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									                                      Social Media Marketing and Communications

Client Proposal

Issued: April 13, 2011
Valid Thru: April 27, 2011

The Social Media Start-Up Plan
        Set-up Facebook “like” page and review/clean-up of LinkedIn account
        Market research, data collection, and development of targeted list of regional contacts. Contacts
        may include: superintendents, business managers, school board members, solicitors, etc.
        Work with website developer to until site reaches final completion
        Determine social media marketing strategy for the purpose of social media management

Cost $495 (One-time fee)

Social Media Content Development and Management*
            o Draft and post of daily content for LinkedIn account
            o Assist in adding relevant connections to LinkedIn account
            o Daily oversight of the page for activity, messages, questions, etc. and report to client with
                inquires that need to be immediately addressed
            o Engage with audience in real time
        Facebook Business Page
            o Draft and post content relevant to target audience
            o Assist in building “likes” to page
            o Daily oversight of the page for activity, messages, questions, etc. and report to client with
                inquires that need to be immediately addressed
            o Engage in discussions in real time
            o Determine monthly theme in coordination with social media efforts
            o Write and/or coordinate content for weekly blog entry
            o Determine headline; post blog including any photos, videos, or links
            o Promote on social media channels
            o Assist in marketing to build subscribers via email sign up and RSS feed
        Monthly Reporting
            o Submit an activity report including people who responded, liked, interacted, etc. for
                Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
            o Submit a report of website clicks from social media to designated websites
            o Submit a report of mentions on external social media channels and search engines
        Research and Maintenance
            o Research industry regularly to assure communication of relevant information
            o Monthly call with client to continue establishing voice and understanding pertinent industry
                and business-related information

Monthly Cost: $975

Search Engine Optimization*

Background: The majority of the tasks in our SEO to-do list program will help websites increase the
number of inbound links, since link building is the fastest and most reliable way to improve your website
rankings. Here are some of the featured types of To-Do tasks, and how they work:

Social Profile Tasks
There are lots of great places on the web that you can create a profile and share information about you,
your interests or your website. We direct you to valuable ones that help you build relevant links and
increase your online exposure!

Q&A Tasks
Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers are free services where people can ask and answer questions on
virtually any subject. When someone asks a question that's relevant to one of your targeted keywords,
we will automatically create a task in your account to visit that page and share your knowledge. This
gives you the opportunity to 1) establish yourself an authority on a given subject and 2) direct people to
other helpful resources, like your website (if applicable).

Social Bookmarking Tasks
Social bookmarking allows you to identify pages on the internet that you think are cool (or provide
value) and then share them with other people on the web. If you've created something worth sharing on
your website, the social bookmarking task will prompt you to share it with others!

Buzz tasks
When somebody online mentions any of your keywords, we create a task for you to visit the site where
your keyword was mentioned. If that site is a blog, a forum or a news article, it's often possible to
comment on the content that triggered the task and leave a link back to your site. Since you are leaving
your link on a resource relevant to your keywords, it will also be relevant to your site. These relevant
backlinks help boost your website's authority and rankings in the search engine results pages.

Content Generation tasks
Content Generation tasks direct you to resources online where you can add quality content to the web
with embedded links that point back to your website or opportunities to create content on your
website. These tasks allow you to establish yourself as an authority within a certain field while
simultaneously improving your backlink profile.

Competitive Backlink tasks
We will take your top three keyword phrases and find out which websites are your top competitors for
those terms. Then, we determine where these competing websites are getting their links from, and
create tasks for you to procure links from those places too! This helps you discover new link building
opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.

Directory submission tasks
We also populate your account with tasks to submit your site to a number of online directories, both
free and paid. Since some directories are more relevant than others, we allow you to submit to the ones
you like, and pass on the ones you don't. Directory submissions are simply part of a diversified link
building strategy that we provide for you.

In addition to link building we analyze your current website for SEO structural compliance and add tools
(only for Wordpress based websites) to help you create content that will attract visitors to your site. We
will keep track of your website's traffic and visitor patters, which will help us to advise you on future
paths to increase your ranking.

Basic SEO and Link building summary: 1 Website, 10 keyword combinations, 5-7 to-do items twice per
week and 1 report per week.

Monthly Cost: $600

*Act before April 27, and receive $50 off the combo social media management and SEO package! Pre-
pay for the combo package and receive an additional 3-5% off!

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