thus; meditation, yoga and namasmaran; are inseparable from; physical, psychomotor, productive, instinctual, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual study and practices; linked with; study and application of the holistic solutions in the fields of health, education, agriculture, art, industry, economy, education, environment; which is called holistic renaissance, superliving or total stress management.

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One of the worst kinds of STRESS results from imminent
death. We feel stressed even with the thought of our death;
or that of our near dear ones. Usually we remain occupied in
something or other and keep on escaping from such
thoughts, calling them “negative”. If we are for some reason;
in a hospital, we prefer to remain engaged in “positive

We are not only afraid of death, but we are afraid of rebirth;
as it forces us into; an unforeseen and possibly painful life; of
an “individual or animal”.

The fear of death is a common phenomenon; with a
physiological basis. Thus the fear is actually a sensation that
results from autonomic outflow (impulses) causing visceral
activities; such as pain in the chest, throbbing of heart,
sinking of stomach, cold clammy extremities, and giddiness
due to reduction in blood supply to brain.

The fear of death is actually because we identify strongly
with these phenomena causing unpleasant sensation. The
fear is more as and when we experience these unpleasant
sensations (till we are able to detach ourselves from them).
Hence the children are possibly not afraid due to
inexperience. The very old ones are also probably not afraid
as they too experienced to be afraid; as compared to us!

In other words; the STRESS is due to the fact that death of
“our body” is considered to be or actually deeply convinced
to be “our” death. In fact many of us believe that everything
in life comes to an end after the death of the body. According
to them the idea of rebirth is merely a vain imagination.
They think it is an excuse; to deny the sovereignty and
supremacy of nature and “our” inevitable mortality.

Let us understand the death and rebirth little more; so that
our STRESS is reduced.

Let us appreciate that; the death (rebirth) does not always
refer to the whole body. Our body cells are dead and lost to a
variable extent; and new cells are born from time to time.
Even our passions, emotions and thoughts are undergoing
changes; in terms of vanishing of the old ones and
appearance of the new ones. But we remain the same

Thus without denying our association with the changing
existence, we can; to start with at least imagine; and later
experience that we are changeless backdrop or background
or substratum on which the changing cells, tissues and also;
bodies are born, grown and perished. The consciousness is
constant and the cycles of birth and rebirth continue on and
within it!

In fact; the birth and rebirth; as we see and perceive; are the
product of our physiological senses, our cerebral cortical
capabilities and their limitations. The consciousness however
“exists” beyond our limitations!
Rebirth; thus is not a matter of belief or disbelief. It is not a
hypothesis, a postulation or a theory and certainly not a wild
imagination or bluff; to explain the results of good deeds and
bad deeds; or anything else. It is not a psychological tool for
consoling or pacifying the suffering of people.

Rebirth of identities pertains to concurrent consciousness
and memories. This is observed in case of certain historical
figures such as Shripad Shrivallabh and Narasimha
Saraswati (1378 to 1458). Others do not have the memory or
consciousness to endorse rebirth.

The experimental or laboratory proof of the rebirth;
through science; needs an accurate identification, definition
and understanding of individual consciousness; as a separate
entity. Because; we have to show; birth (easy), death (easy)
and the individual consciousness and its relation to the
individual who is born and dead; that “persists” after death
(very difficult; unless we have a gadget that can capture the
existence of individual consciousness).

So far; we do not have such a gadget. Moreover; our
consciousness can not capture our consciousness in its
entirety. “Our consciousness” cannot identify or
demonstrate “our consciousness”; as a separate entity; to
“our own consciousness”! Hence currently; it is not possible
to “prove” rebirth!
However; if we practice NAMASMARAN; we can verify;
these otherwise mysterious and esoteric aspects of birth,
death, rebirth and immortality.

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