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					                                  Press Release

Jan Kleinheisterkamp, Professor at HEC’s Department
of Business Law, will be presenting the results of his research on
the theme:

  “International Commercial Arbitration in
                Latin America
  Regulation and Practice in MERCOSUR and
           the Associated Countries”
Oceana Publishing Inc. Editions (Dobbs Ferry / New York,

during a conference followed by a debate on Tuesday 10th May 2005 from 8 am
until 10 am at the Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris.

An introduction on the practical experience of commercial arbitrage in Latin America
will be given by Katherine González Arrocha, General Advisor of the
International Court of Arbitrage at the International Chamber of Commerce.

International commercial arbitration has undergone fundamental changes in most
countries of Latin America in the last decade, especially in the countries of the
MERCOSUR and the associate countries.

This manual provides practitioners and scholars alike with quick access
to and in-depth analysis of the laws of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile
(including the new law on international commercial arbitration of September 2004),
Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as of the relevant international treaties,
such as especially the MERCOSUR-Agreements of 1998.

The book follows the structure of the UNCITRAL-Model Law, which guarantees easy
access to the sometimes complicated national laws. The direct topical comparative
analysis provides for a deeper insight than mere country reports. Interviews with
nearly 100 judges, lawyers, and scholars assure that the practical reality is well
reflected in the analysis. A bilingual annex contains the English translations of all
relevant legislation.

                    Press Contact, HEC School of Management

                                Catherine Rousseau
                                 +33 1 39 67 94 23
                                 +33 1 39 67 94 46
                               e-mail :
                                                           Jouy-en-Josas, 9th April 2005

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