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thus; meditation, yoga and namasmaran; are inseparable from; physical, psychomotor, productive, instinctual, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual study and practices; linked with; study and application of the holistic solutions in the fields of health, education, agriculture, art, industry, economy, education, environment; which is called holistic renaissance, superliving or total stress management.

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Let us understand that our world is not merely a physical entity,
with merely the rivers and mountains. It is not merely castles,
palaces or huts and slums. It is not merely the technological
wonders or cultural panorama. It is not merely our family and
our relatives.

Besides all these; our world is actually and in essence; an
incessant ongoing search and realization of ambrosia of Truth
throughout the millennia! The seers; known and unknown to
history have made this omniscient, eternal and omnipotent
ambrosia of truth; the true spirit of united and harmonious
world; available and accessible to us!

In such a wonderful and bountiful situation why should get
drowned in helplessness?

Even if we are prone to get dragged by the beast within us, and
make life miserable for ourselves and the others, we still have
potentials to evolve!

Even if we are subjective and hence fallible; and make mistakes;
we still have freedom to make efforts to be objective and

Even if we have limitations and are unable to achieve miraculous
feats, we still have ability to grow and progress!

Lastly even if we are criminals, fanatics and sinners in every
respect; we still have the freedom to blossom and help others; to

In short; even if we have a casual, petty, superficial, piecemeal
and ad hoc approach to a variety of personal and global
stressors; we still can acquire holistic perspective and reject the
deteriorative, disastrous and destructive options; and work for
individual and global blossoming and overcome individual and
global stress; as can be seen from following examples.
For health problems; casual solution is; more hospital buildings,
more gadgets and more equipments.

Actually we need a thrust on study, practice and training of
Holistic health and Holistic medicine. For example training in
NAMASMARAN, byhearting hymns from different languages,
learning about the medicinal uses of common foods and herbs,
yoga, pranayama etc.

For the lack of education; petty solution is licensing more
institutions and greater use of learning aids and stationary.

Actually we must emphasize on Holistic Education (One which
includes development and training in spiritual and productive
domains in addition to cognitive, affective and psychomotor

For unemployment and beggars on the road; superficial solution
is payment to unemployed people and anti–begging law.

Actually we require to eradicate; with priority; the causes of
unemployment viz. bookish and unproductive education that
actually averts the self employment through small scale and
home industries. Apart from education; our industrial policy also
encourages unabated production of water coolers, air
conditioners and such luxury items sought by mistaken few and
thereby sabotage traditional jobs such as pot making, cane work
etc. The same is true in movie production at the cost of folk arts,
circus, and gymnastics such as mallakhamb.

For traffic jam piecemeal our solution is; building more flyover

Actually we need to reinforce the public transport system and
curb the production and import of private cars and two
wheelers, besides taking adequate measures to reduce the
movement of people from villages to cities.

It is true that stern actions must be taken against rule and law
breakers. Discipline must be enforced. Condition of roads must
be improved. But these steps have their limitations and can not
be solely depended on. In fact in absence of proper public (mass)
transport; laws, traffic police (and more breaking and
corruption), road work (more cutting of trees), use of private
vehicles (congestion, chaos, pollution) and due to all these; crimes

For suicides of farmers; ad hoc solution is subsidy package.

Actually the solution is; to resort to empower the farmers and
reorient them from market oriented harvests to what can be
called soil friendly and health friendly harvests. The farmers
have to be reoriented to the traditional wisdom of culture,
agriculture (e.g. use of neem, cow urine, cow dung), organic
farming and changing, alternating and taking different crops.
Water and electricity should be made available with topmost
priority, but the traditional contribution of animal power can not
be neglected. Ban on slaughter of animals would go a long way in
improving the farmers’ conditions.

For price rise; aberrant solution is import.

The actual solution is; to ban all deceptive, aggressive and
imposing advertisements, which create artificial demands leading
to wasteful and luxurious economic (apparently pleasurable but
effectively poisonous) activity in a small section of the society;
leading to price rise; at the cost of the rest. For example; cold
drinks, ice creams, fast foods, bars, restaurants, five star hotels,
wines, alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and other luxuries are thriving
but the vast majority is deprived of basic needs. In fact; the
policy of production of and “marketing” for few, has to be
reversed to; production and “exchange”; for the vast majority.

For socioeconomic backwardness; sectarian solution is
reservation policy.

Actually we require “productive and earn and learn” kind of
education for all; so that unproductive unemployed and needy
population would become empowered, productive, self sufficient
and dignified in every way.

For the growing injustice and crimes; erratic solution is
increasing the number of laws and police.
Actually we require simple and honest laws drafted in peoples’
language and understandable to people so as to discipline the
people for their growth; and simultaneously remove all the laws,
which were created to suppress and exploit the people by the
previous alien rulers. We require policies by which the
traditional and ethnic art, sports, cuisine, remedies and skills are
NOT ALLOWED to be suppressed by the tactics of the
exploitative and individualistic marketing culture. In fact in the
interest of everyone, the concept of individual and global
blossoming; which we call SUPERLIVING or Total Stress
Management has to be universalized; to overcome the globally
disastrous individualistic, exploitative globalization!

For so called “lack of progress”; illusory solution is more foreign

Actually; we must define progress in terms of holistic health and
restructure our policies in every field such as health care,
agriculture, industry etc rather than stooping and surrendering
to the culture of pettiness, glamour and glitter.

For shortage of electricity; symptomatic solution is load

Actually we are required to shift our priorities from “appeasing
the exploitative and luxurious few” (e.g. production and
promotion of water cooler, air conditioners, hair driers and such
many unnecessary luxury items); to the “welfare of all”, by stern
energy saving measures; coupled with development of pollution
free, low cost, low investment alternative energy sources and
strict measures against the theft of electricity.

For road accidents; frenzied solution is compulsion of helmets,
increasing the traffic police, speed breakers and so on.

Actually the number of private vehicles on the road has to be
reduced, the number of public vehicles has to be increased, the
weekly offs have to be different and the working hours also have
to be different so that most people do not travel at the same time.
Moreover, the on campus or nearby residence has to be insisted
as and when feasible. Most importantly, holistic education and
rejuvenation of traditional jobs must be ensured so that the
helpless and forced movement of people to the cities and the
inhuman crowding of cities can be reduced.

For shortage of fuel; unwise solution is; generalized sermons to
common people (who in no way consume fuel) to reduce fuel

Actually the fuel needs can be reduced if public transport is
improved and the bicycles are promoted. There has to be shift of
policies from development of airports; fly over and so on; to the
improvement in public transport and the infrastructure in the
villages, such as solar energy, wind mills, gobar gas etc.
We can cite hundreds of examples to show how we; by NOT
going to the roots of the problems; work brilliantly and skillfully;
but in a superficial, petty, individualistic, fragmented, sectarian
and divisive perspective, and increase stress! Our work (even if it
is brilliant and skilled) is rendered ineffective and/or
counterproductive! This is why in the pursuit of so called our
progress our talents are actually drained in extremely selfish and
cheap entertainment options such as gambling, drinking, casinos,
prostitution etc or other wasteful activities (at the cost of vast

It is very true that all the solutions provided can possibly be
modified, or refined in terms of details, because, they are not the
solutions provided by experts from those fields. But they surely
indicate the most essential core or the crux of the solutions.
There could be many more holistic solutions also. All these can
be cooperatively and complementarily implemented universally;
if the third eye of cosmic consciousness is opened through

The moment the word “NAMASMARAN” creeps in one
wonders; what is this? And what way is it going to bring about
global welfare!

This is a very valid question. I also had similar questions.

In the district of Satara in Maharashtra (India); there is a place
called Gondavle. I first visited this place; where there is a
samadhi mandir (shrine) of Sadguru Shri Brahmachaitanya
Gondavlekar Maharaj; about thirty years ago. I have also visited
the place called Shirdi where there is a shrine of Shri Saibaba
and Shegaon; where there is the shrine of Shri Gajanan
Maharaj. These individuals lived in 19th and early 20th century.
They are worshipped and followed by millions of devotees even
today and these are the places where millions of devotees visit
with reverence; even today.

Even as I respect these individuals and the feelings of their
devotees; the questions that used to keep gnawing me were;
“Why are these places full of activities responsible for the
downfall of mankind? Why can’t these (and other) spiritual
masters (through their benevolent influence) change these (and
other respective) places for better; through their devotees, local
administrative heads and/or the political leaders? Why are these
places immune to spiritual rejuvenation and or revitalization?
Why do we come across the socioeconomic and political misery;
even in these places? Why do we find people in these places in
pitiable life conditions in most respects?”

The answer to all these questions; is the development of the split
or chasm; between the spiritualism and materialism!

The ideas of heaven, nirvana, self realization, god realization,
emancipation and so on; lure many young individuals amongst
us, who go on persisting on it; with callously stoic escapism from
stark reality; helplessly!
The others amongst us become averse to the saints, shrines,
temples and son because of their apparent irrelevance to the
mainstream life.

But the chasm between apparently sublime and intellectually
appealing philosophical doctrines and the nagging material
conditions around; is a matter of inexplicable and unbearable
STRESS; to many of us who are; sensitive, intelligent and
concerned about justice to every individual and welfare of all!

This stress is because we have forgotten the concepts of pitru
dharma, matru dharma, putra dharma, acharya dharma, kula
dharma, raja dharma etc. (duties or privileges assigned to father,
mother, son, teacher, pedigree, ruler, scoiety etc. respectively for
individual and global blossoming).

As a result; we are being dragged by petty, narrow, superficial,
glamorous, and individualistic considerations born out of
disrespect for our ancestral traditions; wherever we belong to.
Due to our insecurity, misery, helplessness and meekness (and
the bounty of divinity) we are being compelled by to visit shrines
and temples!

The saints and their shrines provide the enlightenment and
empowerment; but we are intoxicated by petty selfishness to such
an extent that we visit these and other places of pilgrimage in a
parasitic mindset. We visit these shrines and temples with
beggarly mentality. We approach these abodes merely for trivial
gains. We think of our own selves or our families.

In other words; we are being torn apart by materialism
associated with the cancerous growth of mercenary vested
interests on the one hand and escape from the same due to
dissatisfaction, restlessness, insecurity and fear; which we glorify
and call spiritualism!

In such situation where the places of pilgrimage are also not
immune to individual and global stress (and deterioration) the
solution has to be such that it empowers us to rise above all
pettiness (the cause of stress) and practice holistic solutions in
personal and social life.

When we search extensively for years; we come across such a
universal and time tested solution or rather panacea and that is

Namasmaran empowers, enlivens, and enables us to get
reoriented to reestablish the dynamic harmony and justice within
ourselves and the society; ensuring individual and global

In nutshell, with NAMASMARAN; we begin to understand and
get inspired to rectify individual and social MATERIAL
conditions on the one hand and ensure simultaneously; that they
culminate into SPIRITUAL conditions i.e. individual and global
blossoming. With NAMASMARAN; we get empowered to evolve
and practice holistic intellectual, emotional, instinctual and
physical responses in the form of perspective, policy making,
planning and implementation; in all the walks of life and live
holistically; which is true DHARMA a combination of
spiritualism and materialism. We call this TOTAL STERSS

NAMASMARAN is THE TRUE YOGA i.e. reintegration,
articulation and expression of our inner enlightenment i.e. God
i.e. true SELF; into every field of life; and blossoming (spiritually
+ materially), (inside + outside), and in terms of; (profundity +
prosperity)! We can verify this; by avoiding indolence,
indifference, cynicism, skepticism, mere casual approach, blind
belief and blind disbelief!

Now; we have to see why and how; NAMASMARAN is a core of
Total Stress Management, or why and how Total Stress
Management is actually a byproduct of NAMASMARAN!

Let us begin with our experience that when we are agitated; by
our physical needs, passions, emotions, thoughts and ideas, and
feel restless to satisfy them!

But some of us simultaneously get agitated by the plight of
people! The plight of people enthralls, wakes up, and inspires us
to bring about change (revolution) so as to eradicate these
plights. This leads to intellectual and emotional turmoils and
motivation and mobilization in several ways. Thus we may read,
study, participate in struggles, philanthropic activities and so on.
The social circumstances however; appear dark and annoying.
The change, the revolution appears to be the only purpose of life,
even as the exact program of action and/or blue print of the
revolution; are obscure.

The frenzy of all these complex feelings is so much, that any
proponent of God or NAMASMARAN appears as “unconcerned
about peoples’ true needs, unbothered about real issues such as
poverty and injustice; and hence antisocial, hypocrite, parasitic
or at best; stupid or gullible”!

The restlessness within; is so much that it propels us to search for
instant solutions and impatiently! It compels us towards
addressing every problem that appears in the news papers or on
TV, apart from those in our own personal life.

As a result, we get engrossed in relevant physical service,
philanthropy, active participation in sociopolitical struggles,
emotional expression in poetry, intellectual analysis, discussions,
public speeches, writing articles and books etc. These appear to
be the methods of self assertion and solution to the problems!

Most importantly; withdrawal from such activities is suffocating,
unbearable and killing!
Namasmaran appears to be a despicable escapism from such
“very useful and urgent” activities. As regards it social
importance, it appears to be actually counterproductive. It
appears to paralyze us; who are facing problems; and make us
parasitic and paranoid! It appears to make us dependent and
helpless. It appears to discourage, distract and dissuade us from
accepting the challenges of life in personal and social life and
facing them victoriously!

The fervor of our mind never gets calmed by the advice and idea
of NAMASMARAN, though many a times we appreciate the
honesty and selflessness of the individuals advocating it.

One important experience however begins to turn us towards

Which is this experience?

The experience of endlessness of human grief, malady, disease,
tribulations, problems and the agonies and helplessness; which
together; constitute STRESS! We begin to realize that all our
activities are not nonsense; but they are piecemeal and ad hoc.
They are not holistic. They are not radical. They at best provide
temporary, symptomatic or palliative relief.

Second realization that propels us to NAMASMARAN; is the
universal nature of NAMASMARAN!
By virtue of being free of every possible prejudice and devoid of
every possible kind of intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and
other impositions it is truly universal and NOT sectarian. It
NEVER interferes with the tradition, custom or belief systems of
any body. In fact it reorients us to our own selves! It provides
profound empowerment and reenkindles our potential to
blossom together! It revitalizes and rejuvenates every kind of
person from any age, religion, ideology, theism, atheism and all
possible socioeconomic and other differences.

Simultaneously if we read various arguments regarding
NAMASMARAN in books such as the biography of Shri
Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj, by Prof. K.V. Belsare;
coupled with our experiences with a variety of activities of
service and social struggle for justice; we begin to get convinced
that NAMASMARAN can evolve and transform our perspective,
vision, intellectual framework, emotions and instincts; and evolve
us to conceptualize the Total Stress Management by blossoming
us into objective or cosmic consciousness.

We begin to realize that; if this happens in every walk of life;
then it could usher in; individual and global blossoming, by
actualizing revolution with truly holistic contents i.e. globally
benevolent perspective and policies!

We generally feel like sharing our perspective with others; and
hence may write books on NAMASMARAN,
VISHNUSAHASRANAM, GEETA etc., publish them, try to sell
or distribute them, and/or spread the message of
NAMASMARAN with our perspective; as far and wide; and in
as many ways; as we can!

But at this juncture we have to address some arguments against

1. NAMASMARAN does not seem to do anything, if compared
to for instance; scientific research or socio-political
manipulations! It does not seem to work and produce results;
even comparable to those produced by relatively simple
agricultural activities or other handicrafts! On this back ground;
what is the basis to prove that NAMASMARAN can lead to
global blossoming?
There is no basis; excepting inner conviction! We have to
practice and verify. There is nobody else who can provide the
proof! In short we are privileged to practice and experience
ourselves and not depend on anybody else for the proof! We are
honored to have the freedom of NOT having to believe in

2. If we say that NAMASMARAN evolves us into objective or
cosmic consciousness or imparts global perspective, then the
argument is, “Can you prove the cause and effect relationship?”

The answer obviously is “No”! We can not prove that
NAMASMARAN evolves us into objective or cosmic
consciousness or imparts global perspective! Even if we provide
the whole concept of Total Stress Management or holistic
perspective; one could always argue that this concept has nothing
to do with NAMASMARAN! Hence here also there is freedom of
not having to believe!

3. At some point; we realize that our opinions were not changed
through “our will”, but were changed due to the influence of
factors beyond our comprehension constituting the “field”,
cosmic consciousness or God that encompasses and influences
not merely “us” but everything; including the people in the
universe! Hence; whether people in the world would get
associated with NAMASMARAN and evolve into cosmic
consciousness; would also be determined by the same “field”!

What is the proof for existence of such a field?

Obviously; we have no proof that a field exists and influences us!
Because even if it exists and influences; we can not show the
cause and effect relationship of such influences on our life and
hence we can not provide any proof for such blossoming (which
may be “our mission or vision”)!

There is again freedom to practice and experience and no burden
or getting shackled into intellectual framework made by some
one else! There is no compulsion to get drowned in the some body
else’s’ words but freedom to soar in the realm beyond words!
4. Another argument is; NAMASMARAN has no influence on
individual or social life; practicing NAMASMARAN is wastage
of time! One may feel that NAMASMARAN has benevolent role,
because of erroneously attributing the good changes in him or
her to NAMASMARAN! Actually it could be the other way
round; that is; good changes in him or her; have lead to him or
her to develop interest in NAMASMARAN!

This argument is because of inability to “see” anything tangible
and rather the addiction to believe in a thing; only if it is
tangible! It can not therefore be refuted. It can only be satisfied if
the questioner exercises his or her freedom to blossom his or her
capacity to “see”!

None of the questioners; amongst us; has to slavishly believe that
NAMASMARAN can influence the social life, because the
blossoming is irresistibly omnipresent impossible to be turned
blind eye to; amongst and around the practitioners of

If we have doubt about whether NAMASMARAN blossoms us
into cosmic consciousness, or cosmic consciousness absorbs into
NAMASMARAN; or cosmic consciousness some how is related
to NAMASMARAN; or whether NAMASMARAN has anything
to do with cosmic consciousness; then also there is freedom to
blossom and experience rather than condemned to get buried in
the sterile semantics!
All in all, practice of NAMASMARAN and the experience
associated with it; are innate and beyond linguistic
comprehension and communication; though the glimpses of its
supremacy can be described. We have freedom NOT to believe in
NAMASMARAN; and provisionally accept, study, experiment
out and experience!

It appears however, that soon; the individuals and the societies of
world; would get freedom from the conflicts generated from
fulfillment or otherwise; of their physical needs, instincts,
feelings, arguments, flights of imaginations, infatuations and
restlessness, and get the privilege of being associated with
NAMASMARAN, objective bliss, cosmic consciousness, globally
beneficial perspective, policies and their implementation;
irrespective of the nature of cause and effect relationship (which
also incidentally; is a product of human intellectual framework!)!

5. What is the sense in the claim that there is active peace in
NAMASMARAN; as suggested by some? What is “Active
Peace”? What is so great about it?

The “Active Peace” is a concept to suggest desireless (absence of
subjective desire) desire i.e. objective desire. This is a stage in life
reached through NAMASMARAN. It can not be and need not be
arbitrarily imposed on oneself, because, even as it is pleasant to
those who achieve it; it is not usually imaginable and hence
agreeable to us; who are engrossed in sensual pleasures.
In fact we find it quite dreadful to be “freed” from these
“pleasures”! This is a kind of “fear of loss”! We become
miserable even with the thought of such “dreaded freedom”!
However if we think keenly, then we can (in the course of
NAMASMARAN) imagine how sublime and towering is this
stage, why it is acclaimed in books like Bhagavad Gita; and why
knowingly or unknowingly; we all tend to move towards it.

6. Is it not true that NAMASMARAN has nothing to offer in
material terms?

It is true that NAMASMARAN does not ensure any concrete
material gains as such. But NAMASMARAN actually “converts”
us from our “seeker” status into a “master” status! We become
masters of our petty selves! In fact this is the hallmark of
progress in any culture; anywhere in the world.

However; what sort of conversion we undergo; what sort of
masters we become; has no tangibility. Hang delivered a child
and having become mother; need not be proved to others; or
need not be proved by getting certified from others. The mother
knows it more than anyone else! It is her privilege! Hence this
change within us through NAMASMARAN is accessible to
experience and not dependent for its validation on any words and

7. Why is NAMASMARAN ridiculed by many of us?
NAMASMARAN binds us in “something” non sensuous; and due
to our immaturity; appears to force us away from our likes and
dislikes i.e. our ego. Since this is painful; we ridicule it as foolish,
escapist, nihilistic, nonsense and erratic activity.

8. Is it not true that NAMASMARAN is a kind of paranoid
behavior or slavish behavior?

Initially; NAMASMARAN gives us the feeling of submission,
prostration, defeat, surrender, prostration by negation of
ourselves. But actually this negation is of ego, and victory of our
true self. But since we do not realize this initially, we feel that this
is an unpleasant and discomforting paranoid activity, which is
not true.

9. What is the use of practicing NAMASMARAN right from

If we practice NAMASMARAN right from childhood even
without much understanding; this subconscious learning
experience remains in our subconscious and is pivotal in setting
us free from our lower self. Because of NAMASMARAN we
become oriented to our higher selves and keep blossoming! We
become relatively far more patient and persistent in the process
of Total Stress Management and overcome intense impulses
(arising from our ego or lower self) to give up NAMASMARAN!
Thus we overcome or conquer the STRESS resulting from the
conflicts between lower and higher self. This is why we should
practice of NAMASMARAN right from childhood. We call it
japa, jaap, jikra etc.

10. Is there any reason to believe that the world would unite and

No. There is no reason to believe in anything. There is no reason
to disbelieve; or waver and vacillate either!

It is however a golden opportunity and privilege to practice
NAMASMARAN and be free to “see” the world re-exploring the
hitherto imperceptible unity and blossoming together!! This is
analogous to appropriate linking of the bogies of a train; or
assembly of various parts of a car; or even connection of various
types of cells in a body!

It must be clear by now to all of us; that the STRESS can be
managed temporarily and symptomatically by shopping, shower,
swimming, skating, skiing, singing, slimming and such other
ways; which serve as adjuvant measures.

Moreover; it must also be clear that we have the greatest bounty;
in form of studying and practicing Total Stress Management and
NAMASMARAN; embodying holistic perspective, policies, plans,
programs, implementation and administration; at all levels; and
realizing individual and global blossoming; inside and outside!
This is how NAMASMARAN is an inevitable and inseparable
core of Total Stress Management, or in fact; Total Stress
Management is a byproduct of NAMASMARAN!

Let us understand NAMASMARAN in some more details and
from different angles.

Namasmaran usually embodies; remembering the name of God,
Guru, great souls; such as prophets and whatever is considered
as holy e.g. planets and stars. It is remembered silently, loudly,
along with music, dance, along with breathing, in group or alone.
Further, NAMASMARAN is either counted by some means such
as fingers, rosary (called SMARANI or JAPAMALA), or
electronic counter; or practiced without counting. The traditions
vary from region to region and from religion to religion.

However the universal principle underlying
NAMASMARAN is to reorient our physiological and social
being; with our true self and establish and strengthen the bond
between; our physiological and social being; with our true self;
and finally reunification or merger with our true self!

Since individual consciousness is the culmination of every activity
in life; and NAMASMARAN the pinnacle of or culmination of
individual consciousness; NAMASMARAN is actually opening
the final common pathway to objective or cosmic consciousness;
so that individual consciousness in every possible activity gets
funneled into or unified with Him (our true self)!
Thus NAMASMARAN is in fact the YOGA of YOGA in the
sense that it is the culmination of consciousness associated with
every possible procedure and technique in the yoga that we are
familiar with. It is the YOGA of YOGA because it is the
culmination of consciousness associated with all the activities in
the universe, which it encompasses as well! It is YOGA of YOGA
because everybody in the world irrespective of his/her tradition
and the beliefs; would eventually, ultimately and naturally reach
it; in the process of liberation. Even so called non believers also
would not “miss” the “benefit of NAMASMARAN as they may
remember true self through one symbol or another”!

Just as NAMASMARAN is YOGA of YOGA it is meditation of
meditation also! This is because the natural and ultimate climax
of every form of meditation; is remembering true self or merging
with cosmic consciousness effortlessly!

These facts however have to be realized with persistent practice
of NAMSMARAN and not blindly believed or blindly disbelieved
with casual approach!

In short NAMSMARAN is super-bounty of cosmic consciousness
for every individual to realize it (cosmic consciousness)! This is
truly a super-bounty because a person, who experiences it, rises
above mercenary, commercial and even professional and charity
planes and manifest super- transactions in his or her life!
These are just few observations to give rough idea about what is
NAMASMARAN. NAMASMARAN is an ocean of bliss. Its true
meaning is beyond description in words and has to b
experienced, not by one or few persons sporadically; but most
preferably, by billions!

The culmination of NAMASMARAN is ANUSANDHAN, which
is a state of ultimate freedom; or being connected with true self;
through the name of God as inspired by the Guru
(NAMASMARAN); in traditional practice. ANUSANDHAN is
beyond all subjective considerations and pursuits; and has
benevolent effect of facilitating ANUSANDHAN; on the entire

NAMASMARAN would certainly enlighten, empower and
enable; at least some people; out of those billions practicing it; to
evolve, guide and consolidate; the global conscience and
empower the global perspective, policies, plans and programs;
and thereby usher in global unity, harmony and justice.

We should not merely believe, disbelieve, imagine, conjecture, or
theorize casually; about all this. We should not develop;
presumptions; such as; prejudices, liking, acceptance; or
disliking, rejection or contempt. Instead; we should; accept it
provisionally; and study and practice Total Stress Management
and NAMASMARAN; and verify.

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