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Mar/April 2009        301-802-8155                                                        Volume 3, Number 2

                       Dollars for Dollars
What’s inside?         Strong Dollar Destinations

                       Of course you already know about the Euro in Europe, the Pound in the UK and the
                       bargains in Iceland. But if you are looking to make your U.S. dollars go farther
                       abroad in the coming months, consider:
• Dollar Deals
                             Australia: In 2008, the Australian dollar was worth an average of $1.19 for
 Safe Mexico                 every U.S. dollar, whereas in late January of this year, a U.S. dollar was
 Name that ship              worth $1.53 Australian.
 Featured Island            Mexico: Back in July 2008, you could get around 10 pesos to the dollar. In
                              late January, that number jumped to almost 14 pesos to the dollar.
 Featured Property          Jamaica: The Jamaican dollar is about 13 percent weaker compared to the
 Olympics in YVR             U.S. dollar than it was six months ago.
 Times Square NYC           Argentina: The Argentine peso has dropped 15 percent against the U.S.
                              dollar in the last six months.
 Let’s Blog
                             Hungary: Six months ago, a dollar was worth 150 Hungarian Forints,
                              whereas now you can get around 220 Forints to the dollar.

                       Travel By C can get you to these destinations. Stop dreaming and start packing.

                       Is Mexico Safe?
                       The Travel Industry recently went on the offensive. Several major wholesalers of
                       vacations recently reminded a group of travel agents that the majority of travel to
                       Mexico is still safe and there has been too much made of the current warnings.

                       The U.S. Department of State's Mexico Travel Alert has been broadly
                       misinterpreted. The misinterpretation of the alert, not the actual violence in
                       U.S./Mexico border towns, is affecting tourism to Mexico. The industry wants to
                       emphasize that the alert's intent is to advise travelers to "use common sense
                       precautions", not to "discourage people from vacationing" there.

                       Common sense advice includes:

                             staying only in tourist areas
                             visiting businesses and travel roads only during daylight
                             avoiding areas of prostitution or drug-dealing
                             avoiding displays of such valuables as jewelry or cash
                             Travel By C can help you determine when and where to go in Mexico. Remember,
                             no place, including where you live, is 100% safe. Travel to any region requires you
                             to be on your guard and aware of your surroundings. For a list of tips to use to help
                             keep you safe, request “Tips for Safe Traveling” at

                             New Ships with New Names
                             The Walt Disney Company announced the official names of their two new ships,
                             The Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.

                             The Walt Disney Company announced the official names at the 2009 Annual
                             Meeting of Shareholders in Oakland, California in March.

                             Like the Disney Magic® and Disney Wonder® Cruise Ships before them, the names
                             of the two newest ships in the fleet were chosen with care to celebrate Disney's
                             unique heritage - creating incredible worlds of fantasy where your dreams really do
Travel By C                  come true.
3603 Lew Wallace St
Urbana, MD 21704             While dreams just may come true at the Disney Resorts and on Disney cruises, there
                             are things that you can do to help the dream process along. As Travel By C’s tag
E-mail:                      line goes, “Dreams don’t come true, you make them happen”. Make something
Questions? Comments?         happen for you; give Travel By C a call.
                             Featured Island - Aruba
On the Web!
Come visit us                Just 14 miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is the smallest and most Western island of            the Dutch Antilles, which, known locally as the ABCs, also include Bonaire and
                             Curaçao. With its miles of white, sandy beaches, turquoise-blue waters and
                             guaranteed sun, Aruba is a great destination for sun-worshippers and a popular stop
                             for cruise ship passengers. In 2008 Aruba experienced a 13.4% increase in cruise
                             passengers over 2007. Over a million visitors arrive on this tiny island each year
                             enticed by its luxury resorts, first-class restaurants, 24-hour casinos and excellent
                             water sports. Be sure to visit the remaining Natural Bridge on the Windward coast.

                             Most visitors stay either in the capital, Oranjestad, or just to the north in one of the
                             many resort complexes on Eagle and Palm beaches. The remainder of the island is
                             much less developed and in the arid interior there is nothing more substantial than
                             cacti, divi-divi trees, contorted by the consistently strong trade winds, and herds of
                             goats. For those who demand more than simply soaking up the sun there are plenty
                             of activities available. There is good diving and snorkeling along the reef on the
                             protected leeward coast and windsurfing is excellent a little further north at
                             Fisherman's Hut. Deep-sea fishing can be arranged through many of the hotels.

                             Travel By C recommends the Hotel RIU Palace, Occidental Grand Aruba, Marriott
                             Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino, Aruba Hyatt and the Renaissance Aruba Resort &
                             Casino. For value, the Divi Aruba Phoenix, Holliday Inn Sunspree and Tamarijn
                             Aruba. Limited non stop flights leave DC from Dulles Airport, inquire with us.
                             Featured Property – RIU Palace Aruba

                             Many would be travelers are not familiar with the RIU resort brand. Internationally,
                             it is the 2nd largest family run Spanish chain of Hotels and Resorts and operates 102
                             Hotels in 16 countries. Outside of Europe, we find many of these in Mexico and the
                             Caribbean. Aruba is one of RIUs newest.

                             The RIU Palace Aruba, located on Palm Beach, known for white sand beaches,
                             opened in 2007. This 24 Hour All-Inclusive Resort has 450 guest rooms in three
                             buildings with a large pool and swim up bar in the center. In front of the pool is the
                             beach with complementary sun loungers and parasols. Popular with couples and
                             families, guests here can expect attentive service, fine dining, comfortable lodgings,
Travel By C is member of :   and the kind of relaxed holiday you come to expect from RIU.
CLIA                         Travel By C recommends the Ocean View, Jr. Suite. Depending on the time of the
NACOA                        year, a seven day, all-inclusive stay starts at about $3,300 for two, plus air fare.
                             Vancouver Olympics
                             If you are looking to attend the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British
We represent:                Columbia February 12 through 28, our best advice would be to book early.
All Major Cruise Lines
All major tour operators
                             About 17,000 of the 25,000 hotel rooms in the Vancouver area are reserved by the
                             Vancouver Organizing Committee. That includes virtually all of downtown
                             Vancouver's 12,000 hotel rooms. They'll be occupied by Olympics officials, security
E & O Insurance provided     staff, media and visitors who buy officially sanctioned hotel/ticket packages.
by: Zurich through The
Berkley Group.
                             Block bookings are part of every Olympics, and most major hotels aren't yet
                             permitting individual bookings or making their rates public. Everything is on hold
                             until the Vancouver Organizing Committee confirms the number of rooms it needs.
                             However, its unlikely rooms at major downtown Vancouver hotels will become
                             available; what's left will be about 8,000 hotel rooms scattered outside of
                             downtown. Even some of those already may be contracted to companies. At any
                             hotel, expect to pay the high-season rate plus an Olympics premium of about 25%.
                    The Norwegian Cruise Lines, Norwegian Star cruise ship, under special charter, will
                    arrive in Vancouver on February 10, 2010 for a unique non sailing event. Here in
                    North Vancouver it will reside for the duration of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
                    In Vancouver, she will feature all the amenities, activities, and entertainment
                    programs as if it were at sea. Four packages are available with four or six night
                    durations. Prices start at $2010 per person based on double occupancy for a four-
                    night stay. Packages are available only through the private charter company.
                    Contact Travel By C for more information.

                    Start spreading the pedestrians?
                    New York City will close five blocks of Broadway around Times Square to traffic.
                    The famed Great White Way between 42nd and 47th streets will become a
                    pedestrian zone with benches, tables and landscaping. Farther south, two blocks of
                    Broadway at Herald Square, home of Macy's flagship store, also will be closed.

                    Broadway's diagonal, generally north-south path slices across Manhattan's street
                    grid, forming odd-shaped blocks at the heart of Times Square and creating fearsome
                    traffic jams where three streets meet.

                    The street closing will make more room for pedestrians, who outnumber cars in
                    Times Square by more than four to one. More than 350,000 people a day come
                    through Times Square.

                    The $1.5 million project, which will run from Memorial Day until the end of the
                    year and could become permanent, diverts vehicles onto north-south avenues,
                    eliminating the three-street intersections. Vehicles will still be able to cross
                    Broadway on east-west streets.

                    Many of those crowding the sidewalks are among the 47 million tourists who visited
                    last year. On weekend nights, sidewalks can be so packed that pedestrians often
                    walk in the gutter. If you have recently been to this area, drop me a line and tell me
                    of your experience.

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