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					                            Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya

                         2, "Anusandhan Bhawan", Rafi Marg
                                   NEW DELHI 110 001

                FOUNDER-EDITOR:      CH. SRINIVASA RAO
                    [ESTD: 1993 AT IICT, HYDERABAD]

Vol. XVI                        September-October 2009                  No. 177 &178


   I apologize for my inability to bring out this issue on time; which
was mainly due to my indisposition.

    With a view to allow our esteemed readers the benefit of news
value of various CSIR circulars, September and October 2009 issues
of “HARMONY” have been combined and brought out as a single
issue. Incidentally, the CSIR circulars itself have occupied almost
30 pages and made this issue rather bulky.

    I would be striving hard to bring further issues on time.

    Happy reading…
                                          CSIR/GOI ORDERS


   The DG, CSIR has been pleased to accord his approval for
enhancement of honorarium from Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,000/- per person
per day to the Experts/Members for attending various meetings
convened by HRDG of CSIR w.e.f. 21-7-2009.

[CSIR O.M.No.1/Hon(ENH)/2K9/EMR-I dt. 21-7-2009]


  The following deficiencies have been observed while perusing the
Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR):

i) QPRs are not being submitted in the prescribed format.

ii) The required Certificate from the CVOs that all the qualifying works
    have been reported, is not being given

iii) Estimated cost/Tendered value of work which is supposed to be
     mentioned in Lakhs and it is not being indicated uniformly

iv) QPRs received from various units of organization are forwarded to
    CTEO as it is without scrutiny and compilation by CVOs

v) In case the work in progress is less than the prescribed value, only
   two highest value works are to be reported, whereas a number of
   works below the prescribed value are being reported unnecessarily.

vi) Clear name of works including locations is not being provided

vii) Full designation and location of the Engineer-in-Charge is not being

viii) Date of start and date of completion are being indicated in dd-mm-yy
      format; rather unwanted information
                                     ix) Against the requirement of
   indicating the physical of the work in percentage terms, the
   quantities of various items of work are being given
x) In the column ’Tender Amount’ only ‘Item rate’ is being mentioned
   which does not serve the purpose

[CSIR Lr.No.15-1(120)/90-Vig. dt. 22-7-2009; CVC O.M.No.98-VGL-25
dated 29-5-2009]

                   PROVISION OF AC STAFF CARS

    It has been decided that the provision of AC staff cars may be
extended to the Officers of the level of Jt. Secretary and equivalent with
the stipulation that as far as possible, for Officers of Jt. Secretary level,
hiring of AC taxies may be resorted to.

    Retro-fitting of AC on existing non-AC vehicles may be done only
after taking into consideration of the condition of the vehicle and its
remaining useful life. The existing ceiling on the consumption of POL
would continue.

[CSIR Lr.No.30-1(6)/2007-Finance dt. 28-7-2009; GOI MOF DOE O.M.
No.3(1)/E.II(A)/2009 dt. 30-6-2009]


   In order to oversee and report on the progress in the infrastructure
development and creation of facilities commensurate with the
requirement of a modern CDRI new campus and to set up scientific
archives at the present CDRI campus with an intention to preserve its
architectural splendour and the historical significance of the place, Shri
Tariq Qutubuddin, Sr. COA, ITRC, Lucknow has been transferred and
posted as Sr. Dy. Secretary (Project Monitoring) at CDRI, Lucknow.

[CSIR O.M.No.3-4/B/2009-E.I dt. 29-7-2009]


    It has been decided to revise the rates of subscriptions to be made
by employees/pensioners for availing benefits under the CGHS w.e.f.
1-6-2009 and also the monetary ceiling limits for various entitlements as

S.No.              Grade Pay                       Contribution p.m.
1.    Up to Rs.1,650/- p.m.                             Rs.50/-
2.    Rs.1,800/-; Rs.1,900/-; Rs.2,000/-;              Rs.125/-
      Rs.2,400/-; and Rs.2,800/-
3.    Rs.4,200/-                                        Rs.225/-
4.    Rs.4,600/-; Rs.4,800/-; Rs.5,400/-;               Rs.325/-
      and Rs.6,600/-
5.    Rs.7,600/- and above                              Rs.500/-

S.No.         Ward entitlement               Pay drawn in Pay Band
1.    General Ward                          Up to Rs.13,950/-
2.    Semi-private ward                     Rs.13,960/- to Rs.19,530/-
3.    Private ward                          Rs.19,540/- and above

Monetary ceiling for free diet:               Rs.7450/- p.m.

Monetary ceiling for TB/mental disease:       Rs.11,160 p.m.

Entitlement of Nursing Home facilities        Revised pay/pension/family
in Govt./State Govt./Municipal Hospitals:     pension: Rs.13,950/- p.m.
                                              and above

Direct consultation with Specialists          Rs.33,480/- p.m. & above
in above hospitals:

Accommodation in AIIMS, New Delhi:

S.No. Pay in the Pay Band/Pension/        Ward entitlement
      Family Pension p.m.
1.    Up to Rs.19530/-                General Ward
2.    From Rs.19,540/- to Rs.25,110/- Private Ward
3.    Rs.25,120/- and above           Private Ward/Deluxe Ward

    It may be noted that the reference to pay relates to the pay drawn in
the Pay Band.
                                         Contributions to be made by
pensioners/family pensioners would be the amount that they were
subscribing at the time of their retirement or at the time of death of the
Govt. servant. They have an option for making contribution for 10 years
(120 months) for getting CGHS Card with Life-time validity.

    Pension beneficiaries who have already obtained CGHS card with
Life-time validity will not be required to pay any additional amount on

   Entitlement of pensioners/family pensioners who have already
deposited their contribution for Life-time CGHS facility will not be

    Pensioners/family pensioners who are contributing to the CGHS on
an annual basis and wish to continue to avail CGHS benefits will have to
contribute at the revised rates up to the time of contribution needed to
cover a period of a total of ten years from the time pensioner CGHS card
was issued for the first time to them. The revised rate of contribution for
the remaining period would be with reference to the Grade Pay, he/she
would have drawn in the post held by him/her at the time of
retirement/death and continued to be in service now but for his

    In case of pensioner/family pensioner who is entitled to avail CGHS
facilities has not so far got CGHS card made, the rate of contribution in
such cases will be w.r.t. the Grade Pay that would have drawn in the
post held by him/her at the time of retirement/death had he/she
continued to be in service now but for his retirement/death.

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(66)/2009-PD dt. 31-7-2009; GOI MOH&FW DOH&FW
O.M.No.S.11011/2/2008-CGHS(P) dt. 20-5-2009]


   Consequent upon implementation of Central Plan Scheme
Monitoring System (CPSMS) by Office of Controller-General of
Accounts, each CSIR Lab./Instt. has to get itself registered under the
above scheme for getting funds from the Govt. Agencies. For this
purpose, the Agency Registration Form [available on CGA’s Website] has to be filled in and submitted by CSIR Labs./Instts. to
the concerned authority as per the guidelines.          Head, Planning,
                                     Monitoring & Evaluation Cell of the
Lab./Instt. would be the contact person.

  For facilitating online registration, a sample of prescribed Agency
Registration Form duly filled in was enclosed for ready reference.

   Confirmation of registration by the Labs./Instts. receiving funds from
Govt. Departments may be sent to CSIR HQs. to submit compliance

[CSIR Lr.No.31-2(1)/E-Lekha/2009-10/Bud dt. 3-8-2009]


   The DG, CSIR has been pleased to modify the eligibility criteria
under Rule 3.1 of CSIR (Residence Allotment) Rules, 1997 for allotment
of Govt. accommodation other than Scientists Apartments & Hostels in
accordance with the Grade Pay as follows:

     Type of                      Grade Pay (Rs.)
         I      Rs.1300, Rs.1400, Rs.1600, Rs.1650 & Rs.1800
         II     Rs.1900, Rs.2000, Rs.2400 & Rs.2800
        III     Rs.4200, Rs.4600 & Rs.4800
        IV      Rs.5400 to Rs.6600
        V       Rs.7600 to Rs.8900
        VI      Rs.10000
       VII*     Rs.12000 (under revision) and HAG+ Scale

*    Living area 189.3 to 224.5 sq. meters.       Wherever Type VII
     accommodation is not available in the Lab./Instt., bigger Type VI
     accommodation may be allotted to Scientists in Grade Pay of
     Rs.12000/- or HAG+ Scale

[CSIR Lr.No. 5-1(34)/2008-PD dt. 3-8-2009]


   The VP, CSIR has approved extension of tenure of Dr. J.S. Yadav,
Director, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad up to the
date of his superannuation.
                                    [CSIR     O.M.No.7-8(92)-D/2008-PD
dt. 11-8-2009]


   The VP, CSIR has approved extension of tenure of Dr. M.O. Garg,
Director, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehra Dun up to the date of his

[CSIR O.M.No.7-8(92)-D/2008-PD dt. 11-8-2009]

        REPLACEMENT OF PAY SCALE OF Rs.22400-24500

    The Ministry of Finance notified amendment to CCS (RP) Rules,
2008 with regard to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.22400-525-24500
and exercise of option, fixation of pay and payment of arrears, etc. of
Officers in the new HAG scale of Rs.67000-79000. Accordingly the pay
scales of Directors/Scientist ‘H’ in the pre-revised scale of Rs.22400-
525-24500 has been revised as under:

Post/Grade Pre-revised pay scale       Revised scale/Pay Corresponding
                                       Band              Grade Pay
Director/     Rs.22400-525-24500       Rs.67000-79000/         Nil
Scientist H                            HAG       (Annual
                                       increment @ 3%)

  Proposals for re-fixation of pay of Directors have to be sent to CSIR

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(3)/2008-PD dt. 18-8-2009]

                   QUICK HIRE SCHEME

   The number of Fellows under Quick Hire Scheme to be filled in the
Labs./Instt. at a given time should not exceed the number of vacant
positions in Gr. IV. In exceptional cases where the vacant positions in
Gr. IV are not available, the number of QH Fellows should be restricted
                                      to the limit prescribed under the
original scheme, i.e. 5 or 10 respectively, depending upon the size of the

    Specific references may need to be made to CSIR HQs. prior to
appointment of QHF in excess of vacant positions with a view to ensure
that at least the aggregated QHF along with existing Scientists position
in Gr. IV in all Labs./Instts. do not exceed the aggregated sanctioned
strength of such Gr. IV Scientists.

CSIR Lr.No.5-1(57)/2008-PD dt. 20-8-2009]


    It has come to the notice of CSIR Vigilance that one C&F agent has
issued Customs Payment Advice in respect of an item which is
absolutely Duty-free. As per the advice of the C&F Agent, the Institute
has also made the payment towards Customs besides issuing the
Customs Duty (CD) Exemption Certificate. The Bill of Entry furnished by
C&F agent bears a manipulated product code (Harmonization System
(HS) Code 90271000) which attracts 10% CD whereas the actual
product code is 90272000 which is a Custom-free item. This has
resulted in a loss to the Council even if the said duty is assumed to have
been paid to the Customs Department.

   Keeping in view the above instances, all COSPs/SPOs/SOs (S&P)
are advised to invariably ascertain the product code/HS Codes and
check whether the same is a customable or Custom free item. The
Agents may also be advised to mention the exact product/import code
(HS Code) in the quotations and invoices so as to avoid any confusion
and possible malpractice by the C&F Agents.

[CSIR Lr.No.15-1(127)/2007-Vig. dt. 20-8-2009]


   With a view of bringing about uniformity in all cases of engagement
of Consultants, instructions issued by the GOI vide DOPT O.M.
No.16012/30/2008-Estt.(Allowance) dated 8-4-2009 stand withdrawn
and the provisions envisaged in GFR 2005 shall apply along with
“Manual of Policies & Procedure of Employment of Consultants”
                                  issued by Ministry of Finance and
available on MOF Website: (

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(3)/2008-PD dt. 27-8-2009]


   Dr. Nagesh R. Iyer, Director, SERC, Chennai will henceforth function
as Director (Engineering Coordination) in addition to his present
responsibilities with immediate effect.

    All operations, functions and activities of ESD, CSIR will now come
under the purview of Dr. Nagesh Iyer. All Engineering staff including
individuals entrusted with tasks related to construction, maintenance and
other services related to Engineering Works shall henceforth under the
direct administrative control of Dr. Nagesh Iyer. He will exercise all
financial powers delegated to the Director (EC) as per the Schedule of
Delegation of Financial Powers notified vide CSIR Circular No.2(1)/94-
Fin. Dated 30-9-1994.

    The Office of Dr. Nagesh Iyer as Director, EC will be the Office space
of erstwhile Chief Engineer at the HRDG premises in the CSIR Complex.
Shri N.K. Verma accordingly would relocate to HRDC, Ghaziabad.

     The DG, CSIR has constituted the following Committee:

1. Dr. Nagesh R. Iyer, Director, SERC, Chennai          ..   Chairman
2. Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya, Director, CBRI, Roorkee       ..   Co-Chairman
3. Jt. Secretary (Admn.), CSIR, New Delhi               ..   Member
4. Dr. Naresh Kumar, Head, PPD, CSIR HQs.               ..   Member
   (or his representative (Scientist F and above)
5. Shri C.S. Malik, Sr.Dy.FA (Budget), CSIR HQs.        .. Member
6. Dr. R. Jayaraman, Scientist, SERC, Chennai           .. Member-

   The above Committee will examine and give recommendations on all
on-going/new major civil/electric construction projects, including those
under the XI Five Year Plan under the following categories which are
beyond the power of the Director of the Labs./Instt.:

i) Laboratory modernization for eco-friendly sustainable growth
                                     0i.e. projects related to construction
   of modern building infrastructure and related facilities taking into
   consideration the eco-friendly and cost-effective maintenance
   technologies, such as energy efficient air-conditioning system/lighting
   devices, rain water harvesting, recycling of waste water, etc.

ii) Civil Infrastructure renovation of Staff Quarters and amenities
    i.e. construction of dwelling units at various places on need basis and
    other amenities such as Dispensaries, Health Centres, Community
    Centers, etc. under the XI Five Year Plan

    Accordingly, all proposals relating to above activities after the
approval of the Management Council may be sent to Member-Convener
for placing before the aforesaid Committee for consideration/approval
before allocation of fund and actual commencement of work.

[CSIR O.M. No.6-9(131)/2005-E.III dt. 31-8-2009 & CSIR O.M. No.5-
1(69)/2009-PD dt. 11-9-2009]


    The VP, CSIR has approved extension of tenure of Dr. Chandra
Shekhar, Director, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute,
Pilani up to the date of his superannuation.

[CSIR O.M.No.7-8(92)-D/2008-PD dt. 31-8-2009]

                    STAFF OFFICER TO DG, CSIR

    On the recommendations of the Selection Committee, the competent
authority has approved the appointment of Shri R.P. Sharma, COA, NPL
to the post of “Staff Officer to DG, CSIR” on deputation basis in the PB-4
of Rs.37400-67000 with GP of Rs.8700/-. Shri Sharma is initially posted
for 6 months w.e.f. 1-9-2009 and will be responsible for handling CSIR
HQs. (Central Office Administration) under the Jt. Secretary (Admn.),
CSIR and also assist in the implementation of restructuring and efficient
functioning of Central Office Administration commensurate with the
vision and mandate of DG to build a vibrant CSIR.

[CSIR O.M.No.6-3(102)/Staff Officer/2009-E.III dt. 31-8-2009]

    The following points on use of Corporate Coupons for air travel on
Official tours have been issued:

i) Corporate coupons of private airlines procured before issue of GOI
   Order dated 13-7-2009 may be used. However, no Corporate
   coupons/Apex fare tickets of private airlines would be procured.

ii) Wherever relaxation for traveling in terms of Para 3 of MOF
    O.M.No.F.No.19024/1/2009-E.IV dated 13-7-2009 is required, the
    Lab./Instt. may seek relaxation from Jt. Secretary, MOCA, B-Block,
    Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi 110003 (Fax

[CSIR Lr.No.30-1(36)/2008-Finance dt. 3-9-2009]


    All concerned Officers across CSIR and its Labs./Instts. who are
authorized to clear material for publishing may be advised that no
information pertaining to any statement made by DG, CSIR while
making a presentation, address, lecture, or in conversation during his
visit to any CSIR Lab./Instt. be published in CSIR periodicals or
elsewhere or even hosted on the CSIR/Lab. Website or released to the
Press unless is cleared by DG, CSIR.

[CSIR Circular No.25-1(9)/2009-USD dt. 3-9-2009]


    It was clarified vide MPPG&P DOPT O.M.No.134/9/86-AVD-I dated
31-7-1987 that the Central Govt. has the power to withhold or withdraw
pension even as a result of minor penalty proceedings instituted against
a Charged Officer during his service and which had continued after his
retirement provided grave misconduct or negligence is established.
There can be circumstances wherein proceedings initiated for minor
penalty could result in establishment of grave misconduct or negligence
on conclusion of the proceedings warranting a cut or withholding of
pension or recovery of pecuniary loss.
                                   2    The above O.M. was issued in
cancellation of the earlier O.M. dated 28-2-1981 which inter alia stated
that “grave misconduct or negligence” cannot be established as a result
of minor penalty proceedings.

   The O.M. dated 31-7-1987 came under scrutiny before the CAT,
Delhi and the implication of the judgement of Hon’ble CAT was
considered and noted that the matter has attained legal finality and the
O.M. dated 31-7-1987 was set aside. Accordingly, the O.M. dated
28-2-1981 stands restored; that is to say that, “grave misconduct or
negligence” cannot be established as a result of minor penalty

[CSIR Lr.No.15-6(82)/98-O&M-II dt. 7-9-2009;     GOI MPPG&P DOPT
O.M.No.110/9/2003-AVD-I dt. 13-4-2009]

                   CORRUPT MEANS

   It has been decided that henceforth, all references seeking
authorization of CG to file an application u/s 3 of the Criminal Law
(Amendment) Ordinance, 1944 for attachment of the money or property
procured by means of the scheduled offence by the person who is
employed in connection with the affairs of the Union and is not
removable from his Office save by or with the sanction of the Central
Govt. shall be addressed to the competent authority who accorded
sanction of prosecution u/s 19 (1) of the PC Act, 1988.

[CSIR Lr.No.15-6(82)/98-O&M-II dt. 7-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT
O.M.No.219/12/2009-AVD-II dt. 13-5-2009]


   The Jt. Secretary (Admn.), CSIR has been pleased to accord
approval to the following revised rates of fee for the advocates in
Arbitration matters w.e.f. 17-8-2009:

S.No.            Nature of assigned job                   Fee (Rs.)
1.    For reading/study of records (one time only):
      - For claims up to Rs.5.00 lakhs                Rs. 5,500/-
      - Claim of more than Rs.5.00 lakhs              Rs.11,000/-
2.    Fee for appearance before the Arbitrator:
       - For one hour                3                   Rs. 5,500/-
       - For more than one hour                          Rs. 9,500/-
3.     For drafting claim/counter claim/ applications:
       - For claims up to Rs.5.00 lakhs                  Rs. 5,500/-
       - For claim of more than Rs.5.00 lakhs            Rs.11,000/-
4.     For drafting of MAs                               Rs. 3,300/-
5.     Fee for conference (subject to a maximum of
       four conferences):
       - Up to 2 hours                                   Rs. 2,200/-
       - For more than 2 hours                           Rs. 5,500/-
6.     Expenses                                          Actuals
7.     Clerkage                                          @     10%     on
                                                         appearance fee
                                                         before Arbitrator
8.     Outstation fee for Advocate                       @ Rs.5,500/- per

    In addition, TA/DA will also be paid to the Advocates as per GOI
instructions relating to Officers of PB-4 (Grade Pay Rs.8,700/-)

[CSIR Lr.No.3/89-Law(Vol.V)/1993 dt. 8-9-2009]


    The following documents would be accepted as proof of date of
birth/age for payment of additional pension/family pension on completion
of 80 years and above: (i) Pan card (ii) Matriculation certificate
containing date of birth) (iii) Passport (iv) CGHS Card (v) Driving Licence
with date of birth.

    Further, it has been decided that Voters ID Card may also be
accepted as proof of date of birth, provided: (i) the pensioner/family
pensioner certifies that he/she is not a Matriculate; (ii) the pensioner
certifies that he/she does not have any of the documents.

    It is reiterated that the additional quantum of pension/family pension
would be admissible from the 1st day of the month in which the date of
birth falls only on completion of the age of 80, 85 years, etc.
                                      4[CSIR           Lr.     No.34-
1(11)/CSIR/Pen/2009-10/407 dt. 8-9-2009;            GOI MPPG&P DOPT
O.M.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dt. 11-8-2009]


    The following are presently covered in the definition of “family” in
relation to a Govt. servant/Pensioner for the purpose of eligibility for
family pension:

a) wife/husband

b) a judicially separated wife or husband, such separation not being
   granted on the ground of adultery and the person surviving was not
   held guilty of committing adultery

c) unmarried/widowed/divorced daughter up to the date of
   marriage/remarriage or till the date she starts earning, whichever is
   earliest; and

d) parents who were wholly dependent upon GS when he/she was alive
   provided the deceased employee has left behind neither a
   widow/widower nor a child.

     It has now been decided to include the dependent disabled siblings
(i.e. brothers/sisters) of Govt. servant/pensioner in the definition of family
for the purpose of eligibility for family pension strictly as per the
“disability criteria” who is unable to earn a living even after attaining the
age of 25 years.

[CSIR Lr. No.34-1(11)/CSIR/Pen/2009-10/407 dt. 8-9-2009;                 GOI
MPPG&P DOPT O.M.No.1/15/2008-P&PW(E) dt. 17-8-2009]

                     FAMILY PENSIONERS

    A concordance table of the pre-1996, pre-2006 and post-2006 pay
scales/pay bands was enclosed as Annexure-I of the O.M. dated
14-10-2008 to facilitate payment of revised pension/family pension in
terms of para 4.2 of the O.M. dated 1-9-2008. Consequently, the entries
at Sl.No.32 in the Table shall be substituted by the following:
S.   Pay      Post/Grade and Name       Corres-   Corres-     Pension*=50%     Family
N    scale    pay scale w.e.f. of PB/   ponding   ponding     of sum of min.   pension
o.   w.e.f    1-1-96           scale    6th CPC   GP          of PB+GP/        **= 30%
     1-1-86                             PB/scal               scales           of sum
                                        es                                     of min.
                                                                               of PB+
     Rs.      Grade   Scale                                                    GP/
               Rs.     Rs.                              Rs.                    scales
                                          Rs.                         Rs.         Rs.
 1     2        3        4       5         6            7              8           9
32   7300-    S-30    22400    HAG      67000-    Nil         33500            20100
     100-             -525-             79000
     7600             24500

[CSIR Lr. No. 34-1(11)/CSIR/Pen/2009-10/407 dt. 8-9-2009; GOI
MPPG&P DOPT O.M.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A)Pt.1 dt. 17-8-2009]


     The existing rates of honorarium have been revised as follows:

               Particulars                               Revised rates per inquiry
Inquiry Officer (part-time serving Govt.                Rs.3000/- (max.)
servants)                                               Rs.1500/- (min.)
Presenting Officer (part-time serving Govt.             Rs.1500/- (max.)
servants)                                               Rs.750/- (min.)
Retired Govt. servants as Inquiry Officers              Rs.9750/- (lump sum) plus
                                                        Rs.1500/- for every
                                                        additional Charged Officer

   These orders will take effect from the date of issue and will also
apply to inquiries in progress.

[CSIR Lr. No.15-6(82)/98-O&M-II dt. 9-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT
O.M. No.142/20/2008-AVD-I dt. 27-7-2009]

                      CSIR MANAGEMENT AUDIT TEAM

    The DG, CSIR has constituted the following “Management Audit
Team” (MAT) with the objective to reduce Court/Vigilance cases and to
bring out over all satisfaction at all levels
                                      6    1. Chief Vigilance Officer
         - CVO can co-opt one or more members, if required for smooth
            and effective functioning of the team
   2.    Financial Advisor’s nominee
   3.    Legal Advisor or her nominee
   4.    Dy. Secretary (Lab. Admn.) or his nominee
   5.    Shri K.A. Qurieshi, Sr.COSP

   The MAT will undertake the following activities:

         To review governance practices of CSIR
         To review the empowerment process and control and risk
          arising out of it
         To review the compliance of various guidelines issued/endorsed
          by CSIR

    As part of this initiative, the MAT would visit as many Labs./Instts. as
may be possible to have an interaction with the Lab. Management and
the concerned employee directly.

[CSIR Lr.No.01/2008/CSIR-MAT dt. 11-9-2009; 16-9-2008 & 18-8-2008]

                          ECONOMY MEASURES

    The GOI have issued guidelines for expenditure management. The
DG, CSIR has emphasized the need to take various austerity measures
in order to ensure availability of funds for all programmes taken up by
CSIR on the following:

1.       Cut in Non-Plan expenditure
2.       Economy measures in respect of:
2.2.     Seminars/Conferences
2.2.     Air travel – domestic
2.3      Purchase of vehicles
2.3      Petrol/Oil/Lubricants
2.4      Office expenses
2.5      Electricity expenses
2.6      Any other item of expenditure to be identified by respective

   The Internal Financial Advisers were advised to assist their
respective Labs./Instts. in securing compliance with the above measures
                                    7and also submit an over all report to
Financial Adviser, CSIR on a quarterly basis regarding action taken on
these measures.

[CSIR Lr.No.30-1(36)/2008-Finance dt. 14-9-2009; GOI MOF DOE O.M.
No.7(1)E.Coord/2009 dt. 7-9-2009]


    The points of doubt raised by administrative departments and the
clarifications thereto are issued as under:

1.    As per the provisions of FR 22 (I) (a) (1), split option has to be
      submitted by the eligible employee (other than those appointed
      on deputation to ex-cadre post or ad hoc basis or on direct
      recruitment basis) within one month of promotion. Some of the
      employees, promoted before or after 1-1-2006 but before
      notification of revised Pay Rules implementing 6th CPC
      recommendations had opted for their pay fixation on promotion
      from the date of their next increment which was falling after
      1-1-2006 in the 5th CPC scales as per the rules/pay structure then
      in    force.     Consequent  upon     implementation      of   the
      recommendations of 6 CPC scales in August/September 2008
      effective from 1-1-2006, the option submitted by a number of
      employees has now turned out to be disadvantageous. Whether
      such employees may be allowed to revise their options under FR
      22 (I) (a) (1) ?

          DOPT O.M. No.16/8/2000-Estt.(Pay-I) dated 25-2-2003
      provides that a Govt. servant may give a revised option for pay
      fixation under FR 22 (I) (a) (1) within one month from the date of
      orders of such unforeseen developments or change of rules. In
      any such cases that have resulted from the notification of CCS
      (RP) Rules, 2008, Govt. servants may be allowed to exercise a
      revised option for fixation of their pay in the promotion post within
      one from the date of issue of these clarifications, if they have
      already not been allowed to do so.

2.    As per Rule 5 of the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, a Govt. servant
      placed in a higher pay scale between 1-1-2006 and the date of
      notification of these rules on account of promotion, upgradation of
      pay scales, etc. can elect to switch over to the revised pay
                                     8structure from the date of such
       promotion (i.e. after placement in the promotional grade),
       upgradation, etc. The employees promoted or upgraded to
       higher grade have option to have their pay fixed/re-fixed as per
       the provisions of FR 22/23 from the date of next increment, etc. ?

          Proviso to Rule 5 of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 states that a GS
       may elect to continue to draw pay in the existing scale under the
       date of which he earns his next or any subsequent increment in
       the existing scale, or until he vacates his post, or ceases to draw
       pay in that scale.

          The Rule ibid further provides that in cases where a GS has
       been placed in a higher pay scale between 1-1-2006 and the date
       of notification of these Rules on account of promotion,
       upgradation of pay scale, etc., the GS may elect to switch over to
       the revised pay structure from the date of such promotion,
       upgradation, etc.

2.1    Whether such employees covered by Rule 5 of CCS (RP) Rules,
       2008 can also revise their options now to choose either from the
       date of promotion/upgradation or the date of increment, etc.
       (which may fall on the 1-7-2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009, etc.) as
       annual increment in the new structure is given uniformly on 1st
       July ?

           It is clarified that such cases will be regulated under proviso to
       Rule 5 of the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. After switching over to the
       revised pay structure, the method of fixation of pay on promotion
       after 1-1-2006 was issued under Clarification 2 vide O.M.
       No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13-9-2008 will apply.

2.2.   Whether such option will also be available in the cases of ad hoc
       promotions (whether or not followed by regularization without

           In the case of ad hoc promotions granted between 1-1-2006
       and date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, a GS has the
       option to have his pay fixed under proviso to Rule 5. However,
       Clarification 2 (the method of fixation of pay on promotion after
       1-1-2006) issued vide O.M. dated 13-9-2008 will apply.
                                    93.      As per Rule 13 (i) of CCS
     (RP) Rules, 2008,in the case of promotion from one Grade Pay to
     another and that involving change of Pay Band, one increment
     equal to 3% of basic and in addition higher grade pay of the
     promotional post may also be allowed. As per Clarification 2 of
     O.M. dated 13-9-2008,on promotion from one grade to another, a
     GS has an option under FR 22 (I) (a) (1) to get his pay fixed in
     the higher post either from the date of his promotion, or from the
     date of his next increment. As per the provisions of FR 22 (I) (a)
     (1), the benefit of fixation under above rule is admissible only in
     cases of appointment involving duties and responsibilities of
     greater importance. Further, the grant of option under above FR,
     is also subject to the condition that the appointment is not on
     deputation on ex-cadre basis/ad hoc or direct recruitment basis.
     It is not clear whether:
     (a) FR 22 (I) (a) (1) still holds good in its present form with all the
          attendant conditions; or
     (b) The same got modified on introduction of 6th CPC pay
          structure; and if yes,
     (c) What is the extent of modification to above FR ?

        Point No.(a): FR 22 (I) (a) (1) still holds good.

          Points No. (b) & (c): Clarification No.2 of O.M. dated
     13-9-2008 prescribes the method of fixation of pay under FR 22
     (I) (a) (1)

4.   Methodology of rounding off:
     As per Rule 9 of the notification, the rate of increment in the
     revised pay structure will be 3% of the sum of the pay in the Pay
     Band and Grade Pay applicable, which will be rounded off to the
     next multiple of 10. Whether rounding off to next multiple of 10
     has to be done in terms of rupees or even a paise has to be
     rounded off to multiple of 10. For example, if the pay after drawal
     of increment works out to Rs.10510.10, the same has to be
     rounded off to Rs.10520 or Rs.10510 ?

        In the case Fitment Tables, rounding off has already been
     done and the same should be implemented without any
                                    0     In the case of calculation of
       increments under the revised pay structure, paise should be
       ignored but any amount of a rupee or more should be rounded off
       to next multiple of 10. To illustrate, if the amount of increment
       comes to Rs.1900.70, then the amount will be rounded off to
       Rs.1900; if the amount of increment works out to be Rs.1901,
       then it will be rounded off to Rs.1910/-.

5.     Grant of stagnation increment: Whether the employees who have
       been granted stagnation increment between Feb. 2005 or
       thereafter are to be granted additional increment w.e.f. 1-1-2006,
       while fixing the pay or not ? Since they have reached at the
       maximum of the existing pay scale ?

           In all cases, where a GS has been granted an increment
       (whether normal annual increment or stagnation increment) after
       1-1-2005, no increment will be allowed on 1-1-2006 at the time of
       fixation of pay in the revised pay structure.

[CSIR Lr. No.5-1(3)/2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009;       GOI MOF DOE O.M.F.
No.1/1/2008-IC dt. 29-1-2009]

                     GS TO JOIN POST

    As per the provisions of Rule 10 of CCS (RP) rules, 2008 w.e.f.
1-1-2006, in the case of all CG employees, there is a uniform date of
increment i.e., 1st of July of every year. Govt. servants completing six
months and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st of July are
eligible to be granted increment. Govt. servants who have rendered less
than 6 months of service as on 1st July of a year will not be eligible to
draw increment on that day and their date of increment will fall 12
months later on the next 1st of July. Accordingly all the Govt. servants
who join posts in a particular grade on account of
promotion/appointment, etc. on 1st of Jan. of a year will be eligible to
draw their annual increment on the 1st July of that year. However, those
who join the posts between 2nd Jan. and 30th June will not be eligible for
the same.

   It is clarified that in the normal course, a GS was to join post in a
grade pay on appointment/promotion on 1st Jan. of a year but he could
not join the post only because of 1st Jan. of a year happened to be a
                                      1Sunday or Gazetted holiday, the
GS who join posts on the 1st working day of the year will be treated to
have completed 6 months of service on 1st July of that year for the
purpose of granting them annual increment on that day.

    The above clarification would be applicable to the All India Services
Officers as well.

[CSIR Lr. No.5-1(3)2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009; GOI MOF DOE O.M. F.
No.1/1/2008-IC dt. 13-3-2009 & GOI MPPG&P DOPT Lr. No.14021/
5/2009-AIS-II dt. 20-5-2009]


    The mileage points earned on account of travel for Official tours/visits
shall not be used for purposes of private travel in the form of free
companion tickets or other variations thereof by a GS or members of his
(or her) family and any action to the contrary to these instructions render
a GS liable for departmental action.

   On a review, it has been decided to modify the instructions contained
in O.M.No.11013/7/2008-Estt.(A) dated 6-10-2008 to the extent that
w.e.f. 3-6-2009, the Govt. servants will be allowed the facility of free
companion tickets offered by the Airlines for International travel only.

[CSIR Lr. No.5-1(3)2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009; GOI DOPT O.M. No.11013/
7/2008-Estt.(A) dated 3-6-2009]


    There is no differentiation between persons acquiring disability
before or after entering into service. An employee who acquires
disability even after entering into service will be entitled to get the benefit
of reservation as a person with disability from the date of production of a
valid Certificate of Disability in terms of DOPT O.M.No.36035/3/2004-
Estt.(Res.) dated 29-12-2005.

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(3)2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT O.M.
No.F.No.36035/3/2009-Estt.(Res.) dt. 10-6-2009]
                                      2     TRAVEL BY SHATABDI

   It is clarified that for the purpose of journeys on tour, Officers drawing
Grade Pay of Rs.7600/-0 and above are entitled to travel by Executive
Class in Shatabdi trains and AC First Class in Rajdhani Trains.

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(3)2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009;           GOI MOF DOE O.M.
No.19030/3/2008-E.IV dt. 29-6-2009]


   It has been decided that all appointing authorities may be instructed
to scrupulously observe the following guidelines regarding
representation of women members on the various Committees/Boards
concerned with selection to all Groups of posts in Central Govt.:

i) The composition of Selection Committees should be representative.
   It should be mandatory to have one woman member in the Selection
   Board/Committee for making recruitment to ten (10) or more
   vacancies and lady candidates are expected to be available for the

ii) Where the number of vacancies are less than 10, no efforts should
    be spared in finding a lady Officer for inclusion in such Committees.

iii) In the event of such an Officer not being available in the Ministry/
     Department itself, there is no objection to nominating a lady Officer
     from any other Office at the same station.

iv) Wide publicity should be given to all appointments in Govt.
    Advertisements which should be issued in the language(s) spoken by
    large number of people of the State/UTs, apart from English and
    Hindi. Further, for Gr. C level posts having only basic qualifying
    requirements, information about vacancies for recruitment should
    also be disseminated through schools and colleges in that area, in
    addition to normal channels.

[CSIR Lr. No.5-1(3)2008-PD dt. 15-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT O.M.
No.35021/2/2009-Estt.(C) dt. 8-7-2009 (O.M. dt. 30-6-2009 was
                                    3  RELEASE OF ARREARS OF

    CSIR have conveyed its approval for payment of second installment
of arrears of pension/family pension, i.e. 60%. All the Labs./Instts. were
advised to instruct all the SBI branches to pay the remaining 60% of
arrears of pension/family pension to the pensioners latest by 30-9-2009.

[CSIR Lr.No.34-1(11)/CSIR/Pen/2008-09 dt. 18-9-2009]


    It is necessary to have an effective Complaint Mechanism for dealing
with cases of sexual harassment of working women and to create
awareness in this regard particularly amongst working women.

     The salient features are:

i) Rule 3 C of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 provides that no Govt.
   servant shall indulge in any act of sexual harassment of any women
   at her work place. Every Govt. servant who is in-charge of a work
   place shall take appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassment to
   any woman at such work place. “Sexual harassment” includes such
   unwelcome sexually determined behaviour, whether direct or
   otherwise as:

a)   physical contact and advances
b)   demand or request for sexual favours
c)   sexually coloured remarks
d)   showing any pornography; or
e)   any other unwelcome physical, verbal or
     non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

ii) whether or not such conduct constitutes an offence under law or a
    breach of the service rules, an appropriate complaint mechanism
    should be created in the employer’s organization for redressal of the
    complaint made by the victim. Such complaint mechanism should
    ensure time-bound treatment of complaints.

iii) The complaint mechanism should be adequate to provide where
     necessary, a Complaints Committee, a special Counsellor or other
     support service, including the maintenance of confidentiality.
    The Committee should be headed by a woman and not less than half
of its members should be women. Further to prevent the possibility of
any undue pressure or influence from senior levels, such Committee
should involve a third party, either NGO or other body who is familiar
with the issue of sexual harassment.

   The Committee must make an annual report to CSIR of the
complaints and action taken.

   The employers and person-in-charge will also report on the
compliance with the aforesaid guidelines including on the reports of the
Committee to CSIR.

v) The Committee established in each Lab./Instt. or Office for inquiring
   into complaints shall be deemed to be the Inquiring Authority
   appointed by the Disciplinary Authority (DA) and that the Committee
   shall hold, if no separate procedure has not been prescribed for
   holding the inquiry into such complaints, the inquiry as far as
   practicable in accordance with the procedure laid down in CCS
   (CCA) Rules, 1965

vi) The Committee in terms of Cabinet Secretariat’s Order No.1 dated
    26-9-2008 will inquire into complaints made against Officers of the
    level of Secretary and Addl. Secretary and equivalent level in CSIR.
    The existing Committee established in each Lab./Instt. will inquire
    into complaints against only those Govt. servants who are not
    covered by Order dated 26-9-2008.

vii) It may be ensured that Committee shall at all times be in existence
     and changes in its composition, whenever necessary, should be
     made promptly and adequately publicized. The composition of the
     Committee also be posted on the Websites of the concerned

[CSIR Lr.No.15-6(82)/98-O&M-II dt. 19-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT
O.M.No.11013/3/2009-Estt.(A) dt. 21-7-2009]

                   LEAVE TRAVEL CONCESSION

   On introduction of austerity measures and rationalization of
expenditure management, the reimbursement of the expenses on air
                                    5travel while availing of the Leave
Travel Concession by Govt. servants will be restricted to the cost of
travel by the economy class, irrespective of entitlement with immediate

[CSIR Lr.No.5-1(17)/2009-PD 23-9-2009; GOI MPPG&P DOPT O.M.
No.31011/2/2006-Estt.(A) dt. 9-9-2009]


    It has been decided to exempt the women candidates from payment
of fees for competitive examinations by Direct Recruitment/Departmental
Competitive Examinations/Direct Recruitment by Interview conducted by
UPSC and Staff Selection Commission. This will be applicable for all
advertisement to be released for the above purpose after 15-7-2009

    The Govt., as an ideal employer has made several provisions to
enable women employees to work in a very congenial atmosphere.
These provisions are expected to enable them to develop to the fullest
extent in their working efficiency and to contribute their best in the
efficient transaction of Govt. business.

    Suitable instructions have been issued to ensure that there is no
discrimination against women candidates on the grounds of sex, in the
matter of selection made by various bodies/boards in the Govt. It has
been made mandatory to have one woman member in the selection
Boards/Committees for making recruitment of 10 or more vacancies and
where lady candidates are expected to be available for the service/post
under the Central Govt. Even where the vacancies are less than 10, no
effort should be spared in including a lady Officer in such

    The advertisements for recruitment to various posts may also state
that the specific benefits available to women employees such as
Maternity benefits, Child care leave, Child adoption leave, Special
allowance to women with disability, Guidelines for provision of Creche
facility, Posting of husband and wife at the same station, Special priority
for working women in allotment of residential accommodation, Provision
for protection of women under CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, Age
relaxation, Special dispensation for women Officers in North-East Cadre,
Change of cadre in case of marriage of All India Service Officers, etc.
                                  6may be perused in the Website of
the Lab./Instt. concerned as well as in the Website of DOPT, i.e.

[CSIR Lr. No.5-1(17)/2009-PD dt. 23-9-2009; GOI DOPT Lr.No.39020/
03/2009-Estt.(B) dt. 15-7-2009 & 8-7-2009]


    The National Security Depository Limited (NSDL), Mumbai vide their
e-mail message dated 16-9-2009 has pointed out the following
discrepancies in some cases in N2 and N3 forms:

   1. Email ID provided is in the name of Officers instead of in the
      name of Office

   2. Email ID provided is improper

   In order to overcome this problem and to have a uniform pattern for
email IDs, it has been decided that all the PAOs (COFA/FAO) and DDOs
(AO/SO) will have official Email ID. Accordingly, a new Email ID in
respect of all the PAOs and DDOs of CSIR Labs./Instts. has been
communicated to NSDL, Mumbai. For example, COFA/FAO and
DDO working at NCL, Pune will have the following Email IDs: .

   A list of Email IDs in respect of all the CSIR Labs./Instts. as
communicated to NSDL, Mumbai was enclosed with the order.

   All the concerned were requested to activate these Email IDs by
using suitable password as any future communication from NSDL or
from CSIR HQs. regarding NPS will be through this medium only.

[CSIR Lr.No.34-2(5)/NPS/2009-10 dt. 24-9-2009]

                                   7   Consequent upon revision in
ignorable amount of pension fromRs.1500/- to Rs.4000/- in terms of
DOPT O.M.No.3/3\13/2008-Estt.(Pay-I) dated 11-11-2008, the amount
of Rs.1500/- appeared in O.M. dated 2-7-1999 is revised as Rs.4000/-.

  The other conditions for grant of DR to re-employed pensioners/
employed family pensioners shall remain the same.

[CSIR Lr.No.34-1(11)/CSIR/Pen/2009-10/408 dt. 25-9-2009; GOI
MPPG&P DOP&PW O.M.No.F.No.38/88/2008-P&PW(G) dt. 9-7-2009]


    Powers have been delegated to the Heads of Departments of
Ministries/Departments to accord post facto approval/permission in
cases where an employee or his dependent family members go to an
empanelled Institution after due prescription by a Govt. Specialist but
without obtaining prior permission from Ministry/Department, subject to
the Head of Department being satisfied with the genuineness of the
reason which made the beneficiary go directly to an empanelled
Institution even before obtaining the approval. The reimbursement to be
made in such cases will be the financial ceiling and the procedure to be

[GOI MOH O.M. No.4-18/2005-C&P(Vol.I-Pt.I)             dt.   20-5-2009;
Swamysnews, Aug. 2009, 19-20]


   It has been decided to permit the beneficiaries under CGHS and CC
(MA) Rules, 1944 undergo Cochlear Implant surgeries with prior
permission of the competent authority as per the guidelines circulated
vide GOI MOH O.M.F.No.6-469/2003-CGHS/R&H dt.12-6-2009.

    The prescribed ceiling rate for Cochlear implant Rs.5,35,000/- for
reimbursement of cost of Cochlear Implant with 12 channels/
24 electrodes with behind the ear speech processor. Only Unilateral
implantation will be allowed.

    Guidelines for Cochlear Implant surgery have also been given along
with this O.M.
[GOI MOH O.M. F. No. 6-469/2003-CGHS/R&H dt. 12-6-2009;
Swamysnews, Aug. 2009, 20-24]


   The 6th CPC recommended grant of higher rate of increment to not
more than 20% of Gr. A Officers in the PB-3. The annual increments will
vary depending upon the performance of the Officer. The
recommendations were accepted with modification to the extent that
Variable Increment may be granted @ 4% to not more than 20% High
Performers in PB-3.

    Suggestions were invited before the guidelines for grant of variable
increments are formulated and finalized.

[GOI DOPT O.M.No.1/1/2009-Estt.Pay.I dt. 3-7-2009;       Swamysnews,
Aug. 2009, 25]

          REPLACEMENT OF S-30 Rs.22,400-24,500 WITH
                   HAG Rs.67,000-79,000

  The pre-revised scale S-30 (Rs.22,400-525-24,500) has been
amended as follows:

S.No. Post/Grade Present      Name     Corresponding Corresponding
                 scale        of Pay   Pay     Bands/ Grade Pay
                              Band/    scales
 1         2           3         4            5                6
 32       S-30      22400-     HAG     67000-(annual           Nil
                    525-               increment @
                    24500              3%)-79000

[GOI DOPT O.M.No.1/1/2009-Estt.Pay-I dt. 3-7-2009; Swamysnews,
Aug. 2009, 25-26]


    Maruti SX4 (Vxi) has been included in the list of approved models of
staff car in AC category to be purchased under DGS&D rate contract.
                                    9[GOI                      MOF
O.M.No.F.No.3(1)/E.II(A)/2009 dt. 30-6-2009; Swamysnews, Aug. 2009,


     So long the marriage is not terminated by means of ’divorce decree’
issued by a competent Court of Law, the spouse of a Govt. servant is
eligible for grant of family pension whether the pensioner had included
the name of the spouse in the list of family or not and whether they were
living together or not. If the spouse proves his/her status as the spouse
of the deceased pensioner, family pension has to be granted from the
date of death of the pensioner. There is no question of nomination for
the purpose of family pension.

[Swamysnews, Aug. 2009, 78]

                      CHILD ADOPTION LEAVE

   It has been decided to enhance the period of Child Adoption Leave
from 135 days to 180 days. A female Govt. servant in whose case the
period of 135 days of Child Adoption Leave did not expire as on
22-7-2009 shall also be eligible for Child Adoption Leave of 180 days.

    It has also been decided that a male Govt. servant including an
Apprentice with less than two surviving children, on valid adoption of a
child below the age of one year may be sanctioned Paternity Leave for a
period of 15 days within a period of 6 months from the date of valid

[GOI DOPT O.M.No.13018/1/2009-Estt.(L) dt. 22-7-2009; Swamysnews
Sept. 2009, 14]

                     NURSING HOMES

   It has been decided to empanel the following Private Hospitals/
Nursing Homes on ad hoc basis for treatment of Central Govt.
employees and their families under CS (MA) Rules, 1944:

1. Athare Patil Memorial Hospitals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
   Ahmednagar 414001.
                                    0    -   schedule of charges will be
the rates fixed for CGHS, Pune

2. New Pandey Hospital, Shanichara, Hoshangabad (MP)
   - The schedule of charges will be the rates fixed for CGHS,

3. Heritage Hospital, Lanka, Varanasi (UP)
   - The schedule of charges will be the rates fixed for CGHS,

[Swamysnews, Sept. 2009, 15-26]


   On the recommendations of an Expert Committee and Drug
Controller-General of India, with regard to admissibility or otherwise to
beneficiaries under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules, 1944 of preparations which
are primary food, vitamins, Haematinic minerals, anti-oxidants,
cosmetics and vaccines, it has been decided as follows w.e.f.

i) Product manufactured/marketed as food supplement cosmetics and
   Ayurvedic preparation prescribed by Allopathic doctors will be

ii) Supply of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants will be restricted to
    prevalent CGHS formulary only.

iii) Vaccines in general will be inadmissible, except Hepatitis B,
     Influenza and Leprovac vaccines for high risk individual, is
     recommended by Specialist with justification and duly countersigned
     by HOD of concerned Speciality of Govt. Hospital.

[GOI MOH O.M. No.F.No.39-3/2003-04/CGHS/MSD/RS dt. 23-7-2009 &
3-8-2009; Swamysnews, Sept. 2009, 59-60]


                ORDERS OF YESTER-YEARS

                       UNDER TWAS

    CSIR/TWAS Fellows (both postgraduate and postdoctoral) are being
paid Fellowship amount equivalent to Indian JRF/SRF/RA. With the
revision of Fellowship rates of JRF/SRF/RA, the revised rates of
Fellowship applicable to CSIR/TWAS Fellows from developing countries
as follows:

1. Postgraduate Fellows:
   Rs.10,000/- p.m. for 1st and 2nd year and Rs.12,000/- for 3rd year
   (w.e.f. 1-9-2006 and valid up to 31-3-2007)

2. Postdoctoral Fellows
   Rs.16,000/- p.m. w.e.f. 1-9-2006 and valid up to 31-3-2007)
   Rs.17,000/- p.m. w.e.f. 1-4-2007
   - Contingency grant of Rs.20,000/- p.a.

   The expenditure will continue to be met out of the EMR Budget Head
P-81-1-09 (Fellowship Schemes for Developing Countries).

[CSIR Lr.No.22/FF/CSIR-TWAS/2008 dt. 5-2-2008


    The DG, CSIR accorded approval to the deputation abroad of CSIR
Research Fellows (JRSs/SRFs/Ras/QHFs & Project Assistants) in order
to attract and retain scientific talent in CSIR Labs./Instts.

   The main terms of the deputation abroad are:

1. Depending on the need and urgency, CSIR Labs. may depute CSIR
   Research Fellows/Associates/Project Assistants abroad on specific
                                   22. CSIR Labs./Instts. will ensure
   that a Research Fellow has completed at least one and half years of
   Fellowship. In case of JRFs/SRFs, it may be ensured that Ph.D.
   thesis has not been submitted.

3. The Fellows will be provided excursion class International travel
   support, Insurance and Visa fee, and a Fellowship of US $ 2500/-
   p.m. towards boarding, lodging and incidental expenses including
   medical insurance.

4. CSIR will, however, have no other obligation apart from payment.

5. This Scheme will be applicable to only those Fellows working in
   CSIR Labs. in the on-going projects. Nominations made by the
   respective CSIR Labs. only will be considered. Minimum duration of
   such Fellowship/Training abroad could be for a period of six months.

6. The expenses could be met from any of the existing budget of ISTAD
   (Cutting-edge technologies, Networking in Proteomics, Nano-
   technologies, Energy and Botanicals and Bilateral Collaborations,
   CSIR Network/Supra Projects and Lab. Reserve Fund.

[CSIR Lr.No.22/IA/Policy(CSIR-RF)/2008 dt. 16-5-2008]


   In order to ensure implementation of the Official Language Policy of
the Central Govt. for creation of minimum number of Hindi posts, the
norms have been revised:


i) One Asst. Director (OL) in each Ministry and independent
   Department having a full-timer Secretary

ii) One Dy. Director (OL) in each Ministry or Department having 100 or
    more ministerial employees or which has 4 or more attached/
    subordinate Offices or undertakings each having 100 or more
    ministerial employees. This post may be in lieu of the post of Asst.
    Director or in addition to that keeping in view the norms prescribed
    for the quantum of work to be done by translators and vettors in the
    Offices of the GOI. A post of Jt. Director (OL) in the pay scale of
                                    3Rs.12000-16500 (erstwhile Director
   (OL) in the same scale) may be allowed by taking into account the
   nature and quantum of work.

iii) One junior Translator for less than 50 ministerial employees, two
     Junior Translators for 50 to 100 ministerial employees, three Junior
     Translators and one Senior Translator for 151 and more ministerial

For attached/subordinate Offices

i) One Hindi Officer [Asst. Director (OL)] in each attached/subordinate
   Office having 100 or more ministerial employees

ii) (a) For Offices located in Region ‘A’ (excluding Offices of Defence
    Forces and Para-military Forces) one Junior Translator in an Office
    having 18 to 125 ministerial employees, two Junior Translators for
    126 or more ministerial employees.

   (b) For Offices located in Regions ‘B’ and ‘C’, one Junior Translator
   in an Office having 18 to 75 ministerial employees, two Junior
   Translators for an Office having 76 to 125 ministerial employees,
   three Junior Translators and one Senior Translator for an Office
   having more than 175 ministerial employees.

   These norms will also apply to those Offices of Defence Forces and
   Para-Military Forces in Region ‘A’ which move from one region to

   One post of Hindi Typist may be provided in all Offices of the CG in
   Regions ‘B’ and ‘C’ which have at least 25 ministerial employees. A
   post of Hindi Typist may also be provided in Offices which are newly
   created in Region ‘A’ provided they have at least 25 ministerial
   employees. The norms will also apply to those Offices of Defence
   Forces and Paramilitary forces in Region ‘A’ which move from one
   region to another.

Other posts

i) Apart from translation, there are several other items of work which
   are necessary for ensuring compliance of the Office Language Policy
   such as circulation of Orders, preparation of Progress Reports,
                                                                 4preparation of agenda and minutes
      of meetings of Hindi Salahakar Samitis and OLICs, nomination of
      employees for learning Hindi, organising Workshops, etc.     In
      Ministries/Departments and Attached/ Subordinate Offices, the
      following posts are recommended to attend to this work.

a) One post of LDC (Hindi Typist) which already exists may continue.

b) One post of Assistant in Ministries and independent Departments
   and one post of Assistant or its equivalent in Attached/Subordinate
   Offices, each having a strength of at least 310 ministerial employees
   (excluding Gr. D)

ii) It may also be ensured that in the Offices where a ministerial post
    such as Assistant or its equivalent has already been sanctioned for
    attending to those activities, no additional post is recommended.

[CSIR Lr.No.20-6(2)/2006-OL dt. 30-7-2008; GOI MOHA DOL O.M.
No.13035/3/95-OL(P&C) dt. 22-7-2004]


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