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					                       STAFF PERSONALISATION EVENTS

                         23RD / 24TH SEPTEMBER 2010

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT              Ensuring that data provided is correct to
                                     give people the best service based on high
                                     quality information
                                    Ensuring that staff/carers/customers have
                                     the right information to base their
                                     discussion on
                                    Using data to enable customer insight –
                                     shaping services around real need
                                    Working with suppliers to ensure peoples
                                     personal information is kept safe and only
                                     used if permission given – privacy notice
                                     DP compliant
                                    Ensuring staff/partners have access to the
                                     right information to help users
                                    ISA – being able to share information for
                                    Communication about personalisation for
                                     customers visiting locations i.e. County
                                     Hall/District Service Shops
                                    Displays/sessions to district council staff

ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORT                Transfer is rubbish. Wheelchair users who
                                     do not drive have to pay for taxi’s DLA
                                     mobility = 1 grocery run
                                     (Force 4 Change)

PASSENGER TRANSPORT                 Provide transport for people – collectively
                                     or individual
                                    Possibility of help to educate people on
                                     personalisation – handing out leaflets etc.
                                    Use in-house vehicles as advertising for
                                    How charging will be dealt with?
                                    Transport section may not provide
                                     transport for as many people
                                    Flexible approach to transport
                                    Provide reliable, trained help for high
                                    ? Quality control on market when users
                                     contact directly

LIBRARIES                           Meeting place
                                    We can enable other services to deliver
                                     services and provide space in a safe
                                    IT courses – shopping on-line
                                     downloading photographs etc.
                                    Author visits

db/EdTillen/td10.179                 1
                          Children’s events
                          Sign-posting
                          Support into learning
                          Support into work
                          Support into volunteering
                          Informal / formal learning
                          Coffee morning / afternoons
                          Craft events
                          Reading circles
                          Knitting groups
                          Help points
                          Access to IT
                          Speaker events
                          Digital library – learning about online
                          Family history – find out how to do your
                           family history
                          Choosing books to read or listen
                          Finding information
                          Could provide more transport services to
                           bring people into Library to choose own
                          Home delivery of books and CDs, either
                           by paid staff or postal services
                          Downloadable talking books and music
                           could be bought via libraries website
                          Pay for staff/carers to read out loud to
                           people in their homes
                          Books, dvds, posters, CDs relating to
                           education and leisure reading of CYP
                           aged 5-18 years  potential use by adults
                           studying for GCSEs/A-levels etc.
                          Multicultural and religious artefacts 
                           potential use by adult groups?
                          Bag books (aimed at S2D) – as above
                          Help to improve ICT skills to access
                           information about services in region:
                           breaking down barriers
                          Helping people to access e-market place
                           of services if do not have access to PC at
                          Safe space within community for people to
                           meet/socialise and engage in supported
                           learning activity e.g. special reading /
                           creative stuff
                          Use local studies resources e.g. old
                           photos etc to develop reminiscence
                          Early intervention and prevention
                           information point
                          Help in accessing e-market place
                          Venue for – socialising / coffee mornings

db/EdTillen/td10.179       2
                         Holding events relevant to individual
                          interests (family history, local history,
                          reading groups, exercise)
                         Alternative venue for day care
                         Volunteering opportunities??
                         Creating a community
                         Learning opportunities
                         Access to information and advice e.g. via
                         Opportunities to work with all departments
                          to provide seamless service
                         Home delivery via volunteers
                         Provision of leisure needs in different
                          formats e.g. talking books
                         Inclusion
                         Strong community by including all people
                          in services
                         Reduction in negative perception
                         Health and Wellbeing collection in major
                          libraries can help to prevent people having
                          to access the social care system
                         Services that people can use their budget
                          on such as talks or family history paid for
                          resources e.g. 1911 census
                         Raising awareness of computers and
                          digital literacy in libraries through internet
                         Libraries can provide advice and
                          information about local groups which also
                          often run in meeting rooms at the library
                         Staff in libraries are trained to help with
                          enquiries and provide a friendly and
                          accessible environment where everyone
                          can relax
                         Volunteering opportunities within libraries
                          or access to information about local
                          volunteering opportunities
                         More use by community
                         More information on services available
                         Coffee mornings and social events
                         Housebound services information
                         Mobile library information
                         Volunteering  if needed adverts in
                         Libraries as sources of information
                         Plus informal learning opportunities /
                         Same/similar with museums/arts
                         Also offer volunteering opportunities

IDEAS FOR IMPROVEMENT    Transport in rural areas
                         Difficult to access leisure facilities only one

db/EdTillen/td10.179      3
                         in the city with disabled facilities. Need to
                         grow more accessible.
                        Encouraging community groups to

                        Advocacy – when required
                        Peer support group that Service User can
                        Facilitating alignment of children’s
                        Encouraging service user involvement and

                        Assessment / review of how budgets will
                         be monitored i.e. indicative budgets vs
                        Governance of the personalisation project
                         and efficiencies that can be made

                        Early intervention – getting health
                         message across – benefits of
                         exercise/fitness may mean supporting
                         health and fitness opportunities (funding?)

                        Evaluating initiatives through “social return
                         on investment”
                        Understanding social capital in
                         Leicestershire through Social Capital

                        Carers play a very important part in
                         helping people with Personalisation.
                        Carer support, advice, information is at a
                         local access point. This will not be so very
                         soon – do we need to think again? Better
                         than being wise after the event

                        Online language no PDF! Easy to read,
                         layout, pictures and video rather than
                        What do you have to do next?
                        How do we let a person know that they
                         can access a service and personalisation?

FINANCE                 Understand and help, how the financial
                         plans for individuals can be budgeted for
                         and controlled (i.e. forecasts provided and
                         available resources prioritised and
                        If individual is given an annual budget –
                         what happens if that money runs out in 6

db/EdTillen/td10.179     4
ICT SERVICES               SSIS replacement
DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT    Implementation of e-marketplace
                           Enhancement of CSC systems to support
                            personalisation agenda
                           Support electronic information access
                           To listen to requirement and design
                            appropriate solutions
                           To provide support to customer, agencies
                            and LCC
                           Make the system user friendly and
                            accessible to customer if they choose to
                            use the internet
                           Designing and building systems which can
                            help correct information to flow between
                            agencies and LCC
                           Ensure customer needs are recorded and
                            support worker have access to those
                           Help from user guides for ICT access
                           Talk about this with family and friends
                            raise awareness
                           Look at new business processes and
                            recommend further automated workflow
                            by integrating existing and new systems
                           Enable support to IT systems to fit
                            operational requirements e.g. availability
                            of systems support shifts etc.
                           We can help you select and implement
                            SSIS replacement
                           Provide you with support that best meets
                            the needs of service users
                           Offer a cost-effective and dedicated
                            support team
                           Communities and Wellbeing would like
                            social workers to signpost the services
                            Libraries Museums Arts and Archives to
                            its users
                           My contribution would be to assist C&W in
                            delivering any technology required in that
                            delivery of their service
                           Will have an important role in providing
                            access to information – helping with
                            customer journeys
                           Needs to be done carefully and well
                           Involved in the changes begin made to
                           May be involved in the procurement of the
                            new system for PPS and links to Finance
                           Private initiatives regarding setting-up
                            provider services
                           Change of business or ICT support on an

db/EdTillen/td10.179        5
                               individual basis

MEMBER OF PUBLIC/COMMUNITY    Transport volunteer
                              Volunteer personal skills to community
                               projects e.g sport/DIY etc
                              Spending time with people with needs
                              Spread the word!
                              Challenge prejudice
                              Promote self-help
                              Encourage healthy behaviours
                              Cascade information to friends and family
                              Look at volunteering opportunities for
                               people at work
                              Promote programme

CSC                           Identify needs of SU and filter out low level
                               needs and provide signposting
                              Provide more efficient and effective
                               customer service
                              Ensure staff are kept up to date of any
                               changes to services/programme
                              That they have access to information
                              Adults and Communities Team Managers
                               to attend next team meeting and introduce
                               the service
                              Eligibility criteria
                              Where to get information and advice from

                              Get hospitals to stop faxing to LCC and
                               use e-mail

BUSINESS SUPPORT LCC          Provide professional support services to
                               facilitate transformation of ASC services to
                               Personalisation model
                              Once personalisation processes are in
                               place. Facilitate learner and move
                               efficient processes to enable continuous
                              Provide IT equipment to enable people to
                               access internet/websites from their own

                              Share the personalisation agenda across
                               Leicestershire together through the refresh
                               of the SCS, to help raise awareness and
                               ownership across all
                              Corporate comms unit responsibility to
                               take forward comms and engagement?
                              Corporate responsibility rather than

db/EdTillen/td10.179           6
CYPS                    CYPS Learning and Development can
                         work with ASC L&D to make sure our
                         learning activities (particularly
                         safeguarding) reflect the PPF agenda
                        CYPS has a role in support the children of
                         disabled people
                        Need to be aware of the PPF agenda and
                         how we can contribute to it
                        CYPS generally in support the children of
                         vulnerable people

CUSTOMER FIRST          Relevant professional workers from
                         admin/information chasing and other such
                        Develop competent staff in the front office
                        Enable MI to be captured and use to
                         improve service
                        Provide accurate and timely information
                         and advice
                        Capture data around customer contract,
                         needs and review
                        Share data with internal and external
                        Initiate work flow into customer pathway
                        Single point of contact

CARE ON LINE            Self-help advice
                        Sue’s website with her story:
                        Help provide alternatives to Day Care
                        Support people to learn new skills which
                         will enable independence
                        Online shopping and banking to replace
                         shopping call – cost savings
                        Well-being activities to assist Mental
                        Communications – email (ICT help):
                         skype: blogs. Help deaf: older people
                         living along Mental Health isolation
                        Books online – make them available and
                         accessible for people with VI

ARTS & HERITAGE         With planning Museum services could
                         help provide leisure and creative
                         opportunities that could tie in better with
                         individual’s needs could be that with
                         support individual could access museum
                         services more readily
                        Museums could be venues for providing
                         information, either literature or events

db/EdTillen/td10.179     7
                               Personalisation should help shift some
                                negative perceptions of accessing social
                                care (stigma) as it supports a move
                                towards community/societal well-being
                               Better use of online to support delivery of
                                advice and information, social capital and
                                universal services

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS        We can certainly help deliver your
(ANDY GOSS)                     messages across the organisation – a vital
                                part of helping Personalisation be
                                understood (and delivered)
                               Do you have a communications plan? –
                                We can help

COMMUICATIONS/PR UNIT          Ho do we ensure people understand this
                                is not just about paying people to go

INSURANCE (JULIAN HAYWOOD –    Will LCC’s cover need to change?

HR/LEGAL SERVICES (JULIAN      Could we set-up specialist help – lines for
HAYWOOD – RESOURCES)            services users looking for advice on
                                recruitment of PAs later?

CORPORATE RESOURCES            Support with online and offline
MARKETING                       communicating with customers and
                                promoting the new services
                               Provide information about relevant events
                                and activities to offer in personal plans

CHIEF EXECUTIVE                Being able to signpost people in the
                                community to the information and advice
                               Support with Performance Information e.g.
                                how best Performance Team can help in
                                capturing and managing the outcome
                               Work with neighbourhood managers
                                (and/or those that work in the priority
                                neighbourhoods) to raise awareness of
                                our support to, service providers and
                                users of the personalisation

INTERNAL AUDIT                 Testing of the robustness of arrangements
                                e.g. governance and systems
                               Advice on things to consider based on
                                findings from other groups e.g. MCIAG
                               Finance aspects e.g. long term

db/EdTillen/td10.179            8
RESOURCES               (Country Parks) working with CP
                         staff/rangers to provide opportunities for
                         outdoor activities
                        Plus more volunteering opportunities

                        Personalisation rolled-out by March – what
                         does this mean for new and future
                         services users?
                        More constraints – dates and times (Age

CITIZEN PERSPECTIVE     What happens if a service user over-
                        How are the changes explained to current
                         service users?
                        One-to-one explanation/transition may
                        What happens to service users not
                         seeking independence and self-directed
                        Understanding communities (in their
                         widest sense) through social network

                        Supporting, facilitating how this PPF
                         agenda is integrated across all public
                         service commissioning in Leicestershire,
                         especially transport and volunteering

db/EdTillen/td10.179     9

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