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					                Real Estate
           Property Management
             Winter Intersession 2006
                   January 4 – February 8
                   Monday through Thursday
                     5:30 p.m. – 7:50 p.m.
                 Prudential of California
                     Bixby Knolls
                    3728 Long Beach Boulevard
                      Long Beach, CA 90807
                    Compton College
               Satellite Studies Program
        E-Mail RobertRooks@RobertRooks.Org
           Robert Rooks at (626)331-7577
       Robert Rooks (Toll Free) at (877)804-8326
This class is clearly geared to prepare the student for the
efficient, capable, successful, management of Apartment
Buildings, Small Shopping Centers, and Modest Office
Complexes - emphases is on creating a profitable management
The student is taught and coached the techniques of finding
properties to manage, filling those properties with reliable,
desirable, tenants, and maintaining a compatible working
relationship with the tenants and the community that will lead to
the maximum performance of the real property involved as well
as the students reputable business presence in the community.
Students are exposed to creating a workable, achievable,
business plan for every managed improvement. Student learns
how to effectively advertise, how to interview tenants, how to do
a background check on tenants, how to consistently choose the
right tenant, how to quickly and profitably solve tenant
problems, how to monitor the ongoing relationship of the
owner/manager/tenant/community. Student is encouraged to
learn and perfect the art of creating, maintaining, and
terminating the tenancy, as they improve the performance of real
property under their management.
Evictions - Tenant Problem Handling, Problem Tenant Handling
are emphasized in this revealing study. Many students who have
taken this class have immediately, and successfully, began
careers in real property management.
Many students who have created successful management and
entrepreneur careers in real estate have repeated this class to
achieve greater success.
Your instructor has more than forty years active, hands on
background in property management. More than 25 years
experience training new property managers and entrepreneurs.
See instructors’ bio at http://www.RobertRooks.Org .
This class is recommended for real estate sales people, real
estate brokers, and the general public who want to expand their
knowledge, and proficiency in the profitable, practical
application of their skills in the real estate rental business.
 Additionally, this class is recommended for the owners, or
potential owners of income property who want to improve their
management skills and ultimately their business success.
The class is approved for, or will be approved for credit toward
the real estate broker license, the four year real estate license.
Basic Education and Continuing Education for Real Estate
(Some students will have difficulty making the 5:30 class start time.
Please call the instructor to resolve this dilemma.)

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