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									Compass Lease Processing

        Web based
     Access for Partners
       Features and Functions
•   Tracking
•   Status updates
•   Application submission
•   Pricing
•   Credit decision
•   Create and send documents
•   Reports

     Compass displays all of your
     company’s leases on the
     home page. Sort by company
     name, application number,
     lease number, submit date or
Status and Details

         Drill into any application to
         obtain real-time status updates.
Status and Details

         Drill further to get more
         transaction detail and print a
         copy for your records.
Payment Calculator
                Calculate payments
                options for a variety of
                terms and options.

       Apply for a lease directly
       from the payment screen
       or download quotes for
       your customer and you.
Submit New Applications

          Our One-Page application can
          be used for up to $ 75,000 in
          lease financing within a two
          hour response window.
Order Contracts
     Order documents with one

                  Email documents to
                  one or more recipients.
Reports and Metrics

                Generate activity reports for
                submissions, approvals, and

     Track Year-To-Date
     Performance Indicators.
         Compass Advantage
•   Greater access to information
•   Better customer service
•   Faster decisions
•   Easier processing
•   Stronger partnerships

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