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									                         Microcurrent Is How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

 Many people who care deeply for the health of their skin wisely look for alternatives to surgical
age-reversing methods. Botox and other invasive procedures approved for cosmetic purposes are
generally painful, require disruptive recovery time and have troubling side effects. Microcurrent is
an advance spa treatment that offers a natural way to achieve an ageless visage without troubling
side effects or down time.

One of the best spas in New York, Joanna Vargas, offers this treatment to celebrity clients and
women in the know with her supercharged and all natural skin care products.

Microcurrent For Face: What Are Its Benefits?

Women and many men are now seeking more holistic and natural ways of achieving and
maintaining youthful healthy skin. For this reason, microcurrent is a very popular and cutting-edge
alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. The surface application uses a device which emits
mild electrical currents to target problem areas with this effective treatment for aging skin.

This spa treatment restores energy to damaged skin cells and stimulates facial muscles for a
completely taut youthful appearance. As a result, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production is
triggered that in turn regulates bio-chemical functions in the body. The treatment also improves
protein synthesis vital for the repair of damaged epidermal tissues as it enhances blood

This will of course boost skin cell regeneration and renewed muscle tone in the face and
dcolletage for sublime results. Sagging jaw line and brow are substantially lifted while there is a
visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Facial puffiness is alleviated with this gentle treatment
that promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate excess fluids. This advance facial treatment also
stimulates elastin and collagen production that is essential for tightening skin, naturally sculpting
and toning the face.

Why Microcurrent is preferred over Botox?
Minor nausea, headaches and flu-like symptoms are a common side effect with Botox
applications. So no lunch time or on-the-go facials are possible with this anti-aging method.
Another unsightly temporary side effect with facial Botox injections are drooping eyelidsnot the
sought after sexy bedroom eyes you had hoped for.

The perpetually stunned or stern visage brought about by Botox has little appeal for those of us
who prefer the natural look of aging gracefully. Microcurrent smoothens and refines the skin
without the facial paralysis that Botox induces. A scientific study found the arrested muscles may
inhibit proper transmission of emotional signals to the brain when using the chemical injection.
The effect is a limited range of muscle fluidity: a singular surprised facial expression devoid of
complex emotion. Not what you would expect from an enriching restorative facial experience.
What you will obtain with microcurrent is the ultimate holistic alternative that enhances your natural

The mild electrical current is safe and painless and it doesnt require anesthesia or recovery time
and has no side effects. The best day spas in NYC, like Joanna vargas Salon, Skin Care
Sanctuary, recommends a series between 6 to 12 for the best results and once a month
thereafter to maintain your now youthful face. The results are cumulative in case you were
Additionally, a healthy diet and a dedicated skin care routine will BOOST the results of this anti
aging facial for a naturally ageless complexion.

For more information please refer to www.joannavargas.com

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