The Super Cheer Scorpions is the longest established cheerleading
program in the Niagara Region by head coach and owner Andy

Established in 2001 Andy and his wife Melissa have developed the
winning strategy that makes the Scorpions Niagara not only the most
successful cheerleading club but also the largest and most well
respected in the Region. They have developed an amazing program
for kids from ages 3 and up that teaches fitness and responsibility all
while having a lot of fun!

Andy Cecchini has accumulated an impressive list of achievements
over his more than 25 years in the world of both highschool and All Star Cheerleading. Some of his accomplishments

           USASF WORLDS’ Championship Cheerleading twice in his career, placing top 25 out of 200 + teams
           50+ International Championships
           50+ National Championships including divisions in Senior, Junior, Youth and Mini ages!
           100+ Provincial Championships
           Head coach highschool cheerleading teams, MDHS, Blessed Trinity and Denis Morris
           Past President of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation
           Co-founder of Cheer Alliance
           Co-founder of I Cheer, Cheer Innovation
           Physical department head of Denis Morris/Blessed Trinity for the past 20 years

The Scorpions and its professional staff have been sharing and growing with his knowledge with thousands of other
athletes over the past 25 years!


The Scorpions Niagara offer the benefit of having their very own facility!

Offering a fully sprung floor, tumble track, sound system and various tumbling apparatus our gym is ideal in preparing
your athlete to be all they can be! We are also able to offer more training hours, convenient to your schedule and at
times suitable for the age of your child and her or his schedule!


                                        The Scorpion’s Niagara recognize and appreciate the positive impact and
                                        influence a superior coach has on every athlete regardless of age. We have a
                                        highly trained and certified staff that coaches both cheerleading and tumbling
                                        with progression, safety, discipline and fun. Your athlete will be coached by
                                        experienced staff that are patient, enthusiastic and genuinely care for your
                                        child! Our staff are dedicated to ensuring your athlete achieves their
                                        personal best!
                                                   Arrive at tryouts with $5.00 and fill out a waiver form. You will receive a
                                                   tryout identification number. This number will help you identify what team
                                                   you have been placed on when the lists are posted. EVERYONE makes a team!

                                                   Wear short, t-shirt, athletics shoes, hair tied back and no jewellery, cameras or
                                                   video please!
                                                   Team lists will be posted on our website the June 10 . Check out

During tryouts we will be assessing athletes to see where they would fit best on one of our teams. We run tryouts just like a
practice where we tumble, stunt and dance. We will also assess an athlete’s attitude and will evaluate them according to their
skill level according to the USASF guidelines. If you have questions about your placement please call us at 905.515.2764.

If your child is new to the sport and is nervous to tryout don’t despair! We have many new athletes that we welcome to our
program every year that know nothing about cheerleading. Our coaches are trained to teach them what they need to know. Our
staff will make your child and yourself feel comfortable and welcome. There will be many team managers available at tryouts and
throughout the year to answer any questions you may have!

                                                     TRYOUTS                      Date of Tryout              Time
                                                     Ages 5 and under             Can register at any dates and times below
                                                     Ages 6-11                    June 5                      6-7:30
                                                                                  June 6th                    8-9:30
                                                     Ages 12 and up               June 5th                     6-8
                                                                                  June 7th                     8-9:30
                                                     Ages 14 and up (worlds)      June 6                       8-10
No worries just email us! Generally we have a few spots open on each team. You and your child can attend a practice
in order to see what cheer is all about and have the coach assess where your athlete best fits in our program.


In order to register for one of our teams you must

    1.   Attend a tryout and obtain a number – if you missed tryouts no worries just contact us via email.
    2.   Check our website June 10th to see which team you have been placed on.
    3.   Come to registration on dates provided and REGISTER!
    4.   Cheques made payable to Super Cheer Inc. (pick up a schedule and have the best year ever)!

                                                     REGISTRATION DATE            TIME
                                                     June 12, 13, 14              6-8 pm                       All ages
In competitive cheerleading tumbling is an essential component. Although we have many athletes who cannot tumble, they may
currently be taking classes or working on elements in order to progress. Tumbling refers to cartwheels, back and front walkovers,
backhandsprings, etc.

We offer tumbling classes for athletes who are serious about competitive cheerleading and advancing in the sport. If your athlete
loves cheer, get them tumbling in our gym today! We offer the following type of lessons:

Semi-Private:             $28.00, 1 hour tumbling session. 2:1 athlete to instructor ratio.

Private:                  $56.50, 1 hour tumbling session. 1:1 athlete athlete to instructor ratio.

Group tumbling:           1 hour of tumbling with a class of 8 athletes maximum per class. $339.00/year

                          Classes will run for the months of July, August, September, October, November, January, February and
                          March. No classes on holidays or competition dates.

Open tumbling:            1 hour drop in class for Combat level athletes only; included in yearly tuition fees. Offered periodically
                                                         throughout the year. Not a regular tumbling class with instruction.

                                                          One coach will be supervising the class in a similar role to a lifeguard.
                                                          These times are designed for athletes to work tumbling skills on their
                                                          own while having access to the gym and equipment.

                                                          BENEFITS OF TUMBLING
                                                          There are many benefits in enrolling your child for tumbling
                                                          besides enabling them for cheerleading.

                                                      Tumbling increases the athletes flexibility, strength and body
                                                      control which is crucial for many different sports. With
                                                      consistent training in weekly classes athletes gain the exposure
to constant, repetitive motions. These repetitions allow for muscle memory and the connection between the muscle
and the brain so that athletes can grasp the concepts quicker and attain their goals more efficiently.

Private or semi-private classes are excellent for those athletes looking for technique corrections and progressing

Please see the gym schedule for a class suitable for your athlete. Athletes MUST take classes according to their
current level as indicated below.

Level 1 – front rolls, cartwheels, back/front walkovers, roundoffs, stretching, elements leading into level 2

Level 2 – backhandsprings, handstands, core muscle strength, strengthening elements leading into level 3

Level 3 – perfecting backhandspring series, round-off tucks, elements for standing tucks/level 4

Level 4 – perfecting level 3 skills, roundoff layouts, series standing back tucks, jump combinations with tucks

Level 5 – perfecting level 4 skills, fulls, layout backhandsprings, double fulls, advanced jump combos

In the Scorpions gym it is top priority for us to keep in touch with our parents and keep you informed!

Please ensure we have your current email address at all times. If you are not receiving emails please contact us at

Each team will be assigned a TEAM MANAGER. This is a very special parent that will be working on behalf of the Scorpions’
owners to provide you with someone on site at your child’s practices to answer questions, collect forms and payments and be
there when you need someone to talk to or give feedback to.

All team managers have been appointed to ensure you and your athlete have the best experience you can!

Team managers can be reached at If you have other concerns you can contact Melissa or Andy, the
owners of The Scorpions privately at All team managers names will be provided at registration.


The Scorpions are a successful program because of their mandatory attendance policy. All athletes a required to be at all
practices. In the summer months we do understand that families do enjoy vacations and we can appreciate that! BUT if you are
in town you are required to be at practice.

If your athlete is missing practices it negatively affects their teammates and also their own learning as they will be missing out on
                                                                      crucial skills that are developed at practices. All
                                                                      athletes/parents are REQUIRED to text the head coach of their
                                                                      team to advise of absences and the reason for the absence.

                                                                    Competition and trips are mandatory for all competitive teams.
                                                                    Please look closely at the competition schedule when it is
                                                                    released is September and ensure you are planning your
                                                                    holidays so it does not affect your athletes competition
                                                                    schedule or the days leading up to the competitions. Any
                                                                    athletes missing competitions will have their role in the
                                                                    routine drastically reduced for future competitions or maybe
                                                                    replaced without any compensation for lost competition fees.


If your athlete is looking to train with more than one team or has been asked to compete on another team there will be an
additional financial obligation. A crossover is required to pay a $256.00 crossover fee and any additional competition fees/travel
expenses associated with that team. No secondary registration or uniform fees apply. Crossovers must be approved by Andy.


All Scorpion teams are required to purchase a uniform

Travel teams uniforms are approximately $305.00. A bow and makeup are also an additional cost of approximately $50.00. Such
items need to be ordered at the beginning of the year with a deposit paid while ordering. If you wish to buy or sell used please
contact Melissa directly at Non travel teams will also be required to purchase a uniform for $79.10 makeup.
Included in the registration fee (if you register on our registration dates only) are practice gear. Scorpion cheer gear is the only
acceptable attire to be worn at all practices and Scorpion events.
REGISTERING (circle one)         COMBAT (TRAVEL)            MARINES (NON TRAVEL)             WATER (REC)         PARENTS          TUMBLING

DATE:                                                                                BIRTHDAY (year/m/d)

ATHLETES NAME:                                                ATHLETES CELL                                           TEXT:           YES     NO

MOTHERS NAME:                                            MOTHERS CELL                                                 TEXT:           Yes     No
FATHERS NAME:                                                 FATHERS CELL                                            TEXT:           Yes     No
HOME ADDRESS:                                                 HOME NUMBER


PRIMARY EMAIL                                                 Age as of 8/31/12:

SECOND EMAIL                                                  Current Age:

ATHLETES EMAIL                                                Grade as of 9/6/12:

EMERGENCY                                                     RELATIONSHIP TO
CONTACT NAME:                                                 EMERG CONTACT:
EMERG. NUMBER:                                                HEALTH CARD




    1.    The registration, competition, uniform and makeup fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    2.    Athletes will not receive a uniform, makeup or team apparel if they quit after payment.
    3.    Trip deposits and payments are non-refundable at any and all times, regardless if the athlete attends said trip.
    4.    A $100.00 administration fee applies to ALL REFUNDS requested.
    5.    There is a $30.00 NSF charge for cheques returned NSF and/or stop payment and/or closed accounts.
    6.    Withdrawals and fee refund requests must be made in writing to Melissa Cecchini @
    7.    Refunds will be processed according to the date received in writing by e-mail to
    8.    No refunds of fees, competition fees or trip expenses and/or deposits will be allowed if athlete is terminated or if said athlete quits.
    9.    If the athlete cannot attend the trip, pulls out of the trip or the athlete quits the team prior to the trip; full payment is still required.
          Attendance on team trips and at all competitions is mandatory.
    10.   Refunds are processed as follows:
                a. No refunds of water scorpion programs once registered.
                b. No refunds of tumbling fees at any time. If the athlete quits monthly tumbling payment is still required for the remainder of
                     the year.
                c. If an athlete from the travel or non travel teams quit at any time the remainder of their yearly tuition fee will be refunded
                                                                                                             st                                   st
                     minus the $100.00 administration fee. For example if you athlete quits September 1 , fees from October until April 1 will
                     be returned minus the $100.00 administration fee will be returned.
    11.   Crossover fees and competition fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
    12.   Any accounts not paid or honoured are sent directly to collections and the credit bureau.
    13.   By signing below I understand the financial obligations required by me for the team I am registering my athlete for.

Parents Signature: ________________________________________________                          Dated: ______________________
Rules and Regulations
By allowing my athlete to participate on a combat team(s) I understand that the combat teams will travel; full payment is required regardless if my child
attends and that the trip and related fees are my responsibility and not optional.

I understand that practices and attendance are mandatory for all practices.

I understand that ALL competitions are mandatory and not optional.

I have read and understand the refund policy.

I understand there are additional fees associated with crossovers.

The Scorpions always put their parents first! If you have any problems or concerns please feel free to contact any of our staff or head office: or Andy and Melissa at for confidentiality.

The Scorpions would like to remain as a positive learning environment and do not tolerate any forms of bullying, bashing or gossiping between clubs,
teams, athletes and parents through ANY medium.

No drinking or use of illegal substances within any of our programs. If found with any of these substances will mean immediate dismissal from The
Scorpion program.

We request parents not linger upstairs in the practice area as it is very distracting to the athletes. You are more than welcome to stay in our parents
room as your child practices. Occasionally parents will be invited upstairs to view a routine before an upcoming competition.

The Scorpions are not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables in the gym.

No Jewellery, FOOD or bobby pins are permitted in the gym. Water only please!

If a staff member is talked to disrespectfully by an athlete or parent it could mean dismissal from the program.

You may not post any Scorpion routines or routine material online without permission from head office.

Parents are required to pay their financial obligations. There is a $30.00 NSF charge for all returned cheques.

Members are responsible for being on time to practices, competitions and other team outings. This is part of the commitment you made to the Scorpion


Parents are to inform the coach NOT THE TEAM MANAGER, of any late arrivals or miss of practice beforehand via email, text, or phone call. Head
coaches numbers will be given out at practice OR ask your team manager for your HEAD coaches phone number.

Athletes are required to stay for complete award ceremonies IN FULL UNIFORM.

You are required to wear Scorpion athletic wear to practice or to any team outing.

It is the parent’s full responsibility to ensure they are receiving emails and getting information relating to competitions, trips, weather issues,
cancellations, etc. If the parent misses deadlines they are still financially responsible to pay for such imposed late fees when applicable.

I understand and agree with the following rules and regulations enforced by The Scorpions.

I have read and understand my financial obligations to the Super Cheer Scorpions.

Parent signature: ____________________ Date: ________ Athletes’ signature: ____________________ Date:________
                                    SUPER CHEER INC. AUTHORIZATION, WAIVER AND RELEASE

I do hereby acknowledge that I intend to participate in one or more athletic endeavours while a member of Super Cheer Inc.
All-Star Cheerleading Team(s). I also acknowledge that I will be doing so of my own free will. I, as parent of the above,
or if 18 years or over, acknowledge my child’s desire to participate in the cheerleading program of Super Cheer Inc.

We understand that the coaches/advisors of Super Cheer Inc. are trained coaches. We further acknowledge that
these coaches/advisors will behave prudently in the instruction of cheerleading skills in an effort to avoid accidents and/or
injuries from occurring. We realize that participation in athletic endeavours entails the risk of injury to the participants. We
accept this risk regardless of the nature of the injury and/or the athletic endeavour in which they/we will participate.

We acknowledge that the term “athletic endeavour” as used herein includes any cheerleading related activity, drill,
stunts, choreography, jumps and gymnastics of any kind.

We also waive and absolve the Niagara Catholic District School Board; it’s schools and any other practice facility, the
 coaches, advisors, sponsors, parent volunteers, or other volunteers, the staff and/or volunteers of any of the venues in
which we practice or perform, or any one or more of them or their executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin,
successors or assigns, of and from any and all liability and responsibility for injuries, sickness, accidents, and/or natural
occurrences during participation by myself/my child in camps, clinics, private coaching, choreography, and any other
cheerleading related activity.

We understand that participants are responsible for their own personal health, medical, dental, chiropractic, and
accident insurance coverage. We, intending to be legally bound, do hereby, my heirs, executors, and administration,
waive, release, and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damage which I may have or may hereafter accrue
o me or my child against Super Cheer Inc., and any other practice facility, the coaches, advisors, sponsors, parent
volunteers, or other volunteers, the staff and/or volunteers of any of the venues in which we practice or perform, for any
damages which may be sustained or suffered by me or my child in connection with my association with or participation in,
or arising out of travel to and/or return from any cheerleading related site or activity affiliated with Super Cheer Inc.

Dated this ______ day of _______, 20 ___                 Name of Participant: _________________________

Signature: __________________________ Date of birth: ______________________________

Parent/Legal Guardian: ________________ Signature (parent/guard.):______________________

                                                     PUBLICITY WAIVER AND RELEASE

I, _________________________________, will be participating as a member of Super Cheer Inc. I agree to allow any photos,
videos, and/or audio recordings taken of me/my child at any cheerleading event to be used exclusively by Super Cheer Inc. for
promotional purposes.

These mediums may include our website, as well as newspaper articles and press releases.

______________________________                                                    ______________________________________
Signature of Cheerleader                                                                                Date

I am the parent/legal guardian of the above and agree to all terms and agreements as stated herein.

______________________________                                                    _______________________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                            Date

Parents’ signature not required for athletes 18 years of older.

In the summer months while practices are
not mandatory it is crucial for athletes to be
at practice unless they have gone out of
town for vacation. Being at practice is crucial
for our teams’ success. Once the fall
schedule starts all practices are MANDATORY.
If an athlete is sick he/she is still required to
be at practice to sit and watch.


SUNDAY          MONDAY              TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY        FRIDAY      SATURDAY
WATER SCORPS (Recreational Program)

Ages 4-7                                                                                                     9:30-10:30
Ages 8-12                                                                                                    10:30-11:30

Ages 6-11                                                                                        5:30-7:00
Ages 12-18                                                                                       7:00-8:30


               Youth 5:30-7:30       Srs 7:30-9:30           Mini 6:30-8:00      7:30-9:30 Jr.
               Navy Seals 7:30-10                            Navy Seals 8-10
TUMBLING CLASSES - summer hours only

11-12 - L1/2      4:30-5:30             5:30-6:30            5:30-6:30           5:30-6:30                   8:30-9:30 am
12-1 - L2/3                             6:30-7:30                                6:30-7:30                   Level 1
1- 2 - L4/5

                                                                                                             Every other


JUNE 29-JULY 2, AUG 3-6, AUG 31 to SEPT. 3, OCT. 5-8, DEC. 22-JAN. 4, FEB. 19, MAR 29-APRIL 1.



The Scorpions have developed programs for athletes who wish to travel and those who wish to stay close to home. The travelling
program is called the Combat Teams and the home teams are called the Marines.

There is no difference between the athletes in these programs except the uniforms (cost) and a few less practice hours per
month. Travel teams are also required to purchase new team jackets.

Some families are involved in other sports and cannot dedicate as much time and money towards travel teams; thus the
Scorpions have developed the Marines in order to offer competitive, amazing teams for athletes without the cost of uniforms,
travelling expenses and the higher monthly fee.

Families who choose to enrol their children in the Combat program are highly recommended to also ensure their athlete is
taking tumbling classes in order to continue to progress!!


    -    ADULT Classes designed for parents to become physically fit, meet other parents and get out of the house 2x/month
    -    BIRTHDAY PARTIES can be booked through the office! Space and time is very limited so plan in advance!
    -    TUMBLING CLASSES for all ages and levels, many classes available to fit your schedule at very reasonable costs!

We’re thrilled that your considering joining the Scorpion family. It is a tough decision when choosing a program that correctly fits
the needs of your athlete and your family!

With joining the Scorpions you benefit from:

                  Over 100 years of combined experience amongst our coaching staff!

                  Professional, educated and experienced instructors!

                  Modern, state of the art equipment and a fully sprung floor!

                  A gym that’s primary focus is cheerleading and tumbling!

                  A positive and encouraging atmosphere that cares about you and your family!

                  Staff with extensive backgrounds in education, fitness, dance and gymnastics to ensure your child gets the most
                  balanced training possible!

                  An opportunity for your athlete to make new friends from other schools and communities while creating
                  lifelong memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives!

                  Be part of an amazing family with over 200 International, National and Provincial titles!
                                  TRIP INFORMATION FORM

It is policy for the Scorpions highly competitive Combat teams to travel.

There are a few guidelines we would like to make you aware of in regards to the Travel policy.

    1.   Travel is not optional on the Combat teams. If you athlete cannot travel we do advise parents to sign up their
         athlete for a non travel team which is also competitive but less costly.

    2.   All trip deposits, payments, etc are non refundable. If the athlete quits, is injured or ejected from the team the parent
         will still be responsible for full payment of said trip.

    3.   All trip costs are calculated by estimating the full cost of the trip and dividing it by the number of athletes attending.

    4.   Trip costs are not broken down but can/may include transportation, competition fees, hotel accommodations, coaches
         expenses and all other related expenses to the trip.

         All athletes are required to travel and room together.

    5.   Occasionally, depending on the team parent chaperones are invited to attend at a reduced cost.

    6.   Parent chaperones must have a recent police clearance check and will be required to go on all outings with the team and
         supervise children as directed by staff.

    7.   All athletes are required to wear their team jackets to all competitions and on the buses/planes to/from trips.

    8.   Athletes will also be required to wear their practice gear while away on said trips.

    9.   All athletes are required to attend with their teammates. Parents are permitted to keep their athlete longer after said trip
         has been completed but there is no reduction in the cost of the trip.

    10. All athletes must remain with the team until “free time” is given during said trips; at which time parents are permitted to
        take their kids but must sign them out and return them at the time requested.

    11. Parents who have come along are not permitted to take other athletes on outings unless we have written permission
        from that athletes’ parent or if he/she is 18+ years of age.

    12. Parents are always welcome if we have additional spots on the buses!

                                                                         Don’t miss the most fun you will ever have
                                                                           – travel with the Scorpions to amazing
                                                                         destinations! We have been to Hong Kong,
                                                                         Florida, California, NYC, Ohio, PA, Virginia
                                                                            Beach, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, etc!!!
                                                                         Beaches, sightseeing, and making lifelong
                                                                                      memories await!!!

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