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					 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                          Location:   Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                               Time:       7pm            Page:       1 of 6

 Name:                                                             Name:
 Neil Barnes                                                       Roger Lowery
 David Boddington                                                  Ben Nash
 Myra Chilman                                                      Peter Newman
 Deborah Crowley                                                   Brian Willder
 Mike Everitt                                                      Rob Hemblade (Herefordshire Council)
 Richard Gething                                                   Will Steel (Amey Herefordshire)
 Arthur Lee                                                        Jill Addis (Amey Herefordshire)
 Jenny Williams and Mike Wilson
 Notes Prepared By:                Jill Addis
            1.0     Apologies for absence
                    Apologies for absence noted
            2.0     Minutes
                    To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2011
            3.0     Matters arising/action points
                    To discuss any matters arising from previous minutes
            4.0     Forum Business
                    Update from the Chairman
                    Defra and the Equality Act
            5.0     Rights of Way Manager’s Report
                    Update regarding rights of way matters
            6.0     Work Group Reports
                    Update from working groups
            7.0     Public Participation
                    To receive questions from members of the public
            8.0     Any other business
                    Any business submitted to the Chairman prior to/or at the beginning of the meeting. To be
                    discussed time permitting at the discretion of the Chairman

 HLAF Members, HLAF Paper Members, Rob Hemblade, Will Steel, Herefordshire Council website

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 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                    Location:    Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                         Time:        7pm               Page:       2 of 6

       AGENDA AND CHECK LIST                                                                            ACTION

            Apologies were received from Jenny Williams and Mike Wilson.

  336.      MINUTES
            The minutes were agreed to be accurate, and were signed as a true record of the
            meeting of 27 January 2011.

            329 A letter had been sent to the Wildlife Trust regarding access and restrictions at the
            Lower Lugg. A response was awaited. RG to email JA a copy of the letter.                    RG
            AL said that he had reported the blocked bridle gate to the Trust, and it had been
            sorted out.
            RH reported that the interpretation signboard was on the way to being put up.
            Finishing touches needed to be put to the wording regarding restrictions.
            329 At the last meeting AL had asked if money not spent by a P3 could be put towards
            a bridge. WS had looked into this, and left over money can go towards bridges and
            other RoW improvements.
            312 RH stated that the service standards had not yet been agreed, and that they are
            part of the whole contract, which dictates time.
            ME asked whether DMMOs would be a part of the standards. RH said that this was
            unlikely as they were trying to move away from specific tasks and concentrate more on
            wider outcomes such as satisfaction level. It was also pointed out that the number of
            DMMOs to be completed had also been agreed at Environment Scrutiny Committee
            and this was the target for this year and beyond.
            PN asked if RH knew when the standards would be available. RH replied that he               RH
            would try to find out.
            AL said that they had been due out between July and December 2010.
            RG said that it would be helpful to be informed of progress. The LAF is not a scrutiny
            body, but had a role if it felt that things were not moving quickly enough.
            AL replied that the LAF was supposed to offer advice by monitoring the standards.
            They needed to be seen to enable this.
            RG added that the LAF must not fall into the area of a scrutiny body.
            RH said that the PRoW standards could not be treated in isolation. He would find out        RH
            the current situation and an implementation date.
            RG asked that the standards be added to the agenda for the next meeting.                    JA
            Cllr Lloyd-Hayes added that any member of the public or member of the forum could
            put a question to the Scrutiny Committee.
            330 At the previous meeting AL asked whether money from the Crest development
            had been spent on RoW. RH reported that the development had been done in two
            parts. The original part, submitted in 2006 had started recently and there was no
            record of any money given. An application had been made by PRoW for the second

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 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                       Location:   Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                            Time:       7pm                  Page:   3 of 6

        AGENDA AND CHECK LIST                                                                            ACTION

              part in Attwood Lane, but the developers have withdrawn for the time being.
              RG said that the forestry sell off has been scrapped and that the government had
              established and Independent Panel on Forestry. The panel would report to Ministers
              in the autumn on the future of the UK’s national forest and the Forestry Commission.
              WS said that the composition of the panel had been announced – the Ramblers had
              been invited, but IPROW had not.
              331 RG, NB, RH and WS had had discussions regarding asking Parish Councils for
              help when replacing footbridges. They had not been in touch with the Parish Councils
              as yet. RG said that parishes may be able to help due to Participatory Budgeting.
              Parishes could set aside money for whatever the community wanted, as long as it
              didn’t go against statutory duties.
              AL said that he had posed a question to the Scrutiny Committee regarding bridge
              closures. He added that the Ramblers wanted to get involved in bridge repairs,
              particularly on the Herefordshire Trail, and asked that this be considered a formal
              DB stated that he was aware of two stone bridges that were officially closed, but still
              used. He asked if a standard footbridge could be put in next to these. WS said that
              this was possible and each case would be considered on its own merit, but horse
              riders may object to money being spent that excluded them.
              RH said that the Heritage Lottery Fund was now consulting on its future priorities. He
              thought that they should think more laterally about ‘heritage’, and had suggested that     RH
              bridges be included in their remit. He will send round a link to the website.
              332 At the previous meeting, comments had been asked for regarding the List of
              Streets protocol. Only two were returned. WS said that he hadn’t made much more
              progress due to work pressures, but was hoping to meet with Clive Hall to discuss the
              matter soon.
              333 Peter McKay had previously said that he felt the PRoW Glossary was incomplete.
              WS said that he had looked into this and made some changes, but did not necessarily
              agreed with all of PM’s suggestions. He added that it was on the website if members
              wanted to review it and suggest amendments. RG added that he didn’t think it was a
              LAF document or an HC document. It had been produced to provide information and it
              was really only accuracy that should be questioned.
              334 ME said that it would be useful if a digitised version of the Definitive Map was put
              on the website. RH said that he had raised this with the GIS team. They agreed that a
              map with very basic functionality could be created; anything else would be too much of
              a resource issue. RH was hoping to put some information on the web using the               RH
              Exponaire system within the next two months. The scale was likely to be 1:10 000.
              PM asked if the List of Streets would be included. RH replied that it would not.

       338.   FORUM BUSINESS
              Update from the Chairman
              RG stated that Natural England could no longer support the English Access Forum
              owing to a reduction in available resources, but Regional Co-ordinators would
              continue. He then read a letter from the Minister for Natural Environment and
              Fisheries to all LAF Chairs, in which the Minister recognised the value of LAFs and

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 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                       Location:   Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                            Time:       7pm                Page:       4 of 6

        AGENDA AND CHECK LIST                                                                              ACTION

              requested views as to how the two-way flow of information between Defra and LAFs
              could be improved. RG said that he would reply on behalf of the HLAF. RG informed
              the meeting that the Rights of Way Committee (RoWRC) seems to have survived                  RG
              government cuts and the next meeting has been scheduled for 18 May.
              Walking Festival
              The Walking Festival brochure is now out. The LAF walk is number 56 – Accessible
              Access Land. Five people have already booked on it.
              AL asked why Walking Festival walks were given priority over others. WS said that
              they brought benefit to the council and the local economy. RH added that he had
              prioritised these walks years ago as they were a show piece for the county. He said
              that without this prioritisation the Walking Festival may not be taking place now.
              Defra and the Equality Act
              WS highlighted the Defra document regarding structures on RoW. He asked members              ALL
              to consider how a policy could be put together. The British Standard on gaps, gates
              and stiles etc is the ‘gold standard’. WS asked if this was appropriate in all cases.
              Perhaps the policy should include a variation on the British Standard? RL asked
              where the document could be found. WS said that he would send a link to a simple             WS
              guide. The British Standard is not statutory, it is purely a guide. RH added that a lot of
              furniture did not meet the British Standard.
              AL said that he was leading a ramble for the disable at Hergest Ridge on 7 June.
              Anyone who would like to help was welcome. He added that some gates in the British
              Standard were fine for those with limited access, but not wheelchair users.
              RL asked if electronic wheelchairs were permitted on footpaths. AL replied that they
              AL said that he would not want stone and slab stiles removed as they were also a part
              of our heritage.

              WS presented his report, adding that it would be circulated with the minutes.
              AL said that the statistics were good, but how many clearances were down to Amey,
              and how many to volunteers? WS replied that a lot would be down to the P3 Scheme
              and volunteers but that it is not possible to easily identify who had resolved which
              AL said that the Lengthsman and P3 Schemes were continuing, and asked if the RoW
              budget had been cut. RH replied that, overall, they were the same as last year,
              although the £45k from highways was still to be decided. WS said that £25k of this
              was for major works, and the rest for furniture and the support of the P3 etc.
              RG said that there would not be sufficient funds to allow new parishes to enter P3. WS
              said that, in fact, parish spend was being looked at and a small number of parishes
              may be able to enter the scheme.
              AL applauded the escape from budget cuts this year, and RG added that he also
              welcomed that. He added that the RoW team was to be congratulated on favourable
              statistics, and for the good work being done.
              ME stated that the DMMO figures had been maintained, not improved.

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 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                      Location:    Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                           Time:        7pm                Page:     5 of 6

       AGENDA AND CHECK LIST                                                                             ACTION

            RH said that negotiating with landowners to remove objections helped to move things
            forward. WS added that officers were working on an upcoming Public Inquiry in June
            which takes up a lot of time.
            RG asked if PFOs were sent a newsletter. WS said that they were contacted at least
            two or three times a year, but there was no newsletter. RG felt that it may be useful,
            and that it could include initiatives, contact information, and may get the PFOs more        WS
            involved. AL said that it could be sent to all volunteers, and that Monmouth produced
            a newsletter for volunteers. RG suggested investigating the idea.

            RG said that the RDG had not met, and that the group must not lose its way now that
            CP had stepped down. He asked if anyone would volunteer to act as Chair.
            RL said that the group had met on 22 February. ME added that they were unable to
            get anyone to take over as Chair. He had volunteered to Chair one meeting. RG
            asked if he would arrange another meeting. ME replied that he would.
            The ROWIP Group is due to meet to look at the review. RH said that he was free on
            13, 17, 20 or 23 May, and asked members to let him know their availability. He felt that     ROWIP
            it would be useful to discuss achievements and policies etc.

            A member of the public asked how many defects were incorrectly reported. WS said
            that he could not tell without looking at each individual case, but that it wasn’t a large
            percentage. RH added that it was a hazard of the job.
            Peter McKay asked if there had been any progress on the access of rural roads. RH
            replied that he was unaware of any progress. He added that PM would be better off
            contacting the Highways Manager direct, but he would double check the LAF Terms of           RH

            NB said that greater attendance should be encouraged for the next meeting, as Jesse
            Norman had been invited. This would be taking place on 15 July in Ross, looking at
            the buggy route. Members should meet at 5pm at the Wilton Road car park.
            AL asked if a buggy user would be there. RH said that they would be inviting
            AL asked if the route went into the countryside. David Collin, a member of the public,
            said that it incorporated the riverside, the town and country trail, and was a mixture of
            urban and countryside.
            ME said he felt it was important for the LAF to comment on the Department for
            Communities and Local Government document. RG asked the Legislative Working
            Group to read ME’s comments and form a response. This needed to be returned to
            RG by the end of the week.
            AL asked for an update on Coastal Access. RG said that he would try to get some

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 Herefordshire Local Access Forum Meeting                  Location:   Brockington
 Date: 13 April 2011                                       Time:       7pm           Page:   6 of 6

       AGENDA AND CHECK LIST                                                                 ACTION

             Dates of future meetings were confirmed as:
             15 July – The Larruperz Centre, Ross
             26 October - Brockington

             Meeting ended at 8.40pm



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