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									 Why Should We Use The Help Desk?

• A help desk can help make your user support process
  efficient. It can help take care of the details, letting you
  focus on the actual issues.
• Keep your users informed: The help desk can keep them
  up-to-date on the status of their ticket leaving you free to
  work on the actual issue.
• Divvy up your work: You and your co-workers can work on
  tickets side by side and avoid doing the same job twice.
• Identify common issues: You can identify the machines and
  users that create the most work. This can help reduce your
• Document your work: You can document everything you
  do in a day,
Users Portal
User Queries Record.
User Queries Details
User Query Reopened
CHD DashBoard
CHD Interface.
Tickets Reports
CHD Reports in Pdf,excel etc

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