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					    Economics at
Humboldt State University

What is Economics?
Pathways through the Economics major
What can you do with a degree in Economics?
Opportunities for internships and service
Opportunities for research with faculty
                What is Economics?
Economics is a social science. Economists study
      human behavior in the marketplace.
 Individuals make decisions about spending, work, and
 Firms make decisions about production, pricing, and
 Governments make decisions about regulation,
 taxation, and spending.
 Economists try to understand how we make these
 decisions and the implications they have on society as
 a whole.
                 What is Economics?
       Economists are concerned with both
             Equity and Efficiency:
Does the market give us efficient results?
Does the market give us fair results?
Sometimes the market fails and the government can
improve the situation through public policy.
 – Redistribute income
 – Discourage pollution and overuse of resources
 – Use fiscal and monetary policy to help the economy out of a
                What is Economics?

Economics is a vital part of current policy debates:

 How can poverty be reduced among people and
 Can the benefits of globalization be shared by all?
 What is the best way to protect our natural resources?
 How will Social Security pay for future retirees?
     Pathways through the Economics major

Economics majors take a common core
curriculum that provides a rigorous foundation
and the opportunity for intellectual exploration:
  One semester of Priniciples and one semester
  each of intermediate microeconomic and
  macroeconomic theory
  Two semesters of statistics and one of
  12 units of upper-division Economics electives
     Pathways through the Economics major

The Economics curriculum has two main
pathways -- an economic depth pathway, and an
interdisciplinary pathway that links Economics to
complementary programs such as:
  Applied Math
  Environmental & Natural Resource Planning
  International Studies
  Political Science
      Economics and Applied Math

Designed for students who:
  Want access to more technically demanding
  careers requiring extensive knowledge of
  Plan to enter a doctorate program in
      Economics and Business

Designed for students interested in:
  Careers that demand specialized business
  Continuing into an MBA program
      Economics and Energy

Designed for students who:
  Are looking for careers that combine
  engineering and environmental science with
  Might be considering working for engineering
  consulting firms, state or federal policy
  agencies, or private energy industry firms
       Economics and Environmental & Natural
                Resource Planning

Designed for students interested in:
  A career as industry representatives,
  environmental and natural resource
  advocates, consultants, or
  Governmental planners working on
  environmental and natural resource issues
    Economics and International Studies

This pathway is designed for students who might be
interested in a career in:
  International business
  International policy
  International advocacy
    Economics and Political Science

This pathway is designed for students who might be
interested in careers in:
  Law, business, government and public affairs,
  Advocacy and interest groups
               What can you do with a Degree
                   in Economics ?
There are many reasons why students choose to
major in Economics, including:
  Preparation for a wide variety of careers
(Business/industry, professional, policy, or advocacy.
Strengthens analytical skills).
  Preparation for many graduate programs
(Economics, MBA, public policy, law school, etc).
  High starting salary for graduates.
             Graduate/Professional School

A recent survey of our alumni indicates that
approximately 45 percent of our graduates have
gone on to graduate or professional schools.
Examples of recent placements:
  Columbia University (Urban Planning)
  Syracuse University (Maxwell School of Citizenship
and Public Affairs)
  University of California (many campuses & programs)

We prepare students for rewarding careers.
Examples of recent job placements:
  Government (U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust
  Consultancies (Planwest Partners)
  Banking and Finance (Humboldt Bank, Merrill
Lynch, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, Norstar
Securities, GMAC, Fisher Investments )
  Technology (Yahoo!, Onyx, Silicon Graphics Corp.,)
  Pharmaceuticals (Wyeth-Ayerst)
          Internships and Service Learning

We provide students with opportunities for
gaining hands-on experience through various
internships and service learning experiences:
  Humboldt Economic Index
  Forest Community Research/CEED: Economics of
  Watershed Restoration
  CEED: Environmental Technology Youth Hostel
  Feasibility Study
  HSU Economic Development Portal
  Arcata Economic Development Strategic Plan
  Various Service-Learning Projects on Local
  Economic Development
The HSU Economics faculty:
  Engage students in their research activities.
  Have produced over 25 publications, some in top scholarly
  Produce instructional material such as textbooks and
  study guides.
  Present research at places such as the Chicago Fed and
  the Real Estate Association.
  Have generated over $250,000 in external grant funds.
  Founded and collaborate with the HSU Office for
  Economic and Community Development
               For More Information…

   Telephone: 707.826.3204
Dr. Erick Eschker
                                         Dr. Beth Wilson

                    Dr. Steven Hackett

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