath the table.
                                                                Figures and tables should be numbered sequentially in the
3.7 References and Citations                                    order cited in the text and legends of the figures must be
References should be cited in the text with names (without      placed at proper locations in the text. Figures and tables
initials) and year written inside parentheses, e.g., "(Atlar    should appear on appropriate pages and legends should
2004) ", "(Brewer et al 2004) " and "(Choi & Kinnas             appear at the bottom of the sheet. Colorful figures are
2001) " , or with the year inside parentheses when names        permitted in proceedings CD but only black and white
appear explicitly in the text, e.g. "by Brewer et al(2004)."    figures are available in printed proceedings. Offering
At the end of the manuscript, list all references in            original of photos is suggested for ensuring the quality of
alphabetical order underneath the heading REFERENCES            the photos in proceedings. Captions should be Times New
(Heading without number tag). The references should be          Roman 9-point bold. They should be numbered (e.g.,
typed in the same style of the body text (Times Roman 10-       “Table 1” or “Figure 2”). Captions of the figures should
point and 12-point line spacing) and second and further         be placed below the appropriate figure, and captions of
lines should be indented 4.0 mm. If several works by the        the table should be placed at the top of the table.
same author are cited, entries should be chronological:         Footnotes may follow tables for further information.
  Larch, A.A. (1996a). Development ...                          6 EQUATIONS
  Larch, A.A. (1996b). Facilities ...                           Use the equation editor of the selected word processing
                                                                program. Equations are centered at each column. Number
  Larch, A.A. (1997). Computer ...
                                                                equations consecutively and place the number at the end
  Larch, A.A. & Jensen, M.C. (1996). Effects of ...             of the line, between parentheses. Refer to equations by
  Larch, A.A. & Smith, B.P. (1993). Alpine ...                  these numbers. See for example Equation (1) below:
In bibliographies the order for books and journals are                                   R2                           (1)
                                                                           Kt   1                k1
respectively:                                                                        ca  v tan  
  Last name, First name or Initials (ed.) (year). Book title.
                                                                Where ca = interface adhesion; δ = friction angle at
  City: Publisher.
                                                                interface; and k1 = shear stiffness number.
  Last name, First name or Initials (year). ‘Title of
  article’. Title of Journal (series number if necessary)
  volume number (issue number if necessary): page               Atlar, M. (ed.) (2004). First International Conference on
  numbers.                                                         Technological Advances in Podded Propulsion.
The book title and Journal (Proceedings) title are                 School of Marine Science and Technology, University
underlined. See the examples of references at the end of           of Newcastle, UK.
this article. References should be published materials          Brewer, W. H., Newman, J. C., Burgreen, G. W. & Burg,
accessible to the public. Internal technical reports,              C. O. E. (2003). ‘A Design Method for Investigating
proprietary information may not be cited. Private                  Cavitation Delay’. Proceedings of the 8th
communications should be acknowledged, not referenced              International Conference on Numerical Ship
(e.g., “[Robertson, personal communication]”).                     Hydrodynamics, Busan, Korea.
3.8 Page Numbering                                              Choi, J.-K. & Kinnas, S. A. (2001). ‘Prediction of
Do not include page numbers in your submission. It will            Nonaxisymmetric Effective Wake by a 3-D Euler
be added when the publications are assembled.                      Solver’. Journal of Ship Research 45(1), pp.13-33.

                                                                Gibson, I. & Lewis, R. I. (1973). ‘Ducted propeller
The heading of a section should be in Arial 9-point bold           analysis by surface vorticity and actuator disk theory'.
in all-capitals. Sections should be numbered.                      Proceedings of the Symposium on Ducted Propeller,
                                                                   RINA, Teddington, England.
4.1 Subsections
                                                                Kerwin, J. E., Kinnas, S. A., Lee, J.-T. & Shih, W.-Z.
The heading of subsections should be in Arial 9-point
                                                                   (1987). ‘A surface panel method for the hydrodynamic
bold with only the initial letters capitalized. (Note: For
                                                                   analysis of ducted propellers’, Transactions of Society
sub-sections and subsubsections, a word like the or a is
                                                                   of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers 95.
not capitalized unless it is the first word of the header)
                                                                White, F. (1986). Fluid Mechanics. 2nd ed. Mcgraw- Hill
                                                                  Book Company.

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