Sample Program Outline FMS5000 by aE3740s


									                                                         Sample – Program Outline

Brief Program            Briefly describe what the student will learn in the program and what
Description              types of employment the student might expect to obtain once

Career Opportunities     List the positions a student could realistically expect to be qualified
                         for upon successful completion of the program.

Admission                List any requirements the student must meet to be accepted into the
Requirements             program.

Required Textbooks       List text books required to complete this program.

Equipment required       List equipment required to complete this program.
for this Program

Other Materials          List any other items that the student will need in order to complete
                         the program. For example, Uniforms, Safety Boots and Goggles

Program Duration         List the instructional hours and total months.

Homework Hours           List the number of hours of homework a student can expect to have
                         to complete.

Delivery Methods         Indicate how the program is delivered.
                             On-site delivery.
                             Distance delivery.
                             Combined delivery (on-site and distance.)

Instructional                  Method of Delivery                      Contact Hours
Methods                     (reflect all methods used)
                         Classroom (Instructor Led)
                         Computer Based Training
                         Distance Education
                         Supervised Lab
                         Work Experience

FMS-5000                                      1
PCTIA Sample – Program Outline                                            Last Update May, 2009
Learning            Upon completion of this program the successful student will have
Objectives/Outcomes reliably demonstrated the ability to:
                    Learning outcomes specify what learners’ new behavior will be
                    after completing a course or program and should be listed in your
                    program outline. They state the knowledge, skills and attitudes that
                    the students will gain through your program. Learning outcomes
                    begin with an action verb and describe something observable or

                         e.g. At the end of this program you will be able to use a standard
                         hotel management reservations system.

Student Progress/        List the Program assessment methods instructors will use and the
Assessment Methods       minimum scores required for the student to be considered successful
                         (exams, essays.)

Attendance               Note the expected attendance (hours, days of the week, total in
Expectations             weeks or months.)

Dress Expectations       Describe the dress code if there is one.
(if applicable)

Graduation               Indicate what students must achieve in order to graduate from the
Requirements             program of study.

Program Organization
List the subjects/courses in this program and the instructional hours allotted to each in
order to show a scope and sequence of subject matter sufficient to achieve the learning
outcomes for the program.

                       Name of Course/Subject                                # of Hours

FMS-5000                                      2
PCTIA Sample – Program Outline                                          Last Update May, 2009

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