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                    General information
•   Total population - 72,220
•   Life expectancy - 69
•   National currency- lira
•   GDP per capital(ppp) us$ - 6772
•   Area: Total: 780,580 SQ KM water: 9,820 SQ KM land: 770,760 SQ KM
     Turkey consists of many
       different terrains hills,
       flatlands and hillside
       views that you could
       never imagine.
     The land is full of
       nitrogen so it is an
       ideal place to farm its
       just finding a flat place
       to farm
Wonders of turkey
         •   Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Camii
         • between 1609-1616 during the
           reign of Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I,
           the enormous complex also
           included a hospital, caravansary,
           public kitchen, marketplace,
           schools and the Mausoleum of
           Sultan Ahmet I. The mosque's
           immense interior, flooded with
           sunlight streaming through 260
           windows, is decorated with more
           than 20,000 precious Iznik tiles
           detailing traditional flowers of
             Ottoman design.
•      The famous Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey, around the site
       where the Trojan horse rests today.
-Tradition in Turkey says that a stranger at one’s doorstep is considered "God’s
       guest" for at least three days
-The oldest known human settlement is in catalhoyuk, Turkey (7th Millenium
-The first church built by man (st.peter’s Church) is in Antioch turkey.
School life expectancy(Years)- 12.9
Gross intake ratio to last grade of primary- 90.1
Turkey's education system needs to better prepare Turks for a future world of
   greater competition and global markets. To do this, a thorough restructuring
   must take place, and soon Turkey's primary and secondary education system has
    always been mired in rote learning. Admittedly, and this is the case in most
    countries, Turkish children with access to good schools excel in math, especially
    when compared to their North American counterparts. For most of these children
    however, such skills are employed only to qualify for admission into elite secondary
    schools and universities
Students almost never choose their career paths according to interest or ability.
   University admissions (as in all Civil Law countries, law is an undergraduate
   course of study) proceed from the results of a single test, for which students
   prepare by attending years of crammers and tutors.
    Problems in education in turkey
•   ISTANBUL –– Five months ago, a Turkish court sentenced Nuray Canan
    Bezirgan, 23, to six months in jail for "obstructing the education of others."
    Her crime: wearing a head scarf to her college final exams.
•   In the past two years, more than 25,000 women have been barred from
    Turkey's college campuses because they refused to remove the head scarves
    they wear as part of Muslim tradition, according to Turkish human rights
    groups. Hundreds of government employees have been fired, demoted or
    transferred for the same reason. And this school year, the government has
    extended the ban to Islamic religious schools, prompting some Muslim girls to
    drop out.

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