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									                                                     BSJ Connections                                              Apr 2009
                                                     Inspiring Life, Hope and Healing
BSJ Care System Newsletter For Staff
        Mission: To provide care and services responsive to the individual needs of those we serve with dignity and
                 respect in a cost-effective manner placing value on the recipient, his or her family and our staff.
                  E xe cu t ive Dire ct o r                                                Hu m an Re sou rce s
                      Greetings Staff                                                      Family Medical Leave
We are now well into spring and it feels good after the long winter    Effective 01/16/2009 there have been revisions to the Family
we’ve just been through.                                               Medical Leave benefit. Review the basic eligibility and benefits on
                                                                       page 12 of the ‘R&B of E’ and also the posted notice in your facility
A quick look back at 2008 shows that all of our programs and           for the new military qualifiers.
services provided 242,078 days of service last year. Wow, that’s       There are also new Employee Responsibilities:
a huge number. The good work you do is impressive and                         For notifying the employer of the need for a FML.
important to those we serve, their families and our communities.                     - If known, 30 days.
THANK YOU for all you do!                                                            - If unscheduled, no later than next business day
There are many occasions to celebrate this time of year and a few                         after the employee learns of need.
touch us all. May is Older Americans Month and we celebrate                          - If unforeseen, no later than beginning of
seniors among us and our special relationship to them. Two other                         employee’s shift.
important occasions are Mother’s Day on May 10th and Father’s                   For reporting a FML qualifying reason when reporting
Day on June 21st. To all the Mom’s and Dad’s within BSJ                          an absence.
Corporation – may you have a happy and special day.                                  - Must state qualifying reason.
                                                                                     - Must designate as FML.
In March, BSJ welcomed four new board members and thanked                            - Must state whether or not expect to see a health
three members leaving the Board. Joining the Board are Bonnie                            care provider or is under the continued care for
Nesbitt, Russ Callahan, Marcia Sarnowski and Dorothy Wetterlin.                          a chronic condition.
The members who completed 27 collective years of appreciated                                      Dawn Johnson, Human Resources Director
service to BSJ Corporation are Patt Boge, Silvana Richardson and                            G e n e ra l
Dr. Charles Miller III.
                                                                          Wellness Expo ’09 “Living Active, Living Longer”
Today’s economic times present challenges in our daily lives and       Join us at our corporation’s booth at the Expo on April 24th, Friday
for our organization. The tightness of state and federal budgets       from 8:30am – 1:00pm at the Omni Center in Onalaska. Free
requires each of us to do our jobs well and to be efficient;           admission, free lunch, and entertainment. Over 70 exhibitors, free
effective and cost conscious while maintaining our commitment          health checks (hearing, bone density, massages, blood pressure,
to those we serve and to our co-workers. I believe you and BSJ         COPD screenings, functional fitness testing, mobile mammography,
are up to the task but it will take ongoing effort and attentiveness   chiropractic), door prizes. Bring food item for the food pantry.
individually and collectively to maintain the quality and                                  OCC goes Direct Deposit
affordability of our programs and services.                            OCC started using direct deposit for payroll purposes in March. All
                                                                       staff from all the entities using direct deposit need to keep their
Enjoy the many late spring and summer community festivals,
                                                                       business office informed if the deposit accounts change.
activities and events.           Tom Rand, Executive Director
              Co rp o ra t io n Up dat e s                                      Programs - BSJ Community Services
         Health & Dental Insurance Plans Info                                   ♦ACES     ♦MERIT Centre North    ♦Merit Centre South
Information is available about the health insurance plan by                              Welcome and Congrats!
accessing and entering the ID              ACES (Adult Community Evening Services) welcomes Danielle,
number from your membership card. The Health and Dental                Tammy, and Johnathan. Congratulations go to Katherine Zetes who
premium rates for single coverage and family coverage are posted       graduates from WTC on May 15th with a degree in Associates of
on the employee official bulletin board at each entity.                Applied Science.
                        Life Insurance
The Life Insurance company’s name has changed from United
States Life Insurance Company to AIG Life Insurance as of                      Happy Spring from Merit Centre South!
2/1/09. See your business office for the new Voluntary Life            We counted the days to Spring on a big flower from 88 days down to
Insurance premium rate schedule.                                       “Spring is Here!” Also, staff and clients took guesses on when the
                       Retirement Plan                                 big glacier snow pile behind Shopko would melt – by the way, that
Overall % of Corp Employees Participating in Plan -- 36%               was on April 16th. Now it’s April and our beautiful magnolia tree is
New enrollments for the Plan can be accepted after hire if             in full bloom. Merit South has been doing our part in “going green”
employees are hired for 20+ hours per week. See your business          and using washable cups and plates instead of paper. Enjoy the
office and the Employee Summary Plan Description for details           Spring and visit us anytime as we will get you in the “spring spirit.”
about other enrollment opportunities.
                                                                                          Bonnie Spears, Merit Centre South Team Leader
      Ho u sin g - B S J Co mm un it y S e rvice s                                          O n a la ska Ca re Cen t e r
        ♦Laurel Manor ♦OnaMain ♦OnaTerrace ♦Prairie Home                                        Traveling with Amanda Schaub
   ♦Salem Terrace ♦Shelby Terrace ♦Welcome Home ♦Windsor Place
                                                                                             Onalaska Care Center’s Dietary Aide, Amanda
       Baked Goods & Rummage All In One Day                                                  Schaub has been studying in Europe this
 Shelby Terrace is having a Bake & Rummage Sale on Friday,                                   semester. She is a 3rd year student at UW-
 May 1st from 7:00am – 4:00pm. All proceeds from the sales will                              River Falls and is with 40 other students, a
 go to Shelby Terrace for summer activities.                                                 teacher and an aide. She went to London and
                                                                                             has seen many plays, museums and viewed the
 Donated items for the sale are being sought from staff and friends.                         European architecture, cities and countryside in
 Drop off at Shelby Terrace or call Kim at 608-788-4477 to                                   Scotland, Holland, France, Spain, Germany,
 arrange a pick up. We appreciate your help to make it a success.         Vienna, Czech Republic and Italy. View her photos on her Facebook
 Shelby Terrace is located at
 2525 Shelby Road in                                                                            Congrats Graduates!
 La Crosse.                                                               Congratulations to Christie Meyers, Andrea Aspenson and Mary
                                                                          Berling at OCC. They recently received their RN degrees and passed
                                                                          their nursing boards. We look forward to working with them as
                                                                          Registered Nurses!

  Norseland Nursing H ome & Friendship Hse                                          Ma rin u ka Ma no r & E d e n Ho u se
             Minutes in Motion                                                        What’s New In Human Resources?
 Break room discussions during the winter blues time produced             Hello, my name is Tammy Foss and I have been working at
 action from staff which created a 6-week long Gundersen                  Marinuka Manor in the Human Resources Department for a month as
 Lutheran sponsored Minutes in Motion Challenge Team with 20              the new Human Resources Assistant.
 staff and their family members. “Team Norseland” tracks time
 doing all sorts of activities. The goal is to spend 30 minutes, 7        I have a husband of almost 10 years, Dan, and two beautiful
 days a week for 6 weeks to total 1,260 minutes. The Team was             daughters who keep me very busy – Brittany, 19 and Megan, 13.
 surprised what activities qualify such as walking, bowling,              Prior to coming to Marinuka Manor, I was employed for 10 years as
 swimming, sports, gardening, playing, household tasks and                the Human Resource Manager at Equality Die Cast in Winona, MN.
 washing the car. Goals were met at the 3 week mark. Prizes will          I also am currently employed at my family’s business, C. Kuehn
 be awarded on May 13th for the end of the Challenge. This should         Trucking, processing payroll among other duties. My outside
 spark an interest at the facility to create an exercise area for staff   interests include spending time with family & friends. I am also a
 on breaks or off duty. We wish them luck on the rest of the
                                                                          big fan of Dirt Track and love the outdoors!
 challenge.              Jill Wurm, PTA, “Team Norseland” Captain
                                                                                                       Tammy Foss, Human Resources Asst

                                                                          Marinuka Manor extends a warm welcome to Tammy and we wish
                                                                          her tremendous success. She is anxious to meet you. Call or stop by.

                             G e n e ra l                                                     B S J Ca re Cen t e r
                                                                                         Innovative and Committed Staff
                     Mandatory Education                                  Changes and innovations continue at BSJ Care Center. April saw our
 Educational topics are to be covered with staff each year. Make          opening of the Bodega – Resident Choice Dining on East Wing.
 sure you are on target time-wise for completing these topics and         Starting with Breakfast, residents have choice and a freshly served
 any others required for your position at your facility or program.       meal. Last year, we opened the Ballroom on the West Wing—now
 Annual Training for Employees:                                           known as Avalon. Avalon, the area’s newest and largest Dementia
               - Bloodborne Pathogens                                     Care Unit, opened last year and has been very well received. We
               - Disaster Planning                                        serve about 90 residents at a time with varied and individualized
               - Universal Precautions                                    plans of care. If you find yourself on the South Side of La Crosse,
               - Abuse & Neglect Training                                 please stop in to see the marvelous changes we’ve made. Resident
               - HIPPA                                                    care and efficiencies are our focus as we create a home-like and
               - Resident/Tenant Rights                                   inviting atmosphere. BSJ Care Center’s staff has and continue to
               - Hazard Communication                                     work tirelessly to improve things for our residents. Thank You!
               - Infection Control
               - Harassment in the Workplace                                                               Eric Jacobson, Administrator
               - Discrimination in the Workplace
               - Violence in the Workplace

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