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					                            Media information 2012

OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGY for Brazil, Russia, India, China
              Western technology information for the emerging markets

Cavendish Group is the leading business to business publisher and meetings/events
organiser focusing on the fast growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).
                                                                                               The BRIC economies account
At Cavendish, we provide businesses in the BRIC countries with information about leading       for 13% of world GDP and
international technology, expertise and best practice from the West. Through our series of     house 43% of the world’s
dedicated publications which are printed bilingually in association with local government      population. They produce
ministries and relevant trade associations and distributed quarterly; we are able to give      25% of the world’s oil and
maximum exposure and market representation to any company wishing to influence senior          consume 20% of world’s
decision makers in the Oil and Gas sector.                                                     refined product. While China
                                                                                               and India are the major poles
Furthermore, with a network of regional representatives and business development teams         of global manufacturing and
who are in constant dialogue with our readers and partners in each country, we are the ideal   service growth, the two other
partner to bring buyers and sellers together. With a print media vehicle guaranteed to reach   BRICs—Brazil and Russia—
the people who count, an on-line community at and an after-sales team             offer an abundance of
coordinating 1-2-1 meetings and events, we are the people who deliver on expectations.         commodities and energy,
                                                                                               which in the past have been
                                                                                               inadequately exploited. Brazil
                                                                                               and Russia through
                                                                                               increased exploration efforts
                                                                                               have increased crude oil
                                                                                               production. In the process,
                                                                                               Brazil has become largely
                                                                                               self-sufficient in meeting its
                                                                                               requirement whereas Russia
                                                                                               has met substantial part of
                                                                                               increased world’s crude oil
Oil & Gas Technology showcases the latest technologies and innovations that are
continuing to change the oil and gas industry. Our exclusive and comprehensive
coverage is maintained each quarter by in-depth articles and case studies focusing
on the following core areas:
                                                Special Focus Areas 2012:
Core Contents                                   - Deep & Ultradeep Waters
- Exploration & Production
- Instrumentation, Control & Automation         - Drilling & Downhole Technology Focus
- Transportation & Logistics                    - Subsea Technologies Update
- Pipeline Technology
- Refining & Processing                         - Shale & Unconventional Oil & Gas
- Health, Safety & Environment

From a readership survey conducted in December 2010:
64% subscribed to keep up to date with industry developments and source suppliers
60% spent over 45 minutes reading each publication
73% regularly referred back to previous issues
75% thought the technical level of the articles was just right
86% thought that the length of the articles was just right
                                                                                                  Readers include executives,
Brazil is a very attractive market for the international oil and gas industry since the opening   management, technical
of the E&P market to private and foreign players in 1997. This is due to the overall business     professionals and key decision
environment, the relatively low level of perceived political and economic risk, plus the          makers from:
country’s strong oil output growth potential and a generally effective licensing regime.
                                                                                                  Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. –
Brazil’s oil and gas sector can fully apply technology expertise developed in the West and        Petrobras & subsidiaries
there is a strong desire within the country to deploy the newest technologies and innovations.    Petrobras Transporte S.A. -
Oil & Gas Technology - Brazil has been especially developed to fulfill the need for               Petrobras Gas SA - Gaspetro
information on newest Western technologies, innovations and best practice. The publication        Petrobras Biocombustíveis S/A
is bi-lingual (Portuguese & English) and produced quarterly to high standards with an             Petrobras Química S/A -
attractive design and lay out. Its extremely targeted distribution within the country creates     PETROQUISA
real opportunities for advertisers to get in front of local decision makers. There is no          Petrobras Distribuidora S/A BR
distribution outside of Brazil, so every copy counts towards supporting your marketing &          Cenpes
sales efforts in this fast growing market.                                                        OGX Petroleo & Gas
                                                                                                  TBG - Transportadora Brasileira
The publication is produced in association with the IBP (Instituto Brasileiro de Petroleo,        Gasoduto Bolivia-Brasil S.A
Gas e Biocombutiveis), the National Agency of Petroleum Natural Gas and Biofuels                  Repsol Brazil
(ANP) and the National Organization of the Petroleum Industry - ONIP                              Shell Brazil
                                                                                                  BG do Brasil Ltda.
                                                                                                  Galp Energia
Events & Bonus Distribution                                                                       Esso Brazil
                                                                                                  StatoilHydro Brazil
Rio Oil & Gas               OTC Brasil                                                            Brasileira de Petroleo Ipiranga
Latin Oil Week              Rio Pipeline                                                          Plus their service companies and
Brazil Offshore                                                                                   contractors
To tackle Russia’s challenges, most experts are agreed that Russia urgently needs to        Readers include executives,
ensure continuous growth of its oil and gas sector. Despite some recent setbacks, the       management, technical
substantial investments in further exploration and production technologies coupled with a   professionals and key
parallel growth in refining capacity and the related transportation infrastructure now      decision makers from:
present immense opportunities for global technology, service and equipment providers.
                                                                                            Gazprom & subsidiaries such
Oil & Gas Technology Russia is a well established and high profile publication              as Gazprom Neft, Promgaz etc
concentrating purely on bringing the latest information on Western technologies and         Lukoil
innovations to the Russian oil and gas professional – information they do not otherwise     Tatneft
have such easy access to.                                                                   Rosneft
This, added with the targeted distribution by subscription to Russian & CIS NOCs as well    Belorusneft
as IOCs plus important contractors and service companies makes Oil & Gas Technology         TNK-BP
Russia your gateway to all those opportunities in this important market place.              BG-Kazakhastan
The publication produced in association with Ministry                                       Tengiz-Chevroil
of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation and                                        Karachaganak Petroleum
the Russian Oil and Gas Contractors Union (ROGCU)                                           Operating B.V.
                                                                                            Plus service
                                                                                            companies/contractors such as
                                                                                            STG (Stroytransgaz),
Events & Bonus Distribution                                                                 Eurasia Drilling…
SPE Conference & Exhibition
MIOGE, KIOGE, Caspian Oil & Gas, Oiltec, Mangystau Oil
& Gas, Siberia Oil & Gas
India is the world's fifth largest consumer of energy, and its demand for petroleum products
is growing by more than 6% a year. Recent initiatives by the Government of India to open       Readers include executives,
up the Oil and Gas sector for investment has created opportunities for Western                 management, technical
corporations’ to invest through the latest technologies, investments and qualified human       professionals and key
resource.                                                                                      decision makers from:

A recent report highlighted the fact that global demand for oilfield equipment will grow 5%    Oil and Natural Gas
per year through 2012, bringing the total to $70 billion and estimates that reduced            Corporation Ltd. (ONGC);
sales opportunities in 'traditional markets' due to the economic slow down will be offset      Reliance Industries Limited
with a surge of demand from the so-called BRIC countries, especially India.                    (RIL);
                                                                                               IndianOil (IOC);
Oil & Gas Technology India creates real opportunities for large and small companies from       Essar;
across the globe to reach their target audience of decision-makers in this industry and to     Cairn India;
explore untapped opportunities in the emerging Oil & Gas sector in India by being a            GAIL (India) Limited;
respected, specific geographically targeted high profile platform to concentrate and           Bharat Petroleum;
                                                                                               Hindustan Petroleum
compliment your marketing activities and efforts in the important Indian oil and gas sector.
                                                                                               Corporation Ltd. (HPCL);
                                                                                               Oil India Ltd. (OIL);
The publication is produced in association with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural          Engineers India Limited (EIL);
Gas, the India Energy Forum as well as relevant local trade associations such as               Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T);
Petrofed.                                                                                      HPCL- Mittal Energy Ltd.
                                                                                               Aban Offshore;
                                                                                               Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd.;
                                                             Events & Bonus Distribution       Petronet LNG Ltd.;
                                                            SPE OGIC Offshore India            Punj Lloyd;
                                                            Petrotech   Shale Gas Asia         BG India;
                                                            Oceantex    IDEC                   Dolphin Offshore;
                                                            IORS                               Tata Projects Ltd;
                                                            ASME Pipeline Event                Shell Global; BP; Chevron
                                                            Geo India
                                                            SPG Hyderabad
China is the world’s fastest growing oil consumer and is now the number two global user of     Readers include executives,
petroleum, accounting for one third of the growth in worldwide oil consumption. As a result,   management, technical
the Chinese oil and gas sector has rapidly opened up to large scale foreign participation      professionals and key
particularly where advanced technologies are seen as the panacea to old and inefficient        decision makers from:
production practices.
Oil and Gas Technology China is the only journal in its field legally sending information      CNPC and PetroChina
into China. We have a joint venture with the Economic Information Agency (EIA) and             Sinopec
have been granted the official “Kan Hao” license which allows us to operate a                  Sinochem
                                                                                               State Planning Commission
subscription service in China.
                                                                                               Ministry of Energy Resources
                                                                                               National Development and Reform
Published in both Chinese and English in a format that combines attractive design with the     Commission
very highest production standards, Oil and Gas Technology China is the official journal to     China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
inform the the Chinese Oil and Gas industry about international projects, developments and     CNOOC Gas & Power Ltd
best practice.                                                                                 Fushun Petrochemical Co. (CNPC)
As the only Government endorsed journal in this sector, Oil and Gas Technology China is        Maoming Refining and Chemical
poised to unlock new opportunities for your company throughout China.                          Co. (Sinopec)
                                                                                               Lanzhou Refinery Co. (PetroChina)
                                                                                               China Offshore Oil Bohai Corp.
The publication is produced in association with The
                                                                                               Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd (PetroChina)
China Petroleum and Chemical Association                                                       Shengli Oilfield Co. Ltd (Sinopec)
(CPCIA) and the China Petroleum & Petro-                                                       Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical
chemical Equipment Industry Association                                                        Co Ltd
(CPEIA)                                                                                        Guangzhou LNG Co Ltd
                                                                                               CNPC Services and Engineering
                                                                                               COOEC (CNOOC)
 Events & Bonus Distribution                                                                   China Petroleum Engineering &
 CIPPE, China Offshore Summit, SIPPE, XJIPPE,                                                  Construction Corp
 Asia LNG Summit, China Gas Congress,                                                          Plus their service companies &
 Deepwater Asia plus many more                                                                 contractors
Readership & Distribution
Oil & Gas Technology is distributed on a quarterly subscription basis to named and job
titled, senior decision makers and technical personnel driving and implementing change in
the BRIC Oil and Gas Industry.

     From a readership survey conducted in December 2010:
66% had been influenced by an advertisement in the publication
20% had bought as a direct result of seeing an advertisement in the magazine
53% shared their copy with two or more people
78% had personal internet access at both home and at work

As a result of our findings, Oil & Gas Technology will be reaching a projected readership of
over 60,000 readers per country, per quarter and will be produced in the form of both
printed publications as well as e-magazines to our database of “opt-in” subscribers. In
addition, we distribute at all major tradeshows, conferences and seminars. Readers include:

Government Personnel                                  Operations Directors
CEO/GM/President                                      Project & Procurement Managers
Heads of E&P/Drilling                                 Chief Engineers
Plant Supervisors                                     Health & Safety Supervisors              We have the
Geophysicists/Geologists                              Supply Chain Managers                    MEANS,
Senior Technicians/Engineers                          Asset Managers
                                                                                               Our readers have
                                                                                               the MOTIVE
                                                                                               The OPPORTUNITY
                                                                                               is all yours…
If you have a new technology or innovation you wish to promote, contact our editor
Mark Venables (
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