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									Important First Steps for Your Home Business

Starting your own home business is not complicated, but there are certain steps that everyone must take to
ensure that they lay the proper foundation for a successful business. Continue reading for a guide to the
steps you need to take to establish a strong foundation for your home business.

1. Make sure that you fully understand whatever product you plan to sell. This includes not just knowing the
product, but who uses it, why, where they shop, how you plan to get their attention, what they think of the
product and so on. It is also important to know your competitors, and why your product is superior.

2. Establish a revenue and expense budget for your new business. This means detailing out every expense you
think you will incur and how much revenue you think you can make each month. Many people do a budget once each
year, and then update it with a forecast each month. This allows them to see how their actual business
performance compares to what they originally budgeted and how they performed against their forecast, which
factors in any new customers, economic changes or other recent events that could affect performance.

3. Plan for any equipment you need to purchase as part of your business. These costs should be part of your
budget. You may want to consult with an accountant regarding when to buy certain equipment and how to record
it so that you can use these purchases to minimize the income taxes you pay.

4. Find a good web designer so that you can get a website built for your business. Even if you do not yet have
a business name, a web designer can help you with ideas for an online product catalog, customer newsletters
and other features for your new website.

5. Find a descriptive domain name that works for your home business. Your website name should be on every
business card and piece of promotional material you hand out or send out. Make the website name something that
people can easily remember. Referring them to your website saves you money, because you do not need to have
printed product catalogs and other materials.

After setting up your new home business, plan your advertising. This could start with word of mouth and
include fliers that you hand out at trade shows. You can also do press releases over the web, and do online
article marketing and blogging. There are many ways to advertise your business that cost next to nothing.
Consider, however, who your customers are and the best way to get them to see your advertising messages.

7. As your business grows, start hiring employees. No one person can do all of the myriad tasks each day to
run a business, especially as it continues to grow. Even if you can do everything yourself, you risk doing
tasks poorly because you are over-extended. Additionally, your family and friends will reap the benefits
because you will have time to spend with them.
Many people embrace home businesses because of the freedom and the unlimited earning potential. While
operating your own business comes with its share of challenges, you may find it to be the most rewarding
adventure you have ever embarked upon. Keep the above tips in mind as you get started, and watch your business
grow more and more successful over time.

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