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									   Marketing Research

       Aaker, Kumar, Day
         Ninth Edition
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                                  Chapter Two

           Marketing Research in Practice

Marketing Research, 9th Edition        2
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                        Marketing Research in Practice

            Programmatic Research
                          Develops market options through market
                           segmentation, market opportunity analysis, or
                           consumer attitude and product usage studies

            Selective Research
                          Tests different decision alternatives such as new
                           product concept testing, advertising copy testing,
                           pretest marketing, and test marketing

            Evaluative Research
                          Evaluation of performance of programs
Marketing Research, 9th Edition                 3      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                                  Information System

           A continuing and interacting structure of people,
            equipment, and procedures, designed to gather,
            sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute pertinent,
            timely, and accurate information to decision

Marketing Research, 9th Edition           4  
       Aaker, Kumar, Day

          Contain 3 types of information:

           Recurring day-to-day information
           Intelligence relevant to the future strategy of the business

           Research studies that are not of a recurring nature

Marketing Research, 9th Edition           5      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                     Decision Support Systems (DSS)

           DSS models are developed and adapted to support each
            firm’s own decision problems
           Used to retrieve data, transform it into usable information,
            and disseminate it to users

           Allow managers to interact directly with database

           Provides a modeling function to help interpret retrieved

Marketing Research, 9th Edition           6      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                  Marketing Decision Support Systems

           Combines marketing data from diverse sources into a
            single database, enabling product managers, sales
            planners, market researchers, financial analysts, and
            production schedulers to share information

Marketing Research, 9th Edition         7      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                Marketing Decision Support Systems
               Managers’ need for decision-relevant information:

             Routine comparisons of current performance against past
              trends on each of the key measures of effectiveness
             Periodic exception reports to assess which sales territories or
              accounts have not matched previous years’ purchases
             Special analyses to evaluate the sales impact of particular
              marketing programs, and to predict what would happen if
              changes were made

Marketing Research, 9th Edition            8      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                                  Characteristics of MDSS

           Interactive
           Flexible

           Discovery oriented

           User friendly

Marketing Research, 9th Edition              9
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                                  Components of MDSS

           Database
           Reports and Displays
           Analysis capabilities
           Models

Marketing Research, 9th Edition           10
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                                  Components of a MDSS


                       Modeling                       Display

                        Analysis                      Database

Marketing Research, 9th Edition               11
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
          Comparison of Brand Performance with Industry Trend

Marketing Research, 9th Edition   12 
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                         Gaining Insights from a MDSS

                 Regional Market Share Changes – Alpha and Beta

                                  Change in Beta’s

Marketing Research, 9th Edition                  13
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
               Gaining Insights from a MDSS ( cont.)

                     Regional Market Share Changes – Alpha and Delta

Marketing Research, 9th Edition             14    
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
           Participants in Marketing Research Activities

                                             Information Users

                                  • General management
                                  • Planning
                                  • Marketing and sales managers
                                  • Product managers
                                  • Lawyers

                      Information Suppliers:                       Information Suppliers:
                         Inside Company                              Outside Company

            • Marketing research department                • Research consultants
            • Sales analysis group                         • Marketing research suppliers
            • Accounting department                        • Advertising agencies
            • Corporate strategic planning
Marketing Research, 9th Edition                      15          
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                  Information Suppliers and Services

Marketing Research, 9th Edition   16
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                           Factors Influencing Choice of
                               Information Supplier

           Internal personnel may not have skills or experience
           Outside help may be called in to boost internal capacity in
            response to urgent deadlines
           It may be cheaper to go outside
           Outside suppliers may have special facilities or competencies
            which would be costly to duplicate for a single study
           Political considerations
           Increased credibility of research used in litigation or in
            proceedings before regulatory or legislative bodies

Marketing Research, 9th Edition              17        
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                                         Growth in Research Spending in
                                                  United States

                            12.0%                                             11.6%
        Percentage Growth

                                                                           10.0%            10.1%                                              9.9%
                            10.0%    9.5%      9.2%                                                    9.0%
                             8.0% 6.9%                                                                                                      7.2%
                             6.0%                        5.7%                                       5.6%                             5.6%
                                                                                                                 4.0%      3.5%
                             4.0%                                                                                                 3.3%
                             2.0%                                                                             1.2%

                                    1994     1995       1996      1997        1998          1999      2000     2001       2002     2003       2004

                            Source: Jack Honomichl, “Top 50 U.S. Market Research Firms,” Marketing News, June 15, 2005: H3

Marketing Research, 9th Edition                                                      18                     
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                            Type and Nature of Services

            Customized Services
                   Work with individual clients
            Syndicated Services
                   Routinely collect information on several different issues
                    and provide it to firms that subscribe to their services
                    (e.g., Nielsen television index)
            Standardized Services
                   Projects conducted in standard, pre-specified manner
                    and supplied to several different clients. (e.g., Starch
                    readership survey)

Marketing Research, 9th Edition              19      
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
                 Type and Nature of Services (Cont.)

          Field Services
                  Suppliers concentrate only on collecting data for research
          Selective Services
                  Specialize in just one or two aspects of marketing research,
                   mainly concerning data coding, data editing or data analysis
          Branded Products Services
                  Specialized data collection and analyses procedures to
                   address specific research problems that are marketed as
                   branded products

Marketing Research, 9th Edition               20        
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
         Criteria For Selecting External Suppliers

          Steps in deciding if supplier can deliver promised data, advice,
              or conclusions:
          1.       A thorough search for companies with an expertise in the area of
          2.       Selection of a small number of bidders on the basis of
                   recommendations of colleagues or others with similar needs
          3.       Personal interviews with potential project leaders, asking for
                   examples of previous work, their procedures for working with
                   clients, and ability to provide references
          4.       Check of the references of each potential supplier, with special
                   attention to comments on expertise, creativity, and the quality and
                   adequacy of resources available

Marketing Research, 9th Edition                 21       
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
          International Market Research Industry

               Percentage of Worldwide Market Research Expenditure Per

                                  United States        29%
                                  Japan                4.1%
                                  Western Europe       41%
                                  Rest of World        25.9%

Marketing Research, 9th Edition                   22 
       Aaker, Kumar, Day
        Career Opportunities in Marketing Research

          Marketing Research Analyst
          Marketing Information Manager
          Project Manager
          Director of Market Research
          Research Account Manager
          Research Analyst
          Methodologist

Marketing Research, 9th Edition          23
       Aaker, Kumar, Day

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