The Career Key� test measures how similar you are to Holland�s

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					The Career Key® test measures how similar you are to Holland’s six personality types,
helps you identify occupations that match, and gives you detailed, up to date information
about each one - all steps toward making a good career decision. It takes about 10-15
minutes. Holland's Theory is one of the most popular career choice theories
recommended by professional career counselors.

To begin The Career Key® test:

1. Enter a Career Key Group test code after clicking on "Login" at the top right of The
   Career Key home page,
2. Click on "Take the Test" to begin. Choose and write down a name and password to
   return to your test results for 90 days.
3. Make sure to download or print a copy of "What Your Test Scores Mean" during the
4. To return to your test results, repeat Step 1 and instead of clicking on “Take the Test,”
   at the top enter the name and password you wrote down earlier. Your test results and
   saved job option list will appear.

After completing The Career Key test and at any time, visit these other Career Key
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