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Student’s Name

Teacher’s Name

Reading, Period ___


                              NONFICTION BOOK REPORT

                                Title of the Story (underlined)

                                     By Author’s Name


Main Topic of this book:

Main Character(s) **most important character(s) in the story** This character(s) should be
named and have a major importance to the story.
                         1 paragraph for the Main Character
                         Thoroughly describe him/her by giving examples of physical traits,
                           actions, and interaction with other characters.
                         Complete this by explaining why this character is important to the

Setting: What’s the timeframe?
The setting is the time and place of the story. In one paragraph describe the setting of the
story which should include: In one paragraph:
                          Describe and identify the time and place of the story.
                                o Support your description by providing specific
                                    examples and page numbers from the story.
                          The setting should include a reference to mood and how it
                             may evolve through the course of the story. Describe the
                             mood by providing examples and page numbers
                                                        Student’s Last Name and Page Number        2

Point of View:
The person who narrates the story determines the point of view.
    First Person Narrator – This narrator tells the story as she or he experienced it. When
       sentences begin with an “I”, this is a clue that a character is telling the story in the first
    Third Person Narration – This narrator knows what all characters are doing and thinking.
        The author uses “he”, “she” or “it” to tell about the character.
                State the point of view of the story. Give an example to support your answer.
                   Include quote and page number
                Describe the language the narrator uses.
                                o Does the narrator uses figurative language or symbolism to
                                   support the story.
                                        Type of figurative language/symbolism
                                        Quote with page number
Plot/ Body:
You will create five (5) total paragraphs to discuss the Plot. Begin each paragraph with the bold
heading below. Please be thorough in each paragraph. Each paragraph should be at least five to
seven sentences.

1. The purpose of the story is: (Paragraph 1)

    The story is written to accomplish a task by the writer. The writer is
     either trying to entertain, inform, explain ‘how-to’, or persuade.
    Depending on what the writer is trying to accomplish the writing
     style can be described.

               *personal narrative            *expository
               *descriptive                   *persuasive

    This paragraph should also include an explanation why the writer chose
     this writing style.
    Describe what the reader can gain from reading this non-fiction book.

2. Plot the outline of events: (Paragraph 2)
In the second section use a graphic organizer (i.e-timeline,flow chart) to show the major events
that take place during the story.
     These events should be examples of the message that the author is conveying to the
                                                       Student’s Last Name and Page Number        3

3. Some of the details explained were: (Paragraph 3)
Paragraph three includes explanations of the major events listed in your timeline or flowchart.

      Explanation of major event 1
      Explanation of major event 2
      Explanation of major event 3

4. The contributing sources of information were:

    Please thoroughly explain and describe how the author presented
      the information to the reader.
    Did the author rely heavily upon personal accounts?
    Interviews?
    Research and facts?
    Historical documents?
    A specific person?
   This section should explain how the story was presented and who/what
   were the main sources of information.
                   1. Support #1 with quotes and page # -

                    2. Support #2 with quotes and page # -

                    3. Support #3 with quotes and page # -

5. The information was structured in:
In the fifth and last paragraph please describe how the story was put together.
     Explain how the author got the message to the reader using literary
        devices (e.g.- flashback, foreshadowing, irony).
     The purpose of this last paragraph is to show the organization of the
        information. (Did the author use compare/contrast chronological
        order, sequence of events, listing, cause and effect?) CITE
                                                Student’s Last Name and Page Number    4


Personal Reaction:
This is where you state your opinion of the story.
    Did the author hold the reader’s interest and how, or why not; INCLUDE AT LEAST
                                                    Student’s Last Name and Page Number        5


                                          8th Grade

        _____ Letter sized white paper
        _____ 12 pt font (Times New Roman)
        _____ One inch margin on all sides
        _____ Double Spacing (DON’T OVERSPACE)
        _____ Format the Student Name and Page Number in the Header
        _____ Please spell check
        _____ Review your work for complete sentences and paragraphs
        _____ Each paragraph should contain 4 to 8 sentences, including an introductory and
                  closing statement.
        _____ CITE EXAMPLES

The main character, setting, point of view, opinion and theme sections do not require headings.
However, in the Synopsis section please provide headings for each of the five paragraphs. Each
heading should be left justified, bold and italicized.

          1. Paragraph I – The purpose of the story is…
          2. Paragraph II- Plot outline.
          3. Paragraph III – Some of the details that were explained were…
          4. Paragraph IV – The contributing sources of information were…
          5. Paragraph V – The information was structured in…

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