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The example of “glory of failure” in Total Stress Management can
be described with respect to the successes; as follows.
The first step of success is; recognizing the stress of mortal life.
This very recognition is simultaneously; painful, igniting and
motivating. It triggers the expedition of stress management. This
is associated with greater stress or challenge to manage the stress
which is universal! The ignorant ones or the callous ones may not
suffer from this.
We fail to be selfish and careerist. We fail to be rich; if assessed
with materialistic yardsticks! Even our simple requirements may
not be fulfilled. Moreover; as we are preoccupied in the expedition
of understanding the challenge of stress i.e. injustice, sorrow and
maladies of life; we fail to be indifferent to enjoy the celebrations
and festivities. This isolates us from family, friends and society
also; to a great extent.
But in this failure lies to the glory of being more keenly engaged in
solving the problem stress; that plagues us along with millions.

The second step to success is; getting the holistic solutions.
But this is not at all easy. It is inevitably associated with internal
devastating turmoil and hence failure to be involved in piecemeal
solutions and sectarian curriculums and day to day work; to one’s
own satisfaction! But as a result of this failure; we can make
glorious contributions in evolving holistic perspective, policies,
plans and programs and their implementation.

The third step to success is; crystallizing and applying i.e. treading
the path of Total Stress Management and articulating and sharing
the details of the sojourn; with others.
This is associated with failure to match the popular demands and
hence met with commercial financial failure. But the glory of this
failure is in terms of going through the ordeal of being true to our
core. This honesty sharpens our perceptions and keeps us free
from commercial considerations and entanglement; and multiplies
the accuracy, potentials and scope of our solutions.
This accuracy is also because; as a result of commercial failure;
we are not bloated with pride. This prevents us from being
trapped in deceptive, hollow and vain glamour, glitter and
temptations, which prejudice our perspective, thoughts, feelings
and actions.
The fourth step to success is to happily accept the result; as the
solutions have their own scope and limitations.
Accepting the “not so glamorous result” is difficult. But even if we
succeed in this; it is usually associated with the apprehension of
being passive and defeatist. This is on the background of
aggressive and imposing behavior of sectarian forces. Thus the
failure to be overconfident and aggressive; keeps us out of the
limelight. But the glory of this failure is that we are out of rat race
and our ego goes on melting.
We begin to appreciate that merely “not being arrogant and
proud” is not enough! Still greater accuracy is needed! We begin
to understand that even the attachment and commitment to “our”
ideological perceptions and convictions can throttle our freedom.
We begin to appreciate the paramount role of NAMASMARAN in
further overcoming the subjectivity/ego.
The fifth step of success is; surrendering the endeavors, which we
thought as “ours” to the “source” from where they spring.
This kind of surrender is like death. But even if we succeed in this;
we usually fail to project ourselves with so called style and
flamboyance. We fail to carry the facades of greatness. We fail to
impose our leadership through self aggrandizement. This is as
painful as publicly stripping ourselves! The stripping of ego;
makes us feel empty and low. But this failure has the glory of
being free from every burden and shackling. Being free of ego; is a
unique experience of being naturally connected with others by a
sublime bond of love.
The sixth step to the success; is to return to immortal source of the
solutions and be immortal!!!
This is obviously not easy. But as we begin to succeed in this; we
begin to get glimpses of immortality and feel like being in
convalescence! This leads to failure in being practical and
abandon the activities of “financial security”! The glory of this
failure however; is “the stepwise return to NAMA, BRAHMA or
cost of otherwise worthless mortal life.

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