Cause Effect Maps From Iowa by 9fJbrN


									                                                     Affordable Housing

                                                                          Legal framework at state level (Ch. 40B, 40R, building codes, etc.)
 Construction & energy costs            Population changes
                                                                          Technical assistance from state (financial, tools, direct, etc.)
 Condition & value of housing stock     Jobs & wages/income
                                                                          Information (GIS, education, etc.)
 Availability of loans/credit           Economic health/vitality
                                                                          Financial & regulatory incentives (Comm. Cap, 43B, etc.)

                                         Market                                          Local
                                        Conditions                                     Conditions

State resources – local                                     All residents have                                      Regulations – oversight,
    aid, operating funds,                                       full and fair                                        review, enforcement
    capital funds, state                                         access to                                          Education & outreach –
    property disposition                                         desirable,                                          communities, providers,
Local resources – tax                                                                                                consumers
    base, municipal funds,       Resources
                                                                 affordable                   Fair Housing
                                                                                                                    Strategies for difficult-to-
                                                            housing near the                   Practices
    municipal property                                                                                               house populations –
3rd party resources –                                       places they work,                                        including CORI reform
    federal, private, other                                  shop, play, and                                        Accessibility/design
Infrastructure – water,                                     come together as                                        Environmental justice
    sewer, transportation                                                                                              policies
                                                              a community.
                                       Community                                       Individual
                                       Resources                                       Conditions

Interagency cooperation               Education system                    Education                       Financial literacy
Availability/diversity of funds       Public safety                       Jobs/income                     knowledge of housing options
Geographic distribution               Clean environment                   Social networks                 Support services (including
Strategy for maintaining diversity    Transportation availability                                            availability of transportation)

                                        Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                                     Civic Engagement

Frustration with the status quo           Inspiring/life-changing                            Identified community needs
Feeling good/useful/successful               experience                              Response to disaster or other major event
Meeting new people/doing new things       Mandated/required                Being part of organization or movement/getting on bandwagon
Gaining experience or recognition         Making a difference                               Common activity or passion

                                 Personal Interest                                    Shared Interest

                                                               Citizens are
                                                                                                     Trust in ability to
                  Inspired/Inspiring                          participants in
                                                                                                    be heard and/or to
                     Leadership                                government                           make a difference
                                                               and in their

                                       Tradition &                                      Access &
                                         Culture                                        Resources

                        Role models                                                      Time and/or financial resources
      Family and/or community history of involvement                                    Convenience (location, time of day)
      Social networks/knowing others who are involved                                       Support by school or work
              Sense of civic awareness or duty                                           Information about opportunities

                                        Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                     Clean Energy & Environment
Smart growth               Farmland preservation
                                                                               Protecting aquatic life     Drinking water protection
Energy crops               Public lands and parks
                                                                               Waste disposal              Waste water treatment
Forest management          Brownfields site cleanup
                                                                               Recycling                   Air emissions
Wildlife protection

                                   Land Use &                                           Clean Air &
                                   Protection                                              Water

                                                        resources are
                                                       conserved and
                                                      protected for the
Waste reduction &                                         benefit of                                          Research & development
  recycling                                            individuals and
                              Sustainable                                                                     Consumer behavior
Job creation                   Economy                  communities.                        Clean Energy
Technology solutions
                                                                                                              Renewable fuels
Green projects & crops
                                                                                                              User costs
Green business – tourism
  & recreation, clean                                     Greenhouse                                          Generation – renewables
  energy cluster                                         Gas Emissions                                          & alternative technology

                                                        Energy efficiency
                                                      Vehicle miles traveled
                                                        Mass transit use

                                    Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                                  Effective Government
                   Fair, competitive compensation
         Flexible work rules           Improved recruitment
         Enhanced benefit policies     Professional development
         Improved diversity            Links to higher education                   Long-term, clear vision and strategy
                                                                                   Coordinated planning
                                                                                   Clear internal processes
                                                                   First-Class     Innovation
                                                                   Workforce       Securing & managing diverse resources
                                                                                   Partnering with legislature, federal government
                                                                                   Communicating with constituents

Multiple access channels:
                                                            Constituents trust
 phone, web, in-person, &c.         Access to               that their leaders          Stewardship of
Simple, actionable info
                                    Services                   are working                Resources
Security                                                      together and
Inter-agency coordination                                    accountable for
  and consistency                                            delivering high-
Outreach & education                                         quality, efficient
Cultural appropriateness                                       government
ADA-accessibility                                          services that people
                                                                                                         Access to information
                                                                                                         Open processes
                                    Responsiveness                                Transparency
                                                                                                         Open communication
                                                                                                         Open records/disclosure

            Courtesy                      Timeliness
            Follow-up                     Clarity & simplicity
            Customer satisfaction         Cultural appropriateness

                                         Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                 Efficient Transportation & Mobility

Maintenance condition   User cost (e.g., taxes, tolls, fares)                       Project cost & delivery time    Age of infrastructure
Economic activity       Location                                                    Project prioritization          Design & materials
Demographic patterns    Congestion                                                  Maintenance patterns            Climate

                                       Demand &                                        Infrastructure
                                        Usage                                            Condition

Licensing – users &
                                                                  People and
Laws, regulations &                                                                                                  Organizational structure
   policies                                                      goods move
                                                                                                                     Allocation of resources
Education                                                           reliably,
                                  Safety &                                                    Coordinated            Communication
                                                                 conveniently,                Management
Incident response                                                                                                    Policy
                                                                  and safely
System design                                                                                                        Interagency initiatives
                                                                throughout the                                        (e.g., Mobility Compact)
System operations
User behavior                                                   Commonwealth

                                       Access &
                                     Service Level

Service frequency                   Planning
                                                                                 Accuracy               Available in multiple languages
Service reliability                 Public input
                                                                                 Timeliness             Education & outreach activities
Service location & capacity         Resources
                                                                                 Usefulness             Communication tools
Options for handicapped users       Information availability

                                      Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                       Job Creation & Economic Growth

                                                                                    Affordable, reliable transportation
Income/wages                 Energy costs
                                                                                    Water & sewer systems
Housing costs                Health care quality and cost
                                                                                    Technology (incl. broadband)
Commuting costs              Education costs
                                                                                    Energy generation

                                         Cost of Living                                    Infrastructure

                                                                  Massachusetts                                           Competitive business
                                                                 enjoys a robust                                             costs (incl. taxes)
                                                                business climate,                                         Predictable regulation &
Access to jobs
Vibrant communities                                              with a workforce                  Business-              Local services
Parks & open space                                               well-prepared to                   Friendly              Availability of capital
                                  Quality of Life
Cultural opportunities                                          take advantage of                 Competitive             Tools for company-
Education systems                                                  employment                     Environment                specific needs
                                                                   opportunities                                             assessments
Housing availability
                                                                                                                          Responsive assistance
                                                                  throughout the                                             from state agencies
                                                                 Commonwealth.                                            Entrepreneurial support
                                           Quality of

Affordable & flexible education & skills training
                                                                              Collaboration among state agencies (incl. labor, ec. dev., educ.)
Education & training aligned to employer needs/job vacancies
                                                                              Partnerships between schools and businesses
Specific programs for youth, aging workers, and special needs
                                                                              Targeted, industry- or sector-specific strategies
Support services (incl. transportation, child care, work readiness)
                                                                              Communication and information sharing
Information/knowledge about opportunities

                                          Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                           Quality, Affordable Health Care for All

Awareness                 Socio-economic status                                             Policies & structures
Education                 Screening & prevention                                    Availability of providers and services
     Culturally-appropriate resources                                                             Quality care

                                                                                            Health Care
                                                        Citizens enjoy                       System
                                                      greater wellness
                                                        and improved
                                                       health and have
                                                      access to quality,
                                                      affordable health

                                                          Community &

                                   Affordable housing               Living wages
                                   Health & nutritious food         Safe recreation areas
                                   Adequate transportation          Clean air & water

                                   Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                                    Safe Communities

Clear laws & regulations      Consistent enforcement
                                                                                  Funding            Equipment
Equitable justice system      Rapid investigation, resolution
                                                                                  Personnel          Stable, reliable infrastructure
Interagency coordination      Security of data & records
                                                                                  Training           Coordinated management
            Trust & confidence in authorities

                                         Legal &
                                       Regulatory                                        Resources
Cleanliness & condition
                                                                                                                    Disaster planning
   of public spaces
                                                                                                                    Crime statistic reports
Individual circumstance                                         People feel
   – education, income, &                                                                                           [know how to get help]
                                                                safe where
   personal/family history                                                                     Information &        Community outreach
                                 Crime Levels                    they live,                   Communication
Substance abuse                                                                                                     Tools & systems –
                                                                work, learn
Weapons availability                                                                                                   PSA’s, alerts, etc.
                                                                 and play.
Prevention efforts                                                                                                  Available in many
Police presence, activity

 Good jobs with living wages           Safe infrastructure
                                                                              Home ownership                Active community institutions
 Education/training opportunities      Environmental quality
                                                                              Interaction with neighbors    Civic engagement opportunities
 Youth programs                        Health care
                                                                              Clean, open public space      Community meetings
 Reliable, affordable transportation   Community services
                                                                              Easy access to services       Neighborhood watch
             Re-entry programs for former inmates

                                       Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development
                                                World-Class Education
         Common goals and standards for student success
         Continuous, cohesive, student-centered education system
         Inter-agency cooperation
         Public-private partnerships                                                            Involvement of adults/mentors
                                                                                                Liaisons for high risk populations
                                                                                                Safe & stable environment
                                                                Collaboration                   Physical and mental health
                                                                                                Language services
                                                                                                Resources for students with
Adequate resources –                                                                               special needs
 e.g., facilities, materials,
 curriculum, & personnel
Teachers & leaders –                                              The
 sufficient number, with                                    Commonwealth’s             Student
 appropriate training                                       youth and adults           Support
Teaching methods –                                         have access to the
 culturally appropriate,
                                                             education they
 matched to student needs
Clear standards for                                        need in order to be
  student achievement                                          successful
Regular evaluation of                                      students, workers,                           Convenience (e.g., time
  student progress                                          and members of                                 of day, location)
Curriculum – prepares
                                                                society.                                Transportation
  students for higher
                                                                                                        Parent/family involvement
  learning and workforce
                                                                                                        Participation in school
                                                                                 Attendance &
                                          Access                                                           activities
                                                                                                        Relationships with teachers
                                                                                                           and peers
                                                                                                        Physical and mental health
            Affordability                 Capacity and availability                                     Quality teaching
            Convenience (e.g., time       Information about choices                                     Links to work opportunities
               of day, location)          Cultural appropriateness

                                         Confidential DRAFT for Policy Development

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