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									                iQ Professional Practice Management Portfolio
 iQ Practice Manager New Updates
  A complete solution to help you deal with Employment, Health & Safety and Practice
  Development Planning issues. Includes Continual Legal Updates, 24/7 access to a team of 50
  lawyers providing advice on employment and HS issues, plus an Employment Tribunal and HS
  Prosecution insurance policy. RSP £365 + VAT. (Renewal price in Y2 onwards £295 + VAT)

 iQ Quality Indicator Manager 2007/8version (2008/9 awaiting finalisation of SFE)
  A toolkit to help Practices manage their points and progress across the whole QOF. Includes
  templates for non clinical indicators and a fully completed set which have been approved by a
  PCT. RSP £145 + VAT

 iQ Drug Manager
  A complete solution for Practices handling controlled and personally administrable drugs, contains
  documentation including Standard Operating Procedures and a powerful Stock Control Database
  program. RSP £245 + VAT

 iQ Equipment Manager
  A customisable database inventory of Practice equipment with the facility to record maintenance
  schedules as specified in the nGMS contract. RSP £225 + VAT

 iQ Disaster Manager
  Everything you need to create and implement a Business Continuity Management programme to
  protect your Practice and comply with nGMS contract requirements. Addresses all manner of
  serious single event incidents such as fire, burglary, flooding, power failure, water contamination,
  terrorism. RSP £265 + VAT

 iQ Pandemic Flu Continuity Planner
  A ready made solution to ensure a Practice’s Critical Functions associated with this specific threat
  are maintained above their minimum service levels throughout the various stages of a Pandemic.
  Enables Practices to provide PCTs with a standard formatted outcome, making engagement and
  integration of practice pandemic plans a relatively simple and efficient process. £145 + VAT

    A PCT Analysis Module is also available which enables PCTs to collate information from all its
    Practices’ Plans including staffing details.

 NEW > iQ Budget Manager
    A unique Data Validation and PBC solution which enables Practices and PCTs to quickly and
    easily record and monitor referral and discharge information for episodes of secondary care.

    It compares this information to the National Tariff, automatically reconciles the data then highlights
    any discrepancies e.g. incorrect NHS number / excess bed days / unexpected complications etc.
    Specialist clinical knowledge is not required as the system uses a sophisticated mapping
    mechanism which translates common descriptive medical terminology into HRG codes. It
    significantly reduces the costly and time-consuming task of validation.

    iQ Budget Manager costs 25p per Registered Patient. This is an annual charge and includes
    installation, one to one training, updates to the various coding aspects of the product (HRG, Read,
    OPCS and ICD10) and the inclusion of local and split tariffs when introduced.

    If you would like to arrange a no obligation demonstration of the iQ Budget Manager software to
    your colleagues and other contacts in your locality/region, please contact the team on 01937
    587798 or email us The demonstration would take 1¼ hours.

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                       Oakgate House, 25 Market Place, Wetherby LS22 6LQ
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