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					    Training Without Weights

• By Russell Lee,
  Executive Director of

  I know you all travel a lot! Again, no matter if you are an
 expat /housewife or businessman/woman. Here is a way to
     keep fit when your personal trainer is not with you.
You’re on a trip, staying in some strange hotel. “Where
   /how can I train?” you ask yourself . ‘Is there a gym
 nearby?’ Pretty tired from the trip, it’s almost as if you
don’t care if you workout at all, except for the voice inside
  your head that says you have to train to keep in shape.
 There’s no escape So what do you do? Maybe you can
      workout soon, right now, in your hotel room?
YES, I’ve been in this situation before. On the road, of course I had a job on the road too (I
 was a tour leader/guide before I decided to do my own business in Thailand), but I didn’t
want all my prior training to go to waste. I wanted to do something to keep me in shape. So
  here is what we can all do while on the road to stay true to our fitness goals, and get a
  quick pump all through our bodies with no weights at all! With a bed, a doorway and
              doorknob, and two chairs I find that I can workout as I choose.

1 Holding onto the door knob, I put each foot along the
   side of the door, lean straight back, and squat into the
   lowest position until my glutes are almost touching
   my heels. And then, push straight up with my crotch
   lightly rubbing the door, and stop when my knees are
   almost locked out, then descend down again slowly,
   and repeat this for 15-20 reps or more. Wonder if
   you’ll get sore from doing this? Breathless, I rest two
   minutes and I do it again. Remember what I always
   say; good form and slowly…
   Then, I close and face the door leaning against it with
   my hands. I do one legged calf raises with my foot on
   the floor, for 30 reps each leg, or until I cannot do any
   more. Now my legs are starting to feel a little bit sore.
2 Now it’s time to stretch. Flinging one leg to the top of the doorknob, heel resting against it.
   Knee locked, bending forward at the waist, hold it for 30 second. There’s no haste. Feel the
   stretch in the back of the hamstrings and lower back, and repeat with the other leg. Then, in
   the standing position, I bend my knee and grab my ankle, I pull it back until my heel is
   touching my butt, hold for a half minute, feel the front of my thigh stretch, and repeat with the
   other leg. I’ve got a good leg workout in just a few minutes.

3 Still breathing fast, I lie on the floor on my
    back. Putting my feet up on the bed, I do
    crunches, thrusting my hips off the floor, as
    my head raises no more then a few inches.
    Then hold it a second, and after 30 reps my
    abs beckon to do something else. So placing
    my hands flat under my butt with my head
    off the floor, I raise my legs 30 degrees
    upwards, then lower slowly, and do 25 reps
    or more, feeling the tension in my lower abs.
    No need to do more.
4 Looking around, there’s a desk with two chairs, if not, do your push-ups on the floor then do
   your bench dips on one chair instead. So placing the chairs 2 feet apart with my feet on the
   bed I do push-ups, going into a deep stretch and not quite locking out my elbows at the top.
   After 20 slow reps I do a stretch in the door jam, door- away stretch for 30 seconds. Then I
   grab the door knobs with feet on each side of the door, arms extended, and pull my upper
   body up until my chest touches the door, pumping up my lats (back). It’s a great push/pull
   super-set (but if you are over 200 pounds then I’m not too sure if the door can take it or
   not…) and I do 3 sets of each exercise.

5 Then I do bench dips with my feet up on the bed, legs out in
    front of me bent at the waist, one hand on each chair, dipping
    down as low as I can go. After 15 reps of this, I stand in the
    doorway and contact the door jam with the side of each
    forearm and push upward-a great isometric contraction for the
    deltoids (shoulder), which I hold for 15 seconds. Finally,
    grabbing the doorknob with each hand I do isometric curls for
    biceps, holding the arms in the bent position for 15 seconds.
   I’m finished in 30 minutes from this weightless workout,
    pumped up all over, with no need to go searching for a gym.
    I’ll resume regular weight training when I return home from
    this trip. As for aerobic activity, Carry your jumping rope
    with you!! I get a lot of aerobic activity from walking all the
    time while I am traveling.

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