TT01C PFP Budget Template 0 by 8k75m1


									                                     IV. Budget
                                     Your Name
                                Personal Financial Plan
                                    Class and Date

Current Situation
      Begin by discussing the things that you did well during the month. Are there any
      categories that you did particularly well with during the month?

       Continue by talking about areas where you can improve. Where did you have
       your largest deviations from your plans?

Action Plan
       Your action plan for your budget is really what you learned this month that can
       help you next month. I generally prefer one or two specific things that you
       learned this month that can help you as you prepare next month’s budget.

       Attached to this front page should be your output from either Quicken, Learning
       Tool 4, Learning Tool 31, or other spreadsheet or software program. It should
       include your budgeted amounts, your actual spending, and the differences.

      Staple to the back of this sheet your spreadsheet or Quicken/Money printouts.

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