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					                                Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
                                        Letter of Permission Request Form
 Students wishing to take a course at an affiliate institution and have that course applied to their program of
  study at WLS must first apply for a Letter of Permission to the Academic Administrative Committee (AAC).

Print this form, complete both pages and send with the course syllabus to the AAC via Student Advisor by mail,
in person to Seminary Office, fax to 519-725-2434 or scanned and emailed to swheeler@wlu.ca. Unless there
are extenuating circumstances, LOP requests must be made at least one term in advance. Letter of Permission
        courses are allowed at the discretion of the AAC and may not transgress residency requirements.


Student ID:


I hereby request permission to take a course on Letter of Permission at:

Host Institution:

Term:                                           Course Number:

Course Title:

Credit weight:                                  Class hours per week:

Instructor name:

Intended course substitution in WLS program (check one):

__ Required course. Course number and title: _________________________________________________

__ Concentration elective

__ Free elective

You must receive permission from the host institution to participate in the course prior to completing this form.

Permission given: Yes: ___ No: ___ Representative’s name: ____________________________________

I am making this request at least one term in advance: Yes: ___ No: ___

Number of previous Letter of Permission courses undertaken during this program:

Course syllabus is attached: Yes: ___ No: ___

Why I am requesting to take this course:

Date:                   Signature:

Completed by Academic Administrative Committee: This request is approved: Yes: ___ No: ___


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