SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

    Helen Blanke, Principal                     Glenn Hayes, School Board Member
                              Jim Garvey, B.E.S.E. Member


    Our mission is to help our students grow academically, socially, and physically to
                       become well-rounded responsible citizens.

School Wide Behavior Expectations: Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe,
                               Be a Problem Solver

PAPERWORK REDUCTION                              reminders that will make morning and
We are attempting to reduce the amount           afternoon carpool work more effectively.
of paper we use to distribute our
newsletter. Effective immediately we             We thank the parents who display the
will send the newsletter and office              carpool sign on the rear view mirror in
notices to the oldest child or the only          the afternoon. It is especially helpful to
child in each family who is enrolled at          have your child’s name written in a way
MAAS.                                            that it can be read at a distance.

Additionally, every newsletter is also           Parents are expected to enter the
posted on the school’s website. We are           morning and afternoon lines to Lake
currently using the e-board to post our          Avenue from Hyacinth. Please do not
newsletter, but we expect to have the site       cut in front of cars that are in line.
re-located to the general website in the
coming weeks.                                    Parents are permitted to walk to the
                                                 dismissal carpool gate in the following
SAFETY                                           situations:
Our number one concern is your child’s                 The family lives in the
safety. Please cooperate with us by                       neighborhood.
always reporting to the office when                    The family has a sibling in Pre
visiting the school during school hours.                  K.
All parents and visitors should use the                If your carpool has more than
main office entrance when arriving on                     four students, the driver may
campus.                                                   park and meet students at the
CARPOOL                                                There is an extenuating
                                                          circumstance and the office has
Please help us to maintain a safe                         been made aware of the
environment for your child by following                   situation.
all of our procedures. Here are a few
Under no circumstances should parents        resources that are available at home and
enter or exit the campus through the bus     at school. This is not an evening for
lines.                                       individual parent/teacher conferences.
                                             We also request that you make every to
Parents may only drop-off students           attend without your children.
through the carpool line. Parking and
walking to the gate is a serious violation   UPCOMING EVENTS
of our safety procedures.                    Skate Night -Thursday, September 10
                                             Jeans Days- September 11 and 25
One of our positive behavior support         School Picture Re-takes- September 23
rules is that the child adheres to           Family Trivia Night- September 25
arrival/departure rules and procedures.

FLU SEASON                                   NEWS ABOUT STUDENTS
Please inform the office if your child is    Daniel Pillai has continued to earn
ill. Students who are running an             golfing honors this summer.
elevated temperature need to remain                1st in “BIG I” Junior Classic
home until they are fever free for                   Gulf States PGA
twenty-four hours. If your child has               1st in 7 out of 8 tournaments
been diagnosed with the flu, we need to            3rd in another tournament
have a doctor’s note upon the student’s            Player of the year 2009 summer
return to school.                                    tour
                                                   6th in Exxon BFI Future Tour in
Please do not send children to school if             Mississippi
they have fever or nausea. Likewise, we            3rd in four tournaments in Fore
require parents to pick-up students if               Kids Golf tour in the age group
they develop these symptoms during the               9-11
                                                   2nd in Baton Rouge Junior City
                                                     classic Tournament in the 9-11
We encourage students to wash their                  age group
hands and to sanitize frequently, and we
                                                   77th in World Championship in
are cleaning high contact areas of the
                                                     Pinehurst NC.
building several times throughout the
                                             ATTENDANCE INFORMATION
                                             According to state guidelines and our
All parents are invited to open house on     school system calendar, an elementary or
Tuesday, September 8 at 6:30 P.M. The        middle school student is not allowed
evening will begin in the cafeteria with     more than eleven (11) unexcused
greetings from Mr. Hayes, our school         absences during the school year in
board member, and with an introduction       order to receive grades and be
of our staff. This evening is an             considered for promotion to the next
opportunity for you to learn about           grade.
classroom routines and procedures as
well as to learn about the technological
Our school system recognizes the              students (full price paid or reduced
reasons listed below that would result in     price) who have not paid for their meal.
an absence being classified as an             Students without funds will be offered a
excused absence. Excused absences do          cheese snack (cheese portion, cracker
not count toward the total number of          packet, juice).
absences a student is allowed during a
school year.                                  Pre-payment by cash, check (if accepted
                                              by the school), or “Meal Pay Plus” for
     Reasons for Excused Absences             meals and extra sale items is
A physical or emotional illness as            encouraged. “Meal Pay Plus” allows a
verified by a doctor's note within five (5)   parent to deposit funds in a child’s
days of the absence(s)                        account by telephone (877-713-5436) or
An extended hospital stay as verified by      on line ( with
a doctor's note                               either a check or credit or debit card.
An extended recuperation from an              Additionally, the parent can track the
accident as verified by a doctor's note       child’s expenditures or move money
An extended contagious disease with a         from one child’s account to another.
family as verified by a doctor's note         There is a small transaction fee of 4.75%
A prior school system's approval for          to the parent for this service.
educational purposes
A death in the immediate family (not to       Non-Sufficient Funds for checks that are
exceed five school days)                      written may be handled through Tiger
A religious observance of special and         Tranz. Checks written on bank accounts
recognized holidays of the child's faith      with non-sufficient funds will be
A natural catastrophe or disaster             assessed a $25 fee by Tiger Tranz.
For       any      other       extenuating
circumstance(s), parents/legal guardians      Refunds at the end of the year will be
must make a formal appeal to the              given to parents who make a request in
Supervisor of Child Welfare and               writing to the cafeteria manager prior to
Attendance at the appropriate region          the last day of school. No refunds will be
office. An absence resulting from a           given after June 30th of each school
suspension will be considered an              year. If a refund is not requested, the
unexcused absence.                            fund balances for each child will carry
                                              over to the next school year.

CHILD NUTRITION                               ASBESTOS INSPECTION
    Child Nutrition Department                In accordance with Public Law (PL 99-
  2009-2010 Meal Payment Policy               519), Asbestos Hazard Emergency
                                              Response Act (AHERA) of 1986, the
                                              state approved Asbestos Management
The Jefferson Parish Public School            Plan for Metairie Academy for
System has established a NO CHARGE            Advanced Studies is available for review
Policy for meals and other food items         in the school office. Copies of the plan
purchased in the cafeteria. Cafeteria         can be obtained for a fee of $0.25 per
Managers will no longer serve paying          page.
The following students have signed up for Young Author’s Workshop, an elective for 3rd-
5th graders who love to write: Keyana Zahiri, Virginia Steinkamp, Meagan Kelly,
Thomas Gaffney, Cameron Frost, Nina Lopez, Kimberly Wilson, Wyatt Wittliff, Hannah
Sandoz, Karen Wang, Kimi Ward, Joshua Carubba, Ashton Edler, Libby Allen, and
Laura Smith. Students in Young Author’s Workshop will be entering writing contests
and also will be journalists for the school newsletter during the first 9-weeks. Earlier this
week, they collected the following quotes from students at Metairie Academy regarding
the beginning of the school year.
“I was excited because we, as 5th graders, are the leaders of the school.” Aishu
Natarajan, 5th grader
“Although the work is very challenging, I believe that the curriculum is for my own good
which is why I think the school year is great so far.” Injee Hong, 5th grader
“I can go on the playground and play with my friends.” Matthew Kelly, 1st grader
“My favorite things about 2nd grade are the fun things we do in math and First in Math.”
Jacob Meilleur, 2nd grade
“I like to play castle at PE.” Eric Yang, Pre-K
“Science is my favorite subject because we get to do really fun stuff.” Vivian Franchina,
2nd grade
“I made five friends on the first day of school.” Chloe Aucoin, Kindergarten
“I like electives.” Codi Vernace, 5th grader
“I like the playground, and I like my friends.” Andrew Bradford, Kindergarten
“I love playing with play dough and watching Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” Joshua Allen,
“ . . . excited and happy because it’s my first day of school and I can see my old friends.”
Taylor Andras, 4th grader
“I like magic spots because you can write whatever you want and no one can stop you.”
Jessie Damore, 4th grader
On the first day of school, Lauren Morrow, 3rd grader, said, “I am sad because there is no

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