Safety adds some firepower new ideas for KH by jennyyingdi


									               Flame out?                                                 aerial blast                                             long gone
               International political pres-                              Explosions in the Sky was                                Senior Alex Marcus redis-
               sure is causing Olympic-sized                              great, but did another act                               covers his stroke in recent
               problems for China.                                        leave a greater impression?                              Calvin victories.

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                                               chi m e S                                                                                                               April 11, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                 Volume 102 - Issue 25
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Safety adds some firepower new ideas for KH
                                     of Force policy and the proper        committed against Campus
        by jen devries               equipment, we are trying to           Safety employees, students,
          staff Writer               correct the lack of training and      faculty, staff, or even visitors
                                     equipment our supervisors pre-        to the college.”
   Prompted by college shoot-        viously did not receive.”                T he ne w pol ic y c a l l s
i ngs i n Vi rg i n ia Tech and         In an interview with the           for the implementation of
Northern Illinois University,        Chimes, President Gaylen              firearms and the training
there has been much discussion       Byker expressed support for           of supervisors in defense
over changes to Campus Safety        the changes.                          tactics. Currently, Campus
responsibilities in the past few        “It is important that we have      Safet y super visors carr y
months. On Monday, April             the ability to respond to a threat    only flashlights and radios.
7, a final proposal to imple-        or an incident that has loss of       New regulations will equip
ment a Use of Force policy           life or injury as a likely out-       super visors with batons,
was reviewed and approved            come,” said Byker. “We have           pepper spray, handcuffs and
by Faculty Senate. The Use           had enough events locally and         firearms. Student employees
of Force policy includes new         nationally to raise the danger        of Campus Safety will not be
regulations pertaining to the        sufficiently that we need to          authorized to carry any of
arming and training of Campus        be prepared to respond. That          this equipment. Supervisors                                                             photo by Kathy hoogeboom
Safety supervisors.                  has been the conclusion of the        will be trained in appropri-
   William Corner, the director      majority of the schools in the        ate defensive tactics, which           Plans for the new wing off KH include new ‘living-learning
of Campus Safety, has been           state of Michigan.”                   include verbal commands                communities’ to serve more special interest groups.
working to establish this policy.       According to the Campus            and empty hand techniques
With recommendations from            Safety Manual of Procedures,          such as kicks, strikes and                                                    of the Calvin Honors Program:
the college’s legal advisors and     the Use of Force policy outlines                                                   by hannah Kett                   professor Ken Bratt and profes-
the Planning and Priorities          what is considered a necessary           “Only Campus Safety su-                       staff Writer                 sor Jennifer Holberg.
Committee, the proposal for          and reasonable amount of force        pervisors who were certified                                                     For the 2008-2009 academic
the new policy has been au-          to save lives, prevent injury, and    police officers will be eligible          As construction continues           year, the floor will focus on de-
thorized, and changes are to         overcome resistance in the law-       to carry a firearm,” stated            in the K H parking lot and             veloping ideas and framework
be in place by the fall semester     ful performance of their duties.      Corner. “The other supervi-            the room draw approaches,              for a more formal living-learn-
of 2008.                             It also considers when deadly         sors will be able to carry the         students may wonder what the           ing community the following
   The Use of Force policy seeks     force should be used in compli-       baton, the pepper spray, and           new residence hall will have           academic year.
to accomplish a greater level of     ance with the policy.                 the handcuffs. The use of              in store.                                 Witte says, “The Honors
safety on Calvin’s campus.              “The Use of Force policy           force policy requires regular             John Witte, the director of         Community ... will actually be
   “First and foremost, we want      establishes specific guidelines       training. We would train               Residence Life, says, “With the        developing over the course of
to be able to have a response        for training and use of force,”       yearly on the use of defensive         building being new and hav-            the year, to be more full-fledged
to an active threat to anyone        said Corner, “It outlines what        tactics.”                              ing some unique community              living-learning community the
on our campus,” said Corner.         types of force can be used in            In addition to reg ular             spaces on the floors, it seemed        following year.”
“We weren’t able to safely and       relation to the type of aggres-                                              the ideal place to try some new           This space will also be used
effectively address a threat in      sive or hostile act that is being                                            ideas.”                                for students interested in hon-
the past. By having this Use         committed or threatened to be                  See Guns, page 2                 He adds, “With 1,900 stu-           ors classes and honors council
                                                                                                                  dents living in the residence          programming.
                                                                                                                  halls, there’s room for some cre-         A second f loor is goi ng
                                                                                                                  ative options, and still plenty of

  senate elections approach
                                                                                                                                                         to be called “Creation Care
                                                                                                                  ‘traditional’ housing available.”      Living-Learning Community.”
                                                                                                                  The hall will contain not only         Pr inciples developed f rom
                                                                                                                  freshmen and sophomores, but           t he st ude nt orga n i zat ion,
                                                                                                                  also upper-classmen interested         Environmental Stewardship
                                                                                                                  in living in these types of com-       Coalition, have helped to shape
                                                                                                                  munities.                              the purpose of this floor.
                                                                                                                     There will be three different          On this floor, “residents will
                                                                                                                  types of intentional community         develop and promote strategies
                                                                                                                  in this new hall.                      for living more compassion-
                                                                                                                     One of the floors will house        ately toward and affirming of
                                                                                                                  an honors community: “This             the creation, and in so doing,
                                                                                                                  new floor will provide a place         work to bring positive change
                                                                                                                  for highly motivated students          within Residence Life and the
                                                                                                                  to build friendships with peers,       greater Calvin community.”
                                                                                                                  strive for deeper learning and            The meetings for this floor,
                                                                                                                  create new links between their         wit h fac ult y mentors Gai l
                                                                                                                  experiences inside and outside         Heffner and Dave Warners,
                                                                                                                  of the classroom.”                     will use a book on sustain-
                                                                                                                     Commitments include at-             able living by professor David
                                                                                         photos by sarah states   tendance at f loor meetings,           Koetje.
  if the Presidential primaries aren’t holding your intrigue anymore, welcome to the                              participation in f loor events            Beside the meetings, resi-
                                                                                                                  and in development of f loor           dents will commit to social
  excitement that is student senate election season. Chalk messages, dorm window                                  standards. Also, to the extent         events, development of ad-
  signs and a real live debate mark the campaign season.Voting will be open april 14                              possible, there should be an           ditional expectations and a
  and 15. see pages 9 and 10 for more information about the candidates. Which bit of                              involvement in the Honors
  random trivia will help you decide?                                                                             Program. The faculty advisors
                                                                                                                  for this floor will be the leaders             See Wing, page 3

                                                                                                                                                                  photos by Kathy hoogeboom

t-shirts around Commons lawn, created by survivors of sexual assault and friends of survivors, represent pain, devastation, strength, survival, hope.

                                 Th e O f f i c i a l S T u d e n T n e w S pa p e r             Of     c a lv i n c O l l e g e S i n c e 1907
2           News                                                                 C himes                                                                                April 11, 2008

Chimes Guns: Campus Safety officers will soon be armed
                                 continued from page 1                 adequately serve and protect                ing the cutbacks: “The Grand         know what we are dealing with
         2007-2008                                                     Calvin College has been raised              Rapids police have lost ap-          until we arrive at the location
                                 training, supervisors who are         by parents, employees and                   proximately 70 officer positions     where the person is.”
                                 authorized to carry a firearm will    students.                                   since 2001, so the response time        Corner stresses the point that
      editor iN Chief            be required to qualify to carry          “We have received inqui-                 is delayed.”                         these policies are not being im-
     Kathy Hoogeboom             the gun four times a year. The su-    ries of concern from parents,                  Also spurring these changes       plemented because of increas-
                                 pervisors will need to prove their    employees of the college, and               are previous incidents where         ing dangers on campus.
                                 proficiency in the use of firearms    even some st udents asking                  off icers have responded to             “The campus itself is not any
     MaNagiNg editor             through marksmanship and drills       how [Campus Safety] would                   potentially dangerous calls          less safe,” assured Corner, “but
       Christy Gordon            that test their ability to react in   protect them if someone came                without adequate protection.         we need to be able to respond
                                 specific circumstances. State law     on campus with the intent of                Corner noted the incident ivolv-     to a threat in a safe and timely
             News                requires that police semi-annually    committing a violent act,” said             ing a seminary student last          manner, and this gives us the
       Griffin Jackson           undergo proficiency and compe-        Corner. Also, state and local               summer.                              ability to do so in a way that
                                 tency qualifications, so Calvin’s     government budget cutbacks                     “For me to respond to that        we did not have before.”
    NatioNal & world             quarterly qualif ications set a       have caused a decrease in the               request for help from the sem-          Discussing the impact of the
          News                   much higher standard.                 number of police officers em-               inary is rather concerning,          new policy on the Calvin com-
       Katie Sytsema                The Use of Force policy has        ployed by the Grand Rapids                  because I am going into the          munity, President Byker con-
       Kristen Fletcher          been authorized for a number          Police Department.                          situation with nothing more          cluded that the change would
                                 of reasons. Concern regarding            Corner supports this claim               than a radio. This person had a      be subtle, but beneficial.
                                 the ability of Campus Safety to       by providing statics regard-                handgun and a lot of ammuni-            “I don’t think there will be
         sCieNCe &                                                                                                 tion,” stated Corner.                a lot of impact,” he said. “The
        teChNology                                                                                                    Another incident occurred         awareness that the Campus
        Matt Decker                                                                                                last fall when an unauthorized       Safety supervisors are armed
        Crystal Chow                                                                                               person was sighted in non-           w i l l hopef u l ly have some
                                                                                                                   public locations in the Prince       deterrent effect on someone
          arts &                                                                                                   Conference Center and the            who would otherwise not think
       eNtertaiNMeNt                                                                                               FAC. The suspect was wanted          that there was an adequate
        Brandon Haan                                                                                               in other states and had previous     response. There is now an
                                                                                                                   convictions for assault with         additional deterrent to violent
        Laurel DeVries                                                                                                                                  behavior on campus. I don’t
                                                                                                                   dangerous weapons.
                                                                                                                      “These kinds of things hap-       think it will change the be-
           features                                                                                                pen a few times a year,” said        havior of the Campus Safety
         Sarah States                                                                                              Corner. “A lot of times, we          officers and I don’t think most
                                                                                                                   haven’t even called the police       people on a day to day basis will
            sports                                                                                                 yet when we make contact with        be aware that there has been a
       Bruce Van Baren                                                                                             someone, because we don’t            change.”
       Stephanie Brinks
        Chaz Amidon
                                                                                                                                            C ampus s afety R epoRt
        Aaron Roorda                                                                                                                                    vehicle at 10:30 p.m. on the
         Brad Tindall                                                                                                                                   same date and found damage
                                                                                                                                                        to the passenger side of the
              etC.                                                                                                                                      vehicle.
        Ryan Veenstra                                                                                                                                      -At 4:26 p.m. a student
                                                                                                                                                        repor ted that at 12 a.m.
    photography aNd                                                                                                     Tuesday 4/1                     on Wednesday, April 2, he
                                                                                                                        -At 2:13 a.m. Campus            parked his vehicle in the up-
        l ayout                                                                                                      Safety received a report of        per Knollcrest East parking
        Sarah States                                                                                                 people in the Fieldhouse           lot. The student stated that
      Len Krgysman IV                                                                                                construction area. A search        when he returned to the ve-
                                                                                               file photo
                                                                                                                     of the area produced two           hicle at 10:30 a.m. on today’s
    head Copy editor
       Stephen Mulder            Calvin’s recycling effort                                                           students who were identi-
                                                                                                                     fied. The information on the
                                                                                                                     students was turned over to
                                                                                                                                                        date he found damage to the
                                                                                                                                                        rear driver’s side bumper.
                                                                                                                                                           -At 9:25 p.m. Campus
        Copy editors                 Thanks for tuning back into the Environmental Stewardship                       the Judicial Affairs Office.       Safety investigated a hit-and-
        Karin Abma               Coalition Corner! This week marks the final installment of the                         -At 12:41 p.m. Campus           run vehicle accident in the
         Beth Biegun             three-part series on reduce, reuse, recycle. Before we discuss how                  Safety responded to a re-          Fine Arts Center parking lot.
                                 you can recycle on campus I’d like to take a minute to discuss the                  quest for medical assistance       A vehicle struck a parked ve-
        Ruth Diemer                                                                                                  i n S c hu lt ze/ Eld e r s veld   hicle and then left the scene.
       Arielle Fischer           benefits of recycling.
                                     Economically speaking, recycling programs are cheaper and                       Residence Hall. A student          Several witnesses obtained a
     Alissa Goudswaard           create four times as many jobs than programs for waste collection,                  was suffering from severe          license number of the vehicle
       Kari Holmgren             land-filling and incineration. The production of aluminum, plastic                  abdominal pain. An am-             leaving the scene and the
     Elizabeth Schaefer          and paper requires energy, water and other natural resources. So                    bulance was requested and          owner was identified.
      Alyssa Smeding             when you recycle, you reduce the need to cut down trees (like the                   the victim transported to
      Amy Surbatovich            Amazon rain forests) and mine for coal (by destroying mountains                     Spectrum Health Blodgett              Friday 4/4
        Rachel Talen             in West Virginia), as well as reducing our dependence on foreign                    for treatment.                        -At 11 a.m. Campus Safety
       Jeff Tumbleson            oil. The destruction of natural habitats and the loss of biodiversity                  -At 4:50 p.m. Campus            responded to a request for
         Maggie Vail             within them is directly related to our destructive mining and logging               Sa fet y obser ved a veh i-        medical assistance in the
                                 practices. Our natural resources are precious and wars are being                    cle that had been leaking          Science Building. A visitor
     Annalise Venhuizen                                                                                              liquid. The liquid was con-        attending a lecture had lost
                                 fought over them around the world.
                                     Although reducing, reusing and recycling may seem like the least                tained and the owner con-          consciousness. The victim
       web MaNager               we can do to ease these problems, they are still quite effec-                       tacted.                            was evaluated at the scene
         Derek Slenk             tive and well worth our efforts. For instance, according to                            -At 5 p.m. a student re-        and elected to seek treatment
                                                                                             The Green Challenge

                                 National Public Radio, if every U.S. household replaced                             ported that at 8:15 a.m. on        at a later time if needed.
           adviser               just one roll of virgin fiber bathroom tissues with 100 per-                        Mond ay, Ma rch 31, she
       Dr. Simona Goi            cent recycled ones, it could save 373,000 trees, 1.48 million                       parked her vehicle in the             Sunday 4/6
                                 cubic feet of landfill space and 155 million gallons of water.                      Kalsbeek-Huizenga parking             -At 12:10 a.m. a member of
                                 Furthermore, Americans throw away enough aluminum                                   lot. The student stated that       the band that had performed
                                 to rebuild our entire commercial fleet of airplanes every                           when she returned to the ve-       in the concert on Saturday
        Chimes                   three months. In one year, Stanford University saved the                            hicle at 4:55 p.m. on today’s      night in the Fine Arts Center
    Calvin College               equivalent of nearly 34,000 trees by recycling, according                           date she found that the left       reported that two large ban-
 3201 Burton street se           to the National Recycling Coalition.                                                rear window of the vehicle         ners that had been hanging
grand r apids, mi 49546              Now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you of both the                              had been broken.                   from the sides of the balco-
                                 importance and effectiveness of recycling, I’m sure you’re                                                             nies were missing.           dying to know how you can get involved. Well you’re in                                 Wednesday 4/2                      -At 3:06 p.m. Campus
                                 luck because I’ve enlisted the help of Calvin’s Recycling                              -At 3:15 a.m. Campus            Safety responded to a request
 editors: (616) 526-7031         Coordinator, Henry Kingma, to let us know exactly what                              Safety responded to a re-          for medical assistance at the
newsroom: (616) 526-6578         we can and cannot put in the 60 new recycling bins scat-                            quest for medical assistance       basketball court near Theta-
a dvertising: (616) 526-6729     tered around campus. The paper bins take all different                              in Kalsbeek-Huizenga resi-         Epsilon. A student had suf-
      Fax: (616) 526-8670        types of paper, from newspaper to cardboard to clean paper                          dence hall. A student was          fered a hand laceration. The
                                 plates and cups. Don’t try to recycle anything laminated                            suffering from intense ab-         victim was evaluated at the
      Chimes is the official     or with grease and food scraps stuck to it, but staples and                         dominal pain and nausea.           scene and elected to have
       newspaper of Calvin       paperclips are OK. You may be surprised to know that                                The victim was evaluated           a friend transport her to
     College. The mission of     the glass/metal/plastic bins take plastic dinnerware and                            at the scene and elected to        Spectrum Health Blodgett
      Chimes is to serve the     plastic bags, in addition to plastic beverage containers.                           have a friend transport him        for treatment.
      community of Calvin        Don’t be deterred by the shapes on the top of the bins. If                          to Spectrum Health Blodgett           -At 10:15 p.m. Campus
      College in a variety of    it doesn’t fit but you know that it is recyclable, just lift the                    for treatment.                     Safety responded to a request
     ways: we aim to reform,     lid and throw it in. I know you’re all super excited to get                                                            for medical assistance in
      review, challenge and      out there and throw things in the recycling bins (including                            Thursday 4/3                    Boer-Bennink residence hall.
    foster dialogue within the   this issue of the Chimes when you’re finished reading it),                             -At 4 p.m. a visitor re-        A student had suffered a
           community.            but one final word of caution: if you’re not sure whether                           por ted that at 7 p.m. on          hand laceration. The victim
                                 an item is recyclable, throw it away. You don’t want to                             Wed nesday, Apr i l 2, he          was evaluated at the scene
                                 ruin an entire batch of perfectly good paper because you                            parked his vehicle in the          and elected to have a staff
    The official Student                                                                                             East Beltline parking lot and      member transport her to
                                 thought your coffee filter was recyclable (apparently that’s
    Newspaper of Calvin          happened).                                                                          attended a concert. The visi-      Spectrum Health Blodgett
                                     Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the silver bins.                         tor stated he returned to the      for treatment.
    College Since 1907
April 11, 2008                                                                          C himes                                                                        News              3

Every honors program has its day
                                                                                                                      S enate
     By griffin jackson
          news editor
                                     compared the current, more
                                     celebrative and comfortable
                                     ceremony to the formal, some-
                                     times boring convocations of
                                                                                “It is the one time during
                                                                            the year in when Honors stu-
                                                                            dents are honored by faculty,”
                                                                            said Bratt of the convocation.
                                                                                                                             By mike faBer            Corner
   There may be a month of           many years ago.                        Although respect and admira-                 Student Body:                winning Executive Team and
school left, but with the end           Students and faculty alike          tion come in many forms, the                 After a week of campaign-    senatorial candidates will be
of the year looming, students,       can look forward to a brief            convocation offers the best op-          ing, debating, postering,        announced in Student News
staff and faculty cannot help        faculty congratulations speech         portunity for Honors students            sidewalk-chalking, mobiliz-      on Wednesday.
but think about end-of-the-year      given by history professor Bruce       to receive their congratulations         ing and everything else that        Another thing to be aware
events. One of those events,         Berglund and then the words of         all together.                            comes with it, it’s time for     of: Student Senate is current-
the Honors Convocation, will         an honors graduate, Karen                 The Honors Program held an            you to have a voice. Please      ly in the market for a CFO.
be occurring on Wednesday,           Kaashoek. Kaashoek brings              event for its honors students, as        r e me m b e r to vot e ne x t   That’s right, you would be
April 16.                            to the convocation a unique            well as volunteer honors stu-            Monday and Tuesday (April        in charge of thousands of
   Over 500 Calvin students          perspective, as she is not quite       dents from Aquinas and Grand             14th and 15th). We encour-       dollars of student organiza-
par ticipated in the Honors          the typical Honors student. She        Valley, to display their research        age you to get educated about    tion-related funds. The ap-
Program this year, 55 students       started her schooling decades          just last Saturday. The program          all the candidates who                  plications have been
will be graduating with hon-         ago and is now married with            drew eight Calvin students               will be running in                         available for some
ors. All of these students will      children. She had returned to          beside eight Aquinas students            this spring’s elec-                          time now, but our
be honored at the convoca-           Calvin in order to add to her de-      and six from GVSU. It was an             tion: check out                                Appointments
tion.                                grees and now plans to enter a         excellent showing of Calvin’s            the bios                                            Committee
   “Long before we had an            master’s program in non-profit         Honors students and confirmed            in today’s                                          will be re-
Honors Program we had an             administration.                        the quality of the program. The          Chimes,                                             viewing
Honors Convocation,” said pro-          Apart from the words of             22 presenters exemplified the            f ind can-                                          them next
fessor Kenneth Bratt, Director       Bergland and Kaashoek, mem-            strengthening of the program,            didate                                              Monday
of the Honors Program. The           bers of Jazz Vespers will be           as compared to only seven pre-           groups on                                       and will accept
convocation ceremony has             there to entertain. Also, honors       senters last year.                       Fa c e b o ok o r                             t he m t h r ou g h
been a tradition at Calvin for       students are being asked to               As far as the future of the           contact the candi-                          that time.
many years, and has changed          submit posters of their research       Ho n o r s P r o g r a m , “ we ’r e     dates directly.                              Also, toward the
considerably in size and style       to be displayed at the convoca-        expanding the program at the                 I think it goes without          end of this month, no-
over that time.                      tion. The whole festive event          freshmen level and maintain-             saying: everyone can agree       tices will go out for those
   “It has a kind of semi-for-       is to be followed by a time of         ing it at the upperclassmen              that this election comes at an   who are interested in serv-
mal feel to it,” said Bratt. He      refreshments.                          level,” sa id Brat t. A mong             absolutely crucial moment in     ing on Faculty Governance
                                                                            the changes are moves toward             our student body’s history.      Committtees. Make sure to
                                                                            developing an honors f loor              OK, maybe a bit too melo-        keep your eyes peeled for
                                                                            on the new wing of KH, bud-              dramatic. Just vote. Ballots     this great opportunity to
                                                                            geting more money for re-                will be e-mailed individually    contribute and be involved
                                                                            search and creating a program            to students, and if there are    on campus next year (as well
                                                                            of cluster courses. The                  any problems with their dis-     as pad a résumé).
                                                                            clusters, primarily for freshmen,        tribution, please contact me        Good night, good luck,
                                                                            of fe r a u n iq u e c h a nc e to       ( The       happy voting.
                                                                            development a special bond
                                                                            with other Honors students
                                                                            in a pair of subject-related           who have excelled in their time    tion. Each department will host
                                                                            classes. Next year, there will         at Calvin. Students from all       a table and professors will be
                                                                            be four honors clusters of-            class levels will be recognized.   available if one wants to talk.
                                                                            fered.                                 Medallions will be given out,      The hope is that the Honors
                                                                               The convocation is the sum-         and certificates will be granted   Convocation will represent the
                                                                            mation of all the year’s Honors        to those 120 seniors who have      great qualities of the Honors
                                              photo courtesy of ken Bratt   Program activities and experi-         made the Dean’s List every         Program and honor the many
Students and faculty gatherd together in the FAC for last                   ences. Hosted by the Provost,          semester at Calvin.                st udents who have applied
year’s Honors Convocation.                                                  the program promises to pay               There will be a reception in    themselves to the honors’ stan-
                                                                            respect to many of the students        Commons after the convoca-         dard.

WinG: makeover includes new ‘living-learning’ communities
continued from page 1                also that people often submit             These changes have not only         process has been put in place.     the available spaces and we’ll
                                     to the world definition of who         come about because of the new          Current residents of the Mosaic    keep recruiting through the
lifestyle that reflects creation     they are instead of God’s image        wing but are also because of an        f loor, unlike in past years,      semester.”
care.                                of his creation.                       evaluation the program did in          had to re-apply for this f loor       For more information on
   One of the floors is a revi-         The commitments include             the fall.                              through an interview process.      these wings, visit
sion of the Mosaic floor that is     reflecting the kingdom of God             “The Mosaic f loor hasn’t               In regard to other f loors,
currently housed in Kalsbeek-        through interactions; restoring        had a formalized review since          Witte says that the response       wing. The application process
Huizenga. This revised floor is      and redefining ethnic identi-          the early years,” Arai said. Part      has been positive. However,        for 2008-2009 is past. Residents
currently called the “Grassroots     ties by exploring race relations       of the review included focus           he says, “For some there may       will find out today whether or
Living-Learning Community.”          through a class; and learning          groups in the fall as well as          not be enough interest to fill     not they have been accepted.
As Elicia Arai, the director         together through community             a collaboration with a group
of the Mosaic floor, says, this      meals and activities. The class,       called the Mosaic Historians
floor is a way of refreshing the
Mosaic community.
   “We are clarifying our mis-
                                     according to Arai, will have
                                     a focus of re-examining each
                                     individual’s own ethnic iden-
                                                                            who are faculty and staff that
                                                                            have been a part of the Mosaic
                                                                            floor’s development.
sion,” Arai says. Now the com-       tity.                                     Interest in this revised com-           In the April 4 issue of Chimes in the article titled “All you
munity has three confessions            With a new floor, this inten-       munity, according to Arai,               need is ‘Love’” Raheem DeVaughn’s album was erroneously
and three commitments.               tional community has become            “has been impressive.” This is           called “Love Behind the Music.” It is actually titled “Love
   The confessions discuss the       much smaller. Arai believes            especially seen in the interest          Behind the Melody.”
brokenness of our world and the      this will help with community          of returning Calvin students
infiltration of the sin of racism;   building.                              who are not currently Mosaic
how cultural superiority and            “Smaller in size can mean a         residents.
internalized victimization have      closer knit community,” Arai              Like all the other floors in             ANNOUNCEMENTS can be submitted by Calvin stu-
damaged relationships; and           says.                                  the new wing, an application             dents, faculty and staff to be printed in Chimes at no cost.
                                                                                                                     Announcements can be sent via e-mail to chimes@calvin.
                                                                                                                     edu or dropped off at the Chimes office during the week.
                                                                                                                     Announcements must be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday to run
                                                                                                                     in Friday’s paper. Please limit them to 150 words and send
                                                                                                                     with the subject line “Announcement.”

                                                                                                                       Attention Students; Part-time work available immedi-
                                                                                                                     ately. Customer sales/service openings. $14.25 base-appt.
                                                                                                                     Flexible schedules, no experience necessary, conditions
                                                                                                                     apply. Training provided.
                                                                                                                       Apply at or call now (616)

                                                                                                                       Earn $800-$3200 a month to drive brand new cars with
                                                                                                                     ads placed on them.

                                                                                                                        Cute one-bedroom bungalow, A/C, full laundry. $650/mo
                                                                                                                     plus utilities. 10 minutes from campus. 667-1830.

                                                                                                                       Local mascot opportunity available. Fun job. Great pay.
                                                                                                                     Please call 706-6325.
4        NatioNal & World NeWs                                                      C himes                                                                        April 11, 2008

Politics and the Olympics
    By Kristen Fletcher and          toward basic rights which is so     months before the Games.
          daKota rees                pervasive in Chinese domestic           But the pollution problem is
                                     policy.                             not solved yet. Just two months
nat-World assistant editor and          Protests have also centered      ago, at least three tributaries
       Guest Writer                  on China’s heightened pollu-        of the Han River (the Xiglong,
                                     tion and poor environmental         Tianguan and Dongjing) were
    Soon after gaining appoint-      policies.                           severely contaminated by pol-
ment as the site of the 2008            China’s rapid industrial-        lution, turning the water red.
Su m me r Oly mp ic g a me s,        ization has left an enormous        About 60,000 people in Xinguo
China adopted the slogan,            amount of pollution and deg-        were left without running water
“One World, One Dream.”              radation of natural resources       and at least five schools were
This slogan sounds unifying          in the country. Some think          closed. Other schools were un-
and noble on the surface.            China has already surpassed         able to provide food for their
    In preparation for the com-      the United States as the world’s    students.                                                                                           ap photo
i n g Oly mp ic s, C h i n a h a s   largest emitter of greenhouse           Beijing has still not hit the
com m it ted many g r ievous         gases. In fact, a World Health      level of pollution set out by the   A French Tibetan protester, clutching a Tibetan flag, runs
actions that many Americans          Organization report on air          World Health Organization.          away from police along the Olympic torch route in Paris.
would probably consider crimi-       quality concluded that seven        Some Beijing residents are          Numerous protests have sprung up along the torch route
nal.                                 of the world’s 10 most polluted     skeptical of governmental poli-     throughout the world in response to China’s denial of
    According to a recent            cities were in China.               cies.
Amnesty International report,                                                                                Tibetan autonomy and its exploitation of the environment
                                        Due to this air pollution,           “It is like you invite some
“Unless the Chinese authorities      respiratory and heart diseases      guests to your home, and hide       and human rights.
take steps to redress the situa-     are the leading cause of death      all your children underneath
tion urgently, a positive human      in China. Half of the popula-       the bed to make the house           an interesting question in the          “The president views the
rights legacy for the Beijing        tion lacks access to clean water,   look nicer. If all the polluting    mind of the spectator: can           Olympics as a sporting event
Olympics looks increasingly          and approximately 300 million       factories are shut down for the     there be one world with one          and an important opportunity
beyond reach.”                       residents drink contaminated        Olympics, there will be a major     dream while one country sub-         to support America’s athletes.
    What has China done that         water every day. Acid rain falls    pollution outbreak afterward        jugates another? Some would          He has also made it very clear
is worthy of such a strong ac-       on 30 percent of the country,       when all the factories restart,     say that China’s slogan should       that the Olympics will shine a
cusation? If one asked Jean          reported the BBC.                   right?” said one Beijing fac-       read “China’s Dream for the          bright light on China regard-
du Plessis, the executive direc-        China has taken steps to         tory engineer, according to The     World.”                              ing a variety of issues,” said
tor of the Center on Housing         c u rb its pol lut ion rate. I n    New York Times.                        Despite all of these protests,    White House spokesman Tony
Rights and Evictions, he would       2005, China joined the Asia             As preparations continue in     China has refused to alter the       Fratto, reported The New York
say that kicking over a million      Pacific Partnership on Clean        Beijing, Olympics athletes have     route of the torch. The torch is     Times.
people out of their homes is no      Development, in which they          had to take the high level of       set to travel through 20 coun-          Oly mpic at h le tes t he m-
laughing matter.                     planned to reduce their total       pollution into account as they      tries, finally arriving in Beijing   selves are organizing in pro-
    “Our research shows that         emissions by 10 percent in 10       plan for the games. Some worry      on Aug. 8 for the opening cer-       tests. A round 20 0 athletes
little has changed since 1988        years.                              that pollution levels may hinder    emonies. In fact, China still        have formed a coalition called
when 720,000 people were                The Chinese government           athletes’ breathing and prevent     plans to take the torch through      Team Darfur that plans to raise
forcibly displaced in Seoul,         also claimed that the Three         records from being broken.          Tibet on its way to Mount            awareness about the genocide
South Korea, in preparation for      Gorges Dam project would                Haile Gebrsellasie, mara-       Everest.                             taking place in Darfur and
the Summer Olympic Games             reduce pollution. Chinese of-       thon world record holder, an-          China has criticized protes-      to protest China’s support of
... It is shocking and entirely      ficials said the dam was meant      nounced in January that he will     tors, describing it as an “at-       Sudan. However, athletes in
unacceptable that 1.25 mil-          to help prevent devastating         not run in the marathon at the      tempt to sabotage and destroy”       this group do not plan on pro-
lion people have already been        floods and generate clean hy-       Beijing Olympics because of         the torch relay.                     testing violently; most just plan
displaced in Beijing, in prepa-      droelectric power that would        the city’s air pollution levels        “The Olympic f lame be-           on wearing wristbands, show-
ration for the 2008 Games,           enable the region to lower its      and his struggle with asthma.       longs to the people around the       ing their involvement in Team
in f lagrant violation of their      dependence on coal, thus less-      He plans to instead run the         world … So the behavior of a         Darfur.
right to adequate housing,”          ening air pollution.                10,000m.                            few separatists would not gain          “I feel like there’s no one out
du Plessis said in a COHRE              However, critics of the proj-        “The pollution in China is a    sympathy from people and will        there who would think that it’s
and RUIG/GIAN joint media            ect claim that erosion and          threat to my health and it would    cause strong criticism and is        a controversial issue to talk
statement.                           silting of the Yangtze River        be difficult for me to run 42km     doomed to fail,” Wang Hui,           about 400,000 people being
    Yes, Beijing is a very large     threaten several endangered         in my current condition,” he        a spokesman for the Beijing          killed in Darfur right now. But
city, but 1.25 million people        species. The project of the         said, reported the BBC.             Olympic organizing commit-           I’m not going to go into China
displaced is still 1.25 million      Three Gorges Dam also raised            Britain’s top marathoner        tee, stated in the BBC.              and tell their government what
too many.                            humanitarian issues. About          Paula Radcliffe, who also suf-         Qu Yingpu, spokesman for          to do,” said Jessica Mendoza,
    There are undoubtedly some       6,000 people were displaced         fers from exercise-induced          the worldwide torch relay has        outfielder for the U.S. softball
unhappy Chinese citizens as          on the Nakai Plateau, which         ast hma, is also concer ned         said that “This is not the right     team and member of Team
a result of this displacement.       was partly flooded as a result      about the pollution levels in       time, the right platform, for any    Darfur, according to The New
However, dissidents of China’s       of the project.                     China. However, she still plans     people to voice their political      York Times,
disregard for human rights have         Work still continues in China    to compete in the marathon and      views.”                                 Other athletes don’t feel that
found themselves silenced, and       to reduce pollution. In January,    is looking for an upgrade in her       The protestors view them-         the Olympics are the place for
in some cases, jailed.               the government banned shops         medication.                         selves as oppressed and long         political protests.
    In the words of Irene Khan       from handing out free plastic           Across the world, Tibetans      due for an international hear-          G a r y H a l l Jr., h o p i n g
                                                                         and non-Tibetans alike have         ing. The fact is that the dem-       to make Beijing his four th
                                                                         banded together to protest          onstrators have an opportunity       Olympics, has been quoted in
        “I just don’t see how you can separate the                       China’s abuse.                      which they may never have            The New York Times as saying
                                                                             Protests have popped up all     had before. The international        that “There is a time and place
                 Olympics from politics.”                                along the Olympic torch route.      eye is watching China’s every        for the issues and causes. The
                                                                         As a result of the increase in      move, through high-definition        Olympic Games and politics
                  ~ David Wallechinsky                                   protests, police officers are ex-   cameras and through the eyes         don’t go together well.”
                                                                         pected to run alongside torch-      of reporters who cannot be              But can the Olympics and
                                                                         bearers into order to protect       jailed if they write something       politics be separated? In the
of Amnesty International, dis-       bags. Production of ultra-thin      the flame.                          China’s government does not          past, the Olympics have always
sidents have been silenced “in       plastic bags was also banned.           Protests were especially hot    approve of.                          been an arena for political
an apparent attempt to portray          “Plastic shopping bags, due      in London. At least 37 people          The protestors are definitely     protests and sporting events
a ‘stable’ or ‘harmonious’ image     to reasons such as excessive        were arrested by police along       taking advantage of this fact.       alike. For example, in the 1986
to the world by August 2008.”        use and inefficient recycling,      the way as protesters made mad         While they haven’t f ully         Games, American sprinters
Khan also says the infractions       have caused serious energy          dashes at the torch, attempting     pulled out of the Olympics,          John Carlos and Tommie Smith
have, “deepened not lessened         and resources waste and envi-       to put out the flame. In Paris,     some high-profile state leaders      raised their black-gloved hands
because of the Olympics.”            ronmental pollution,” the State     the f lame was put out three        are showing their disdain for        in a salute to black power dur-
    A case in point is the fate of   Council posted on the govern-       times by security officials due     Chinese policies by not attend-      ing the playing of the National
prominent activist Hu Jia, who       ment website.                       to protests.                        ing opening ceremonies.              Anthem. Even further back,
was arrested and sentenced              Beijing is investing heav-           The torch just arrived in          French president Nicolas          in 1906, Irish athlete Peter
to three and a half years for        ily in pollution control as the     Sa n Fra nc i sco t h i s week .    Sarkozy has said he may not          O’Connor climbed a flagpole
posting critical articles on the     Olympics draw near. Beijing         Precautions have been taken         attend the opening ceremonies        and waved an Irish flag after
Internet. According to Chinese       promised a “Green Olympics”         against protests, but groups        if China does not ease up on         winning a silver medal in pro-
authorities, Hu Jia was guilty of    and has been working toward         have already rallied in support     their Tibetan policies. Britain’s    test to his placement on the
“subversion of power.”               meeting the pollution levels        for Tibet. A large group pro-       prime minister Gordon Brown          British team.
   Jia ng Yu of t he foreig n        deemed safe by t he World           tested in front of the Chinese      says he plans to attend the             “I just don’t see how you can
ministry has defended Hu Jia         Health Organization.                Consulate on Tuesday. Another       closing ceremonies but not the       separate the Olympics from
sentence saying, “China is a            A new standard for car emis-     San Franciscan group plans on       opening ceremonies. Prince           politics. The Olympics is part of
country with the rule of law.        sions was put in place last         protesting by running naked         Charles has vowed not to at-         the world, period,” said David
Everyone is equal before the         month. Cars and buses that          behind the torchbearer.             tend the opening ceremonies          Wallechinsky, an Olympic his-
law. We can’t stop implementa-       fail checks will be banned from         On Monday, an audacious         also. It has also been reported      torian, according to The New
tion of the law because of the       the streets, and a new type of      group of seven “Students for a      that German representatives          York Times,
Olympics.”                           less-polluting petrol will also     Free Tibet” members were ar-        plan on not attending opening           It is yet to be seen what will
   Even though some may ar-          be available. The government        rested after they scaled the sus-   ceremonies.                          occur at the Beijing Olympics
gue that Chinese law must be         also plans to restrict private      pension cables of the Golden           President Bush has made it        2008, but as the torch contin-
consistently enforced, others        car use by allowing only odd        Gate Bridge to hang pro-Tibet       clear that he will attend the        ues on its journey across the
see this as a direct violation of    or even registration numbers        banners declaring “One World.       opening ceremonies, despite          world, ever nearing Beijing
basic human rights.                  to be out on the road on any        One Dream. Free Tibet,” a           pressure from international          and the opening ceremonies,
   The international communi-        given day.                          parody of the, “One World,          and national sources. Nancy          China will eventually have to
ty has focused on the violations        China has also ordered five      One Dream” slogan adopted           Pelosi, Speaker of the House,        deal with the increasing criti-
of Tibetan autonomy as an epit-      provinces around Beijing to re-     for the Beijing Games.              suggested the Bush skip the          cism of its environmental and
ome of the dismissive attitude       duce industrial activity for two        The demonstration provokes      opening ceremonies.                  humanitarian policies.
April 11, 2008                                                                      C himes                                              NatioNal & World NeWs                 5

Protests for justice, food Afghan aid crisis
                                                                                                                                               worst, Piccolo said.
                                    cookies made of dirt, vegetable      the 9,000 U.N. peacekeepers,             the associated press            “Their growing humanitar-
        associated press            oil and salt.                        whom they blame in part for                                           ian needs and those of other
                                       Riots broke out in the nor-       rising food prices. The peace-          The war in Afghanistan is     v ulnerable people must be
   Hungry Haitians stormed          mally placid southern port of        keepers came to Haiti in 2004        spreading, forcing thousands     met as a matter of urgency,”
the presidential palace Tuesday     Les Cayes last week, quickly         to quell the chaos that followed     of people to flee their homes    Kellenberger said.
to demand the resignation of        escalating as protesters tried to    the ouster of former President       this year, the International        “ W h i l e t h e I C RC h a s
President Rene Preval over          burn down a U.N. compound            Jean-Bertrand Aristide.              Red Cross said Tuesday dur-      stepped up its humanitarian
soaring food prices, and U.N.       and leaving five people dead.           They helped usher in a dem-       ing the visit of its president   activities in recent years, dan-
peacekeepers chased them            The protests spread to other         ocratic transition, but critics      to Kabul.                        gerous conditions often prevent
away with rubber bullets and        cities, and on Monday tens of        say both Preval and the in-             “There is growing insecu-     it from reaching groups such
tear gas.                           thousands took to the streets of     ternational community have           rity and a clear intensifica-    as displaced persons who need
   Food prices, which have          Port-au-Prince.                      focused too much on political        tion of the armed conflict,      protection and assistance.”
risen 40 percent on average            On Tuesday, demonstra-            stability without helping to alle-   which is no longer limited          During his stay in the coun-
since mid-2007, are causing         tors in the capital set fires,       viate poverty. That could spell      to the south but has spread      try, Kellenberger plans to visit
unrest around the world. But        barricaded streets and looted        trouble not only for Preval, but     to the east and west,” Jakob     the U.S. militar y prison at
nowhere do they pose a greater      stores, and a crowd tried to         for Haiti’s fragile democracy        Kellenberger, president of       Bag ram air f ield, t he main
threat to democracy than in         break down the gates of the          as well.                             the International Committee      American military installation
Haiti, one of the world’s poorest   presidential palace, demanding          “We voted P reva l for a          of the Red Cross, said in a      in the country.
countries where in the best of      Preval’s resignation.                change. Nothing happened,”           statement.                          Human rights groups accuse
times most people struggle to          “We are hungry!” the crowd        said Joel Elie, 31, who, like           The United Nations has        the U.S. military of holding
fill their bellies.                 shouted. “He must go!”               many Haitians, is unemployed.        said that more than 8,000        prisoners without charge at
   “I think we have made prog-         Preval, a soft-spoken leader      “We’re tired of it and we can’t      people, mostly militants,        facilities like Bagram, in some
ress in stabilizing the country,    backed by Washington, was            wait anymore.”                       were killed in 2007, the dead-   cases for over five years.
but that progress is extremely      at work in the palace during            W h i le t he peacekeepers        liest year in Afghanistan           Kellenberger said the more
fragile, highly reversible and      the protests, aides said. He         spend more than US$500 mil-          since the 2001 ouster of the     than 600 prisoners held at
made even more fragile by the       has made no public statements        lion a year in Haiti, the World      Taliban from power by a          Bagram should have their cases
current socio-economic envi-        since the riots began.               Food Program has collected           U.S.-led coalition. At least     handled “within an appropriate
ronment,” U.N. envoy Hedi              “I compare this situation to      less than 15 percent of the          1,500 civilians were among       legal framework,” the state-
Annabi said Tuesday af ter          having a bucket full of gasoline     US$96 million it says Haiti          the dead last year.              ment said.
briefing the Security Council.      and having some people around        needs in donations this year.           Graziella Leite Piccolo, a       “We see the need for more
   For months, Haitians have        with a box of matches,” said         The WFP issued an emergency          Red Cross spokeswoman in         robust procedural safeguards in
compared their hunger pains         Preval adviser Patrick Elie. “As     appeal Monday for more.              Kabul, said at least 13,000      Bagram, where to this day most
to “eating Clorox” because of       long as the two have a possibil-        Meanwhile, new customs            people have fled their homes     detainees live in uncertainty
the burning feeling in their        ity to meet, you’re going to have    procedures aimed at collect-         since January because of         about their fate,” Kellenberger
stomachs. The most desper-          trouble.”                            ing revenues and stopping the        the conflict, but that getting   said.
ate have come to depend on a           T he prote s te r s a l so a re   flow of drugs has left tons of       more precise numbers or             The Red Cross and the U.S.
traditional hunger palliative of    demanding the departure of           food rotting in ports, especially    tracking where the people        military set up a video confer-
                                                                         in the country’s north. In a         have gone is difficult be-       encing system this year that
                                                                         country where almost all food        cause of limited access to       allows Bagram prisoners to
                                                                         is imported, cargo traffic from      dangerous regions.               speak with and see family
                                                                         Miami ground nearly to a halt,          Most of those who f led       members, the only outside con-
                                                                         though shippers say interven-        their homes are in the south,    tact the prisoners are allowed
                                                                         tion by Preval last month has        where the fighting is the        to have.
                                                                         improved the situation some-
                                                                            Government officials say the
                                                                         riots are being manipulated by
                                                                         outside forces, specifically drug
                                                                         smugglers who can operate
                                                              ap photo   more easily amid chaos and
Tear gas was used by U.N. peackeepers in an attempt                      supporters of Guy Philippe, a
to restore order after Haitian protesters stormed the                    fugitive rebel leader wanted in
presidential palace in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.                        U.S. federal court in connec-
                                                                         tion with a drug indictment.
                                                                            Annabi, the U.N. envoy,
                                                                                                                                                                        ap photo
                                                                         said “people with political mo-
                                                                         tivations” were exploiting the
                                                                         demonstrations, but didn’t say       (Above) A boy clings to his relative’s grave in a
                                                                         who he was referring to.             cemetary in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Below) Since January,
                                                                            Many in the crowds are de-        at least 13,000 Afghans such as Meraj and his daughter
                                                                         manding the return of the ex-
                                                                         iled Aristide, and thousands         Sana have been forced to flee their homes.These
                                                                         showed up Monday for a ral-          Afghans have exchanged the violence near their homes
                                                                         ly by a key Aristide ally, the       for makeshift tents in refugee camps.
                                                                         Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, in the
                                                                         oceanside slum of Cite Soleil.
  Nepal’s pre-election turmoil                                              But the anger among every-
                                                                         day Haitians over food prices
     Thursday’s elections were preceded by violence and the              is real.
  deaths of six Maoist activists and one candidate.                         “The government of America
     On Tuesday, Rishi Prasad Sharma, a Communist can-                   sees that the kids of America
  didate for the assembly, was shot and killed by unnamed                are eating and going to school
  gunmen. The shooting sparked further unrest, resulting in              — and that we Haitians are
  at least six deaths, reported CNN.                                     not,” said protester Frantz
     This election is the first since 1999. The elected assembly         Pascal, 45. “For Haiti to move
  members will re-write Nepal’s constitution and will most               on, the high cost of living must
  likely abolish the monarchy. In 2005, King Gyanendra took              go down.”                                                                                      ap photo
  complete governmental control but gave up his authoritarian
  rule a year later due to pro-democracy protests, reported
  the BBC.
     On Wednesday, King Gyanendra gave a national ad-
  dress calling for all voting adult citizens to “exercise their
  democratic right in a free and fair environment,” despite
  the violence, reported the BBC.
  Global recession led by United States

     The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the
  global economy will decline over the next two years, specifi-
  cally due to a “mild recession” in the U.S. economy.
     “The U.S. economy will tip into a mild recession in 2008
  as a result of mutually reinforcing housing and financial
  market cycles, with only a gradual recovery in 2009,” the
  IMF economic prediction report notes, according to the
     The IMF forecasts that the U.S. economy will grow by
  just 0.5 percent during 2008 and will actually contract in
  the first half of the year, reports the BBC.
     Countries such as India or China that predict strong
  economic growth in 2008 will not be as harmed by the
  depression. However, Latin American countries such as
  Brazil, Colombia or Argentina worry that their raw material
  exports will lose demand and value in international trade,
  reported the Financial Times.
                    Compiled by Katie Sytsema, Nat-World Editor
6        Science & Technology                                                             C himes                                                                        April 11, 2008

Machines define beauty Science fest
                                                                                                                                                      hind the behaviors of the am-
Math-phobes take note: geometry makes beautiful                                                                        by meliSSa Haegert
                                                                                                                             Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                      nesiac hero in his film.
                                                                                                                                                        Fo r m e r E m m y - a w a r d -
                                                                                                                                                      winning television producer
                                                                                                                        The thick glasses,            Tracy Day is organizing the
                                   usually don’t understand how                there something else that we         he av y coat s a nd s o c i a l   events. She hopes that the
      by matt decker
                                   they arrived at their conclu-               can be doing with our time?          awkwardness of the stereo-        mixing of science with several
        Scii-tech editor           sions.”                                        The notion that beauty can        t ypical “mad scientists”         venues of American culture
                                      In the first step of the study,          be boiled down to binary data        have historically given sci-      will provide the means to let
   I’m tired of people building    30 men and women were pre-                  and interpreted by a math-           ence t wo lef t feet when
robots that can do stuff.                                                                                                                             the science soak into people’s
                                   sented with 100 different faces             ematical model is nothing            it comes to immersion in          minds.
   Amit Kagian, an M.Sc. grad-     of Caucasian women, roughly                 new. More than 2,000 years           mai nst ream A mer ican
uate from Tel Aviv University’s    of the same age, and were asked             ago the Greek mystic, phi-           c ult ure. That histor y
School of Computer Sciences        to judge the beauty of each face.           losopher and mathematician           is about to be re-made,
has successfully taught a com-     The subjects rated the images               Pythagoras observed the con-         dur ing an event t hat
puter how to interpret attrac-     on a scale of one through seven             nection between math, geom-          will combine science with
tiveness in women. Of course,      and did not explain why they                etry and beauty. He reasoned         art, sports and culture in
the first question that I had      chose certain scores. Kagian                that features of physical objects    the spotlight of New York
when I heard that was, “Why?       and his colleagues then went                corresponding to the “golden         City’s center stage.
Who cares?”                        to the computer and processed               ratio” were considered most              The event is called the
                                                                                                                    World Science Festival, and
                                                                                                                    it will feature many leading
                                                                                                                    scientists with presentations
                                                                                                                    and discussions of cutting-
                                                                                                                    edge research. Columbia
                                                                                                                    University physicist Brian
                                                                                                                    Greene and actor Alan Alda
                                                                                                                    joined the heads of sever-
                                                                                                                    al New York educational
                                                                                                                    institutions in a panel on
                                                                                                                    Wednesday, April 2, to an-                                    file pHoto
                                                                                                                    nounce New York as the
                                                                                                                    location of the upcoming              “Audiences can come in
                                                                                                                    festival.                         for t he a r t and leave wit h
                                                                                                                        “The general public by        the science,” she says. In its
                                                                                                                    and large doesn’t connect         combi nat ion w it h a r t a nd
                                                                                                                    with science in a signifi-        culture, the festival will pro-
                                                                                                                    cant way,” Dr. Greene said.       vide an opportunity where
                                                                                                                    “Science is inspirational,        “science can drive a conver-
                                                                                                                    it’s exciting, it can influence   sation that usually leaves it
                                                                                                                    lives.”                           behind.”
                                                                                                                        The festival aims to at-          Greene recalls that dur-
                                                                                                                    tract an audience of all ages.    ing his education he had of-
                                                                                                                    Midway through the an-            ten considered science and
                                                                                                                    nouncement, Dr. Bunsen            a r t to be f undamenta l ly
                                                                                                                    Honeydew, a Muppet from           separate spheres, each hold-
                                                                                                                    Jim Henson’s “The Muppet          ing different roles in society.
                                                                                                                    Show,” popped up f rom            He referred to science and
                                                                                                                    behind the lectern to em-         art as “two lovers who have
                                                                                                       file pHoto   phasize the importance of         lo n g b e e n s e p a r a t e d a n d
                                                                                                                    family-oriented programs          long to reunite,” then added,
Computers are being ‘taught’ to recognizue beauty in human faces. Characteristics like                              in science.                       “T hey’l l have a honey-
symmetry and smoothness of skin are considered, as well as geometric proportions.                                       “Science can be as explo-     moon at the World Science
                                                                                                                    sive and violent as any TV        Festival.”
                                   and mapped the geometric                    attractive.                          program,” he stated, right            But the organizers empha-
   Clearly, there is a more se-                                                                                     before spraying (string-theo-     size that the festival will not
rious dimension to this is-        shape of facial features math-                 “I know that Plato connect-
                                   ematically.                                 ed the good to the beautiful,”       rist author) Greene with a        focus solely on the marriage
sue that reaches beyond mere                                                                                        can of silly string.              of art and science; it will be at-
vanity. This discover y is a           Additional features such as             says Kagian. “Personally, I
                                   face symmetry, smoothness of                believe that some kind of uni-           T he plan ned events          tended by Nobel laureates and
step toward developing artifi-                                                                                      certainly fall into a broad       researchers from top universi-
cial intelligence in computers.    the skin and hair color were                versal correctness to beauty
                                   fed into the analysis as well.              exists in nature, an aesthetic       spectrum combining sci-           ties, as well as government and
Other applications for the soft-                                                                                    ence, ar t and popular            business leaders from around
ware could be in plastic and       Based on human preferences,                 interpretation of the universal
                                   the machine “learned” the rela-             tr uth. But because each of          c u lt u re. C horeog raphe r     the world, eager to discuss the
reconstr uctive surger y and                                                                                        Karole Armitage will pres-        implications of cutting-edge
computer visualization pro-        tion between facial features and            us is trapped with our own
                                   attractiveness scores and was               human biases and personal-           ent a dance inspired by the       research on the world and its
grams such as face recognition                                                                                      concepts in Greene’s book         economy.
technologies.                      then put to the test on a fresh             ized v iew poi nts, t h is may
                                   set of faces.                               detract us from finding the          “The Elegant Universe,”               The congestion of leading
   “Until now, computers have                                                                                       a “mathemagician” will            scientific minds into one place
been taught how to identify            Says Kagian, “The com-                  ultimate formula to a com-
                                   puter produced impressive                   plete understanding of beau-         tease the audiences with          has its own appeal to the fes-
basic facial characteristics,                                                                                       mathematical tricks and           tival organizers. Presidents of
such as the difference between     results. Its rankings were very             ty.”
                                   similar to the rankings people                 Kagian says that a possible       Disney’s Imagineers will          leading schools in New York,
a woma n a nd a ma n, a nd                                                                                          elaborate on the science and      policy makers and business-
even to detect facial expres-      gave.” This is considered a re-             next step is to teach computers
                                   markable achievement, be-                   how to recognize “beauty” in         e ng i nee r i ng beh i nd t he   men will be holding private
sions,” says Kagian, according                                                                                      creation of their fantasti-       meetings with the scientists
to Science Daily, “But our         lieves Kagian, because it’s                 men. This may be more dif-
                                   as though the computer                      ficult. Psychological research       ca l i l lusions. Brai n and      who attend, seeding the soil of
software lets a computer make                                                                                       memory experts will lead          public policy and government
an aesthetic judgment. Linked      “le a r ne d” i mpl ic it ly how            has shown that there is less
                                   to interpret beauty through                 agreement as to what defines         a disc ussion wit h Doug          with the advancements of sci-
to sentiments and abstract                                                                                          Liman, the director of the        ence and technology.
thought processes, humans          p r o c e s s i n g p r e v iou s d a t a   “male beauty” among human
                                   it h a d r ece ived. I s n’t                subjects                             movie “The Bourne Identity,”          The festival dates are set for
can make a judgment, but they                                                                                       focusing on the science be-       May 28-June 1, 2008.

                                                                                                                                                                                  file pHoto

                                                                                                                    New York City will play host to the World Science
                                                                                                                    Festival this summer.
April 11, 2008                                                                          C himes                                                               Science & Technolgy                  7

Toothy tales Scavenging Stonehenge    enamel, which appear much                                                  of Stonehenge.                                about 2600 B.C. The original
       by matt decker                 like the annual rings on a                     by katie landan                The dig is headed by Timothy               bluestones were removed about
         Sci-tech editor              t ree, according to Science                        Staff Writer            Darvill, a leading Stonehenge                 200 years later and scientists
                                      Daily.                                                                     scholar from Bournemouth                      hope to find bits of them during
   Apparently your teeth hold             He also obser ved a                      Loch Ness. The pyramids.      Un ive r sit y, a nd G e of f r e y           this dig.
the secret to the span of your        related pattern of incremental            Crop circles. The Lost City      Wa i nw r ig ht , p r e sid e nt of               Before digging, the team of
life.                                 growth in skeletal bone tissue,           of Atlantis. These longstand-    the Society of Antiquaries.                   experts had to seek out Cabinet
   That statement may be a bit        which is the f irst time                  i ng myster ies ent ice us.      P r e v i o u s l y, b o t h e x p e r t s    approval, as Stonehenge is
of a stretch, but new research        such an incremental rhythm                For centuries we have ex-        pi npoi nted t he site i n t he               one of Britain’s most trea-
shows that the speed at which         has ever been obser ved in                plained their origins through    Preseli Mountains in south                    sured and least understood
your teeth and bones grow             bone.                                     science, urban legend and        Wales where the bluestones                    landmarks. Additionally, it
provides an accurate portrayal            Reporting his findings at             even cinema. Stonehenge          c a me f r om. T he y w i l l b e             is a sensitive site, as it has
of how long an organism will          the 37th Annual Meeting of                has also st umped his-           able to compare the samples                   links to England’s pagan past.
live.                                 t he A mer ican Association               torians for ages, and on         found in Wales to those at                    Since the 1870s, Stonehenge
   The link between the bio-          for Dental Research, Bromage              March 31 archaeologists          Stonehenge on the Salisbury                   has been a Mecca of sor ts
logical clock, tooth growth           said, “The same biological                started unearthing the enig-     Plain.                                        for neo - d r u id s, a for m of
a nd ot he r me t a b ol ic p r o -   r hy t h m t h a t c o n t r ol s i n -   ma, literally.                      “The excavation will date                  modern spirituality that pro-
cesses, was discovered by Dr.         c rementa l toot h a nd bone                 The evacuation project        the arrival of the bluestones fol-            motes harmony with nature
Ti mot hy Bromage, a New              growth also affects bone and              is unearthing materials to       lowing their 153-mile journey                 through nature worship. It
York University dental profes-        body size and many metabolic              establish a solid date for       from Preseli to Salisbury Plain               is also a place of pilgrimage
sor.                                  processes, including hear t               when the first strange set       and contribute to our definition              for other pagan or neo-pagan
   This clock, or biological          and respiration rates. In fact,           of bluestones (the earliest      of the society which undertook                beliefs.
rhythm, controls many meta-           the rhythm affects an organ-              of the large rocks erected       such an ambitious project,”                       Archaeologists have tried to
bolic functions and is based on       ism’s overall pace of life, and           at the site) was put in place.   Wainwright said. “We will be                  stress the differences between
the circadian rhythm, which           its life span. So, a rat that             The retrieved materials will     able to say not only why, but                 the religious practices that
is a roughly 24-hour cycle that       g r ow s t e e t h a nd b o ne i n        undergo modern radiocar-         when, the first stone monument                happen to take place there and
is important in determining           one-eighth the time of a human            bon dating techniques to         was built.”                                   the historical reality of the
sleeping and feeding patterns,        also lives faster and dies young-         establish a more precise            Scientists approximate the                 societies that have contributed
cell regeneration and other           er.”                                      timeline for the construction    bluestones were first erected                 to the monument. Still, the
biological processes in mam-              Humans have by far the                                                                                               s it e h a s b e c o me i nc r e a s -
mals.                                 most variation in these long-                                                                                            ingly associated with British
   T he newly discovered              te r m i nc r e me nt a l g r ow t h                                                                                     Druidism.
rhythm, like the circadian            rhy t h m s, w it h some hu-                                                                                                 Stonehenge hasn’t been dug
rhy t h m, or ig i nates i n t he     mans clocking as few as five                                                                                             up since 1964 and Darvill be-
hypothalamus, a region of             days, and others as many as                                                                                              lieves the evacuation will bring
the brain that f unctions as          ten.                                                                                                                     the power of modern scientific
the main control center for               Correspondingly, humans                                                                                              archaeology to bear on a prob-
the autonomic nervous sys-            h ave t he mos t va r iabi l it y                                                                                        lem that has taxed the minds
tem.                                  i n body size among mam-                                                                                                 of so many experts since me-
   But unlike the circadian           mals.                                                                                                                    dieval times: Why were the
rhy t h m, t h i s clock va r ies         Fut ure research will as-                                                                                            bluestones so important to have
from one organism to anoth-           sess whether there is a link                                                                                             warranted bringing them from
er, operating on shorter time         bet ween slower g row t h                                                                                                so far away?
intervals for small mammals,          rhythms and growth disor-                                                                                                    If you are planning a trip
and longer ones for larger ani-       ders.                                                                                                                    Stonehenge, don’t worry, you
mals.                                     Since the autonomic ner-                                                                                             can still visit the site during
   For example, rats have a one-      vous system controls human                                                                                               the dig. The dig culminates on
day interval, chimpanzees six,        behavior, future research will                                                                                           April 11 anyway, so you prob-
and humans eight.                     also assess whether growth                                                                                               ably have nothing to worry
   Bromage discovered t he            rhy t h m s c a n be l i n ked to                                                                         file pHoto     about, but you will miss live
rhythm while observing incre-           variations in human behav-              An excavation of bluestones from Stonehenge and from                           coverage of the dig a la the
mental growth lines in tooth          ior.                                      South Wales is underway in the UK.                                             British media.

                                                                  file pHoto

Teeth may reveal a person’s age by annual growth lines on
the enamel.

Petawatt lasers
                                      a second at a time. According
                                      to, research-
       by ted lackman
                                      ers at the University of Texas
           Staff Writer               plan to use the massive laser
                                      to create environments similar
   There’s something interest-        to extreme conditions in the
ing brewing in the University of      universe. The researchers plan
Texas. It’s large and in charge.      to study gases at temperatures
Enter the world’s first petawatt      greater than those in the sun
laser. This laser, when switched      and solids at billions of atmo-
on, puts out 2000 times more          spheres of pressure.
energy than all of the power             The researchers also say
plants in America, according          that they plan to create mini-
to Todd Ditire, a physicist at        supernovas, tabletop stars and
the university.                       very high-density plasmas that
   According to Ditire, when          mimic brown dwarfs. The pow-
this new laser is turned on, it       erful laser will also allow the
momentarily outshines the sur-        study of advanced ideas for
face of the sun. However, it can      creating energy by controlled
only operate for 10 trillionths of    fusion.
8     Etc.                                                              C himes                                         April 11, 2008

                                        “Women can see color, right?”
                                             - Prof. Plantinga, CAS

                              “When asking your professor for a letter of
                              recommendation, wait until they’ve written it,
                              then dress like a ninja and stab them!”
                                  - Prof. Herzberg, Asian Studies

                                                                                  Friday, April 11
                                                                                    - 8 p.m. Dance Guild
                                                                                         in the FAC
                                                                                    - 8 p.m. CTC “The Women of Lockerbie”
                                                                                         in the Gezon Auditorium

                                                                                     Saturday, April 12
                                                                                       - 7:33 p.m. River City Improv
                                                                                            at the Ladies Literary Club
                                                                                       - 8 p.m. Dance Guild
                                                                                            in the FAC
                                                                                       - 8 p.m. “The Bridge”
                                                                                            in the Bytwerk Theater
                                                                                       - 8 p.m. CTC “The Women of Lockerbie”
                                                                                            in the Gezon Auditorium
                                                                                        10 p.m. Post-Dance Guild Dance
                                                                                            in the Cave

                                                                                  Monday, April 14
                                                                                   - 7:30 Dutch Heritage Film “Dorp aan de Rivier
                                                                                        (Village on the River)”
                                                                                        in the Commons Lecture Lobby

                                                                                      Tuesday, April 15
    Last Week’s Answers                                                                - 8 p.m. Open Mic Night
                                                                                            in the Cave

                                                                                  Thursday, April 17
                                                                                   - 3 p.m. Women’s Tennis vs. Hope
                                                                                        at Gainey Tennis Courts
                                                                                   - 8 p.m. CTC “The Women of Lockerbie”
                                                                                        in the Gezon Auditorium
                                                                                   - 9 p.m. Jazz Vespers
                                                                                        in the Cave
                                                                                   - 9 p.m. Caedmon’s Call concert
             Etc. feature contributions may be sent to             in the FAC
                    Contributions must be sent in by 6 p.m. Tuesday.
April 11, 2008                                                          C himes                                                              Features              9

        Senate Elections 2008:
            A guide to the senatorial nominees
   Julianne Cole                                                                               Benjamin Shoemaker
     I am a sophomore and resident of second Veenstra.                                            I am a sophomore from        I hope to make a beneficial
  I hail from Livonia, Mich., a suburb of Detroit off the                                      Grand Rapids. I was born        impact on Calvin College
  well-known street 8-Mile. A psychology major and                                             in Virginia Beach, Va. and      through Student Senate.
  communications minor, I spend way too much time                                              moved here years ago. I went    I look forward to serv-
  thinking about thinking and why people act the way                                           to Tri-Unity Christian High     ing the students’ wants
  they do! I hope to attend law school after graduat-                                          School. I was a member of the   and needs and taking an
  ing from Calvin and someday become a criminal                                                National Honor Society and      active role in the commu-
  or juvenile prosecutor. I am excited to test out the                                         was also class president at     nity of Calvin College via
  courtroom scene this summer while interning for                                              Tri-Unity Christian. I played   Student Senate.
  the assistant prosecutor’s office in Detroit. In high                                        soccer and ran cross country.
  school, I spent most of my time playing volleyball or                                        I also went on many mission
  trying to survive geometry, but I was also a member                                          trips throughout high school
  of my school’s service leadership team and actively                                          and loved to see the impact
  involved at my church. Here I am a member of or-                                             each one had on me. I am a
  chestra, the mentoring program and Beets-Veenstra’s                                          psychology major. I like to
  floor board. An outgoing and friendly person, I work                                         be as involved as I can with
  well with others, take initiative and am not afraid to bring new and creative ideas to       Calvin. I am currently the
  the table.                                                                                   Activities Coordinator for
                                                                                               second Schultze, a mem-
                                                                                               ber of the Gospel Choir, in
                                                                                               the Honors Program, and
                               Aletheia Shin Hannah Emery                                      a Young Life leader at East
                                                                                               Grand Rapids High School.
                               effectively, but honestly, I
                               didn’t grasp all those op-
                               portunities to the fullest.
                               It is my desire to pursue
                               these opport unities as
                                                                                                                                      Emily Tuuk
                               your student senator next                                                                       attend a huge university
                               year. Student Senate ex-                                                                        with football and 1000-
                               ists as a service for the                                                                       person dorms, so I went
                               student body.                                                                                   t o t h e Un i v e r s i t y o f
                                  Those of us on the com-                                                                      Michigan my freshman
                               munication committee                                                                            year. However, af ter a
                               did our best to let your                                                                        year in Ann Arbor (and
                               voice be heard by creat-                                                                        seven amazing games in
                               ing surveys and adver-            Very few of you know                                          the Big House!) I saw the
                               tising student events. I       me so here’s a little back-                                      light and decided to trans-
     I am a freshman major-    hope to continue this work     ground information: This                                         fer to Calvin. I could not
  ing in art and I currently   more efficiently now that      is my f irst semester at                                         be happier with my deci-
  live on second Kalsbeek.     I have a year’s worth of       Calvin. I transferred from                                       sion and would love the
  This year, I served as a     knowledge.I love the in-       Michigan State. I am a                                           opportunity to represent
  member of the communi-       teraction that happens         sophomore majoring in                                            you all. In high school
  cation committee.            among students. I hope         political science with a            I’m a sophomore studying     I was elected to Student
     Being a student senator   to use this enjoyment to       minor in international de-       business communications         Council all four years.
  opened many opportuni-       heighten students’ voices      velopment. In high school        and psychology, and I live      Here at Calvin I play on
  ties for me to work more     on campus.                     I was the senior class pres-     in third Rooks. Although        the golf team and serve on
                                                              ident and student council        from Grand Rapids, I didn’t     Honors Student Council. I
                                                              president. At MSU I was          follow the typical path to      bring new ideas and a fun
                                                              a member of the student          Calvin. I thought I wanted      attitude, so vote for me
  Abbie Belford                                               appeals court. I have been       to “go big” for college and     April 14 or 15!
     I reside in second Noordy. I am a freshman majoring      an intern on two political
  in international development with an emphasis on pre-       campaigns and also spent
  architecture. I hope to be re-elected to Senate because     a summer interning in
  I want to use my experience from this year to im-           Washington D.C. I even-           Jared Moberg
  prove next year’s Senate. My experience includes being      tually hope to work in a            You can call me “Mobes.”
  elected as student council treasurer of my class for        career dealing with inter-       I was born in the U.P. of
  three years in high school and serving as executive         national human rights.           Michigan (which makes me a
  board treasurer for student council my senior year.         I have fresh ideas and           Yooper), but my hometown is
  Along with Senate, I’ve been involved in band,              perspectives that will help      now Minneapolis, Minn. The
  pep band, flute choir and women’s tennis. When I            the Senate more accu-            reasons I’m running are to
  was young, my parents called me “Bumperoo Boo”              rately represent the stu-        improve your time at Calvin,
  because of the bumps and bruises all over my body from      dent body. I will always         bridge the gap between stu-
  falling, bump-                                              be available to hear any         dents and faculty/staff and
  ing into things,                                            student’s opinions or con-       make your college experience
  sports injuries                                             cerns and will pass them         memorable. I am outgoing, energetic and adventurous.
  and generally                                               along to the entire Senate.      I love to travel, play guitar, hunt, talk with elders, roll-
  being clumsy.                                               Some of my hobbies are           erblade, wake up early and play sports. I love thinking
  T h a n k good-                                             cooking, playing basket-         of new ideas and how to improve the old ones. I am a
  ness I grew out                                             ball, volunteering and           sophomore studying to become a dentist. I’ve had lead-
  of that stage and                                           spending time with Eve,          ership experience as co-president of the Pre-Dental Club
  stand before                                                my cat. Remember:                and am currently a Student Senate representative. As a
  you as a bruise-                                            “Emery — A New Face              senator, I will do all I can to give God the glory and
  free candidate                                              on Calvin’s Campus ... A         make Him look great! I hope to be a strong voice for the
  for St udent                                                Fresh Voice for Calvin’s         student body, so come to me with your ideas when I’m
  Senate.                                                     Students!”                       re-elected.

                                                                My name could be considered an oxymoron due to my
                                 Jessica Grow                 height. I lived the last four years in Chicago, but spent the
                                                                                                                               Elections take place
                                 majority of my life in Fayetteville, Ark. My freshman year at Calvin has been a great         Monday, April 14
                                 experience, and I hope to return to Student Senate and continue to learn and help             and Tuesday, April
                                 with the student body concerns. I have also had the privilege of being on the financial
                                 committee this past year. One of my roles on Student Senate this year was working on          15. Voter Ballots will
                                 the event planning committee. Event coordinating is one of my passions and some-
                                 thing I hope to continue with as a business communications major. I love meeting              be sent to student
                                 people, so if you have any questions, feel free to say hi and strike up a conversation.       e-mail accounts.
                                                                                                                                all photos courtesy of student senate
10         Features                                                                C himes                                                                                        April 11, 2008                                                                                   C himes                                                                  Features        11

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                How to have your voice heard at Calvin
 Senate Elections 2008:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        These committees meet anytime          It is clear that these students       It is clear that those in-
                                                                                                                what the teams see “as the ideal       “build leaders.”                     proposal to host open, fo-                 By Stacy Bilyeu                  from once every two months to       have enjoyed their time serving       terviewed had positive feed-
                                                                                                                role of Senate on campus.”                In response to a question         rum-like meetings which                       Guest Writer                  a half hour each week.              on the various committees and         back regarding the students
                                                                                                                    Snyder said the role of Senate     about how Senate should bal-         would welcome any inter-                                                       The time commitment is not       feel as though it has been a posi-    that they have served with in
                                                                                                                is to understand the concerns of       ance their role in relation to the   ested students.                                                             strenuous and the time is spent     tive experience.                      the past. I hope that by this
        A guide to the executive nominees                                                                       students at Calvin and to, first
                                                                                                                and foremost, be a body made
                                                                                                                                                       student body and the adminis-
                                                                                                                                                       tration, Vande Bunte said that
                                                                                                                                                                                               When asked to describe
                                                                                                                                                                                            the main difference be-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Have you ever pondered the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                following questions, “How on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                earth could I become more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        getting things done and forming
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        relationships that you wouldn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If those student responses still
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            haven’t inspired you to apply,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  point you are at least inter-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ested in what else these mys-
                                      Brendan Snyder, running for        and a three-person executive           of regular students.                   the ideas should come primarily      tween the teams, Snyder                                                     normally have with faculty and      how about hearing from those          terious Faculty Governance
       By Griffin JackSon                                                                                                                                                                                                       involved at Calvin College?”
                                      President, led Joanna Dykhuis      team.                                      He said Senate should not          from the students                                                                                                staff.                              in charge? The faculty and staff,     Committees have to offer the
            Staff Writer              (running for Vice President)          Moderated by current Student        be above the student body, but         and that Senate is                                                       “Is there any way for me to                If everything above is not       who are working with these stu-       student body here at Calvin
                                      and Amy Harris (running for        Senate President, Ben Graves,          rather be one strand of that body.     the vehicle for tak-                                                     make sure my voice is being             enough to persuade you to get       dents, also have positive things      College.
  The Fish House was packed           Secretary) against Jared Rispens   the debate opened with prayer          Rispens said, “I see Senate as         ing those ideas to                                                       heard?” “Is there any op-
out on Wednesday night. A large       and his running-mates, Luke        and then quickly jumped into a         the true advocate of the students      the administration.                                                      portunity for me to serve the                                                            to say about their       Now that you are really
crowd of interested students          Vande Bunte and Stacy Bilyeu.      number of predetermined ques-          on campus.” He promoted the            Dykhuis described                                                        student body?”                                                                           experiences.          excited about serving here at
gathered to watch the Student           Student Senate is the student-   tions. The teams alternated in         idea that Senate is “the voice”        her team’s vision as                                                         If you answered yes to any           “I’ve been able to see how things get              F o r e x a m - Calvin, I will answer your fi-
Senate debate between the two         run governmental body on cam-      answering each question.               of the campus and said that the        one in which Senate                                                      of the above have no fear, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                answers lie within this article.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            done at Calvin and what sorts of             ple, B ob Crow, nal, lingering question: “How
potential Exec utive Teams.           pus, made up of twelve senators       Graves opened by ask ing            organization’s main goal is to         is more of a go-be-                                                                                                                                               w h o s e r v e s o n can I become a part of these
                                                                                                                                                       tween on an equal                                                        The answer to all of the above             problems we have to grapple with t he A ssessment awesome committees and
                                                                                                                                                       level with the stu-                                                      questions is simple — Faculty                                                            Committee as well make sure that I get the most
                                                                                         tees and the chair     rience through serving on
                                                                                                                                                       dents they serve.                                                        Governance Committees.                                behind the scenes.”                as the Student Life out of my college education by
                                                                                         of the Senate          high school student council,
                                                                                         Communications         captaining her soccer team                The issue came                                                        Now, I know that this phrase                                                             Com m it tee and getting my voice heard?”
                                                                                                                                                       up of how to make                                                        is foreign to many of you and                                                            others, was asked        The answer is once again
                                                                                         commit tee t his       and working with a local               St ude nt Se nate a
                                                                                         year. Brendan is       senior living community. On                                                                                     the word “Faculty” frightens            involved, this is your lucky day the question “Do you think the painfully simple. Keep read-
                                                                                                                                                       more public body;                                                        you — but have no fear.                 because there are still more perks opinion of a student in your ing Student News (yes, actu-
                                                                                         a business major       the weekends, Joanna tends             H a r r i s s u g ge s ted
                                                                                         from Kalamazoo         to sleep in a little, and can                                                                                       Fa c u lt y G ove r n a nc e        to serving on these committees. committee is helpful?” He re- ally read it) to find out when
                                                                                                                                                       simply a st ronger                                                       Committees give students                For example, this experience sponded by saying, “Yes. No applications are being issued,
                                                                                         who is also study-     possibly be found in the first         dialog ue bet ween
                                                                                         ing studio art and     Veenstra coffee kitchen eat-                                                                                    an opportunity to work di-              looks great on résumés and doubt. When students speak, then take the initiative to pick
                                                                                                                                                       senators and st u-                                                       rectly with faculty and staff           makes your time spent at Calvin committee members listen; even one up, fill it out and turn
                                                                                         Spanish. He can        ing Krispy Kremes with but-            dents, as well as a
                                                                                         usually be found       ter (we think it’s gross, too).                                                                                 at Calvin College on matters            a little bit more meaningful.        more so when students show ac- in back in to the St udent
                                                                                                                                                       more consistent ef-                                                      that actually concern you.                 Al Stob, who currently serves tive engagement and participa- Senate office.
                                                                                         in a meeting           Joanna brings a strong work            fort at public rela-
                                                                                         somewhere, or in       ethic, leadership skills and                                                                                        Each spring there is an             on the Parking Appeals                                                            You w i l l h ave a
                                                                                                                                                       tions in the Chimes                                                      opportunity for students to             committee, said “in order                                                      brief interview just so
                                                                                         his hammock on         experience to our team.                and advertising in                                                                                               to get the fullest out of
                                                                                         second Schultze.          A my H a r r i s, a sopho -         general. Bilyeu an-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                apply and get appointed to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                these various committees                your college career and in      I’ve been able to see how things get we cannd t he nknow
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       you, a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 get to
                                                                                         He e njoys d i s -     more, is from the capital of           nounced her team’s
                                                                                         cover ing new          Zimbabwe (that’s in southern           unique idea of build-                                                    which include: Academic                 order to see changes that        done at Calvin and what sorts of              have the opportunity
                                                                                         art, both visual       Africa, for your information).         ing a more complete                                                      Standards, Chapel, Gender               you want to happen occur,                                                      to be placed on a com-
                                                                                         and musical, and       She also lives on first Veenstra       Student Senate website which         focused on “the diverse             Equity, Film Arts, Student              you need to get out there        problems we have to grapple with mittee.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Discipline, Multicult ural              and do something about it                                                         It’s actually quite
                                                                                         comparing them         and is majoring in commu-              would include a forum for com-       nature of what [his team]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Affairs and many more.                  — take the initiative.”                   behind the scenes.                   simple and only takes
                                                                                         to the legendary       nications. She was involved            ments and feedback.                  had done so far.” Rispens
                                                                                         M.I.A. Brendan is      in both her high school and               Throughout the course of the      centered, once again, on                The complete list of op-               Another student, Rita                                                       one moment for you
                                                                                         passionate about       youth group leadership and             debate, Rispens emphasized           the experience of his team          tions can be found on Calvin’s          Feikema, who serves on                                                         to pick up an applica-
                                                                                         student presence       worked as an International             that his candidate team held         as compared to that of the          website at http://www.calvin.           the Student Life committee, tion in the committee’s work.” tion.The result is that you get
                                                                                         at Calv i n and        Orientation Assistant last             that their “main goal is to grow     opposing candidates.                edu/admin/comm/gover-                   said that being a member of a When asked the same ques- to serve on a Governance
                                                                                         looks forward to       year. Amy enjoys listening to          new leaders.” On the other side,        One audience member              nance.htm. Each committee               governance committee has been tion, James Bratt who serves Committee with one or two
                                                                                         working with fac-      music in a cold room all by            Snyder’s team strongly empha-        asked each candidate to             reserves positions specifically         a positive experience.               on the Planning and Priorities other st udents as well as
                                                                                         ulty next year to      herself with Christmas lights          sized their equality with the        choose one word which               for students who want to be                She said that “I’ve been able Committee replied, “I’ve al- Faculty and/or Staff, you get
                                                                                         accomplish t he        on, and perhaps she’ll watch           student body and the idea that       described their role as a           involved.                               to see how things get done at ways appreciated having student to write this on your résumé,
                                                                                         subsidization of       a rerun of “Friends” if the day        “leadership comes from trust.”       potential executive team                Now, I know the next ques-          Calvin and what sorts of prob- voices on committees. They’re you get to experience another
                                                                                         bus passes a nd        was stressful enough. In addi-            The audience had the op-          member; Snyder said he              tion running through every-             lems we have to grapple with typically informed, interested aspect of student life here at
       Secretary Hopeful: Amy Harris                                                     c reat i ng a be t-    tion to possessing a multitude         portunity to submit their own        was “privileged”, Dykhuis           one’s mind is, “How on earth            behind the scenes. I have much and motivated to be there — plus Calvin, you have the oppor-
                                                                                         ter Sunday study       of valuable strengths and di-          questions for the candidates. The    said “excited”, and Harris          do you expect me to have                more respect for how careful- articulate. Most of all, they tunity to speak out on topics
       Presidential Nominee: Brendan Snyder                                              environment on         verse experiences, Amy also            questions ranged from dining         said she had a “fresh perspec-      time to serve on a committee            ly thought-out many policies bring an important point of view that actually affect you and
                                                                                                                                                       hall hours and candidate experi-     tive.” The other candidates,        such as these?” Fortunately             are and I have a better idea of that faculty and administrators best of all, you get to hang
                                                                                         campus.                has arguably the best accent           ence to open hours and the From      Rispens, Vande Bunte, and
       Vice President Candidate: Joanna Dykhuis                                             Joanna              on campus.                                                                                                      enough, I also hold the an-             how to change things I’m not can have a hard time knowing out with professors outside
                                                                                                                                                       Every Nation document.               Bilyeu described themselves         swer for this little question.          happy with.”                         otherwise.”                       of class.
                                                                                         Dykhuis is a              If these three candidates              Both teams proposed the pos-      as “visionary”, “passion-
                                                                                         sophomore from         sound like a match for you,            sibility of overhauling the Calvin   ate”, and “spunky.”
       What do an aspiring mar-
     keting artist, a Speed Scrabble
     champion and an international
                                         2008 Student Senate executive
                                         team, of course.
                                            Brendan Snyder is a current
                                                                                         Kalamazoo as
                                                                             well. She is currently study-
                                                                             ing communications, with a
                                                                                                                give them your votes April
                                                                                                                   Bre nd a n, Joa n na, a nd
                                                                                                                                                       television channel system to
                                                                                                                                                       include more channels and the
                                                                                                                                                       prospect of expanding dining
                                                                                                                                                                                               On the long-debated is-
                                                                                                                                                                                            sue of open house hours,
                                                                                                                                                                                            Bilyeu argued that “open
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Reflections on sexual assault awareness month
     student all have in common?         senator, a voting member of two     minor in philosophy. Joanna        Amy: Listening to your voices          hours also came up.                  house hours are never going
     Why, they are all running for the   Faculty governance commit-          has gained leadership expe-        and working for you.                                                                                                                                       My trainers explained the fermented drink.                          by the legal system, the media
                                                                                                                                                          Rispens and his team ham-         to change” and there was                   By liBBy HoWell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        legal system to her as I watched       I climbed into the shower and and even on occasion the
                                                                                                                                                       mered home the point that they       little reason to pursue any                    Staff Writer                 her struggle to breathe. They tears poured out of me. I stood Church. It’s hard to cry out
                                                                                                                Starbucks in Eastown.                  have more experience as mem-         change. Harris countered                                                    took her name, age, and phone there for over an hour crying for help when it seems like no
                                                                                                                    Majoring in accounting,            bers of Student Senate. Each         by saying that tasks thought           Ap r il i s Se x u al A s s a ul t
                                                                                                                                                       member of that team has at least     to be unchangeable can in                                                   number, then told her they’d because no one should be beaten one is there to listen.
                                                                                                                he hopes to count money                                                             fact be changed, but        Awareness Month. The author             get back to her at the hospital. by someone they love, crying             Your abuser might go to
                                                                                                                someday — “dolla dolla bill                                                         that there are more         wrote this about her experience         She was my age. I stared as she because more people should jail for a few weeks if you say
                                                                                                                ya’ll.” Luke’s hardworking                                                          important issues to         interning with a Domestic Abuse         was loaded into the ambulance. care, crying because I felt help- something, and you might be
                                                                                                                spirit and friendly personal-                                                       be focused on.              Response Team where she was             What possesses a man to do this less, crying because the name able to flee for a little while,
                                                                                                                ity make him an excellent                                                              The FEN docu-            made more aware of domestic             to the woman he loves? Why “victim” could have been one but it seems as though he’ll al-
                                                                                                                choice for vice president (or a                                                     ment, a issue that          abuse.                                  does our society allow this to of my friends.                          ways find a way to come back,
                                                                                                                boyfriend).                                                                         h a s b e e n c lo s e ly                                           happen?                                Unable to sleep, I knew my and the pain will be worse the
                                                                                                                    Student Senate Secretary                                                        examined in recent              The smell of alcohol and               We went back to our offices life was now different somehow. second time. What can you
                                                                                                                hopeful, Stacy Bilyeu, also                                                         ye a r s , w a s m e n -    marijuana permeated the                 and wrote a report, which sim- It was one of those strange mo- do when your income, your
                                                                                                                f r om t h at v i l l a ge c a l led                                                tioned briefly. Harris      house. My chest heaved in               ply referred to her as “victim.” ments when you know the tra- children and your life are
                                                                                                                Lansing, is a sophomore edu-                                                        hoped to incorporate        and out as I struggled not              Always the same, never a name, jectory of your life has changed built on a relationship with
                                                                                                                cation major. During her high                                                       the document into           to look nervous, not to look            not even a description of the tiny and to keep living your life the an abuser?
                                                                                                                school years Stacy, though                                                          Senate’s policies by        afraid. “They can sense your            woman almost my own age, just same way is unthinkable, almost             I am not claiming to have
                                                                                                                not the typical flute-playing                                                       bet ter adver tising        fear,” I was told. “Just look           “victim — head bruises.” The re- impossible.                           done a good thing. I didn’t
                                                                                                                band geek, was president of                                                         for m i nor it y a nd       calm and the victim will                port would include details about       The funny thing that really help the victim; I merely
                                                                                                                Illiana’s most elite musical                                                        international events        calm down.” Beer bottles lay            how the crime was committed isn’t funny at all, but difficult, watched the scene unfold. My
                                                                                                                group, Wind Ensemble.                                                               on campus. Rispens          strewn everywhere. I shuffled           and what the victim said in                                                              si ns can be
                                                                                                                    As a highly organized and                                                       said Senate needs           around trying to avoid the              her interview, but she would                                                             as deep and
                                                                                                                efficient worker, she thrives                                                       to “really reach out        windows, but we were stand-             remain “victim.”                                                                         dark as a hus-
                                                                                                                as a current senator on the                                                         to international stu-       ing on a porch.                            To anyone reading that “To anyone reading that report it would                        band hitting
                                                                                                                A&E committee and recently                                                          dents” and even get             “He hasn’t been found and           report, she would be just                                                                his wife or a
                                                                                                                composed the article “Life’s                                                        them to be senators         arrested yet, so just avoid the         another victim, and night be just another sexual assault, but to me                      father beat-
       Secretary Hopeful: Stacy Bilyeu                                                                          Little Questions” found in                                                          to increase diversity       windows.” The advice had                after night there would be                                                               ing his child,
                                                                                                                this issue of Chimes. A leading                                                     in general. In closing      sounded so simple in the van            more. To anyone reading           it was different. She was a victim with                and it is only
       Presidential Nominee: Jared Rispens                                                                                                                                                          arguments, Rispens
                                                                                                                member of the Calvin Phone-                                                         spoke for his team,         on the way to the call, but I           that report, she would just fit   an age, a victim with a name, a victim                 t ho u g h my
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Savior that I
                                                                                                                a-thon, loquacious Stacy talks                                                      focusing on the need        had no way of avoiding the              a statistic or stereotype. To
       Vice President Candidate: Luke VandeBunte                                                                flirtatiously and ferociously                                                       for experienced lead-       windows now. My life was in             anyone reading that report it whose face still haunts me at night when                   find forgive-
                                                                                                                to keep your tuition from                                                                                       the hands of a single police            would be just another sexual                                                             ness.
                                                                                                                rising. She’s excited for the
                                                                                                                                                       one year of experience on Senate.
                                                                                                                                                       In response, Snyder mentioned
                                                                                                                                                                                            ership and their strategy of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                officer. It was up to him to            assault, but to me it was                   I have trouble sleeping.”                       But please,
                                                                                                                                                                                            vision, action, and results.
        Want some action? Check       man year, juggled money on the       Grandville, Mich. (the place         possibility to use her skills as       his own year of experience and       Dykhuis summed up her               notice the return of the per-           different. She was a victim                                                              if you have
     this team out to find out how    Student Finance Committee,           with the awesome mall and            Secretary of Student Senate.           he pointed out the possibility of    team’s platform by explain-         petrator, because they almost           with an age, a victim with a                                                             the chance,
     to get some!                     chaired one of the largest and       Mars Hill), and now resides              Together, Jared, Luke and          “conditioned behavior or pre-        ing the need to concentrate         always return. I tried to focus         name, a victim whose face still is that some experiences are so take some time to learn and
        Presidential nominee Jared    most active student orgs for the     in BV. He is a graduate of Tri-      Stacy comprise a team that             dispositions” which may come         on student input, to contin-        my attention on the victim.             haunts me at night when I have singular and personal that even understand. Think twice be-
     Rispens, a junior, is from       past two years, and studied in       Unity Christian and was the          is defined by experience and           from too much experience. He         ue the successful practices             The medics were loading             trouble sleeping.                    when your life changes, the lives fore you make that comment,
     Chicago. Actually, he’s one      Honduras, Ecuador and China.         vice-president of his class. Luke,   excellence. They have vision,          discussed the need for new and       of the current executive            her onto a stretcher as my                 When I got back to my dorm of the people around you don’t. look again before you judge
     of those who says he’s from      He is pre-med and is majoring in     who currently serves as senator,     they will take action and they         fresh faces and ideas to lead the    team, to bring st udents            trainers interviewed her. I             room that night, my clock read No matter how hard you try to that woman, talk to your
     Chi-town but in fact is from     Spanish and Psychology. Many         pours his heart and soul into        will get results.                      student senators.                    together, and to support            stared at the grotesque crown           3:57a.m. It was one of those rare explain the face, the feeling, the friend if you notice that be-
     the southern ‘burbs, a vil-      would call him the modern-day        his position as chairman of the          Check out their “Contract             In hopes of getting Student       student organization.               of bruises lining her head.             moments when the dorm was emotion, you’ll never fully be havior.
     lage called Lansing. People      Renaissance man. Jared defines       A&E committee on Senate. He          with Calvin” to get a de-              Senate, an organization who’s           Concer ned st udents             Later my trainers told me               completely quiet and you were able to.                                    We are called to aid the
     compare the peak of his hair     the word “experience.”               is a connoisseur of the banana       tailed look into their vision          deeds are largely unseen by          can find information on             it ’s not a lways t hat bad.            possibly the only one awake.           That night I learned the harsh “least of these” and when I
     to that of Mt. Everest, claim-     Luke VandeBunte, a sopho-          wonton (for more info, visit his     for Calvin College.                    the student body, more con-          both candidate teams from           “Sometime we can talk to                Trying not to wake my room- reality for many women outside think of who that is within
     ing it is larger. Jared was      more and the vice-presidential       Facebook) and can be frequent-           Take action. Get results.          nected to the campus, Rispen’s       their home groups on face-          them before they’re loaded              mate, I threw my clothes into my of my sphere. They have always our society, there is now a
     elected to Senate his fresh-     candidate, comes to us from          ly found chugging java at the        Vote Jared, Luke, Stacy.               website idea was promoted            book. Elections will be held        onto an ambulance or taken              laundry bin. The clothes smelled been in my community, strug- particular face that comes to
                                                                                                                                                       and Harris added her team’s          next Monday and Tuesday.            to the hospital.”                       dusty, polluted with the smell of gling for recognition but silenced mind for me.
12       Arts & EntErtAinmEnt                                                          C himes                                                                          April 11, 2008

Lichens grows moldy, but Explosions in the Sky excites
                                    ing act — Lichens — because,            set consisted of one song that         to preface the upcoming article      video game for half an hour.
        by paul menn                in the words of my favorite                                                                                         He might be having the great-
                                                                            lasted upwards of 20 minutes,          by saying that I recognize and
          staff Writer              reviewer, “it is more fun to            comprised entirely of sounds           appreciate the talent Lichens        est time in the world, but it is
                                    talk about things that aren’t           from his mouth or the occa-            has. But … it was arguably           insanely boring for you because
   Last week Wednesday, post-       good.”                                  sional guitar riff put into an         the worst live show I have ever      you are not participating. I
rock giants Explosions in the          For those of you that missed         effects pedal and looped and           seen.                                wouldn’t have minded Lichens’
Sky rocked the FAC. However,        it, Lichens is the stage name           layered on top of one another.            Maybe I am old-fashioned,         music so much if it had been
I am not going to talk a whole      of a single man who plays               Before all you cultural discern-       but when I go to a concert,          the soundtrack to a Morgan
lot about them. Instead, I am       what can best be described as           ers and people who gave this           I expect to be enter tained.         Freeman-narrated documen-
going to spend most of this         avant-garde, progressive, am-           guy a standing ovation when            I’m not asking for anything          tary on whales or glaciers, but
article talking about the open-     bient sound-rock. His entire            he was done argue, allow me            too extravagant like chainsaw        it wasn’t.
                                                                                                                   guitars, pig-squeal vocals, or          The entire time I was watch-
                                                                                                                   corpse paint, but when I slap        ing Lichens, I kept having a
                                                                                                                   down $10 for a concert, I ex-        line from the Mewithoutyou
                                                                                                                   pect to be mildly interested by      song “Torches Together” re-
                                                                                                                   what is happening on the stage.      peating in my head — “Why
                                                                                                                   Lichens, sadly, did not keep         pluck one string … what good
                                                                                                                   my interest. He sat in a chair       is just one note (no matter
                                                                                                                   and worked his effects pedal,        how many times you loop and
                                                                                                                   occasionally plucking a guitar       layer it) / why pluck one string
                                                                                                                   string.                              when you can strum the gui-
                                                                                                                      Ho ne s t ly, it s e e me d a s   tar!!”
                                                                                                                   though he was in some kind of           While watching Lichens
                                                                                                                   trance, which may have been          was like watching an LSD
                                                                                                                   totally sweet for him, but it was    user experience the mysteries
                                                                                                                   totally lame for me. Had I taken     of the world (while not par-
                                                                                                                   a massive bump of Ketamine           ticipating yourself), watching
                                                                                                                   before the show, Lichens prob-       Explosions in the Sky was like
                                                                                                                   ably would have been the great-      watching the poetry of John
                                                                                                                   est thing since sliced bread.        Donne come alive. The music
                                                                                                                   Calvin, however, frowns (and         was rich, textured and nuanced.
                                                                                                                   rightly so) upon drug use, so        It was captivating and power-
                                                                                                                   I spent over 20 minutes trying       ful to watch. My only problem
                                                                                                                   to imagine how this concert          with the set was that the sound
                                                                                                                   would have been had I been in        quality was tarnished by the
                                                                                                                   an altered state.                    awful acoustics in the FAC.
                                                                                        photo by len krygsman iV
                                                                                                                      I’m not saying Lichens isn’t      For being a center for fine arts,
                                                                                                                   talented, but his set was kind of    the FAC has terrible sound
Although Lichens disappointed, lead act Explosions in the Sky did their thing, and did it                          like watching your best friend       quality. Other than that, the
well, at last Saturday’s concert in the Fine Arts Center.                                                          over his shoulder as he plays a      show was pretty stellar.

Conductor Herbert von Karajan’s legacy lives on today
                                       In fact, after a performance of      never have entered the realm of        another area often criticized an admirer of Karajan with-
     by christian ocier
                                    Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”           the spinto repertory. Canadian         by critics who thought that he out once speaking of his final
          staff Writer              in 1938, a Berlin critic hailed         tenor Jon Vickers, too, was at         was glorifying his ego at the Vienna recording of Bruckner’s
                                    him as “Das Wunder Karajan,”            the height of his game when-           expense of the composer and eighth symphony. That such
   Of all the arts, music is per-   a title that would spark an             ever his genius met with that          the score. He also premiered a har rowing and powerf ul
haps the most abstract. It’s        undeclared feud between the             of the Austrian conductor’s. To        very few, if any, modern works. interpretation of this massive
not that paintings, sculptures      young Austrian and the older            many of opera’s great artists,         Earlier in his career Karajan, symphony exists simply under-
and films have little to say        Furtwängler, then the head              Herbert von Karajan was a non-         along with a few distinguished mines all negative criticism.
about humanity and aesthetics,      of the highly coveted Berlin            pareil singer’s conductor.             artists of German and Austrian       They don’t make conductors
but music is so temporal and        Philharmonic Orchestra. It                 Nonetheless, Karajan did            extraction, joined the Nazi par- like that anymore. Classical
ethereal that it requires a dif-    would only be a matter of years         not shun the opportunity to ex-        ty, thus adding another string music was at the zenith of a glo-
ferent kind of genius to bring      before Karajan would emerge             periment with singers, and he          of accusations that his enemies rious golden age spearheaded
it to realization. In the past      the victor.                             often cast lighter voices in parts     could point fingers at.           by Karajan’s baton. That a con-
century, there have been many          About 15 years later, when           that were often assigned to               In his long and distinguished ductor was more of a celebrity
great artists in music — people     Fur t wäng ler passed away,             stentorian instruments. What           career, he made a slew of re- in Europe than any of the film
who understood its fluid shape      Karajan assumed his position            sometimes resulted was a lyri-         cordings that range from ba- stars of his day is a phenom-
and transformed it into a form      as musical director of the Berlin       cal sound that coalesced with          nal to breathtaking. For ex- enon of the likes that we will
that captured the beauty and        Philharmonic, then considered           his unique insight for gloss           ample, I never warmed up to never see again. Karajan was
soul trapped within a maze of       Europe’s greatest orchestra.            and beauty. It was a hit-or-miss       his Haydn, and I found his a magician, a sorcerer and an
notes.                              With this ensemble, Karajan             game where admirers would              Bach uninspired. Some of his oracle of music. When he was
   Even fewer are great creators    forged a bond that would take           laud him for his innovative vi-        Mozart could be vapid, as were inspired, his performances
— people who grasped the            him to the top of the musical           sion, whereas detractors would         his Schumann symphonies. edged on the subliminal and
humanity and totality within        world. Karajan held an iron             lambaste him for his artistic          However, his “Elektra” from the magical.
a score and transformed them        fist over the Philharmonic,             choices.                               the 1965 Salzburg Festival           During the twilight of his
into a cathartic, otherworldly      commanding fees that sky-                  The latter years would tip the      and his 1978 “Salome” are glorious career, he said some-
experience for the listener. The    rocketed beyond those of the            pendulum of Karajan’s work             indispensable mementos of the thing about Mahler’s ninth
Austrian conductor Herbert          average musician and award-             to the symphonic repertory.            magic forged when Karajan’s symphony that summarized
von Karajan was one such great      ing him adulation that only             While he would still do peren-         baton touched a Straussian his artistic vision: “It is music
creator.                            a few other superstars could            nial warhorses like Beethoven          score.                            coming from another world, it
   Herbert von Karajan was          dream of.                               symphonies and Strauss tone               His 1952 “Tristan und Isolde” is coming from eternity.” These
b or n o n Ap r i l 5, 19 0 8 i n      K a raja n wa s a lso g ive n        poems, Karajan began delving           from the Bayreuth Festival was words that spark up an ideal so
Salzburg, Austria to an upper-      the position as director of the         into Bruckner and Mahler’s             another one of those perfor- divine could come only from
middle class bourgeois family.      Salzburg Festival, the Wiener           gargantuan works, the Second           mances that combined an ideal the mouth of a great creator,
From an early age, his musical      Staatsoper and the La Scala             Viennese School orchestral             balance of virtuosity with inter- and such a creator Herbert von
aptitude already evidenced a        Opera in Milan. In a matter             compositions and a selection           pretive intensity. His collabo- Karajan was.
need for further tutelage, and      of years, the conductor be-             of his favorites from Sibelius         ration with the
was thus sent to Salzburg’s         came the emperor of musical             and others.                            genius of Maria
Mozarteum at age eight to           Europe.                                    If his Mozart lacked the vi-        Callas in the
study conducting. In 1929, at          D u r i n g t h e d e c a d e s of   vacity and the “joie de vivre”         1955 “Lucia di
21, Karajan made his conduct-       Karajan’s phenomenal career,            expected from the composer’s           Lammermoor”
ing debut in Strauss’ fiendishly    the greatest singers and instru-        scores, and if his Beethoven           and a fantastic
difficult “Salome.” On that         mental soloists bowed under             (for all his revolutionary inno-       “Trovatore” from
high note, he began forging a       his command. His Beethoven              vations in tempi and balance)          the 1962 Salzburg
monumental career that would        Triple Concerto, with esteemed          was soaked in artifice, his late       Festival yet again
span over six glorious decades      cellist Mstislav Rostropovich,          Bruckner and Mahler were               exhibits the con-
of music.                           violinist David Oistrakh and            simply breathtaking in vision          ductor at his
   Karajan was lauded as a          pianist Sviatoslav R ichter,            and depth. In the tone poems           best in operatic
conducting genius by the critics    is just one example of t he             of Strauss, a scarce few equaled       works outside the
of his day. His interpretation      many recordings he did with             Karajan. With Sibelius’ sym-           German sphere.
of the operas and symphonies        the big-name musicians of his           phonies, he created a sound            A Verdi Requiem
of Wagner, Strauss, Mozart,         time. He also mentored sev-             world that captured the fab-           circa 1967
Verdi and Beethoven were            eral talented musicians, one of         ric of the Finnish composer’s          w it h Leont y ne
considered groundbreaking           them being preeminent Mozart            imagination.                           Price, Fiorenza
and surprisingly mature. His        violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter.              However known Karajan               Cossot to and
understanding of the German            The battery of singers he            was for his work, the great con-       Luciano Pavarotti
composers’ works and equal          took under his wing was even            ductor was not without detrac-         simply begs to be
aptitude in the operas of the       more impressive. The mezzo-             tors. Many would resent him            heard for his dis-
Italian masters was considered      soprano Christa Ludwig en-              for his megalomaniac practices         play of sorcer y
second only to those of the         joyed her greatest years as             of monopolizing power over             with such an
greatest conductors of his age      an interpretive artist under            his many musical organiza-             affecting score.
— Wilhelm Furtwängler and           Karajan, and without his prod-          tions. His penchant for musical        And of course,                                          file photo

Victor de Sabata.                   ding, Mirella Freni would               sheen and hedonistic gloss was         you c a n not b e Herbert von Karajan performs his craft.
April 11, 2008                                                                           C himes                                                       Arts & EntErtAinmEnt               13

Switchfoot and Co. alter FAC atmosphere                                                                                                                   Day 26
The typical quiet mood of a Calvin concert is shaken up for some superstars’ sake.
                                                                                                                                                         drones on
                                      moshing, as real as moshing
        by ryan alons                 is going to get for the casual                                                                                        by kimberly randle
           staff Writer               concertgoer.                                                                                                                staff Writer
                                         The general attitude of ram-
   Calm down please, Calvin           bunctiousness would carr y                                                                                            Day26’s self-titled debut
College concert crashers! I           through to Switchfoot’s set,                                                                                       album, though reaching the
mean, seriously, the stage lift       but first the audience would                                                                                       top spot on the charts, is
can only take so much abuse           have to survive Brit-pop import                                                                                    unfortunately lacking. The
and moshing is a good way             Athlete. Its safe, acoustic rock                                                                                   hard work that most have
to send someone straight to           was a chill contrast to Emery.                                                                                     watched devotedly week
the hospital. Take a hint from        Except for a drum machine, the                                                                                     after week on MTV’s hit
that band that sang “Moshing          set lacked a real drummer and                                                                                      show “Making the Band”
Machine.” Moshing breaks              the keyboardist would relax                                                                                        has produced an album that
arms.                                 off stage for songs where the                                                                                      is outstanding vocally and
   What happened to the FAC’s         acoustic/electric combo was                                                                                        production-wise, but not in
comfortable concert reserve?          center stage.                                                                                                      any other aspect.
   It had to have been Switchfoot        Athlete had no teeth for a                                                                                         The album’s 14 tracks are
with partners-in-rock Emery           rock act. Though they were                                                                                         at best mere sing-alongs, al-
and Athlete that turned it up         missing a drummer, I feel that                                                                                     most of the likes of “Twinkle
a notch on Saturday night in          the addition would not have                                                                                        Twinkle Little Star” or “The
Calvin’s Fine Arts Center. I          enlightened their music. Not                                                                                       ABC Song” except more
thought it was just a “Spinal         on ly was t he per for mance                                                                                       intricate. The production
Tap” joke that amplifiers could       out of place for the night, it                                                                                     and music are amazing with
be set to 11. It was the loudest,     failed to make an impression                                                                                       producers such as Bryan-
craziest set to visit Calvin in       with its ho-hum music. At                                                                                          Michael Cox, Mario Winans
years.                                least the British accents were                                                                                     and Sean Combs lacing the
   As opposed to the calm,            charming.                                                                                                          album. On the song “Got
awe-inspired crowd that vis-             Despite the lull in energy,                                                                                     Me Going,” Diddy promises
ited the FAC a few nights be-         the entire FAC, brimming with                                                                       file photo     to make the listener dance,
fore to witness the post-rock         enthusiasm, rose to its feet for        Jon Foreman and friends (including brother Tim, right)                     which is successfully accom-
pioneers Explosions in the            Switchfoot’s dramatic entrance.         graced the FAC with their presence last weekend.                           plished. However, it’s only
Sky, Switchfoot fans were over-       Completely dark, Switchfoot                                                                                        the beat that causes the song
ly enthusiastic, bouncing and         calmly took the stage as Jon            passed out his own water to the song was areminder that                    to be stuck in one’s head and
swaying to the thunderous             Foreman, the frontman, began            thirsty fans in the pit.          Switchfoot is still the same             makes the listener like the
music.                                with a slow keys-only rendition            He even gave his band the band that struck it big on                    album, not the originality
   Emery, first to take the stage,    of “The Shadow Proves the               time of day. Before “Love is a the radio and MTV four or                   or lyrics.
deserves most of the blame for        Sunshine,” which grew in am-            Movement” Foreman praised five years ago. Switchfoot’s                        The men can undoubtedly
the exciting transformation           plitude until it transformed into       his brother and bassist, Tim, overwhelming popularity                      sing; that was proven on
witnessed within the pit, set-        the high-octane rock thriller           for his skills at the song’s bass was masked by the small-                 the show and it is certainly
ting it off with “So Cold I Can       “Stars.”                                line.                             ness of the venue and the                showcased in the songs.
See My Breath,” a hardcore               Switchfoot fulfilled all the            Switchfoot has very strong down-to-earth attitude of                    Their ranges are impressive
attack from their sophomore           high expectations of a suc-             beliefs; just listen to any of the band.                                   and so are the vocal arrange-
album “The Question.” Emery           cessful rock group. The sound           t he ba nd’s song s a nd you        The encore was toned                   ments, and one can sense the
was an explosion of distorted         was loud and crisp, the lights          know that a whole lot of mean- down as Foreman played                      passion and intensity in their
guitars and furious drums that        were spot on and Foreman                ing is packed into each one. acoustic guitar, joined by                    voices. However, this is as
remained consistent until the         leapt off of the bass drum. Not         Foreman didn’t hide this on the rest of the band halfway                   good as it gets.
end with “Studying Politics.”         satisfied to just meet the stan-        Saturday night as he gave a through the other Billboard-                      While worthwhile albums
Its energetic post-hardcore           dard, Switchfoot pushed the             very Bono-esque preaching breaking hit, “Dare You to                       usually include talented
blend of screamo and emocore          envelope.                               before “We are One Tonight.” Move.”                                        members and awesome pro-
is an uncommon genre for the             Fo r e m a n’s a n t i c s we r e    Activism was intention of the       What is the normal con-                duction, it certainly cannot
FAC.                                  among the highlights of the             night. For this spring tour, cert atmosphere at Calvin?                    stop there, which this album
   I think the keyboardist was        night. He grabbed a drum cym-           Switchfoot supported To Write Ask most regulars to SAO                     regrettably does. The lyrics
more content with headbang-           bal and beat it with a drum stick       Love on Her Arms, an anti- concerts and they would                         are simply unimpressive,
ing than actually playing the         as he swung it around. He left          suicide campaign focused on respond exhilarating, but the                  lackluster, simple and easy
keys. Partnered with an ex-           the stage and sang amidst the           instilling hope in disillusioned crowd is chill.
treme nature of the artists on        crowd. He allowed a random              youth.                              The Switchfoot concert
stage, the music inspired the         audience member in the pit to              The band finished off the o n Sat u rd ay n i g ht wa s                 You can comprehend
pit to fulfill an unprecedented       announce a song. He let his             regular set strong with the another kind of concert en-
act for Calvin College — actual       brother-in-law play drums. He           popular “Meant to Live.” The tirely.                                       and receive everything
                                                                                                                                                         the album has to offer
Despite the title, this ‘Odd Couple’ gets along fine                                                                                                      from just one listen.
                                      can be described as an eclec-           “The Odd Couple” presents a         more effort. While this is a           — a cut and dry, formulaic
     by brandon haan                  tic, schizophrenic mash-up of           more thought out, creatively        loss at times, at least as far
         a&e co-editor                                                                                                                                   R&B album that was solely
                                      a number of varying musical             singular group.                     as novelty is concerned, it            meant to sell records, not to
                                      styles, “The Odd Couple” has               D a n g e r Mo u s e’s mu s ic   serves, once again, to create          present a genuine, original,
   This has been the often writ-      a more singular sound, even if          and production is less daring       a steadier feel for the record,        and creative effort.
ten story of the year as far as re-   its content matter still retains        this time around, though this       one that eventually becomes               Especially uninspiring is
views of Gnarls Barkley’s new         most of the earlier diversity.          serves the album’s overall pur-     its backbone.                          the song “In My Bed,” which
album, “The Odd Couple,” go,          “St. Elsewhere” jumped all              pose better. Still working in a        O ve r a l l , w h i le “ T h e     contains the lyric “Cookin’
but it’s one worth telling again      over the place both themati-            fairly broad fashion with his       Odd Couple” differs from               it up so hot like kitchen.” If
for those who haven’t heard it.       cally and musically, but it gave        typical universal musical feel,     “Elsewhere” in such a way              that so-called simile doesn’t
   In 2006, the new musical duo       off a mostly up-beat air. “The          Danger Mouse succeeds in            that it puts Gnarls’s two              t ur n you off, maybe the
Gnarls Barkley released their         Odd Couple” seems darker,               crafting another all-encom-         records beyond true com-               means-to-an-end use of a
debut album, “St. Elsewhere,”         both in lyrical content and             passing musical creation, while     parison, I think that it sur-          woman in “Come With Me”
that, as a whole, really did          composition, though it builds           giving it an easier feeling this    passes “Elsewhere” in the              will. You can comprehend
seem to f it “elsewhere” on           itself around a more structured         time.                               few aspects that they share.           and receive everything the
categorized music racks. For          whole.                                     There aren’t any tracks on       Its cohesiveness serves to             album has to offer from just
vocalist Cee-Lo Green and                Part of what appealed to             “The Odd Couple” that stand out     make it easier to listen to,           one listen.
composer/producer Danger              me in “St. Elsewhere” was               the way Crazy or Transformer        even if this also makes it less           Music and artistry have
Mouse, this was of no concern,        its non-uniformit y; I liked            did on “Elsewhere” with the         memorable in the end. That             got to be more than produc-
because their first single, the       how the tracks seemed to nod            exception of Blind Mary, which      said, numerous highlights              tion, vocal arrangements
well-worn Crazy, seemed to            to just about any and every             sounds like it would be perfect     ( W ho’s Gonna Save My                 and addiction or repetition
work just fine within the top         genre while presenting mate-            for a carnival merry-go-round       Soul, No Time Soon, Blind              potential, which this album
10 slots on music charts world-       rial that ranged from serious           ride. This lack of a definite de-   Mary and the closer A Little           has. From a surface level the
wide.                                 concepts to slightly off-kilter         viation track that “makes” the      Better) hold the album up              album has it all, but will it
   Though the songs surround-         ideas.                                  album isn’t necessarily a com-      and strengthen it, just not            inspire you, enthrall you or
ing Crazy on “St. Elsewhere”             I n c o n t r a s t , “ T he O d d   plete loss, though. Although        as noticeably as Crazy did             touch your soul? Not at all.
varied immensely, the album           Couple” seems like a return             initially disappointing for lis-    for “Elsewhere.”                       Music has got to be much
sold its way into platinum sta-       to sanity for the duo. I half-ex-       teners looking for a repeat            Despite an emerging ab-             deeper, which may ver y
tus; combined with their en-          pected them to try and shape            of “Elsewhere,” “The Odd            sence of their earlier crazi-          well happen with their next
tertaining live performances,         their next album into a collec-         Couple” gives us a picture of       ness, “The Odd Couple”                 album because new artists
this made Gnarls Barkley the          tion of tracks following the lead       what the duo is capable of as       works as a step in a definite          need time to grow, develop
Cinderella story of the music         of Crazy. This is not the case at       far as uniformity goes.             direction for Gnarls, setting          and find their niche. If you
industry (although, as far as I       all. If anything Gnarls Barkley            Cee-Lo continues his rather      a tone that they can either            want substance and innova-
know, that is one movie they          has continued on in the wake of         unique vocal approach on “The       choose to keep or break                tion then this album will
haven’t parodied onstage as           other tracks off “Elsewhere,”           Odd Couple,” straining his          in the f ut ure. With that             probably not be the one for
of yet).                              working harder to refine and            cords as usual to reach the         indecision seemingly be-               you. But if you want some-
   So 2008 seemed like a prime        centralize their efforts this           same levels he has previously       ing the group’s true cen-              thing to pass the time, make
time for the group to release its     time around. Following the              ascended to, though he doesn’t      tral spirit, Gnarls Barkley            you dance or compel you to
follow-up disc, and on March          lead of St. Elsewhere, Smiley           make as much use of the goofy,      can pretty much do what                sing along, then by all means
18 “T he Odd Couple” h it             Faces, Who Cares and The                alternative voices that populat-    they want; they’ve already             cop Day26’s album.
stores. While “St. Elsewhere”         Last Time off the first album,          ed “Elsewhere” on the sopho-        set that standard anyway.
14         SportS                                                                               C himes                                                                                 April 11, 2008

ATHLETE in F cus Baseball sweeping through MIAA
                                                                                             Schepel Ranked Fourth                             best basebal l i n
Marcus snaps out of slump                                                               in the nation in Batting Average                       the first game on
                                                                                                                                               Sat u rd ay,” sa id
                                                                                                                                                                         Saturday’S reSultS
                                                                                                                                               Sparks. “I guess
                                                                a game, but it                                                                 you can look at it
                                                                was definitely                                    Matt Schepel
                                                                                                                                               two ways. From a
                                                                a good thing.”                                 Sophomore, Shortstop positive standpoint
                                                                    “We always                                Schepel is ranked fourth         it’s nice to know
                                                                knew Alex had                                 in the nation with a .527        that we can still
                                                                the ability to                                batting average. He has five     battle and grind           Calvin            Alma
                                                                [hit like he did                              home runs, 29 rBIs, 25 runs
                                                                                                                                               through a game
                                                                Saturday],”                                   and is slugging .945                                          6                 5
                                                                                                                                               and win a game
                                                                said first                                                                     even when we’re           Junior Kyle Cousins drew a
                                                                yea r coach                                                                    not at our best.”          leadoff walk, stole second,
                                                                John Sparks.                                                       In game two, junior Kyle
                                                                “W he n you                By Bruce van Baren                                                            was bunted over to third and
                                                                                                                               Cousins struck out six over              scored the go-ahead run in the
                                                                [st r ug g le], a             Sports co-editor                 four innings and surrendered
                                                                lot of t i me s                                                only one run. Cousins’ ERA
                                                                                                                                                                          top of the seventh after the
                                                                it’s more of a            Calvin’s 6-5 comeback dipped to 1.88, second best on                                Knights trailed 5-2.
                                                                mental thing           win Saturday against Alma the team behind freshman Jeff
                                                                than a physi-          at Klenk Park was emblem- Groenenwold, who pitched a
                                                                cal thing.”            atic of the Knights’ 2008 scoreless inning in relief as the
                                                                    For Marcus         campaign, in which Calvin Knights won 9-1.
                                                                it w a s c o m -       is 16-2 overall and undefeat-               Calvin’s offensive momen-
                                                                pletely men-           ed and atop the MIAA.                   tum carried over from the first
                                                                tal.                      The Knights’ seven and game comeback and translated
                                                                    We sat             eight hitters, senior Alex into nine runs in the first four
                                                                down af ter                                                                                               Calvin            Alma
                                                                                       Marcus and sophomore Rob innings. The Knights batted                                 9                 1
                                                                that game and          Kool, were hitting a com- around in a six-run fourth in-
                     Photo courteSy of SPortS InformatIon
                                                                t a l ked. “We         bined .139, but went 5 for ning to put the game out of                           Calvin’s offensive momentum
Senior Alex Marcus batted over .300 in                          took t he ap -
each of the previous two seasons, but but                                              6 with five RBIs and three reach. Sophomore shortstop                            carried over from its game one
                                                                proach that            runs scored to dig Calvin Matt Schepel was 2 for 3 with
found himself hitting .178 to start April.                      it was a new                                                                                             comeback. Junior Kyle Cous-
                                                                                       out of a three run deficit and four RBIs and a towering home
                                                                year for him,”         keep the Knights perfect in run and junior third baseman                         ins struck out six and allowed
                                        said Sparks. “We tried to clear                conference.                             Jason May was 3 for 4 with                 one run over four innings to
     By Bruce van Baren                 what had happened individu-
         Sports co-editor                                                                 “It seems like all year two RBIs.                                                      move to 4-0.
                                        ally to him up to this point out               we’ve had a couple of guys                  “We got back on track that
                                        of his mind.”
   Success is somewhat of a                 “Coach told me to relax and
                                                                                       step up who were new in the second game,” said Sparks.                             Monday’S reSultS
                                                                                       lineup or had struggled at “We executed better offensively
norm for senior right fielder just let things happen, get back                         times,” said first-year coach and pitched it better and played
Alex Marcus.                            to the basics,” said Marcus. “I                John Sparks. “It’s been some- a little better defense. It was
   A year ago as Calvin’s num- could hit balls fine in batting                         one different it seems like ev- good to see that struggling
ber three hitter, Marcus batted practice, but when I’d get up to                       ery game and                                                 through that
.353 in league play and fin- the plate, something changed. I                           I think that’s a     LEAGUE STANDINGS                        game was kind
ished second in the league in just had to clear my head.”                              tribute to our                                               of an impetus
runs scored, third in homeruns              And now he’s clearing the                  g u y s a nd t o
                                                                                                                          League       Overall
                                                                                                                                                    for getting us
and tied for the league lead in bases. Marcus has nine RBIs                                                              W L W L                                          Calvin           Hope
                                                                                       their prepara-                                               back.”                 10               3
doubles. He was also fifth with in his last four games, exclud-                        tion.”                                                          Calvin’s of-
a .576 slugging percentage and ing Tuesday’s loss to Grand                                                  Calvin 8 0 16 2
                                                                                          Calvin ral-                                               fense didn’t let      Senior Alex Marcus contin-
an All-MIAA selection.                  Valley.                                        lied to score         adrian 6 2 14 5                        u p Mo n d ay,
   So when his batting aver-                Against Alma Saturday, he                                                                                                    ued his hot streak, smacking
                                                                                       a r u n i n t he      olivet 6 2 8 9                         despite only a
age dipped to .179 at the start and sophomore second base-                                                                                                                a grand slam as part of an
                                                                                       fourth and             abion 5 7 6 16                        day’s rest, as
of April, his coach knew it man Rob Kool led Calvin’s                                  two runs in the                                              Calvin scored       eight-run second inning. Fresh-
wouldn’t stay there for long.           6-5 comeback win. Marcus                                              hope 3 5 5 13
                                                                                       sixth to tie the                                             16 r u n s t o         man starter Peter Steiner
   M i r e d i n a s l u m p t h a t and Kool, who were batting                                                alma 3 5 6 12
                                                                                       game.                                                        sweep a dou-                 moved to 3-0.
dropped him from the clean seventh and eight respectively,                                Marcus,          tri-State 3 9 9 14                       bleheader from
up spot to seventh hole in the accounted for five of Calvin’s                          who had been            Kzoo 2 6 5 6                         Hope at newly
lineup, Marcus snapped out seven hits, had three of the five                           0 for 6 in his                                               renovated
of it Saturday against Alma runs and all five of the RBIs.                             first three games of confer- Boeve Stadium.
at K le n k                                                               The          ence play, had two doubles                  Freshmen starting pitch-
Park.                                                                  Knights         for an RBI and two runs ers Keith Spoelstra and Peter
Marcus                                  Alex Marcus                    trailed         scored, including the tying Steiner, both of whom have
went 3                                                                 5-2 enter-      run in that rally. Kool, who ERAs lower than Pocock, kept
for 3 with                            Senior, Right Fielder            ing the                                                                                           Calvin            Hope
                                                                                       was hitting .100, had two pace with him and Cousins and                             6                3
3 runs                                 Batting .460 in the last        fourth, but     RBIs in the rally, including remained perfect. Both have
scored                                 four conference games           Marcus          the game tying sacrifice fly 3-0 records.
and a pair                             with nine rBIs and six          had a one                                                                                           Freshman pitcher Keith
                                       runs scored. he also                            that scored Marcus.                         Marcus remained hot and              Spoelstra went the distance to
of RBIs in                             had two home runs.
                                                                       out dou-           Junior ace Nate Pocock is batting .450 with nine RBIs
the f irst                                                             ble and         allowed five runs in the first and six runs scored in his last                   match freshman Peter Steiner
game of             2008 Batting Average By Date                       scored in       three innings, but shut out four games. His two-out grand                        and move to 3-0. Senior Alex
a d o u ble                                                            the fourth      the Scots for the final four slam was part of the Knights’                        Marcus’ two run home run
header. He                                                             and had         innings to salvage his fourth eight-run second in game one
followed                                                               an R BI                                                                                          in the sixth put the game out
                                                                                       win of the season, moving to against the Dutchmen and his                                   of reach.
that up go-                                                            double,         a perfect 4-0.                          two-run shot in the sixth put
ing 1 for 3                                                            stole              “ We d i d n’t p l ay o u r game two out of reach.
with a run                                                             third and
scored in                                                              scored
the second                                                             the tying
game.                                                                  run in the
   “I put                                                              si x t h i n-
a little                                                               ning.
bit too                                                                   Junior
much pressure on myself,” Kyle Cousins scored the go
said Marcus. “I had a pretty ahead run on a wild pitch.
successful season last year and             Mond ay a ga i n s t Hope
I wanted to continue that. As at newly renovated Boeve
a senior you have that added Stadium, Marcus crushed a
pressure and I think I let that two-out grand slam home run
get to me a little bit, trying too as part of the Knights’ eight run
hard and to do too much.”               second inning. Marcus was 2
   After batting third all of last for 4 in the game and had led
year, Marcus was tagged as off that inning with a single, but
Calvin’s cleanup hitter behind was caught stealing second.
speedy leadoff hitter Jacob                 “Once you get that first hit
Vriesman, second basemen out of the way, the rest seem
Kyle Gurzynski and sophomore to come easier,” said Marcus.
slugger Matt Schepel. But after “Baseball is kind of a weird
starting 0 for 6 in the first three sport like that.”
games of the MIAA schedule,                 Marcus is 6 for 13 in the four
he was benched in the second conference games since he was
game of last Wednesday’s dou- benched .
ble header against Alma.                    “To his credit, he was able
    “Coach talked to me in be- to [snap out of that slump]
tween games and noticed some and started the season anew,”                                                                                                             Photo courteSy of SPortS InformatIon
things about my swing,” said said Sparks, who plans to keep
Marcus. “At that point he said Marcus in the seventh spot.                             Seniors Kyle Fletcher (center) and Alex Marcus (left) have plenty to smile about.The
I needed a little bit of a break. “It’s nice to have his production                    Knights have swept their first two MIAA series against defending champion Hope
Nobody likes to get taken out of back in the lineup.”                                  College and previously third-place Alma College.
April 11, 2008                                                                        C himes                                                                          SportS           15

Knights thrive in Illinois invite                                                                                                                     Softball Recap
                                                                           from first to even the score at         Folkerts then showed her
                                                                           1-1. With Moriarity still on sec-    pitching mastery, as she forced        north centraL InvIte
                                                                           ond, senior Cori VanKoevering        a f ielder’s choice, with the              naPervILLe, IL
                                                                           hit the second double of the         out coming at home. Folkerts             Saturday, aPrIL 5
                                                                           inning to lef t-center, scor-        forced the next batter to pop
                                                                           ing Moriarity and giving the         out to Moriarity for the second
                                                                           Knights a 2-1 lead.                  out, and Folkerts struck out the                  GaMe 1
                                                                              Un for t u nately for t he        final batter of the inning, pre-
                                                                           Knights, this is all the offense     serving the 1-0 Knight lead.
                                                                           they would get, as Hope went            The Knights extended their
                                                                           on to score a run in the fourth,     lead with three runs in the top
                                                                           fifth and seventh innings, giv-      of the sixth. With the bases
                                                                           ing Hope the 4-2 victory.            loaded and two outs, junior
                                                                              The second game against           Loren Scarbrough hit a triple
                                                                           Hope was not good from start         to right field, clearing the bases     Calvin           Wheaton
                                                                           to finish. Hope scored two runs      and giving Calvin a 4-0 lead.            4                1
                                                                           in each of the first four innings       Wheaton College was able
                                                                           before the game was called           to score one run in the bot-
                                                                           after the top of the fifth due to    tom of the sixth, but Folkerts
                                                                           the mercy rule.                      shut down Wheaton’s offense,
                                                                              Hoping to end a nine-game         preser ving the Knights 4-1
                                                                           losing streak, the Knights came      victory.                                          GaMe 2
                                                                           out strong in their first game of       The second game of the in-
                                                                           the North Central Invitational       vitational saw the Knights face
                                                                           against Wheaton College (13-         off against the invitational host.
                                                                           8 overall). The Knights won          North Central (14-4 overall)
                                                                           the game 4-1, but up until the       struck early, scoring a run in
                                                                           fifth inning it was a pitchers’      the first and garnering an early
                                                                           duel. Heading into the top of        1-0 lead.
                                                                           the fourth, Wheaton hurler              Bot h tea m s we nt score-          Calvin                NCC
                                                                           Beth Miller was pitching a           less through the next six in-            2                    1
                                                                           perfect game, retiring the first     nings until Calvin freshman
                                                                           nine batters she faced. In the       Jaqueline Kirkman blasted
                                                                           fourth, though, sophomore            a game-winning double that
                                                                           Whisper Miller hit a single up       scored both Scarbrough and
                                                                           the middle, ending the perfect       freshman Mallissa VanRooyen                  Softball
                                                                           game chance.                         in the bottom of the seventh,
                                                                              Calvin was finally able to        lifting the Knights to a 2-1
                                                                           break the scoreless tie in the top   victory.
                                                                           of the fifth. With two out and          Folkerts picked up two wins
                                            Photo courteSy of   Moriarity on second, junior          on the week, allowing eight
                                                                           Kristin Folkerts hit a single to     earned runs over the course of        LEAGUE STANDINGS
Loren Scarbrough went 2 of 9 from the plate and                            center, scoring Moriarity and        23 innings. She also had nine                     League      Overall
garnered three RBIs in Saturday’s games at North Central.                  giving the Knights a 1-0 lead.       strikeouts, while only walking                    W      L   W L
                                                                              After giving herself a 1-0        two batters.
                                    MIAA) dropped both games               lead in the top of the fifth,           Offensively, the K nights              alma     7    1    17    6
         By Jon Behm                of a twin-bill against Hope by         Folkerts looked to continue          were led by VanKoevering,             tri-State    3    1    19    3
          Staff Writer              scores of 4-2 and 8-0. Hope (13-       her no-hitter in the bottom          Scarbrough, and Moriarity.                hope     4    2    13    6
                                    6 overall, 4-2 MIAA) jumped            of the inning. Unfortunately,        VanKoevering went 4 of 11 on         St. mary’s    4    2    15    6
   The softball team went 2-2       out to an early 1-0 lead in the        the first Wheaton batter of the      the week with one RBI, while
this week, dropping a pair of       first game, though the Dutch           inning singled up the middle,        Scarbrough went 2 of 9 with a           adrian     5    3    13    12
games to Hope last Friday be-       advantage was short lived.             breaking the no-hitter. The          run, three RBIs and two walks.           albion    3    5    11    8
fore defeating both Wheaton         Calvin struck back in the bot-         next Thunder batter doubled          Moriarity chipped in with three          olivet    1    3     6    14
College and North Central           tom of the first inning as junior      to left field, putting runners on    runs, an RBI and a walk.               Calvin      1    7     7    15
College at the North Central        Brittany Moriarty smacked              second and third with no outs.          The Knights will partici-            K-Zoo      0    4     1    13
Invitational on Saturday.           a double to right-center field,        Folkerts walked the next batter,     pate in the Illinois Wesleyan
   Calvin (7-15 overall, 1-7        scoring senior Samantha Ehlert         loading the bases.                   Tournament this weekend.

Calvin’s eight-game win streak snapped
Tuesday’s 10-1 loss to Grand Valley State University marked the Knights’ first since mid-March
                                    regular four-man rotation, but            “A couple of innings we
      By chaZ amIdon                was given the start in order to        could’ve gotten out of without
       Sports co-editor             save juniors Nate Pocock (4-           giving up any runs, but we
                                    0) and Kyle Cousins (4-0) for          didn’t because of some errors,”
   The Knights frittered away       Thursday’s home doubleheader           said Sparks. “That was the only
their eight-game win streak         against Tri-State.                     thing I was really disappointed
and lost for the first time since      “[Larsen] does a good job           with ... I wanted to see us com-
March 14 as they dropped a          of just being around the plate         pete a little more defensively.”
10-1 decision to Grand Valley       and getting his off-speed stuff           GVSU tacked on three insur-
State University on Tuesday.        over it,” said Sparks. “Minus a        ance runs-one in the eighth,
   Calvin’s perennial show-         couple of errors, we’re right in       two in the ninth-before the
down with the No. 16 (Div. II)      that ballgame until [the point]        afternoon was over. Freshman
Lakers came one day after the       where he comes out. He’s a             Jeff Groenewold pitched three
Knights breezed past Hope in        valuable asset to our team, a se-      innings in relief for the Knights,
Holland, completing their first     nior with a lot of experience.”        while sophomore Chad Epker
season sweep of their lakeshore        T he K n ig hts comm it ted         threw in the ninth.
rivals since 2002.                  three costly errors throughout,           Offensively, Calvin went a
   But on Tuesday, Calvin reg-      including an infield grounder          combined 3 for 29 (.103) from
istered a season-low three hits     muffed by sophomore Matt               the plate. The Knights are bat-
while giving up 15 to the vis-      Schepel that helped the Lakers         ting .342 as a team so far this
iting Lakers, who exhibited         jump out to an early 3-0 lead          season-the best mark of any
control, both offensively and       in the second inning. GVSU’s           team in the MIAA.
defensively, throughout.            Corey Maguire added another               The K nights (16 -2, 8 - 0),
   “T he big t h i ng is t hat I    run with an RBI groundout              who were recently pegged with
wanted our guys to compete          in the third to bring the score        a Div. III national ranking
today,” said coach John Sparks      to 4-0.                                (No. 23), will play four games
after Tuesday’s loss. “They’re         Calvin’s lone run of the af-        against seventh-place Tri-State
ranked nationally in Division       ternoon was belted in by junior        (9-14, 3-9) this weekend as they
II-they’re obviously a scholar-     Chris Blacklidge, who singled          seek to preserve their unblem-
ship program. At times we           home Schepel in the bottom of          ished conference record.
competed well, at other times       the fourth to jut into the Laker          “I think every conference
we didn’t.”                         lead, 4-1.                             game is going to be tough,” said
   Senior Scott Larsen (1-1) was       One inning later, an Alex           Sparks. “When you’re in first
shelled for 10 hits-though he       Marcus blunder in right field          place, you have an ‘X’ on your
allowed only two earned runs        allowed Mag uire to t urn a            back more than you normally
-in a five-inning stint on the      single into a double and plate         would. It looks like Tri-State                                                                Photo By Jeff feBuS
mound for the Knights. Larsen,      t wo r uns, and Justin Beal            has been very competitive this
who has typically been work-        drove home another run to              year, so I think we’ll have to       Calvin batted a combined 3 for 29 (.103) from the plate in
ing out of the bullpen since        give GVSU a commanding 7-1             play really well to stick with       Tuesday’s non-conference showdown with GVSU.
Spring Break, is not in Calvin’s    advantage.                             them.”
16       SportS                                                                       C himes                                                                           April 11, 2008

Track excels in dogfight at Bulldog Invite
Ryan Jensen’s record-breaking hammer throw headlined a day of Calvin brilliance at Ferris State University
                                                                                                                    meter. “It was a pretty windy         The Knights now prepare
                                                                                                                    meet, so the times were not go-    for the MI A A jamboree at
                                                                                                                    ing to be as good.”                Alma, where the runners get a
                                                                                                                       While Wrobel, Jensen, and       chance to see their competition
                                                                                                                    several others posed season        as a warm up to the conference
                                                                                                                    bests, the focus for the meet      meet. There they will face off
                                                                                                                    was not on personal best or        against top league competi-
                                                                                                                    qualifying times, but rather       tion from Hope and Adrian
                                                                                                                    victories.                         Colleges, who are especially
                                                                                                                       “We worked on beating peo-      strong in the sprints and jumps.
                                                                                                                    ple rather than going for times,   Calvin will counter with their
                                                                                                                    and we worked together as a        sprinters and jumpers, along
                                                                                                                    team,” said Wrobel.                with a strong distance game. At
                                                                                                                       And to that end, Calvin         Ferris, Calvin runners took the
                                                                                                                    r unners took f irst place in      four top spots in the 5000 meter
                                                                                                                    several events with wins by        and five of the top 11 spots in
                                                                                                                    Jed Christiansen in the 1,500      the 1500 meter.
                                                                                                                    meters (4:00.31) and senior           “It’s going to be interesting
                                                                                                                    Tad Hulst in the 5,000 meters      because we won’t be going
                                                                                                                    (15:11.56) on the men’s side       for times as much as victories
                                                                                                                    and junior Calah Schlabach         again,” said Wrobel. “It is sup-
                                                                                                                    in the 5,000 meters (17:55.10),    posed to be 40 and windy, so
                                                                                                                    junior Lauren Bergstrom in         we will try to pack together as a
                                                                                                                    the 800 meter and senior Sarah     team, like in Cross Country, to
                                                                                                                    Wittingen (East Grand Rapids       stay warm in distance events…
                                                                                                                    HS)in the 400 meter hurdles on     we’ll try to earn a lot of points
                                                                                                                    the women’s. With an NCAA          there.”
                                                                                                                    III provisional qualifying time       If the Knights continue to
                                                                                                                    of 1:02.49, Wittengen domi-        run as they did at Ferris, they
                                                                                                                    nated the competition, while       expect positive results.
                                                                                                                    also t ur ning in NCA A III            “We’ve won a lot of titles in
                                                                                                                    provisional qualifying times in    a row,” said Wrobel. “They say
                                                                                                                    the 100 meter hurdles and the      this year is going to be close,
                                                                                      photo By michaeL j. macLean   4x400 meter relay. The relay       but we’ll be able to pull it out if
Several Calvin athletes turned in NCAA Div. III qualifying times during Saturday’s                                  had a time of 3:55.49, a win of    everyone runs well.”
                                                                                                                    almost six seconds, and includ-       The Alma meet will bet-
scintillating performance at the Bulldog Invitational, hosted by Ferris State University.                           ed sophomore Heather Koning,       ter prepare the team for their
                                                                                                                    junior Kristen VanSickel and       biggest meet of the year at
                                    strong performances by the             a foot. The throw provisionally          Bergstrom.                         Hillsdale on April 24-26 and
       By Luke Leisman              Calvin track and field team at         qualified Jensen for the NCAA               T he Calvin women also          the MIAA conference finals
          staff Writer              the Bulldog Invitational host-         III finals. It also came in subpar       took first place in three field    on May 1-2.
                                    ed by Ferris State University          conditions.                              events. Junior Julie Bratt won        “We are progressing really
   A cool, windy Saturday af-       Saturday at the Top Taggert               “The conditions were not              the triple jump, while sopho-      well this year; times are com-
ternoon in Big Rapids was the       Field.                                 great, but we still tried… our           more Leigha Oberle took first      ing down fast,” said Wrobel.
time to shine for senior Ryan          With his throw of 177 feet 9        best,” said f reshman A lex              in the discus and sophomore        “We’ve had lots of good per-
Jensen. His record-setting ham-     inches, Jensen bested his previ-       Wrobel, who posted a season              Carla Lindemulder won the          formances, and hope to come
mer throw led another day of        ous Calvin record by more than         best time of 1:57.74 in the 800          pole vault.                        out strong.”

Tennis loses No. 1
 Tilton to injury
                                    unfortunate time for this to
      By chaz amidon                happen.”
       sports co-editor                Calvin’s loss to Kalamazoo,
                                    the most domineering tennis
   For the past two years, John     program in the MIAA, fea-
Ross’ women’s basketball team       tured an unexpected implosion
has been perpetually haunted        during singles play. After the
by injuries.                        Knights went 2-1 in doubles,
   Now, the “curse” has infil-      they were swept 5-0 in singles
trated his men’s tennis squad.      competition.
   No. 1 singles phenom senior         “( K a l a m a z o o) h a s n’ t
Ricky Tilton was sidelined          lo s t m a ny le a g u e m a t c h -
with a nagging shoulder injury      e s fo r ye a r s,” s a id R o s s.
following Tuesday’s 7-2 loss to     They are just a hard team to
Kalamazoo and could miss the        beat, but hopefully will get a
remainder of the 2008 season.       chance to meet them again in
   “It’s just a huge devastation,   the conference tournament.”
a huge loss,” said Ross. “We’ll        The loss came four days after
be lucky to get him back at 75      the Knights cruised past Grand
percent before the end of the       Rapids Community College
year, and we don’t even know        and Alma, defeating each by
the extent of the injury.”          a score of 9-0, at MVP Sports
   Tilton was saddled with          Complex in Rockford.
his first loss of the season on        Calvin moved to 6-4 overall
Tuesday, falling to Kalamazoo’s     with Tuesday’s loss, and will
Jason Brown in three sets (7-6,     look to rebound this weekend
6-7, 1-6). He is currently rated    at the GLCA Tournament in
the No. 9 singles player in the     Oberlin, Ohio.
Central Region, according to           ITA regulations require that
ITA rankings.                       players simply move up one spot
   “[Tilton] is arguably one        in singles play in the occurence
of the best players in Calvin       of an injury — subsequently,
history,” said Ross. “He had        junior Marcus Zeilstra (8-2)
a good shot at making it to         will move into the team’s No.
nationals this year.”               1 slot to fill Tilton’s void.
   Tilton is 6-1 in singles play       Junior Andrew Rescorla
this season, going 1-0 and 1-1      may now jump into the No.
against nationally and region-      6 singles position, while Ross
ally ranked opponents, respec-      has yet to decide on the adjust-
tively.                             ments for doubles play.
   The senior will undergo an          Tilton and fellow senior
MRI later this week and will        Mike Goorhouse had been
receive results on Monday, bar-     competing as the No. 2 tandem
ring no complications.              in doubles play before Tilton
   “His shoulder was hurting        was sidelined. Zeilstra and
him back in January, so we’re       junior Steve DeMaagd will re-
finally getting things figured      main the No. 1 duo in doubles
out,” said Ross. “It’s just an      action.
April 11, 2008                                                                         C himes                                                                           Op/Ed           17

‘Ethical’ programs not constitutional
                                        worldview. One point they              Christ further commands his      solution. Obama’s policies just         purposes. The means to achiev-
     By Paul SchraMPfer                 raise is the idea of whether the    Church to care for the sick.        offer more of the same under-           ing these purposes are listed in
          Guest Writer                  warning to “hold on to your            He tells us to do it, not the    lying problem: government               the actual body, where no such
                                        wallet” is contrary to Christian    gover nment. A llowing the          intervention.                           authority is given.
    In their April 4th Chimes           teaching.                           government to demand mon-              Having said that, I should              Incidentally, the Constitution
a r t icle, Bek a h Sauers a nd             However, one should keep in     ey and/or time of us is what        note one thing. The govern-             does give the federal govern-
Aaron Roorda attempt to de-             mind that whether the govern-       might be called “forced Good        ment can help. It can limit             ment authority to provide de-
fend Barack Obama against a             ment pays for these programs        Samaritanism,” for which there      regulations and taxation in or-         fense from external threats.
criticism from a Focus on the           with money from taxes or by         is no Biblical basis.               der to allow people to keep the         Sauers and Roorda point to all
Family newsletter.                      requiring community service,           In addition, I would argue       money they earn, so they can            the money being spent on the
    T hey t r y to show t hat           it is forced.                       that part of fulfilling Christ’s    put it toward fulfilling God’s          military and ask how this is dif-
Focus resorted to the “stereo-              For example, if I or another    call is to find the best and most   commands.                               ferent than Obama’s expensive
t y p e of a f u nd a me nt a l i s t   citizen view the government’s       effective means of caring for          One cannot give what the             policies.
Christian,” and that Obama’s            attempt at helping the poor as a    others, be it in any of the above   government has taken.                      They are different in terms
policies are consistent with            failure, I may want to withhold     mentioned areas.                       However, to do more is to            of legalit y: while Obama’s
Christianity.                           my money from them and put             Time has shown that gov-         overstep its bounds and force           expensive programs have no
    While I have not read the           it to better use (perhaps by con-   ernment-provided health care,       us to do what God has com-              Constitutional basis, military
newsletter they reference, I can        tributing to a charity that has a   welfare and education (to name      manded us to do willingly.              does.
respond on the specific issues          better record of success).          a few programs) fail to per-           There is another important              It can still be overdone (and
they raised, and based on these,            Yet I can’t; the government     form well. Schools, especially      problem with Obama’s policies:          whether it is here is a debate for
I would argue that not only do          forces me to pay taxes for this     those in poorer areas, are fail-    they’re illegal, or more specifi-       another day); I’m just saying
Obama’s ideas conf lict with            purpose.                            ing, both in spiritual matters      cally, unconstitutional.                that the military expenses are
Christianity, but they are also             To force someone to pay or      (Christianity is often forbidden       The Constitution says noth-          at least legal.
unconstitutional.                       to perform services hardly ap-      in public schools) and in others    ing about the government pro-              Sauers and Roorda say of
    One of their criticisms is that     pears to be charity. Christians     (drastic decline in test scores     viding for the poor, providing          Obama’s policies that “the
the Focus newsletter draws too          are called to be stewards of        and graduation rates).              medical care, or education.             overwhelming majority ... are
much attention to moral issues          their property and to help those       Large amounts of money are          I n a d d i t i o n , t h e 10 t h   sound, and not only ethically
such as abortion and homo-              in need.                            spent on welfare, yet there has     A mendment says t hat any               acceptable, but ethically de-
sexuality.                                  Thus, we are called to help     been little change in relieving     powers not given to the federal         manded.”
    While I agree that these are        the poor.                           poverty.                            government belong with the                 T h is st ateme nt is fa lse.
not the only important issues,              Passively allowing the gov-        Government-funded health         states or the people.                   They are ineffective, they are
they are certainly crucial.             ernment to take our property,       care is fraught with efficiency        As such, for the gover n-            a violation of the United States
    At the very least, they dem-        specifically money, is not be-      problems. Non-government            ment to do what Obama would             Constitution (which a president
onstrate an underlying world-           ing a good steward, especially      solutions work better, in theory    have it do, it has to overstep its      swears to uphold) and they
view, and provide a test of how         considering how much money          and in fact. Take care for the      Constitutional authority.               remove responsibility from the
much a candidate values life            is wasted by government pro-        poor, via private charity, as an       The only possible argument           people and the Church.
and morality.                           grams.                              example.                            comes from the Preamble, and               It is good for Christians to
    It also asks whether or not a           With regard to education and       If a charity fails to help the   the mandate to “promote the             help the sick, the poor, and the
candidate is willing to protect         health care (other issues Sauers    poor, people will stop donating     general welfare.”                       uneducated.
the lives of its citizens.              and Roorda bring up from the        to it; therefore, it must.             There are several problems              History has shown, though,
    It seems strange to talk so         newsletter), the command to            This requires both giver and     with using this in support of           that when the government tries
much about helping people in            care for these needs is given to    charity to take an active role in   Obama’s plans. One is defini-           to do it, it fails, and people end
other contexts, but ignore a            families and the Church.            helping the poor, and in making     tion: “welfare” in this context         up suffering even more.
large group of Americans who                Scripture tells parents to      sure donations are put to their     isn’t the same as it is used today.        As Christians, we should call
are legally being killed.               “train up a child in the way        proper use.                         It means general well-being.            for the most effective and in-
    Sauers and Roorda then go           he should go, and when he is           As Christians who care for          Second, it says “promote,”           volved means of helping those
on to discuss how Obama’s pol-          old, he will not depart from        people in need, we should be        not “provide.” Third, it is in the      in need, and Obama’s policies
icies coincide with a Christian         it.”                                calling for a more effective        Preamble, which sets out the            do not do that.

China’s chance to lead Commie Calvin
                                        China has been shielding the        protests, the probability of this                                              I s it a coi nc ide nce t hat
       By Joel Meredith                 current military regime in the      occurring is admittedly slim.                 By Paul BylSMa                Claiborne’s fashionable ban-
           Staff Writer                 troubled nation of Burma from       Though words and acts of                        Guest Writer                dana in his promotional picture
                                        international pressure calling      protest and dismay have been                                                is red? I don’t think so.
   This summer’s upcoming               for talks between the current       voiced from across the globe,             It’s official: Calvin’s lib-         In an interview that I thought
Olympic games symbolize the             government and democratical-        China has been and will con-           eral arts education is now a         about hosting with Claiborne,
onset of a new age, reflected in        ly elected Aung San Suu Kyi,        tinue to be able to shirk such         far-left arts education.             he probably would have told me
part by the slogan: “One World,         who is currently under house        dissent unless action becomes             With the scheduled ap-            that his two favorite pieces of lit-
One Dream.”                             arrest.                             more seriously concerted.              pearance of Shane Claiborne          erature are Marx’s Communist
   The era of a world dominat-             As China takes center stage         Coalesced, these movements          next Monday, this campus             Manifesto and the now defunct
ed politically and economically         in August, there is little doubt    may, if nothing else, serve as         can kiss any hope of remain-         East German “Communist-itu-
by Western Europe and North             that the world will find much       the nagging conscience of the          ing a democratic, free-mar-          tion,” as I like to call it.
America is drawing to an end,           to marvel at over the course of     Chinese government, a voice            ket institution goodbye.                “Marx was the Jesus of the
particularly due to the waxing          the games.                          for the downtrodden multitude             The man in favor of re-           19th century,” Claiborne prob-
clout of India and China as new            W hat remains in doubt,          who have none.                         distributing resources to the        ably would have said, “He was
super-powers on the horizon.            however, is whether or not the         If a united stand is taken          poor maintains a noble the-          just looking out for the poor as
   With Beijing playing host            Chinese government will take        against the Chinese govern-            ory, comenting what some             members of the Kingdom of
to the 2008 Olympics, China             the opportunity to prove itself     ment and their poor human              would argue is the Bible’s           God.” Not to mention members
hopes to showcase its new               more than just the latest power-    rights record, perhaps it will         call for preferential treat-         of an oppressive collectivist
position as a world leader, a           hungry machine of a country         become apparent to the gov-            ment of those in need. But           regime that no one would will-
position that would have been           on the world scene.                 ernment that their abuses will         we’ve seen this before, and          ingly be a part of!
unimaginable fifty years ago               With months to go before         have damning ramifications             it doesn’t work.                        Let’s not forget to enter-
at the time of Mao Tse-tung’s           the official commencement           deeper than losing face as a few          The year 1989 marked the          tain the possibility that Shane
failed “Great Leap.”                    of the Olympics in Beijing,         protestors are beaten down at a        fall of the Berlin Wall as well      Claiborne might have changed
   As remarkable as China’s             China possesses a special op-       torch-lighting ceremony.               as the Velvet Revolution, fol-       his name from something like
accomplishments since then              portunity to exercise clear mor-       The Olympics have long              lowed two years later by the         Aleksander Popovich or Nikolei
have proven, the nation has             al leadership with the world        been regarded as an institution        formal collapse of the Soviet        J. Stalin.
yet to sufficiently provide evi-        watching.                           of understanding, bridge-build-        Union.                                  This man is a threat to the
dence that human rights mean               Considering that respect for     ing and an occasion for world             It shouldn’t take a Joseph        democracy that we have all
as much to the up-and-coming            the United States is waning         unity where, for a short time          McCarthy in this day and             come to embrace!
giant as its swelling GDP.              internationally, the moment         every two years, the nations           age to inform us that despite           I understand it is in Calvin’s
   Recent protests in Tibet and         is especially opportune for         converge, put aside their dif-         these landmark events in de-         mission to entertain several
other western portions of China         China to take advantage of an       ferences and come together             mocracy’s world conquest,            worldviews in order to accom-
have aroused international at-          unpopular administration and        as one.                                communism is still alive.            modate several students.
tention and speculative talk            an equally unpopular war. By           Before celebrating the torch           I mean, North Korea and              This, however, is going too
about boycotting the opening            pressuring the current Burmese      lighting in Beijing this year,         Cuba are still alive and kick-       far. Does it surprise you that the
ceremony, or the games in sum           government for democratic           however, we must consider              ing, despite the thriving exis-      Socialist Workers Party has its
total.                                  reform and retracting its claim     the exclusion of the Tibetan           tence of democracy in pretty         roots right next door to the old
   In the Chinese government’s          on Tibetan land, China could        people from being represented          much every other country in          Franklin campus? Me either.
attempts to quell further re-           have a truly groundbreaking         as a nation.                           the world.                              So, loyal American demo-
gional unrest, an uncomfirmed           moment — not just for its own          We must consider the human             Shane Claiborne, to some          cratic patriot-students, I beg
number of Tibetans have been            glory, but for the glory of its     rights abuses in Burma and the         a savior to the poor, to oth-        you to utilize your Calvin-
killed; some reports put the            purported ideal: “One World,        silencing of Aung San Suu Kyi          ers an ambassador f rom              seeded skills of discernment,
number around 100. More have            One Dream.”                         and the democratic resistance          communism, is coming to              if you so happen to be sucked
been arrested.                             With the Chinese govern-         she represents for the country.        Calvin to try to win us over         into this modern day Engel’s
   Though recent turmoil has            ment shifting the blame for re-        Great power necessitates            to communism whether we              lecture.
been in the headlines, China’s          cent violence to the exiled Dalai   great responsibility; so far the       like it or not.                         Remember that we have it
problem runs deeper.                    Lama and parading Tibetans          Chinese government has yet                A n d we t h o u g h t t h e      right how it is, and his radical
   Possessing veto power on             on state television to denounce     to prove its capability on this        Cuban Missile Crisis was             left views are not welcomed
the U.N. Security Council,              their part in aforementioned        latter count.                          scary.                               here.
18          Op/Ed                                                                           C himes                                                                           April 11, 2008

                                                                                                                       I’m disturbed by Van Baren’s        contraception, not abortion.

  From the                                                                       of a boy who walks along
                                                                                 the ocean shore, throwing
                                                                                 back the starfish caught on
                                                                                                                    letter because it rehashes cul-
                                                                                                                    ture wars that we should fi-
                                                                                                                    nally be able to put behind us.
                                                                                                                                                           This is evidenced by his men-
                                                                                                                                                           tion of STDs. The implication
                                                                                                                                                           I read is that Obama is trying

   Editor                                                                        the beach when the tide            But even more troubling is the         to raise his children not to have
                                                                                 went out. With impossibly          fact that Calvin College is bet-       promiscuous sex, but if they
                                                                                 many starfish in peril, he         ter than this. We as a faculty         should do so, he wants them to
                                                                                 is asked why he bothers to         work hard to teach students not        be educated about protection to
                                                                                 try — he could never make          to take words out of context.          avoid the very situation which
        More political apathy may         ent apathy regarding the politi-       a significant impact. As he        We stress that any act of dis-         can lead to abortion, which
     be just what our societ y            cal system is more indicative of       throws back one more, he           agreement should start from            is described in detail in later
     needs.                               a distrust of institutions — an        says, “It made a difference        a spirit of hospitality that al-       paragraphs purely for shock
        While voter turnout in            attitude that says, “If we want        to that one.”                      lows one to characterize an            value.
     the United States has con-           to make a change, we’ll have                                              opponent’s position as fairly              Later in the ar ticle, Van
     sistently remained below             to go out and make it happen              But what if all these star-     as possible. Van Baren’s ar-           Baren angrily points out that
     about 50 percent in major            ourselves.”                            fish were stranded because         ticle exemplifies two tenden-          Obama supported a bill on sex
     elections, and public protests          In this way people can pro-         some harmful type of com-          cies that often appear in the          education, which seems coun-
     and the like have seemingly          vide much-needed medical as-           mercial f ishing practice.         worst examples of scholar-             ter to his stance that abortion
     decreased significantly in           sistance in developing nations,        Would it not be more effec-        ship: hostility and poor han-          should be avoided at all costs, as
     size and frequency, volun-           help with the rebuilding of the        tive in the long term to take      dling of sources. In short, Van        unprotected sex is its root cause.
     teerism in the past decade           U.S. Gulf Coast after so many          action against that harmful        Baren’s argument rests upon            Van Baren’s discussion of fam-
     has been significantly higher        severe hurricanes, aid those           practice?                          a mean-spirited misreading. I          ily values is similarly illogical.
     than in the previous ones.           in southeast Asia facing the              While it is certainly im-       would like to think that Calvin        Obama and many Democrats
        T h e C o r p o r a t io n fo r   destruction of the 2004 tsuna-         portant and admirable to           students are typically more            are strong supporters of pro-
     National and Community               mi, offer help with communi-           help “that one,” it is also        critical and more charitable.          grams to reduce poverty in
     Service says current volun-          ties developing better farming         important to affect the struc-                                            America, which is at the core
     teering rates are at “histori-       methods or with procuring              tures that may be causing                           Craig Hanson          of a lot of crime and broken
     cally high levels” in its 2006       enough potable water. And it           some of the harm volunteer-          A ssistant Professor of Ar t         families.
     repor t, “Volunteering in            can be done without having to          ism tries to clean up.                                    History             The argument against man-
     America: State Trends and            convince a government or an               It is comforting to see that                                           datory parental notification on
     Rankings,” based on data             international body of nations          claims of this generation’s        Dear Editor,                           abortion is not for the stable
     collected by the U.S. Census         that such action is immediately        apathy may be somewhat                I usually f ind juxtaposi-          healthy families mentioned,
     Bureau.                              necessary.                             overly pessi m ist ic. It is       tion extremely hilarious, es-          but to protect minors who
        Between 1989 and 2006,               Perhaps people have focused         wonderful to see that more         pecially in the printed word.          may be in abusive situations.
     volunteer rates increased            their energy into direct, tan-         people are willing to give of      However, after reading Matt            Finally, the article frequently
     from 20.4 percent to 26.7            gible methods of taking care           their resources to work for        Decker’s challenge to get in-          insists that an unwanted preg-
     percent of the U.S. adult            of this world and its citizens         the changes they want to see.      volved with politics (“Apathy          nancy is not a punishment.
     population. Particularly, the        rather than wasting energy on          At the same time, we must          Sucks,” April 4) I was slapped         While a struggling, 16-year-old
     number of college students           trying to change intransigent          remember the complemen-            by Bruce Van Baren’s article           mother may love a newborn
     volunteering increased by            systems in which they feel they        tary importance of political       on Barack Obama’s immo-                baby, I doubt she’d view the
     20 percent between 2002 and          don’t have enough influence to         activism that seeks to create      rality (“Obama’s immorality            child as a beneficial result of
     2006, from 2.7 million to 3.3        make any real difference.              and reform the systems that        pushes him left”). Van Baren’s         unprotected sex. A punishment
     million.                                With less time standing in          will set the foundations and       attack on Obama and liberal-           can, in fact, come as a result
        “We have observed a his-          front of tall, columned build-         structures for the societies       ism was completely antitheti-          of a person’s own actions, just
     torically significant surge          ings in cities of governance           we live in.                        cal to Decker’s good-natured           as a bad grade could be called
     in service interest by college       or trying to unravel the truth            If the political apathy ob-     appeal to political par tici-          pu n i sh me nt for fa i l i ng to
     students, probably the most          behind various candidates’             served in our generation           pation. Van Baren’s single-            study.
     remarkable increase since            campaign promises, people              does indicate a greater will-      issue rhetoric only leads to               The attack that liberals only
     the ‘Greatest Generation’ of         have more time to work along-          ingness to volunteer and           sensationalism and yellow              “throw money at everything”
     World War II,” said Steve            side those people who need help        work directly with those who       journalism instead of cogent           is simply inflammatory and un-
     Goldsmith, the chairman              and protection.                        should benefit from aid, then      discussion.                            related. Further, after six years
     of the Corporation, in an               Yet this volunteerism is not        the claims about the useless-         Secondly, Van Baren’s use           with a Republican president
     October 2006 Associated              enough.                                ness and self-centeredness of      of the word “liberal” was fla-         and Congress resulting in little
     Press article “College vol-             For one thing, certainly not        this generation may be more        grant and offensive. Take, for         shift in policy, it is stretch to say
     unteering in the U.S. rises          everyone capable of serving in         dire than necessary. At the        instance, the first 10 words           liberalism is what has failed to
     sharply.”                            such ways is willing to do so.         same time, we must continue        of his article, “Liberals often        “[solve] America’s social prob-
        It seems that people have         Harmful apathy is certainly            to figure out how to con-          make me sick, but rarely to this       lems.” Reserve fanatical rants
     shifted their attention from         not absent.                            struct and re-construct the        degree.” How is a statement            for social gatherings not the
     changing systems to more                But more importantly, direct        institutions that will be able     like this supposed to encourage        op-ed section.
     directly changing the things         impact from volunteering can           to work on larger scales than      intelligent debate? I’m glad that
     they believe systems should          only go so far.                        individuals are capable of.        most other Chimes contributors                         Scott Admiraal ’06
     change. Perhaps this appar-             Many have heard the story                                     -kmh     don’t sink to O’Reilly-esque
                                                                                                                    slurs, but whenever I encounter        Waiting isn’t apathy
                                                                                                                    the word “liberal” used that

                                                                                                                    way I cringe.                               “I feel that life is divided into
                                                                                                                       Later in the ar ticle, Van          the horrible and the miserable.
                                                                                                                    Baren states, “Liberals want           That’s the two categories. The
                                                                                                                    to throw money at everything           horrible are like, I don’t know,
Abortion’s morality                       Baren trying to protect, pre-          — nine years old and six years     instead of addressing the real         terminal cases, you know, and
                                          serve or promote? Banning              old,” Obama said. “I am going      issue of family values.” By            blind people, crippled. I don’t
Dear Editor,                              homosexuality or condemning            to teach them first about values   using an all-encompassing              know how they get through
   Although Bruce Van Baren’s             single mothers?                        and morals, but if they make a     statement like that, “liberal”         l i fe. It ’s a m a z i n g t o me.
article was published in the                 F u r t he r mor e, he l a b el s   mistake, I don’t want them to      is transformed from a gen-             And the miserable is everyone
opinion section where anyone’s            Obama an immoral politician.           be punished with a baby. I don’t   eral political tendency into a         else. So you should be thankful
passions are readily accepted,            This is quite a statement to           want them to be punished with      spec i f ic ste reot y pe. I f we      that you’re miserable, because
I found certain statements in             make based on one issue, es-           an STD at age 16 ...”              take words wit h a general             that’s very lucky to be miser-
“Obama’s immorality pushes                pecially considering that Van             In fact, the rest of Obama’s    meaning and use them pejora-           able.”
him left” (April 4) lacking in            Baren barely scratches the sur-        sentence, which was conve-         tively, we’re left with hateful             That’s a quote from Woody
sympathy and thought.                     face of the actual meaning of          niently omitted by Van Baren,      labels.                                Allen in “Annie Hall.” The
   Van Baren writes, “Clearly             pro-life. Rather, he throws out        makes it clear what Obama             I feel confident saying I’m         tagline for the 1977 film was
his vision for change is blurred          some gruesome descriptions             had in mind. It reads: “so it      proud to be a liberal, but it          “a nervous comedy,” and the
by the liberal way. It’s the              and name calling, which is a           doesn’t make sense to not give     would be a shame if others             film follows an Allen-like char-
liberal way to always blame               persuasive tactic, but a cop-out       them information.” After stat-     are deterred from saying the           acter (played by Allen) named
someone else for their prob-              nonetheless.                           ing explicitly that abstinence     same because of the way the            Alvy Singer as he muses about
lems.”                                                                           should be part of sexual educa-    word is misused. We need to be         love, frustration and depression
   Negatively portraying the                              Elaine Bannis, ’87     tion (“When it comes specifical-   accepting of people with oth-          in the western world.
“other” side or, in Van Baren’s                                                  ly to HIV/AIDS, the most im-       er beliefs before we can ac-                This year has been one of
case, the horribly evil and not-             In his editorial on Obama,          portant prevention is education,   complish new things in this            the roughest I’ve ever had.
Bible-believing side, is not a            Bruce Van Baren embraces               which should include absti-        country.                               I’ve gotten months behind in
correct or professional way               a divisive, partisan tone that         nence”), Obama in effect says                                             classes, visited Broene, been
to make a point, or at least a            exemplifies what’s wrong with          that adolescents should also be                 Paul Haverkamp, ’09       put on medication, stayed up
thought-provoking, valid one.             politics in the United States. He      aware of safe sex practices. As                                           days in a row, messed myself
   He continues, “An unwanted             begins with insult and provoca-        much as he would regret his           Dear Editor,                        up emotionally and done things
pregnancy is a consequence                tion, stating that “liberals often     daughters engaging in casual          A f t e r r e a d i n g M r. Va n   to my body to get through mo-
of irresponsible people, not a            make me sick.” From there the          teenage sex, he would rather       Baren’s op-ed piece on Sen.            ments instead of caring about
punishment by some outside                vitriolic rhetoric just intensifies.   they do so with knowledge          Barack Obama, I feel compelled         the future. And it hasn’t been
source.”                                  Unfortunately, Van Baren mis-          that would keep them from          to respond to his attack, which        due to deaths in the family, or
   This statement does not                characterizes Obama’s remarks          transmitting an STD or be-         was based almost entirely on           threats to my life, or a lack of
lead to the obvious conclusion            by taking them out of context          coming pregnant. I hardly          non-sequiturs.                         food or privation.
that Van Baren has reached.               (the speech from Johnstown,            see how this is an immoral or         By my reading, his main                  I don’t live in a third world
The people themselves are not             PA, March 29, 2008, 2:23 p.m.,         absurd position. Obama doesn’t     points are that liberals make          country, but I still suffer. We
irresponsible. Perhaps their              was recorded by CNN and can            cond one s u c h mora l f a i l-   him sick, that Obama’s quote           all do. I think it’s cr uel to
actions were at the time, but             be seen in part on YouTube).           ings; he simply acknowledges       on sexual values demonstrates          suggest that American life is
these could have been one-time            Van Baren fails to note, for           wh a t d e mog r a phe r s h ave   he’s immoral and that having an        “cushy” and that we all have
events.                                   instance, that Obama’s state-          been saying for a long time.       unwanted baby isn’t a punish-          it easy just because we aren’t
   Va n Ba re n a lso a sser t s,         ments were made in the con-            Abstinence-only education          ment. In response to the first,        starving.
“Liberals want to throw money             text of larger remarks on the          makes for bad sexual educa-        I’ll avoid a personal introduc-             Everybody has problems and
at everything instead of ad-              importance of sexual education         tion policy. Anyone opposed        tion for everyone’s best interest.     is at a different place in life,
dressing the real issues of fam-          — not abortion, as much of the         to abortion should, in fact,       Second, the quote cited as             and politics simply does not
ily values.”                              editorial implies.                     embrace more sexual educa-         evidence of Obama’s immo-              concern everyone. It’s wrong
   What family values is Van                 “Look, I got two daughters          tion, not less.                    rality is transparently about          to make a blanket judgment
April 11, 2008                                                                       C himes                                                                     Op/Ed             19

Waiving bye to our rights Give a little bit
                                     goes on. Habeas Corpus is            that have been passed), is that
     by AAron roorDA                 still suspended for anyone that      the vague language leaves too
        op/Ed Co-Editor              could be considered an “enemy        much open to interpretation.                                by Erik J. DE VriEs
                                     combatant,” a definition that           The reason the Founding                                     Guest Writer
    “Yawn,” you think as you         remains pret t y broad even          Fathers made the constitution-
glance through the Chimes.           now. If I wrote nothing but          al language so rigid was so that          I hate taxes. Everyone who has ventured to look at the
“Wiretaps? Who cares about           fiery anti-American rhetoric         no one would be able to find           Internal Revenue Code knows, to put it mildly, it is incom-
wiretaps? I have nothing to          for the rest of the semester and     “loopholes,” that they could use       prehensible. Nevertheless, every week I spend some time
hide, so I don’t mind if they’re     threw in some Koranic refer-         for their own ends. These new          working at a local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
listening in on my calls.”           ences, I could be just as guilty     laws are for “extremists” and          program site.
    All I have to say to those       as some of those shipped off         “dangerous” individuals, but              At VITA, some Calvin students and I help low-income
people is this: just because         to Guantanamo. While the             who gets to decide what speech         individuals file their tax returns. One of the things I have
you’re not worried about get-        chances of a natural American        is dangerous or extremist?             noticed about many of these people’s returns is that they
ting in trouble because of it,       citizen being deemed an enemy        Furthermore the very idea that         do not contribute to charities. It’s somewhat understand-
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t           combatant are admittedly low,        any speech could be judged by          able that they do not donate since their annual income is
care about it.                       we have termed some people           these vague merits is even more        sometimes less than $15,000.
    The problem I have with          enemy combatants that turned         worrying, yet many Americans              You may wonder how this relates to college students here
the warrantless wiretaps is the      out to be, well, not.                shrug and say “that’s the world        at Calvin and that is where I am going. I think it is impera-
precedent it sets for presidential       One Canadian man is suing        we live in.”                           tive to begin fostering a spirit of generosity at this time in
powers.                              the U.S. Government after be-           Do you rea l ly wa nt t he          our lives, because the habits we are making now will be with
    The constitution set rigid       ing imprisoned in Guantanamo         Justice Department to be the           us for the rest of our lives.
guidelines on purpose, so that       for months without access to a       ultimate decider of what con-             That sounds a bit weighty, but I think every person at
no branch of government would        phone or a lawyer, all because       stitutes these kinds of speech?        Calvin needs to start thinking about how to use the finan-
infringe on the citizen’s numer-     the all seeing eyes in the sky       The Justice Department has             cial resources that have been entrusted to his or her care. I
ous rights. The precedent these      deemed him a possible terror-        proved over the last four year         often think about the parable of the talents that Jesus tells
types of sweeping surveillance       ist. Even if we’re not losing        that checks and balances can           in Matthew (25:14-30).
laws set is a dangerous one that     our rights, we’re still complicit    become nothing more than                  God has given you and me a great many blessings, and
chips away slowly at the con-        when other people lose theirs.       yes men to the very people             often that blessing can take the form of money. In addition,
stitutional rights we all enjoy          The effectiveness of these du-   they’re supposed to be keeping         like the workers in the parable, we have a responsibility to
as citizens. I know I’m not in       bious programs is undeniable,        in check. So what if someone           use our resources in a manner consistent with the Master’s
al-Qaeda; do I deserve to lose       something that many conserva-        especially devious did come            plan.
my rights in the effort to catch     tive Republicans remind us of        into the presidency right now?            I do not pretend that I have been graced with all the
those who are?                       every chance they get. There         Let’s just say he’d have a lot of      knowledge to know everyone’s financial situation, but I
    Admittedly there is no con-      hasn’t been another terrorist        leeway to do pretty much what-         want to make some suggestions, which I believe will go
stitutional amendment guaran-        attack on our soil since Sept.       ever he wanted without worry-          well for us.
teeing “privacy.” Rather, it is      11, so what’s the big deal?          ing about repercussions.                  First, start contributing regularly to your church.
an understood right, meaning             They also argue that since          I know that not all of our          Whether that means your church here or your church back
it’s inferred in the language of     it’s not actually people monitor-    rights are equally important           home, everyone has a responsibility to support the work of
the constitution even if it’s not    ing the calls, it’s computers that   and can understand the allure          the church. Maybe tithing for you means 10 percent of your
directly referenced. What is         will activate an eavesdropping       of compromising the ones I see         gross income or some other percentage of your net. That is
guaranteed though is the right       program when certain terms           as less important for the sake         between you and the Lord, but God does promise that if you
to private property, and don’t       are used during the conversa-        of safety.                             bring in your full tithe, He will bless you (Malachi 3:10).
personal phone conversations         tion, it’s ok.                          You star t chipping away               Second, contribute to organizations that have touched you
taking place generally on pri-           Both of these rationaliza-       at one right, however, and it          personally. Perhaps you have been blessed by a Christian
vate property fall under that        tions are just that though, ratio-   creates a situation that the           radio ministry, a youth conference organization or Christian
context?                             nalizing a dangerous and scary       Founding Fathers never in-             schools. I do not know what that ministry is that has been
    Furthermore, direct chal-        trend of compromising the very       tended, and would be aghast            a spiritual blessing in your life, but you do.
lenges to constitutional rights      basis of what we know it is to be    that our generation is even con-          They have shared with you and me out of their efforts
are even more troublesome, as        American in the name of a war        sidering allowing. Rights were         and we have a responsibility to be a blessing back to them
is the case with one memo that       against a faceless enemy.            termed “rights” because they’re        and help them bless others.
details a period for 16 months           What’s the next right to be      all right, as in immutable.               Third, contribute to worthy organizations in whose mis-
after Sept. 11 that the Federal      shelved for the sake of public          If you change one (or in            sions you believe. A great many institutions in the world
Government suspended the             safety? The right to bear arms?      this administration’s case, up         provide important services. However, as you may not be as
search and seizure rights for the    The right to fair elections? The     to four or five), all you’re do-       closely affiliated with these groups, I strongly encourage
fight on terrorism. The Bush         right to speak freely?               ing is altering the foundation         you to see if they are members of the Evangelical Council
administration has distanced             Don’t laugh, it’s closer than    much of this country is built          for Financial Accountability, an organization devoted to
itself from this position since,     you think.                           on. Personally, I’d rather die         charitable transparency.
and no longer practices war-             Already there have been          free than live under constant             As I hope you have been encouraged to donate from the
rantless search and seizures.        laws passed that can charge          watch. That’s probably what            resources God has entrusted to you, I want to remind you
    T he question remains            someone with breaking the law        Ben Franklin was thinking              that that does not only mean donating money.
though: should we ever have          if their speech is too “extrem-      when he said “they [meaning               Volunteering is an important way to be a blessing in this
had them at all?                     ist” or espouses an ideology         us] who would give up an es-           world. In closing, I encourage you to take the time to pray
    The list of rights we’re will-   that is especially “dangerous.”      sential liberty for temporary          and discern God’s will for your time and resources.
ing to “compromise on” in the        The problem with laws like           security, deserve neither liberty
name of the fight on terrorism       that, though (and the other laws     or security.”

on people who are apathetic to       tensive coverage in a college        than abortion ever has and           center. The recent addition        find? Whatever the reason,
issues that aren’t pertinent to      newspaper. Congratulations!          ever will?                           of large sheets of metal to the    I’m s u re t hat me mbe r s of
their lives. We all have our own                                             Why not champion poverty,         side of this structure makes it    the Calvin community will
issues to work through, and                         Anamarie Joosse       social justice, or the war in Iraq   look more like a barn. Is Calvin   be able to apprec iate t h is
maybe someday I’ll be ready                            Chair, SAPT        as moral issues?                     starting an agricultural depart-   new mater ial. A f ter all, it
to consider involvement in             Counselor, Broene Counseling          Criticizing Christian             ment and in need of a place        clashes so n icely wit h t he
third world hunger or disease.                                Center      Evangelicals as single-issue         to store a few tractors? Or        surrounding buildings!
But don’t pigeonhole every                                                voters is generous.                  is this simply the cheapest
college student into your own        Morality naïveté                        They view only part of an         building material they could                        Pete Clemo, ’08
life experience. We have our                                              issue, making them half-issue
entire lives to make up our          Dear Editor,                         voters. To criticize a candidate
minds about politics and re-            I am sick and tired of candi-     as immoral for his vote con-
ligion. Why should we make           dates being lambasted for their      cerning an abortion issue is             Don’t like what you’re reading?
judgment calls before we’re          views on “moral issues.”             unfounded and ignorant.
ready?                                  Some people would have us            It is this naïveté that will           Wish you could put your two
                                     believe that there are two kinds     prevent progress in American
                  Luke Purdy, ’10    of issues in politics: moral is-     society. Evangelical Christians         cents in? Is everything in your life
                                     sues and other issues, or, as        need to get beyond this anti-
Chimes coverage matters              they see it, those issues that       quated issue stratification.            perfect and you don’t know what
                                     matter and those that don’t.            It is as dangerous to our
Dear Editor,                            That distinction is impos-        society today as the Jim Crow            everyone else is whining about?
   Thanks for your significant       sible to make. The issues cham-      laws were in the 1960s. People
articles on the issue of sexual      pioned as moral; abortion and        need to see issues not as moral         Let us know. E-mail adr4@calvin.
assault last week. People have       homosexual mar r iage, are           and amoral; they only need to
shared with me how helpful           fraught with complications           see that all these issues mat-                          edu
it was to read stories from          beyond morality.                     ter.
survivors and gain informa-             At the same time, issues
tion regarding appropriate           abandoned by such people                          Brian Ferwerda, ’09          LETTERS TO THE EDITOR must include the writer’s
response to survivors of sexual      are intrinsically linked to the
assault. Your discussion was         same moral ideals they use           Gym fashion faux pas                   name and class. Letters received without a name will not
also supportive of SAPT’s ef-        to place abortion on a pedes-                                               be printed. The editors reserve the right to edit any letters.
forts toward improving male-         tal.                                 Dear Editor,                           The length of the letter should be no longer than 250 words;
female relation and preventing          Take the environment for             Has Calvin changed the              longer letters may be shortened at the editor’s discretion. The
of sexual assault. Our SAAM          example. If protecting human         plans for the Spoelhof com-            deadline for all letters is 5 p.m. on Tuesday for print on the
speaker Keith Edwards (who           life were so important, why          plex?                                  following Friday. Send letters to with
has spoken at numerous col-          would they not fight to help stop       I was under t he impres-            “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line, or send your com-
leges and universities in re-        global warming, something            sion that one of the str uc-           ments through our website:
cent years) even shared that         that has the potential to take       tures being built would house
he has never seen such ex-           the lives of far more people         an indoor track and tennis
20   Photo Essay         C himes                April 11, 2008

                   Wof Lockerbie
                                   Photos by Len Krygsman IV

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